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2013-02-16 06:16 8327666 Mr E the Psychopath (mask.jpg 1185x1500 317kB)
Hello, /mlp/. please sit down. I have been told that i must continue these sessions by the inter-national mental society, even though you should be classed as sane. Anyway, i have decided to do try the traditional method. Anyway, how was your day, /MLP/?

2 min later 8327775 Anonymous
Unsatisfactory and disappointing.

3 min later 8327785 Anonymous (derpy___sad_by_cptofthefriendship-d4no131.png 640x408 123kB)
Conflicted A mix of relief, and sadness. Pic related

4 min later 8327852 Anonymous
pretty good

6 min later 8327920 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8327666 Interesting... now, how do you feel with me?

7 min later 8327970 Anonymous
>>8327666 my car stop working and i dont have money to fix it

12 min later 8328170 Mr E the Psychopath (plant.jpg 1457x987 358kB)
>>8327920 ...I don't really know what i have to ask you know, so i am going to show you an image, and you have to say the first word that coems into your head. Now:

17 min later 8328386 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8328170 Hello? Anyone there? Please don't leave me alone... Not again...

21 min later 8328566 Mr E the Psychopath (alone_in_the_darkness_by_Nivster.jpg 900x675 96kB)
>>8328386 Someone, please talk to me... I can't stand myself...

23 min later 8328660 GM SH. SD.
>>8327666 I hate hasbro now and am ejecting back to doctor who. But it is a bad day. The darkest day

24 min later 8328707 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8328660 And how does that make you feel? Finally, someone else

28 min later 8328895 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8328707 Hello? Anyone there? Please don't leave me alone... Not again...

31 min later 8329030 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8328895 Someone, please talk to me.. I can't stand myself...

33 min later 8329137 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8329030 Please....

36 min later 8329305 GM SH. SD.
>>8328707 I dont know just bad and bad in general Bad like going to crash a plane into hasbros main HQ Verifaction sucks

38 min later 8329389 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8329305 OK... Do you know of any ways that you can make yourself feel better? At least some-one wants my help...

43 min later 8329583 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8329137 All i ever wanted to do is help people, but the swine at the 'International Mental Society' have said that i am too 'unfit' and too 'mentally unstable' to help people.

46 min later 8329692 Slender Man
>>8329583 I know that feel.

47 min later 8329724 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8329583 So do you want to know what i did?

48 min later 8329756 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8329692 Thanks for understanding. How are you feeling?

49 min later 8329801 Slender Man
>>8329756 Feeling like I want to un-scar everything.

52 min later 8329927 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8329724 I grabbed a clipboard, tuned to the IMS board and then I beaten all them to death, laughing while i was doing it..

52 min later 8329946 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8329801 Can you elaborate on that?

57 min later 8330159 Slender Man
>>8329946 Well, My job is to kill/scar the minds of humans. I want to go back and fix the people I scarred

58 min later 8330229 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8329927 When the head of the board turned on me, he asked me 'why?' I replied 'because you were right.'

1 hours later 8330416 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8330159 That is the simple feeling of guilt. From what i know about you, you have killed hundreds of people, adults and children alike; while never looking back. It's just a case that you are now observing your life, and regretting your life choices. This is commonly known as a mid-life crisis.

1 hours later 8330565 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8330229 After they were dead, i quickly forged their papers, and sent them to the records department. i then quietly let, while taking all documents about my 'mental condition with me.

1 hours later 8330666 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8330416 I would suggest that you take a break from your day-to day life. Go sky-diving or scuba diving, if you can.

1 hours later 8330730 Slender Man
>>8330666 I would, but I'm too well known for my actions. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

1 hours later 8330826 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8330730 Well, i would suggest that should explore somewhere that's remote, like an oasis in the desert, or mountaineering.

1 hours later 8330897 Slender Man
>>8330826 I guess I could go mountain climbing, or maybe I could go to brazil and see the giant jesus statue. I've never been to brazil.

1 hours later 8330966 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8330565 The stupid thing is, they thought that i delusional and that i suffered from schizophrenia and multiple-personality disorder.

1 hours later 8331024 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8330897 Wait! before you go... Please hold me.

1 hours later 8331071 Anonymous
>>8327666 >666 Fuck! Nobody talk to him! He's the devil!

1 hours later 8331162 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8331071 NO! Please; let me help you!

1 hours later 8331165 Slender Man
>>8331024 C'mere you, give slendy a hug.

1 hours later 8331257 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8331165 Please... tell me i'm a good psychiatrist. And that i'm not a hopeless mental case...

1 hours later 8331297 Mr E the Psychopath

1 hours later 8331348 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8331297 Who are you? I'm you, you miserable git!

1 hours later 8331439 Slender Man
>>8331257 You are a good psychologist, Jeff the Killer is a true psychotic mental case.

1 hours later 8331558 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8331439 Thank you! thank you... Oh, shut up, you washed-up Weakling! NO! I will not listen to you!

1 hours later 8331655 Slender Man
>>8331558 I've met way crazier people. I've even had one try and kill me once.

1 hours later 8331758 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8331655 Care to tell that tale to us? No-one care about long limbs' stories! I enjoy Mr Slenderman's stories, so shut up! Please continue...

1 hours later 8331772 Anonymous
>>8328170 Fluttershy

1 hours later 8332005 Slender Man
>>8331758 Well, I once went to the cupcakes universe. I tried to get a cupcake from pinkamena because I've heard they're actually really good, but when she saw me she knocked me out with a frying pan and strapped me to an operating table. When I woke up my suit was off me and I had many knives impaled into me. She was surprised I wasn't dead but even after that she just kept stabbing me. Eventually she gave up and I escaped. and to this day I'm wondering, why do they call it a hacksaw?

1 hours later 8332015 Mr E the Psychopath (milti.jpg 260x265 13kB)
>>8331772 Interesting... No-one care. Ignore him. Now:

1 hours later 8332186 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8332005 Very interesting... And the doctors call us nut-jobs... You can just shut up! Anyway, it's called hacksaw because it cuts with irregular patterns.

1 hours later 8332298 Slender Man
>>8332015 Personally I see the eternally suffering in this picture.

1 hours later 8332386 Anonymous
>>8327666 Great, some guy tried to lure me into his rape Bunker besides that everything is fine.

1 hours later 8332511 Mr E the Psychopath (fluttermoth.jpg 365x400 17kB)
>>8332298 What do you mean? You know exactly what they mean... YOU JUST SHUT UP! ahem, now:

1 hours later 8332569 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8332386 That sounds horrible... Oh, HIM again... Wait, you know him? I owned the bunker. WHAT?!

1 hours later 8332789 Slender Man
>>8332511 A moth that was dropped in food coloring and is now eating a green bean.

2 hours later 8333016 Mr E the Psychopath (trixie_by_tehjadeh-d5595hi.png 600x773 432kB)
>>8332789 So your a realist... interesting I bored... Will you please be quiet? anyway:

2 hours later 8333059 Slender Man
>>8333016 Self realization, possibly of the worst kind.

2 hours later 8333186 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8333059 peculiar... your a realist and negative... Depression? Yes, definitely depression... but to what degree? Now:

2 hours later 8333334 Mr E the Psychopath (twilight.jpg 600x773 101kB)
>>8333186 Sorry, i forgot the image:

2 hours later 8333389 Slender Man
>>8333334 Insanity at it's purest state.

2 hours later 8333544 Mr E the Psychopath (splenderman.jpg 535x750 254kB)
>>8333389 Interesting... a sadistic depressed mo... Don't finish that! now:

2 hours later 8333603 Slender Man
>>8333544 The lost cause and the mamas boy.

2 hours later 8333845 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8333603 Self-hatred? interesting... Just give him some sleeping pills and let him end himself! That wouldn't work. For one, slender-man doesn't have a mouth to eat pills; and a case of this severity needs to be treated by a profecional doctor.

2 hours later 8333899 Slender Man
>>8333845 It's not self hatred, that's how it went down. Mom never did like me and splendorman was always the suck up.

2 hours later 8334089 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8333899 In any case mr slender-man; i want you to go to the glücklich Meinung hospital, in the german Alps. They will be able to take care for you there. Assuming that he doesn't kill them all first. Be quiet, you.

2 hours later 8334175 Slender Man
>>8334089 I can't go to germany, too many descendants of those who know me as Der Großmann

2 hours later 8334404 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8334175 Don't worry. I have sent message explaining that 'you were in a terrible accident, causing you to lose your face.' They will never believe that, you know. oh, you of little faith, i have a friend known as slam-dunk, and he will ensure that you are not disturbed during your recovery.

2 hours later 8334874 Slender Man
>>8334404 Fine, but if I get arrested, assassinated, or followed by fangirls who think I'm their husbando, I will end you.

2 hours later 8335075 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8334874 >I will end you ...he he he. ha ha ha...

2 hours later 8335185 Slender Man
>>8335075 By end I mean I will make you listen to justin bieber's "baby" 24/7

3 hours later 8335319 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8335185 Let us tell you a secret that we have been keeping for years now... I don't think you shou... Be quiet, you.

3 hours later 8336167 Slender Man
>>8335319 Alright, you've triggered my interest. What is this secret of yours?

3 hours later 8336498 Anonymous

3 hours later 8336637 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8336167 I'm dead. You killed me on the 17 of November, 1968. But i am not a vengeful person.

3 hours later 8337108 Slender Man
>>8336637 I'm sorry about that, I don't even remember that well.

3 hours later 8337208 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8337108 Yeah... But do you want to know why i wear this mirrored mask?

3 hours later 8337320 Slender Man
>>8337208 To contain yourself? or possibly so when you are helping someone they see you as them?

4 hours later 8337495 Mr E the Psychopath (my face.jpg 333x500 109kB)
>>8337320 they both are good reasons, but there is a bigger reason for the mask... ...Let me just take it off That's not a good idea... i know what i am doing... anyway, i've taken it off. it may surprise you...

4 hours later 8337591 Slender Man
>>8337495 I see, so you wear the mask for the same reason as Jason Voorhees.

4 hours later 8337647 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8337591 Yes.

4 hours later 8337709 Kornheiser (mask.gif 222x312 33kB)
Mr E, do you like MF Doom?

4 hours later 8337721 Slender Man
>>8337647 Then why does the mask have an opening?

4 hours later 8337783 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8337721 I need to talk clearly so that my clients can hear me properly. >>8337709 No i don't.

4 hours later 8337873 Slender Man
>>8337783 I see, now why is it a mirror mask?

4 hours later 8338047 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8337873 Well, people will often feel uncomfortable when meeting some-one new, but they are more confident in a mirror. So, if they are looking in a mirror, they will feel confident. I don't understand, either. Are you still here?!

4 hours later 8338116 Slender Man
>>8338047 I am still here, I'm just debating on if I should go to germany or go to brazil and hug jesus.

4 hours later 8338222 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8338116 Go to german. If the hospatal doesn't help you could always get some beer.

4 hours later 8338333 Slender Man
>>8338222 The thing is I'm more likely to run into alucard in germany. I'm pretty sure alucard can't go to brazil now due to him causing so much of a commotion.

4 hours later 8338427 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8338333 Well, i can't help you there.

4 hours later 8338463 Slender Man
>>8338427 I'm going to go with brazil.

4 hours later 8338666 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8338463 Well, good luck! Bring back a gift for us, will ya?

4 hours later 8338698 Slender Man
>>8338666 how could I say no to those devil trips.

4 hours later 8338890 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8338666 How come we keep getting those? You raised us from the dead and your questioning that? i know...

4 hours later 8339791 Mr E the Psychopath
>>8338890 So what now? Do you want to play chess? ...Sure, why not?

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