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2013-03-12 04:41 9011870 Anonymous (alonepinkie.jpg 250x223 36kB)
Hello everyone! I just came acrosd some sicking human being on this earth and it made me think, is there a spec of humanity anywhere in our worlds. So I ask of you /mlp/ Can I hold all your Feels? Pic is Related (I fear being alone in every shape and form )

2 min later 9011941 Anonymous (Pinkiedeath.jpg 960x540 59kB)
>>9011870 Ok everyone, here comes the Feels Train...

4 min later 9011999 Anonymous (1362979379679.png 563x1913 1635kB)

5 min later 9012031 OP
What happened, OP?

6 min later 9012034 Anonymous (1362978053189.jpg 403x4096 381kB)

6 min later 9012053 Anonymous
>>9011870 Hey OP being alone isn't something to be afraid of Because in the end no matter how much you try to be around people you love, we all die alone But I'm not saying just give up because you're going to die anyway, I'm saying live life as an individual, and enjoy company, but understand in the end its only you. I personally have little faith in humanity today, but every once and a while I'll see someone do something nice and selfless and be reminded that there are a few good people left and I should strive to be one of those good people. Humanity is a disgusting mess selfish, greedy, and fucked up people but you only have to look on the bright side and remember that not everyone is like that, and hopefully our world won't always be like that. Welp there's my philosophy for the day

11 min later 9012172 Anonymous (image.jpg 444x411 38kB)
I feel sad even though I'm smiling I hide my emotions.……=(

12 min later 9012190 Anonymous
>>9012031 OP here, Well its a long story but.... >In collage >really late >starts to get hungry >gets up and goes to the pizza place down the street >on the way there there was a homeless man on the street >walk by him >ask for some change >told him i need to brake this 20 >gets pizza >comes back out there these 2 punks are punching and kicking the poor man >i chased them down >they got away >called 911 >see if old man needs more help >looks in pretty bad shape >Look over and see his cup of change is gone >he coughing up blood and looks like he got stabbed >try to cover the wound >theres to much blood loss >Ambulance finale came >it was to late >He died on the sidewalk >Profound Sadness thats what happened Anon, and thats why i need everyone here to show me and each other that there is still human decency and a shred of humanity left in this sick world we live in

13 min later 9012226 Anonymous
>>9012053 op here, Oh the feels, there so sensitive to kind words

15 min later 9012258 Anonymous
>>9012190 =(

16 min later 9012312 Anonymous (Lunacrying.gif 500x281 345kB)
>>9012190 >>9012190 >>9012190

19 min later 9012363 Anonymous (luna_and_trixie_by_yamino-d3c2de1.jpg 900x551 255kB)

21 min later 9012410 Anonymous (1361210703856.jpg 470x337 121kB)
>>9012190 Unrelated: Captcha: the klopping

24 min later 9012486 Anonymous (1362982924973.jpg 1500x932 851kB)
op here, this is pic strike me the most... hope you can hold on to the feels

27 min later 9012572 Anonymous (thefeels!.png 1184x3576 735kB)

29 min later 9012618 Anonymous
>>9012190 Bump for the Feels of this man

32 min later 9012691 Anonymous (Crying_Pinkie.gif 640x360 731kB)
>>9012190 oh god if this is true then you have all my feels to you sir...

36 min later 9012776 Anonymous (1362975888217.jpg 650x2523 1931kB)
>>9012190 not pony related, but damnit still related non the less!

39 min later 9012835 Anonymous (tumblr_m3owbj3QVm1ro1oquo1_500.jpg 500x406 53kB)

40 min later 9012863 Anonymous (manlytears.png 900x959 277kB)

42 min later 9012915 Anonymous
>>9012572 :(

44 min later 9012979 Anonymous (1351549506723.gif 388x360 1411kB)
>>9012190 >In collage

46 min later 9013043 Anonymous
>>9012979 Are....are you making fun of me....

47 min later 9013054 Anonymous
>>9012979 Oh, thank God it wasn't just me.

47 min later 9013057 Anonymous

47 min later 9013067 Anonymous
>>9012979 You know, I was actually proud of this board for not calling attention to that.

47 min later 9013071 Cogsy
>>9013043 We are at /mlp/, how can you even think of that?

48 min later 9013095 Anonymous (1359840919148.png 516x480 266kB)
>tfw i will one day be that homeless man

49 min later 9013114 Anonymous
>>9013095 THAT FEEL

49 min later 9013116 Anonymous
>>9012190 what race were they?

49 min later 9013122 Anonymous
>>9012190 Wow, those people were just jacked up. Listen though, keep pushing forward and everything will be alright. WE MUST EMBRACE PAIN AND BURN IT AS FUEL FOR OUR JOURNEY

51 min later 9013155 Anonymous
>>9013116 I dont want to remember there faces >>9013122 Thanks

52 min later 9013179 Anonymous
>>9013155 they were niggers

53 min later 9013209 Anonymous (deadguy.jpg 1050x825 322kB)
>>9012190 He was probably already dead on the inside, I don't see what the big deal is.

55 min later 9013274 Anonymous
>>9013155 >in collage >there faces Wow. Not finding any shred of human intellectual decency from OP.

56 min later 9013298 Anonymous
>>9013274 All humans, intellectual or not, have emotional implications. Have some humanity.

57 min later 9013306 Anonymous
>>9013274 jee thanks man

57 min later 9013315 Soldier (image.jpg 150x150 12kB)
>>9013209 I AM GOING TO SHOVE A GRENADE SO FAR UP YOUR ASS THAT IT WILL LAND IN YOUR STOMACH! This man feels responsible for the murder of a man, and probably feels he could have prevented it. Do us a nice big favor and do as the picture says

58 min later 9013326 Anonymous (1359430830182.gif 160x225 39kB)

1 hours later 9013376 Anonymous
>>9013315 I really wish I did not go out and get something...

1 hours later 9013424 Anonymous (feels.gif 500x283 958kB)
Man, i thought /b/ was bad. . .

1 hours later 9013443 Soldier (image.jpg 450x422 44kB)
>>9012190 God-Speed you magnificent bastard, you did what you could. Made sure he wasn't alone when he died.

1 hours later 9013615 Anonymous
>>9012190 But Anon, you have already witnessed humanity. It is in everything people do. We are capable of gross mistreatment of others, but also great acts of compassion and kindness. You displayed humanity, as did the two punks who murdered an old man. You could have walked by but instead you took the time to talk with him and then attempted to save his life. You did good OP. Your on the team of morally reasonable people. Even if you think your the only one.

1 hours later 9013707 Anonymous
>>9013443 >>9013615 oh, oh gawd the feels, the feels, you guys.....man this is why i like mlp, there is so such thing as evil winning, it is always councered and we learn many lesson that everyone, young or old should learn today

1 hours later 9013728 Anonymous
>>9013707 damn it i ment counted

1 hours later 9013751 Anonymous
>>9013728 >>9013707 COUNTERED.....god damn

1 hours later 9013787 Anonymous
>>9012363 >Yamino Get out. Now.

1 hours later 9013843 Anonymous (images.jpg 300x158 7kB)
>>9013615 Even though I typed this, I don't have any feels. I really am dead inside.

1 hours later 9013872 Anonymous
>>9013843 i......just......want to......hug......you.....but....... the screen. . . . . .. . .

1 hours later 9014064 Anonymous
>>9011870 man this guy......this guy man

1 hours later 9014103 Anonymous
>tfw every person in the world is selfish

1 hours later 9014113 Anonymous (scootaloofeels.png 500x681 476kB)

1 hours later 9014114 Anonymous
>>9013872 Thanks. It helps a little.

1 hours later 9014173 Anonymous
For the Pinkie lover OP http://www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pict ures/4202806/Pinkie+Feels/

1 hours later 9014375 Anonymous (999th_by_marbleyarns-d4yb58k.png 822x860 850kB)
>>9012190 if only the Princess was around

1 hours later 9014406 Anonymous (axolotl2.jpg 520x324 32kB)
>>9014173 >mfw type 2 diabetes is reversible when it's caused by environmental factors (diet).

1 hours later 9014488 Anonymous (fluttershy___element_of_harmony_necklace_by_sterlingsilver-d4sskqf.png 900x575 113kB)
>>9012190 >>9012190 >>9012190 >>9012190 >>9012190 This man, he hold the Element of Kindness!

1 hours later 9014533 Anonymous
>>9014488 >he hold man this guy is worse then OP. . .

1 hours later 9014562 Anonymous (feel8.jpg 767x739 80kB)
>>9014103 >tfw im everyones friend >the nicest and most sincere guy youll ever meet >very charismatic >would drop everything im doing to help a person in need >always smiling..... >but why do I still feel so alone >why... am i empty?

1 hours later 9014564 Soldier
>>9014488 He holds the element of every thing that has to do with love and compassion. He is one of the most kind people I know. I don't even know him either.

1 hours later 9014567 Anonymous
>>9014533 >worse then OP... >then Not doing much better there, pal.

1 hours later 9014599 Anonymous
>>9012190 Here's the thing, OP. You didn't see the good in humanity because it was you. You chased down the attackers. You tried to stop the bleeding. You stayed with him until the ambulance got there. That was the most you could have done in that situation, even if it wasn't enough to save this man. And no, you're not the only one. There are as many people like you as there are people like those attackers.

1 hours later 9014601 Anonymous
>>9014562 Because you're always smiling

1 hours later 9014647 Soldier (image.jpg 1280x1024 145kB)

1 hours later 9014653 Anonymous
>>9014533 Then OP what??

1 hours later 9014695 Anonymous (fuckyou.gif 315x315 1416kB)
>>9014567 hey fuck you too

1 hours later 9014778 Anonymous (134216936994.png 271x309 95kB)
>>9014562 >mfw you're still a selfish person

1 hours later 9014801 Anonymous
>>9014647 >>9014564 >>9014599 >>9013443 >>9013315 >>9012410 >>9013122 OP Here. Thanks everyone, i can see that maybe there is good people in this world after all

1 hours later 9014821 Anonymous
>>9012776 song very related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yag4 1F7eCLU

1 hours later 9014826 Anonymous
gramer genrel lel u guys r bien picky bout sily things that dont meen nything about a persons smart cant we just has a fell thred n be bros com on grop hug i dont bit :)))

1 hours later 9014889 Soldier (image.jpg 486x760 86kB)
>>9014801 Thanks for appreciating what I have to say. I do have a nasty temper, I'll admit. But I do like making people feel better. Here is me in my favorite costume too :D

1 hours later 9014945 Anonymous (smilePinkie.jpg 636x351 26kB)
>>9014889 you know, that the first time i smiled all night Thank you, thank you all! :D

1 hours later 9014997 Soldier (image.jpg 250x250 12kB)
>>9014945 Glad to be of assistance.

2 hours later 9015104 Anonymous
>>9014997 Dude this guy, this guy is a badass, wish this solider was in the MLP Cannon man then he would straighten every single pony alive

2 hours later 9015134 Anonymous (432423.jpg 650x2523 521kB)
>>9012776 I am not much of a gamefag so help me out with the names here.

2 hours later 9015209 Anonymous
>>9015134 FYI the two guys at the bottom aren't game characters, this is from a webcomic and those are two of the original characters (teenager is a pokemon trainer, burlyman is generic badass)

2 hours later 9015225 Soldier (image.jpg 958x1000 258kB)
>>9015104 I agree whole-heartedly. I think I would have a ball with Diamond and Silver though.

2 hours later 9015273 Anonymous
wow, op your a fucking faggot man, they worst of them all, holy shit your terrible, fucking terrible!

2 hours later 9015283 Anonymous
>>9015134 Okay, but the others are?

2 hours later 9015295 Soldier
>>9015134 The one next to Gordan is Link Next to Big daddy(bioshock) is Noble six

2 hours later 9015307 Anonymous
>>9015283 I think "demoman" is big boss

2 hours later 9015328 Anonymous
>>9015273 I mean holy shit, i cant believe people fell for this shit, i mean nothing happens like that in the real word man, holy shit get off of 4chan your candy ass mother fucker

2 hours later 9015345 Anonymous
>>9015295 Halo character? I know nothing about halo

2 hours later 9015351 Soldier
>>9015273 Do I really have to repeat myself? >>9013315 >>9014647 Read these and stop being a FAGGOT!

2 hours later 9015352 KitsukiCross
>>9015295 It's Gordon and it's Wander from Shadow of the Colossus.

2 hours later 9015370 Anonymous
>>9015328 OP here, please, just please, go to hell and burn...

2 hours later 9015383 Soldier
>>9015345 Yep, character you play as in Halo:Reach

2 hours later 9015427 Anonymous
>>9015383 Really wonder? i dont see the resemblance

2 hours later 9015465 Soldier
>>9015328 Did you read my posts fag? Look out the window. Now at the sky. What do you see? A black sky? That is exactly what you will see IN HELL AFTER I SEND YOU THERE YOU MOTHER-FUCKING MAGGOT!

2 hours later 9015489 Soldier
>>9015427 Different style, takes place before Master Cheif.

2 hours later 9015502 Anonymous
>>9015427 >did wrong link do i really need to say anything here?

2 hours later 9015548 Anonymous
OP Here so let me get this straight, the web comic here is about those sad feels in video game history, because i know for a fact i had feels at the end of reach and red dead redemption >>9012776

2 hours later 9015569 Anonymous (excellent.jpg 1200x1200 757kB)
>>9014113 Wow... I would cum tears if this became canon....

2 hours later 9015628 Anonymous
>>9014113 op here again, good god, i would down myself in tears is this was cannon

2 hours later 9015645 Anonymous
>>9015628 op, damn spelling, i ment drowned

2 hours later 9015772 Anonymous (pinkie pie smiling.gif 1280x720 2717kB)
>>9015645 >>9015628 >>9015370 >>9014945 >>9013043 >>9012190 >>9011870 I bet OP is doing this pic after this whole mess got over and with the help of the Soldier

2 hours later 9015812 Anonymous
>>9015772 thanks i am

2 hours later 9015973 Soldier (image.jpg 197x132 3kB)
>>9015812 Be sure to include all the good stuff that was said. One more pic > The famous Crocket

2 hours later 9016271 Anonymous
>>9013067 That's because you're a giant faggot.

2 hours later 9016363 Soldier (image.jpg 850x567 106kB)

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