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2013-02-09 02:04 8093006 Anonymous (1360414438312s.jpg 250x187 6kB)
Quick guys! In three words make a letter to hasbro from /mlp/! I'll start. Dear Mr. Hasbro,

0 min later 8093011 Anonymous
Canadians are maple

1 min later 8093026 Anonymous

1 min later 8093038 Anonymous
>>8093026 >Three words

2 min later 8093052 Anonymous
Rape is good

2 min later 8093065 Anonymous
Fuck you all

3 min later 8093073 Anonymous
you double niggers!

4 min later 8093088 Anonymous
Stop hating fun.

4 min later 8093094 Anonymous
Everyone in butthurt

5 min later 8093101 Anonymous
cum inside Rainbow

5 min later 8093103 Anonymous (Human beings in a mob.jpg 650x440 43kB)
injustice among us.

6 min later 8093119 Anonymous
Go pound sand.

6 min later 8093121 Anonymous
kill all jews

6 min later 8093123 Anonymous

6 min later 8093125 Anonymous
why you hate?

6 min later 8093130 Anonymous
I wish you

7 min later 8093147 Anonymous
>>8093006 stop hating fans

7 min later 8093155 Anonymous
Fuck your shit

8 min later 8093164 Anonymous
it is happening

8 min later 8093171 Anonymous
Pls Sibsy go

9 min later 8093173 Anonymous
Love and tolerate

9 min later 8093188 Anonymous
give hamburger commie

10 min later 8093194 Anonymous

10 min later 8093203 Anonymous
Pls kill Mandopedo

10 min later 8093204 Anonymous
because fat jews

10 min later 8093207 Anonymous
And what are the achievements of your fragile Imperium? It is a corpse rotting slowly from within while maggots writhe in its belly. It was built with the toil of heroes and giants, and now it is inhabited by frightened weaklings to whom the glories of those times are half-forgotten legends. I have forgotten nothing and my wisdom has expanded far beyond mere mortal frailties.

10 min later 8093210 Anonymous (Violet Smarts discovers Radon.jpg 800x900 145kB)
Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoalumino socupreovitriolic Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolca noconiosi Niggerjew

11 min later 8093220 Anonymous

11 min later 8093224 Anonymous
Why are you such niggers?

11 min later 8093226 Anonymous
>>8093207 >Three words

11 min later 8093231 Anonymous
I love you.

12 min later 8093244 Anonymous
>>8093231 Love you too

12 min later 8093245 Anonymous
I want to

12 min later 8093248 Anonymous
>>8093224 >Three words

13 min later 8093264 Anonymous
>>8093245 cum inside Applejack

13 min later 8093270 Anonymous (Pearpicker is not amused.jpg 246x235 27kB)
>>8093026 >>8093038 >>8093207 >>8093224 >>8093226 >>8093248 Instructions are Difficult

13 min later 8093275 Anonymous
>>8093264 while cumming rainbows

14 min later 8093287 Anonymous
Sweet Celestial nipples.

14 min later 8093289 Anonymous
>>8093275 onto Fluttershy's cak

15 min later 8093299 Anonymous
Americans are burger

15 min later 8093301 Anonymous
>>8093289 can't spell gak

15 min later 8093302 Anonymous
>>8093287 And Lunanips too

15 min later 8093303 Anonymous
>>8093289 with twilicorn's wings

15 min later 8093305 Anonymous
don't underestimate fandom

15 min later 8093306 Anonymous
>>8093289 while Twilght licking

15 min later 8093311 Anonymous
>>8093006 ITS A PARODY

15 min later 8093313 Anonymous
Choke on dick

16 min later 8093316 Anonymous
Have my babies

16 min later 8093321 Anonymous
Learn Copyright Law

16 min later 8093325 Anonymous
>>8093006 we'll kill you

17 min later 8093335 Anonymous
we are anonymous

18 min later 8093351 Anonymous
>>8093335 We have forgotten

18 min later 8093352 Anonymous
>>8093335 We are Bronymous

18 min later 8093353 Anonymous
prepare to die

18 min later 8093355 Anonymous (The Fate of Traitors and Weaklings.jpg 250x250 57kB)
Cast Him In

18 min later 8093360 Anonymous (i are niggest.jpg 265x290 17kB)
fuck consumerism niggers

18 min later 8093368 Anonymous
we do however

19 min later 8093381 Anonymous
enjoy horse semen

19 min later 8093383 Anonymous
>>8093335 we are everywhere

20 min later 8093389 Anonymous (1359552998238.jpg 1148x1200 154kB)
ThisTh readI s

20 min later 8093392 Anonymous
fuck you ponychan

20 min later 8093396 Anonymous
>>8093368 Disapprove of things

20 min later 8093397 Anonymous
Disney is better.

20 min later 8093402 Anonymous

21 min later 8093410 Anonymous
>>8093389 you betrayed us

21 min later 8093413 Anonymous
please help me

21 min later 8093415 Anonymous
>>8093397 Gravity Falls everyone

21 min later 8093420 Anonymous
Boku no Pico

22 min later 8093430 Anonymous
pls think about

22 min later 8093440 Anonymous
now sequel piggy

22 min later 8093449 Anonymous
check your privilege

23 min later 8093456 Anonymous
go to bed

23 min later 8093461 Anonymous
in the rain

23 min later 8093466 Anonymous (1349579541083.png 187x273 95kB)
Mita Mita, Timotei

23 min later 8093467 Anonymous
Dear Mr. Hasbro, Canadians are maple. Rape is good, fuck you all you double niggers! Stop hating fun. Everyone in butthurt cum inside Rainbow injustice among us. Go pound sand, kill all jews. YOU FUCKED UP! why you hate? I wish you stop hating fans. Fuck your shit, it is happening. Pls Sibsy go love and tolerate. Give hamburger, commie. DEY TURKA JEWBS pls kill Mandopedo because fat jews. I love you, love you too. I want to cum inside Applejack instructions are difficult while cumming rainbows Sweet Celestial Nipples onto Fluttershy's cak. Americans are burger can't spell gak and Lunanips too with Twilicorn's wings. Don't underestimate fandom while Twilight licking ITS A PARODY. Choke on dick, have my babies, learn copyright law. We'll kill you, we are anonymous, we have forgotten we are bronymous, prepare to die. Cast Him In, fuck consumerism niggers. We do however enjoy horse semen. We are everywhere, fuck you ponychan. Disapprove of things, Disney is better. MUH FIGHTING GAME you betrayed us, please help me. Gravity Falls everyone, Boku no Pico. Pls think about now sequel piggy. Check your privilege

23 min later 8093468 Anonymous
?Think it over

23 min later 8093470 Anonymous
hast know writes

24 min later 8093494 Anonymous
I'm a brony

25 min later 8093497 Unnecessary (FFFphhhhff.png 309x219 54kB)
Rub my belly?

25 min later 8093498 Anonymous (bump.jpg 1366x768 115kB)
what is going on in this thread?

25 min later 8093510 Anonymous
>>8093467 somebody send it pls

25 min later 8093514 Anonymous
>>8093494 why not hoofer

25 min later 8093518 Anonymous
Go shrek urself

26 min later 8093521 Anonymous
you like buttsecks?

26 min later 8093524 Anonymous
>>8093467 good work anons, now send

26 min later 8093525 Anonymous
>>8093510 I think it's not enough.

26 min later 8093532 Anonymous (1354772460790.jpg 500x334 110kB)

26 min later 8093534 Anonymous
>>8093518 get ogre it

27 min later 8093553 Anonymous
i'm really mad

28 min later 8093556 Anonymous
>>8093525 Nigger skipped like 20% of the posts, anyway. Someone else compile it

28 min later 8093563 Anonymous
Wait. What is their email?

28 min later 8093566 Unnecessary (GGGGGGGGGG.jpg 337x400 35kB)
>>8093514 Mare-mans*

28 min later 8093567 Anonymous
love tara strong

29 min later 8093572 Anonymous (12hourshift.jpg 400x343 37kB)

29 min later 8093573 Anonymous
>>8093566 clopnigger*

29 min later 8093582 Anonymous
>>8093494 fuck you bronies

30 min later 8093594 Anonymous
in the end

30 min later 8093599 Anonymous
love new designs

30 min later 8093605 Anonymous
it doesn't matter

30 min later 8093606 Anonymous
>>8093594 we all mad

30 min later 8093607 Anonymous
No hasbros allowed

31 min later 8093615 Anonymous
>>8093594 i regret nothing

32 min later 8093632 Anonymous
you caused bestiality

32 min later 8093645 Anonymous
>>8093572 Read OP's post.

33 min later 8093661 Anonymous
now song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdop MqrftXs

34 min later 8093666 Anonymous (1354893562973.gif 1000x700 348kB)
>>8093594 I raged hard.

34 min later 8093673 Anonymous (apple wtf.png 590x642 344kB)
>>8093645 no shit lolol, what does this have to do with fighting is magic? and what is this about redesigns? i see nothing of the sort anywhere. this thread is lacking any real coherent information. what is the letter about!?

34 min later 8093675 Anonymous
>>8093563 No idea.

35 min later 8093692 Anonymous

35 min later 8093696 Anonymous (images.jpg 269x187 9kB)
>>8093666 with devils wrath

35 min later 8093700 Anonymous
>>8093673 About our autusm >three words

37 min later 8093713 Anonymous
>>8093673 Thread derailing, abandon thread

37 min later 8093717 Anonymous (renbu dosh.jpg 383x371 34kB)
>>8093700 okay.. dont be too autistic.. ill just be leaving this thread and writing my own letter letting Lauren to keep on going on doing her thing.

38 min later 8093734 Anonymous (poo everywhere.jpg 999x799 88kB)
>>8093713 no no no no, that was some legit questions. THIS >>8093717 is where i derail the therad.

39 min later 8093746 Anonymous
out of babies

39 min later 8093750 Anonymous
>>8093467 My sides ache

39 min later 8093758 Anonymous (lolpenis.jpg 728x1096 119kB)
Dear Mr.Hasbro, Canadians are maple ABANDON SHIP Rape is good Fuck you all you double niggers! Stop hating fun. Everyone in butthurt cum inside Rainbow injustice among us. Go pound sand kill all jews YOU FUCKED UP why you hat? I wish you stop hating fans Fuck your shit it is happening Pls Sibsy go Love and tolerate give hamburger commie DEY TURKA JEWBS Pls kill Mandopedo because fat jews Goodbye. I love you. Love you too I want to cum inside Applejack Instructions are Difficult while cumming rainbows Sweet Celestial nipples. onto Fluttershy's cak Americans are burger can't spell gak And Lunanips too with twilicorn's wings don't underestimate fandom while Twilight licking ITS A PARODY Choke on dick Have my babies Learn Copyright Law we'll kill you we are anonymous We have forgotten We are Bronymous prepare to die Cast Him In fuck consumerism niggers we do however enjoy horse semen we are everywhere This Thread Is fuck you ponychan Disapprove of things Disney is better. MUH FIGHTING GAME you betrayed us please help me Gravity Falls everyone Boku no Pico pls think about now sequel piggy check your privilege go to bed in the rain Mita Mita, Timotei? Think it over hast know writes I'm a brony Rub my belly? why not hoofer Go shrek urself you like buttsecks? get ogre it i'm really mad love tara strong fuck you bronies in the end love new designs it doesn't matter we all mad No hasbros allowed i regret nothing you caused bestiality READ OP's post. now song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdop MqrftXs I raged hard. WE WILL WIN. with devils wrath About our autusm Thread derailing, abandon

39 min later 8093762 Anonymous
Who will send this letter?

40 min later 8093774 Unnecessary (1353782720301.jpg 400x920 70kB)

41 min later 8093781 Anonymous
>>8093774 no

41 min later 8093783 Anonymous
>>8093762 m00t He owns a post office i Canada

42 min later 8093796 Unnecessary (Sipce.jpg 423x750 30kB)
>>8093781 o

42 min later 8093807 Anonymous (celstiaurora.jpg 451x700 39kB)
>>8093774 please no more like letter from celestia to hasbro

44 min later 8093835 Anonymous
>>8093807 This logic, I like it.

46 min later 8093860 Anonymous (398.jpg 760x797 60kB)
>>8093835 >logic on 4chan

46 min later 8093870 Anonymous (35362332542.png 628x343 351kB)

47 min later 8093884 Anonymous
>>8093870 we hate all

48 min later 8093889 Anonymous
>>8093006 Haters gonna hate!

51 min later 8093924 Doug (27 battles.png 364x267 93kB)
Drown in wasps.

51 min later 8093939 Anonymous (celestia sol.jpg 800x800 671kB)
>>8093860 celestia is the god of the universe*. * celestia may not be the god of the universe but she cant let her peasants know that so i think hasbro would understand.... you're right, fuck logic. Celestias horn doesnt need to pierce the heavens . She IS the heavens!

54 min later 8093989 Anonymous
Autism speaks. Loudly.

57 min later 8094043 Anonymous
OP is faggot.

1 hours later 8094156 Anonymous (85e.gif 680x510 216kB)
Nigger, nigger's niggerium

1 hours later 8094257 Anonymous
this is /mlp/!

1 hours later 8094355 Anonymous
fucking jew niggers

2 hours later 8095633 Anonymous
and other undesirable members of the religion nigger family.

3 hours later 8097789 Anonymous
Hello, Hasbro. Fuck.

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