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2013-01-01 04:13 7007303 Anonymous MLP General (1353336816260.jpg 900x652 134kB)
What does pone drink for New Years? old horse >>7003896

1 min later 7007321 Anonymous
hay juice hard cider mead

1 min later 7007323 Anonymous

1 min later 7007327 Anonymous
>>7007308 I already own that game though Isaac But thank you

1 min later 7007329 Anonymous (tumblr_mfx7v7bUI71rflb4uo1_1280.jpg 625x1058 232kB)

1 min later 7007330 Anonymous
Who is the drinkiest pony?

2 min later 7007335 Anonymous
>>7007303 There's nothing that says they don't have hops, so they could very well have beer.

2 min later 7007339 Anonymous (cape.png 900x746 163kB)

2 min later 7007347 Anonymous
>>7007339 I would that cape Sweetie

2 min later 7007350 Anonymous (114839__UNOPT__.gif 500x500 77kB)
this one

3 min later 7007358 Anonymous (crazy_horse_malt_liquor.jpg 223x525 65kB)

3 min later 7007362 Anonymous
>>7007308 someone got it is that game any good?

3 min later 7007363 Anonymous
>>7007329 >mlpg.png

4 min later 7007375 Anonymous (bigsislestia.png 4000x2400 723kB)
Little brother, Hope you made some fireworks tonight.

4 min later 7007378 Anonymous
>>7007363 >>7007329 I would not whip fluttershy, but I sure as shit would not let her whip me

5 min later 7007387 Anonymous
Can someone post that mlpg card Randumb posted earlier

5 min later 7007388 Anonymous
>>7007375 This is some weird self-insert incest shit, isn't it

5 min later 7007393 Anonymous (1342455808380.gif 420x236 2919kB)
Which of these ponies do you choose for your designated driver?

5 min later 7007398 Anonymous
>Really want to drink >New years over an hour and a half away >Don't want to ruin the moment

5 min later 7007400 Anonymous (mlpg.gif 1100x308 93kB)

6 min later 7007404 Anonymous
>>7007393 The purple one

6 min later 7007408 Anonymous
>>7007393 Twilight. Then I'd get her drunk back at my place.

6 min later 7007414 Anonymous
>>7007388 male ants are all male clones of the queen that births them

7 min later 7007420 Anonymous (10245734.jpg 900x900 164kB)
>>7007308 uhm... thanks

7 min later 7007428 Anonymous
>>7007400 My sides

7 min later 7007433 Anonymous
>>7007393 Fluttershy normally, but I bet the others would be pushing her to drink. Applejack is responsible, but I know she would probably out drink everyone. Pinkie I dont trust sober. Twilight I guess. She's kinda up tight and wouldnt drink all that much

7 min later 7007437 Anonymous
>>7007255 Do you have a public email?

8 min later 7007442 CreamySause (2012-12-31-22-19-49-1377922541.jpg 225x225 9kB)

8 min later 7007451 Anonymous
>>7007437 No sent, he doesn't.

8 min later 7007457 Anonymous (1353152394888.gif 640x360 81kB)
>>7007393 Pinkie, obviously. You gotta take risks, y'know?

9 min later 7007460 Anonymous
>>7007433 >She's kinda up tight and wouldnt drink all that much Did you even see her in Sweet and Elite?

9 min later 7007465 Anonymous (too many discords.gif 921x603 1382kB)
Streaming Return of Harmony part 2 starting shortly livestream.com/cropsroom

9 min later 7007471 Anonymous
>>7007408 >Twilight drags a vomiting, half asleep human on her back >One she finaly manages to get you in the door, you crawl along the floor to the liquor cabinet >knock over four glasses befor you fill one all the way up to the top and hand it to her, sloshing it everywhere What a magical evening you have for her

9 min later 7007474 Anonymous
>>7007460 Yeah, but that doesn't have anything to do with drinking.

10 min later 7007478 Anonymous (bestpony.jpg 1400x1000 185kB)
>>7007393 Even drunk off her ass I would picture Fluttershy being careful on the road, so her

10 min later 7007482 Anonymous
>>7007471 Bitch, I haven't gotten puking drunk since I was 21.

10 min later 7007489 Anonymous
>>7007457 >Hug pink pony >when done, you look down to find yourself covered in cheeto dust >The hell

11 min later 7007496 Anonymous
>>7007478 >drunk fluttershy being careful on the road >she goes 5 mph with the high beams on

11 min later 7007501 Anonymous
>>7007478 fluttershy would be the type of drunk that just sits around silent, smiling

11 min later 7007507 Anonymous
>>7007387 >>7007387 nobody saved it? Well, I guess it holds no value and apparetnly he didn't add celestia as he promised. Faggot.

12 min later 7007514 Anonymous
>>7007496 >She's forgotten the rest of you

12 min later 7007521 Anonymous
All I hear is, "NO! Horse swear!" Reminds me of Katia and cat puns. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/43266019/tumblr/randumb/sfw/new%20h orse%20where.swf

12 min later 7007525 Anonymous (fluttershy-its-medicinal.png 1024x1024 374kB)
>>7007501 drunk? no. stoned? definitely.

13 min later 7007532 Anonymous
>>7007501 I bet she'd also have very pink cheeks/nose and feel very warm when you hug her nonsexually

13 min later 7007533 Anonymous
>>7007501 No. No, Fluttershy would be a really angry drunk. Like call the cops angry.

13 min later 7007535 CreamySause (one_pony_3_by_jaynaylor-d4ocljx.jpg 675x900 311kB)
>>7007478 How i'd imagine it

13 min later 7007539 Anonymous (1335130973755.gif 640x360 2672kB)
>>7007460 Based on Sweet and Elite I would say Twilight doesn't drink much except on special occasions, then she gets lit up

13 min later 7007541 Anonymous
>>7007507 I don't even know what you're talking about, man.

14 min later 7007546 Anonymous
>>7007507 I wasn't here when it was finished and I didn't save the wip stuff that I saw yesterday calm down pls

14 min later 7007548 Anonymous
>>7007539 But she's sober there.

14 min later 7007551 Anonymous (New years from MLPG.png 1658x739 453kB)
>>7007507 You don't mean this, do you?

14 min later 7007552 Anonymous
http://images.4chan.org/mlp/src/1357010687274.gif lel

14 min later 7007555 Anonymous
>>7007535 please not this

14 min later 7007556 Anonymous (never-return.png 390x358 158kB)
>>7007535 >naylor

14 min later 7007561 Anonymous (tfw rhcp feel.jpg 264x191 9kB)
>tfw spending new years alone depressed and sober because of meds.

15 min later 7007570 Anonymous
>>7007551 see >>7007507 Apparently he is a faggot.

15 min later 7007573 Anonymous
>>7007551 the hell is appabow saying

15 min later 7007576 Anonymous

15 min later 7007578 Anonymous
>>7007533 >Have ideal happy fantasy life with cute little Fluttershy pony >But on the occasion she hits the bottle.... >Often times the police find you picking up teeth on the porch >When asked if you want to press charges, you insist you just fell a bunch of times on a pile of horse shoes

15 min later 7007583 Anonymous
>>7007551 das cute I like it

16 min later 7007586 Anonymous
>>7007573 She's complaining about the fact they made her dress up as "baby new year" despite not being a baby.

16 min later 7007587 Anonymous (jasper is upset.jpg 264x274 18kB)
>>7007561 I know that feel bro I can't even get a food delivery in. Feels sick man

16 min later 7007593 Anonymous (1354946261038.jpg 799x700 170kB)
>>7007501 I see drunk Fluttershy as the type that laughs alot while constantly saying how drunk she is and how much she loves everyone

16 min later 7007595 Anonymous
>>7007551 Why is Twilght a grumpy pants?

16 min later 7007598 Anonymous (kvellingTwilight.png 677x597 549kB)
>>7007556 What's your problem with Nayl....WAHAHAHAHAHA, couldn't do that with a straight face

17 min later 7007609 Anonymous (1346118816500.png 732x485 93kB)
Is it weird I feel no regrets about being alone tonight?

17 min later 7007617 Anonymous
>>7007609 Why would you feel regrets?

17 min later 7007618 Anonymous
>>7007609 No.

17 min later 7007621 Anonymous
>>7007593 And since she doesnt drink all that much she's a light weight, also because she's a physical lightweight. So all her friends like to get her to drink when they go out for fun

18 min later 7007630 Anonymous
>>7007609 Nope. But then again, you've probably already accepted the fact you'd never have anyone to share the night with anyway. I know I have.

18 min later 7007638 Anonymous (tfw 6.jpg 193x261 7kB)
>>7007587 Everyone is so happy. I feel like I should be happy. why am I not happy.

18 min later 7007640 Anonymous
>>7007609 Do you want to do anything else tonight? No? Then dont worry about it.

19 min later 7007655 Anonymous (1335725252143.png 342x454 73kB)
>>7007609 I'd rather be here because I don't know anyone I'd rather spend time with

19 min later 7007656 Anonymous
>>7007609 >Not enjoying being alone

19 min later 7007663 Anonymous (teeny Twilight.jpg 550x550 70kB)
>>7007638 maybe THIS will make you feel better

20 min later 7007666 Anonymous
>>7007638 #Noqt3.14gf #YOFO #tfw #mfw

20 min later 7007669 Anonymous
>>7007551 that's awesome

21 min later 7007675 Anonymous
>>7007539 Oh God, she's me.

21 min later 7007687 Anonymous (1354384172201.png 852x467 502kB)
>>7007621 >physical lightweight There's good reason why Fluttershy can't fly fast and it has to do with extra mass.

22 min later 7007703 Anonymous
>>7007687 Fluttershy is a stick made of a few other sticks with feathers

22 min later 7007705 Anonymous
don't you love it when you're drawing a detailed set of pony genitals, and the inking comes out just perfect?

22 min later 7007709 Anonymous
>>7007609 no, enjoy this night it may be the last chill night during the hiatus

23 min later 7007715 Anonymous (shim_sham_sisters_by_ppggodess-d5pyaoy.jpg 866x480 306kB)
Would you lose to them to repay later? In all possible ways

23 min later 7007730 Anonymous
>>7007703 It is said that if you were to remove a horseshoe from her hoof that you'd see the sticks growing out of her feet

24 min later 7007734 Anonymous (sisters.jpg 670x600 108kB)
>>7007715 Yes

24 min later 7007739 Anonymous
>>7007593 I like this, sounds really cute.

25 min later 7007770 Anonymous (1352330936487.gif 305x360 2657kB)
>>7007352 OH SHIT HNNG Could you imagine how nice a pony like that would be? >Date her, get a sweetheart and Derpy

26 min later 7007777 Anonymous
>>7007715 >>7007734 They might be a pair of fast talking swindlers But gosh darn it they're just so cute

30 min later 7007827 Anonymous (1356085121074.gif 853x480 106kB)
>The clock strikes 12 and you have no qtπ pony to kiss

30 min later 7007832 Anonymous
>>7007715 >>7007734 If only I had the opportunity

31 min later 7007836 Anonymous
>>7007593 >Once shes drunk she refuses to sit by herself >As in she has to be touching her friends at all times >Even if there's only single seaters >She just sprawls all over her friends, nuzzling their hair >Pinkie pie loves it when Fluttershy's drunk

31 min later 7007840 Anonymous
>>7007832 Too bad MLPG is such a bad community

31 min later 7007844 Anonymous
Fluttershy would be the closet alcoholic, only using her alcoholism as a release for her shyness. Releasing all those bottled up thoughts without inhibition while inebriated. Applejack would get piss drunk and pass out, leaving her friends to take her home. Twilight would get drunk but still feel and obligation to be responsible and would try to drive, putting a handful of pennies in her mouth or chewing gum to hide the odor. If the police arrive she would lose her shit and be nervous as hell. Rarity would just get drunk and go home with someone else. Rainbow Dash would try to drive saying she was cool but we all know she's way too fucked up to drive so we'd say no. Then we'd get into a big argument until she got tired and passed out in the back seat. And fuck... I don't even think Pinkie pie would drink but no one would trust her anyway.

31 min later 7007848 Anonymous (1310190207392.jpg 1280x720 76kB)
>>7007827 >The clock strikes 12 and you have no fucks to give

32 min later 7007854 Anonymous (pinky melt.gif 437x360 1389kB)
>>7007827 >no qtπ pony to kiss How much do I have to drink to make her seem real?

32 min later 7007869 Anonymous
>>7007836 She loves to watch Fluttershy nuzzle Rarity

32 min later 7007871 Anonymous (1343356274261.png 600x646 236kB)
>>7007836 Oh gosh, that's adorable.

33 min later 7007875 Anonymous
>>7007836 >sometimes pinkie spikes fluttershy's drink so she can relax

33 min later 7007881 Anonymous
>>7007854 Until organs begin to fail.

33 min later 7007884 Blazang
Happy motherfucking new year MLPG!

34 min later 7007893 Anonymous
>>7007836 >>7007871 Would you let a intoxicated pony nuzzle all over you in a public setting, mlpg?

35 min later 7007902 Anonymous
>>7007893 Until she spilled her pony essence all over my lap.

35 min later 7007913 Anonymous
why are you here?

35 min later 7007915 Anonymous
>>7007836 >if there is no room, she just sits on their laps

36 min later 7007930 Anonymous (cXxpd.jpg 897x1200 391kB)
>>7007913 because

36 min later 7007931 Anonymous
>>7007913 Because it's new years day and I'm hung over

36 min later 7007932 Anonymous
>>7007913 shut up, Konrad

36 min later 7007933 Anonymous
>>7007913 Why wouldn't I be here?

36 min later 7007935 Anonymous
>>7007913 Because, nearly two years ago I watched a cartoon. And then I came here shortly after. I've not been able to leave since.

36 min later 7007936 Anonymous
>>7007893 I might just nuzzle back.

37 min later 7007946 Anonymous
>>7007915 >if there is plenty of room, she sits on their laps

37 min later 7007951 Anonymous (animal practice.jpg 2000x715 406kB)
Adding more: >Pirate Flash CS6 >Time for pony animation and bronybucks >MSE deletes files because it thinks they are malware They probably are but it's annoying. Before I redownload it, I'l ask you guys. Should I keep practicing art and try to get better at drawing, or go to Flash and try my hand at animation/Flash? I was asked to post my regular drawings, here you go. Saging for more art talk, I know some people don't like it. The Derpy was from the Christmas challenge a few days ago when someone posted Hellboy and ordered all the people who got tablets to draw her.

37 min later 7007954 Anonymous
>>7007893 Why wouldn't I? If she cared about me enough to do that, I'd take it as a compliment.

38 min later 7007960 Anonymous
>>7007946 >if there are no laps, she sits on their laps

38 min later 7007974 Anonymous
>>7007954 And if a drunk girl cares about you enough to sleep with you, that means she loves you.

39 min later 7007976 Anonymous
>>7007884 Happy new year my friend, keep those drawings coming!

39 min later 7007978 Anonymous
>>7007936 >>7007954 But anon, its causing a scene. People are watching

39 min later 7007984 Anonymous
>>7007913 I don't have anywhere else to go.

39 min later 7007990 Anonymous
>>7007951 Just do both. Animate when you want and do static images to improve geometry and whatnot. Animation isn't about perfect anatomy, in fact you'll break it like mad to make nice looking inbetween frames.

39 min later 7007992 Anonymous (1356673238271.png 382x377 85kB)
>>7007913 I'm a Jew and this is like the end of March to me

40 min later 7008002 Anonymous (el galeon español llego.png 1688x2172 305kB)
>>7007913 because I can't leave

40 min later 7008008 Anonymous
>>7007978 Good.

40 min later 7008010 Anonymous
>>7007978 Let them watch. It's none of their business.

41 min later 7008017 Anonymous (whynotbothscoots.png 1100x1257 331kB)
>>7007951 Get yourself a tablet and start drawing a whole lot more

41 min later 7008023 Anonymous
>>7008010 You are literally Hitler.

42 min later 7008030 Anonymous
>>7008008 >>7008010 The manager is going tell you two to leave if you keep this up!

42 min later 7008031 Anonymous
>>7007946 >she doesn't get off if they ask her to

42 min later 7008034 Anonymous
>>7007974 Well, it means she finds me sufficiently attractive to have sex with. That's good enough for me.

43 min later 7008044 Anonymous (tfw no qt stallion valentine.png 770x700 261kB)
>>7007984 I know that feel

43 min later 7008048 Anonymous
>>7008030 Fuck him.

43 min later 7008051 Anonymous (rWsex.png 2262x1596 322kB)

43 min later 7008057 Anonymous
>>7008017 >those transparences Damn it Cosmo, my autism can't take this shit

43 min later 7008059 Anonymous
>>7008030 >Implying he'd have a problem with getting a free show to keep the guests entertained

43 min later 7008067 Anonymous
>>7007507 I said I was gonna do the Celestia on vacation request later. Same applies to the food pony fight.

44 min later 7008076 Anonymous
>>7008057 My autistic nigga.

44 min later 7008081 Anonymous
>>7007990 >>7008017 Good advice. Let's see if I can at least get a pony drawn in Flash today. >>7008017 The reason I ask is because I'm doing this by myself after my regular job. I don't want to find myself chasing two mares and winding up with nothing.

44 min later 7008084 Anonymous
>>7008044 Anyone have the one with femsnails?

45 min later 7008099 Anonymous
>>7008076 >>7008057 I was disappointed because it was worded wrong, what's wrong with the transparency?

45 min later 7008103 Anonymous
>>7008059 The two of you are at an ice cream shop! Kids are watching!

46 min later 7008109 Anonymous (cute confirmed for canon.jpg 500x444 45kB)

46 min later 7008116 Anonymous
I just go the nexus 4, which I bought hoping it would come before Christmas. any good, free apps I should get?

46 min later 7008119 Anonymous
>>7008067 Why even do that request for that anon? He is being an asshole about it.

46 min later 7008127 Anonymous (143923942349.png 577x307 27kB)
then a super villain was born

46 min later 7008129 Anonymous
>>7008099 There are a bunch of uncolored spots, the bucket tool is a shitty temptation.

47 min later 7008134 Anonymous (1352702715082.png 829x723 84kB)
>>7007893 >You're big >And you have a lap to sit in rather than a back to cling to (We season 1 now) >She spends half of the time standing on her hind legs with her front legs wrapped around your neck >"Anon" >"I love you, Anon" >"Like really" > "Thanks for putting up with me"

47 min later 7008135 Anonymous
>>7008103 >no public displays of affection allowed Dude is literally Hitler.

47 min later 7008151 Anonymous (1356937525871-(n1356937668090).png 1100x1257 261kB)
>>7008057 >>7008076 Some guy fixed some of the white spots last night.

48 min later 7008157 Anonymous
>>7008109 Only pretty cute? They need to get their calculations computated. She's fantabulous omega adora-cute

48 min later 7008161 Anonymous
>>7008109 I disagree, Scootaloo is a very ugly pony God-Fearing Theists 31415, Blasphemous Heathens 0

49 min later 7008181 Anonymous
>>7008151 Ah good, her right eye was bugging me

49 min later 7008182 Anonymous (1335919615535.gif 183x333 82kB)
>>7008109 Hehehehe. I like it.

49 min later 7008185 Anonymous
>>7008135 You don't want those kids getting the idea that PDAs are OK, do you?

49 min later 7008198 Anonymous
>tfw people in the house >tfw want to post on mulpug for new years

49 min later 7008199 Anonymous
>>7008103 They might learn a thing or two about equine reproductive anatomy.

50 min later 7008202 Anonymous
>>7008119 He requested it. I'm gonna deliver it. Didn't add Celestia in it because I've been up for about 40 hours and I simply couldn't have kept on drawing any longer at that point, and since it was a new year card I had to get it done before passing out. Might pass out any moment now, prolly gonna start working on it in 12h from now on.

50 min later 7008204 Anonymous (1356014940379.png 485x460 59kB)
>>7008134 oh gosh we need more pics of fluttershy interacting with anon

50 min later 7008211 Anonymous (bycicle.png 836x600 176kB)
>still doesn't think Pinkie is best pony >2012

50 min later 7008213 Anonymous
>>7008103 >Licensed icecream shop The fuck

51 min later 7008234 Anonymous (2P5gX.jpg 320x480 62kB)

51 min later 7008239 Anonymous
>>7008204 >Petting pony on lap >She's sleeping >But now you have to get up to go to the bathroom FUCK

51 min later 7008240 Anonymous (dadas.png 496x369 19kB)
boner. stahp.

52 min later 7008241 Anonymous
>>7008213 Don't listen to that chucklefuck, if I ran an Equestrian icecream shop I would allow human pony makeouts

52 min later 7008245 Anonymous
>>7008211 I used to think she was best pony back in 2011. But then Twilight.

52 min later 7008253 Anonymous
>>7008234 Man Michael C Hall is handsome as fuck.

52 min later 7008256 Anonymous
>>7008240 >she wants you to go again after you finish UNF

53 min later 7008262 Anonymous
>>7008234 Why is Dwight Schrute showing me the finger?

53 min later 7008269 Anonymous
>tfw you will never get sloppy drunk with pank and end up with her sucking your balls and slobbering all over your shaft, pushing herself all the way down to the base, gagging herself on your cock until you can't stand it anymore, filling her mouth with spurt after spurt of thick cum

54 min later 7008283 Anonymous
>>7008240 >stahp this shit irritates me more than it should

54 min later 7008296 Anonymous
>>7008245 Then Twilight hit you in the head so know you have trouble think straight?

54 min later 7008297 Anonymous
>>7008269 >she will never suddenly have to pee super bad and ask if she can use your bladder as her personal urinal

55 min later 7008308 Anonymous
>>7008283 >being irritates by bad art and animation that's normal

55 min later 7008314 Anonymous
>>7008296 No, more like she hit me right in the penis with her sexiness.

55 min later 7008315 Anonymous
>>7008297 that's just sick

56 min later 7008319 Anonymous
>>7008308 the content of the image isn't the problem, the content of the post is

56 min later 7008327 Anonymous (1355963727035.jpg 324x486 20kB)
>>7008240 >check out the new areas >end up getting lost on day 1 in the forest

56 min later 7008328 Anonymous
>>7008308 >Implyng Pokehidden's art isn't awesome and hot

56 min later 7008332 Anonymous
>>7008283 >getting irritated by silly things anon pls stahp

56 min later 7008336 Anonymous
>>7008315 Welcome to the general!

56 min later 7008340 Anonymous
>>7008315 But oh so hot.

57 min later 7008343 Anonymous
>>7008297 how would that even work

57 min later 7008350 Anonymous
>>7008327 >find Zecora's hut >Zecora was a zoroark, it was actually Chrysalis. >dead Eh.

57 min later 7008352 Anonymous
So what was the 7000000 GET? Should I be as glad that I missed it as I am?

57 min later 7008364 Anonymous
>>7008350 At least the scene is pretty good

57 min later 7008365 Anonymous
>>7007587 >letting meds stop you from drinking Don't do it with xanax, though, that got me arrested

57 min later 7008366 Anonymous
>>7008327 just alternate between clicking right twice and left twice until you reach the hut.

57 min later 7008367 Anonymous
>>7008352 >>>/b/

58 min later 7008383 Anonymous
>>7008262 >>7008297 MLPG is making me laugh real hard today.

58 min later 7008386 Anonymous
>>7008364 It's alright. I wonder if it has multiple endings, since I ended with it inside her, instead of either outside or in her mouth.

59 min later 7008389 Anonymous (1354509855645.jpg 900x644 265kB)
Poor little pone without a home

59 min later 7008394 Anonymous
>>7008343 Double-ended hollow sound. Or alternately just a hollow sound and a funnel. Or maybe you'd already stretched your urethra out so much you could just hold it open for her.

59 min later 7008397 Anonymous (1356282115487.png 790x740 253kB)

59 min later 7008409 Anonymous
>>7008383 I'm happy that I was able to brighten your day.

1 hours later 7008418 Anonymous
>>7008269 I'd prefer Fluttershy to polish my knob, because she'd probably turn out to be a freak, tying you down and slowly licking the underside of your cockhead while whispering dirty things in your ear, dragging you to the edge and keeping you there for so long that you tear up

1 hours later 7008425 Anonymous (1345652441175.png 442x466 47kB)
>>7007593 fluttershy is a very loud drunk her butt is as least

1 hours later 7008428 Anonymous

1 hours later 7008431 Anonymous
>>7008389 I would let Twilight live with me if she had no place to go. Though she'd probably prefer the car

1 hours later 7008434 Anonymous (Dwight is worried about you and your beets.png 697x653 477kB)

1 hours later 7008449 Anonymous
>>7008253 I would Michael C. Hall.

1 hours later 7008458 Anonymous
>>7008394 I personally rather like the last one. I could just insert a funnel directly into my urethra and let her do her business in it.

1 hours later 7008461 Scrubbing Bubbles
>>7008425 Oh anon, now you're just talking out your ass

1 hours later 7008462 Anonymous
>>7008328 It really isn't awesome or hot. I have no idea why it's so popular.

1 hours later 7008463 Anonymous (1356477877478.jpg 500x280 85kB)

1 hours later 7008470 Anonymous
>>7008425 Are you saying she farts a lot when she gets drunk?

1 hours later 7008471 Anonymous
>>7008463 HAHAHAHAHA

1 hours later 7008473 Anonymous (1356090249176.png 700x700 18kB)
Wait... so this is over? Aw man, I'm never around for the ride when it comes to this stuff.

1 hours later 7008476 Anonymous
>>7008431 My only requirement would be that she wake me up every morning, then blow me and let me wreck that winking mare pussy, then it's off to work

1 hours later 7008479 Anonymous
>>7008328 >People actually believe this

1 hours later 7008480 Anonymous
>>7008462 Because it's awesome and hot.

1 hours later 7008488 Anonymous
>>7008476 unf

1 hours later 7008489 Anonymous
>>7008462 i'm pretty sure he mentioned during one of his depression tantrums that he's only popular because he was the first to do something like that

1 hours later 7008491 Anonymous
>>7008328 his art is only cute, it's weird when he draws porn

1 hours later 7008492 Anonymous
>>7008479 Maybe it's some big joke some of us aren't in on.

1 hours later 7008499 Anonymous
>>7008476 >not just charging rent, and letting that either happen naturally or not happen at all You are a rather mean person, don't you think?

1 hours later 7008508 Anonymous
>>7008492 It's some bad taste.

1 hours later 7008511 Anonymous (you will never find that second password.png 700x700 32kB)

1 hours later 7008515 Anonymous (1342635415615.png 732x547 156kB)
>>7008470 Yes

1 hours later 7008516 Anonymous
My new years resolution is to become a pon

1 hours later 7008525 Anonymous
>>7008491 But those crotchboobs on Chrysalis were pretty hot. And the way the cum oozed out of her when you cum inside.

1 hours later 7008527 Anonymous
>>7008511 >filename FUCK YOU ;_;

1 hours later 7008532 Anonymous
>>7008511 One day, anon

1 hours later 7008539 Anonymous

1 hours later 7008541 Anonymous (1344358563919.png 834x715 468kB)
>>7008463 I stopped watching it when Michael left, I want to marathon the first seasons again now...

1 hours later 7008545 Anonymous
>>7008525 the idea is hot, the representation is not

1 hours later 7008548 Anonymous
>>7008511 I've been at it since the day the quest ended. This is ridiculous.

1 hours later 7008551 Anonymous
>>7008527 >>7008532 Even if you have to break tumblr to do so.

1 hours later 7008554 RustyDooks (saffron's gonna wreck it.png 700x700 16kB)
>>7008473 I share that feel bro. I still can't get how people can decrypt all that stuff LK put on it.

1 hours later 7008556 Anonymous
>>7008499 That's pretty generous for letting her eat my food and stay at my house. She just has to work for it, that's all.

1 hours later 7008562 Anonymous (twifetish.png 500x518 46kB)

1 hours later 7008569 Anonymous

1 hours later 7008571 Anonymous
>>7008511 What a beautiful end, though. I tried to read it a month or two ago, but reading the logs was too troublesome. I tried reading it again when you guys were talking about being betrayed by Chronicle . Shame I just got around to finishing it.

1 hours later 7008573 Anonymous (DJ Acid toy.jpg 652x883 188kB)
>>7008516 My new years resolution is to eventually hilt my new toy once it arrives from America

1 hours later 7008574 Anonymous
>>7008539 this made me laugh and I seriously have no idea why

1 hours later 7008586 Anonymous (5e4.gif 680x390 1490kB)
>>7008573 post pics when you do

1 hours later 7008589 Anonymous
>>7008556 And when she leaves, not content to just be your fuckpuppet in exchange for food and shelter? Will you even care?

1 hours later 7008593 Anonymous
>>7008561 >not wanting to move out Living by yourself is great, you can do things like drink 40s in the shower and walk around naked all the time

1 hours later 7008594 Anonymous
>>7008541 >that feel

1 hours later 7008599 Anonymous
>>7008561 >Going to university >Live at home >Never pay rent >Breakfast every morning >Work a part time job >All of my money goes towards things I like.

1 hours later 7008603 Anonymous
>>7008516 mine is to shave

1 hours later 7008607 Anonymous (final-boop.gif 800x800 399kB)
To those that didn't like the fuzzy arms: Is this better? It's quite the deviation from the source material and I can't really draw so I don't know

1 hours later 7008615 Anonymous
>>7008539 The only good thing about this picture is that it led me to that fucking awesome Gilda pic after deciding to check the new FiM tagged stuff.

1 hours later 7008616 Anonymous
>>7008593 >drink 40s in the shower doesn't glass get slippery when its wet? I only drink cans in the shower

1 hours later 7008623 Anonymous
>>7008593 yeah and you can shit with the door open

1 hours later 7008625 Anonymous
>>7008589 Depends how good she was.

1 hours later 7008637 Anonymous
>>7008607 Yesss I like this a lot better. Before the arms just looked fuzzy, now it seems more like motion

1 hours later 7008639 Anonymous
>>7008599 >not helping your family pay the bills Parasite. The reason I barely saved up enough for a car was because I was help keeping my family out of the red. And then I got fired with a bullshit excuse. Virginia being a "right-to-work" state is terrible. Anyone can fire you just for looking at them funny, and the don't need to give a reason.

1 hours later 7008640 Anonymous
>>7008586 Seconding this. This better include shots of the belly bulge if you're not a fatfag.

1 hours later 7008645 Anonymous
>>7008616 I wear one of those yellow kitchen gloves with a grip texture on it, I call it my beer glove

1 hours later 7008646 Anonymous (1357013817991.png 487x367 6kB)
>>7008608 vinyl/octavia is better though

1 hours later 7008651 Anonymous
Hey MLPG, happy new year. Here's to a year full of pone. May we survive the super-hiatus.

1 hours later 7008663 Anonymous
>>7008539 >you can see Pinkie's peehole UNF

1 hours later 7008665 Anonymous
>>7008639 >Anyone can fire you just for looking at them funny That's true pretty much everywhere in America. Opening a business is the only good move job-wise in this economy.

1 hours later 7008669 Anonymous
>>7008651 we won't but that won't stop the general

1 hours later 7008675 Anonymous
If I streamed the New Year's episode of Young Justice, would anyone watch?

1 hours later 7008688 Anonymous
>>7008646 >going to a bleeps and bloops concert.

1 hours later 7008689 Anonymous (Fluttershy_shocked_appalled.png 890x742 582kB)
if you were at a new years party with Fluttershy, and she got really drunk, and you noticed that she was starting to fart a queef alot, would you hold her up over your head, and yell loudly, "HEY EVERYONE, LOOK AT FLUTTERSHY, SHE CAN'T STOP FARTING AND QUEEFING! SHE IS THE QUEEN OF DUAL-HOLE FLATULENCE!" until everyone was laughing at her, and taking pics and vids on their cell phones

1 hours later 7008692 Anonymous
>>7008651 If it's anything like the previous hiatus, maybe the threads will pick up a bit.

1 hours later 7008694 Anonymous
Can someone post that Pinkie Pie face swap pic from Too Many Pinkies where she's got the gen 3 face? I wouldn't even know what to search for on Derpibooru.

1 hours later 7008698 Anonymous (1357014150699.png 800x800 197kB)
>>7008607 Huh, I think the first version was okay but if you want to modify the fuzz, do it in the "upper side" of her hooves.

1 hours later 7008703 Anonymous
>>7008675 I might.

1 hours later 7008709 Anonymous
>>7008689 You're ruining 2013. Stop.

1 hours later 7008710 Anonymous
>>7008418 >slowly licking the underside of your cockhead while whispering dirty things in your ear, How does that work?

1 hours later 7008711 Anonymous (1353302245516.jpg 169x193 14kB)
>>7008651 maybe one of us will learn and leave the god-forsaken place and off themselves

1 hours later 7008712 Anonymous
>>7008689 No That sounds very mean

1 hours later 7008715 Anonymous (1356923883499.png 450x450 57kB)
it's time

1 hours later 7008717 Anonymous
>>7008689 That's not a very nice thing to do to your girlfriend.

1 hours later 7008719 Anonymous
>>7008689 That's mean, I'd just lure her into a storage closet in the basement and fuck her silly while her queefs vibrate around my meatstick

1 hours later 7008727 Anonymous (1355349784173.gif 600x338 2817kB)
>>7008651 A superharmonica just makes a hearseflogger stronger

1 hours later 7008733 Anonymous
>>7008689 Stop breathing.

1 hours later 7008734 Anonymous
>>7008715 Fuck off.

1 hours later 7008736 Anonymous
>>7008711 As much as I want to kill myself, I would never commit suicide alone.

1 hours later 7008740 Anonymous
>>7008561 >Not being an extremely independant person to the point of being reclusive

1 hours later 7008741 Anonymous
>>7008719 unf

1 hours later 7008743 Anonymous (piramide_083.jpg 1280x853 450kB)
>>7008688 I went to my first "bleeps and bloops" concert not much ago. It was fucking amazing

1 hours later 7008745 Anonymous
>>7008689 Ya but what if she starts pooping when she's above your head and it drips all over your head

1 hours later 7008751 Anonymous
>>7008694 please respond.

1 hours later 7008755 Anonymous (1343333734967.png 850x701 129kB)
>>7008689 why would she be queefing? she is just a very tooty pony

1 hours later 7008758 Anonymous (Fluttershy_always_works.jpg 446x418 27kB)
>>7008709 its not 2013 where i am yet nigga

1 hours later 7008761 Anonymous
>>7008711 I will probably be one of them.

1 hours later 7008766 Anonymous
>>7008745 >drip That's not how horseapples work. They might fall on your head and leave marks I guess.

1 hours later 7008772 Anonymous
you people must be drunk already or something

1 hours later 7008773 Anonymous

1 hours later 7008777 Anonymous
>>7008711 Shut up Adachi

1 hours later 7008781 Anonymous
>suicide http://ash2.wikkii.com/wiki/Hibachi_FAQ_1 Keep on trucking, horsefuckers

1 hours later 7008786 Anonymous
>>7008717 >Fluttershy as your girlfriend >Always smells like animals >Never wants to go out and do things because she's too scared >can hardly hear her because she always talks so quietly >ditches you constantly to go save the world with her friends What a fucking bitch.

1 hours later 7008788 Anonymous
>>7008755 Maybe her body just reacts to alcohol by making her very gassy in many places.

1 hours later 7008790 Anonymous
>>7008758 my east coast flutterfart fag nigga

1 hours later 7008795 Anonymous (vlcsnap-2013-01-01-01h29m57s99.png 1280x720 396kB)

1 hours later 7008797 Anonymous (1353228823712.png 500x492 75kB)
>>7008751 WEH

1 hours later 7008798 Anonymous (1335065256950.gif 720x405 2509kB)
>>7008772 I'm not opening this bottle till half an hour

1 hours later 7008800 Anonymous (same awful joke.png 410x246 111kB)

1 hours later 7008803 Anonymous
>>7008788 would she burp as well?

1 hours later 7008814 Anonymous
>>7008786 >not wanting her to stay in bed with you all the time, where you can hold her close and keep her safe

1 hours later 7008826 Anonymous
>>7008803 Almost certainl. Burp, fart and queef.

1 hours later 7008832 Anonymous (1356405890007.png 500x500 257kB)
>>7008777 I'm sorry, listening to classical music makes me think homicidal thoughts

1 hours later 7008835 Anonymous
>tfw no Dick Clark

1 hours later 7008838 Anonymous
>>7008800 my very own macro... 2012 was a good year

1 hours later 7008842 Anonymous
>>7008832 >not listening to Huey Lewis and the News

1 hours later 7008843 Anonymous
>>7008786 >Never wants to go out and do things I would marry Fluttershy

1 hours later 7008845 Anonymous
>>7008814 B.O.R.I.N.G. I would rather have Twilight and have her teach me her necromantic ways.

1 hours later 7008852 Anonymous (tumblr_mfxhzq8mNU1r8ha72o1_1280.jpg 640x960 51kB)

1 hours later 7008853 Anonymous
http://akorra.com/2010/03/19/10-reasons-why-the-east-coast-i s-better-than-the-west-coast/

1 hours later 7008859 Anonymous
>>7008800 >joke Gas problems are not a joke, anon.

1 hours later 7008863 Anonymous
>>7008845 >necromantic ways Exactly what would you have her do?

1 hours later 7008864 Anonymous
>>7008803 She'd just swell up, too embarrassed to release any of the gas

1 hours later 7008866 Anonymous (1356860029347.png 450x450 104kB)
>>7008734 got a problem there mon cher?

1 hours later 7008870 Anonymous (fucking trixie.jpg 847x638 104kB)
This game has the best dialog in the universe.

1 hours later 7008875 Anonymous
>>7008870 pokehidden pls

1 hours later 7008877 Anonymous
>>7008852 This is a blue board. You can't post completely naked women here

1 hours later 7008879 Anonymous (1356399388908.png 616x661 988kB)

1 hours later 7008880 Anonymous
pokehidden's flash has some shit art but damn I'm still all hot and bothered because of it

1 hours later 7008882 Anonymous
>>7008870 >Fuck Off >tfw Aoki will never release Piledriver

1 hours later 7008883 Anonymous
>>7008870 it's like I'm really in the show!

1 hours later 7008884 Anonymous
>>7008864 so she would just bloat up with gas?

1 hours later 7008894 Anonymous (786436174625147216.jpg 300x189 11kB)

1 hours later 7008895 Anonymous (1345436069998.jpg 500x500 29kB)
>>7008845 >Dating nerds #WOW #WHOA

1 hours later 7008896 Anonymous
Remember the first version of this game? Wasn't it released just a year ago?

1 hours later 7008897 Anonymous (31302 - applejack colors Firefly g1 mane_cast Posey Sparkler Surprise twilight_Twinkle.jpg 2400x1350 501kB)
What are your new year resolutions for pone?

1 hours later 7008898 Anonymous (1356855666986.jpg 400x400 34kB)
>>7008863 Raise skeletons.

1 hours later 7008899 Anonymous
>>7008864 Until she could no longer keep it under control, and tiny farts and queefs began to escape, making her squeak with embarrassment and causing her to lose focus and let out a loud thundering burp in the process

1 hours later 7008905 Anonymous
Sneakin in through the back door, fruity MC's get ambushed Rammed and squooshed, slammed and pushed, crammed and mushed Then I'm movin on down from the right to left So bite the meth or prepare to fight to death To get jacked, attacked and cracked in two Smackin through 'til you're black and blue for actin true I'm dreaded like a man whose hair is all strands Proof that I be sniffin on aerosol cans

1 hours later 7008916 Anonymous
>>7008898 >there's a skeleton inside you right now

1 hours later 7008920 Anonymous

1 hours later 7008931 Scrubbing Bubbles
>>7008898 I don't see why you need Twilight to raise skeletons. You clearly already have a boner for her!

1 hours later 7008932 Anonymous
>>7008897 I still don't know why they decided to give Fluttershy wings.

1 hours later 7008936 Anonymous (1355216737151.gif 720x720 36kB)

1 hours later 7008937 Anonymous
>>7008897 i think i need to stop poning, but you know, le ride and all

1 hours later 7008942 Anonymous
Where's the new year's mafia game at

1 hours later 7008944 Anonymous
>>7008898 And that would help your sex life how? Would you have threesomes with them? Maybe have them plow her with their bony cocks while she sucks you off?

1 hours later 7008946 Anonymous
>>7008931 oh gosh

1 hours later 7008947 Anonymous (Capture.png 399x71 6kB)
It's been a while...

1 hours later 7008955 Anonymous
>>7008897 I'm going to work a lot and become a professional voice actor

1 hours later 7008964 Anonymous (1355183241034.jpg 130x130 29kB)
>>7008931 fuck you I actually laughed

1 hours later 7008965 Anonymous
>>7008955 Let's hear your voice, anon.

1 hours later 7008966 Anonymous (1356931738.ribnose_gildas_beautiful_dress colour.png 1024x734 306kB)
Happy New Year MLPG~ Have a Gilda drawn by Ribnose and coloured by me!

1 hours later 7008973 Anonymous
>>7008931 >Twilight raises a pet skeleton for you >you call it "Boner" >the jokes goes completely over her head

1 hours later 7008974 Anonymous
>>7008897 I'm going to stop fapping to pony porn so much.

1 hours later 7008977 Anonymous
>>7008944 I hear skeletons can get amazing erections.

1 hours later 7008981 Anonymous
>>7008932 They didnt want Pinkie/Suprise to be paired with Dash and have everyone think all peagus were hyper active compared to others ponies

1 hours later 7008984 Anonymous
>>7008974 Why?

1 hours later 7008988 Anonymous
>>7008966 You missed that far left feather on her neck ruffle. Thanks though.

1 hours later 7008991 Anonymous
>>7008884 Yep, just bigger and rounder because she's too worried to even move until everyone just stops to stare at her bloaty form

1 hours later 7008997 Anonymous (6586845574297.jpg 212x212 8kB)
I hate it when people say "do you smoke?" when they're talking about weed. It's like they feel the need to ask for whatever reason but they're too much of a pussy to actually say weed, pot, etc.

1 hours later 7008998 Anonymous
>>7008897 Buy a mini mare and give it the dick so furiously it has multiple maregasms

1 hours later 7009000 Anonymous
>>7008974 Do what you like your an adult you can do whatever you want

1 hours later 7009001 Anonymous
>>7008897 Work on my >fanfiction Instead of browsing 4chan so much! Also I will continue to completely ignore the fandon's stupidity.

1 hours later 7009003 Anonymous
>>7008984 Because I have been fapping three times a day for the past two years. I think it's time to stop.

1 hours later 7009007 Anonymous (1355452278465.png 430x404 48kB)

1 hours later 7009013 Anonymous
>>7008991 >anyone just touching her balloon-like belly causes tiny farts, burps or queefs to escape her

1 hours later 7009014 Anonymous
>>7008981 >implying a stereotypical Pegasus isn't hyperactive anyway

1 hours later 7009019 Isaac (angry lyra.png 1920x1080 229kB)
>>7007308 Oi there's only room for one Isaac on this board.

1 hours later 7009020 Scrubbing Bubbles
>>7008973 >the jokes goes completely over her head Just like the boner! You know, cause ponie are short

1 hours later 7009021 Anonymous (1347831812199.gif 240x162 1332kB)
What's the first thing you're gonna cum to next/this year ?

1 hours later 7009023 Anonymous
>>7008997 Or maybe they're just trying to be respectful and not do anything around you that might make you uncomfortable?

1 hours later 7009024 Anonymous (1337757609263.jpg 548x699 175kB)
>>7008997 They have you pegged as a straightedge faggot

1 hours later 7009028 Anonymous (sxssc.jpg 459x459 194kB)
Would you a pony version of yourself?

1 hours later 7009032 Anonymous (109179__UNOPT__safe_comic.png 633x5000 886kB)

1 hours later 7009034 Anonymous
>>7009028 Only if it was a rule63 version of myself.

1 hours later 7009037 Anonymous
>>7008997 Nobody smokes cigarettes anymore.

1 hours later 7009039 Anonymous
>>7008965 I would and I probably will, but I'm still waiting on UPS to deliver me a microphone and its new years so nope

1 hours later 7009044 Anonymous
>>7008997 It's called being subtle and socially courteous, you autistic dweeb. All you need to do is say "Nah" if someone asks you this; lrn2socialinteraction

1 hours later 7009045 Anonymous
>>7009021 Probably feet.

1 hours later 7009050 Anonymous (1356931738.ribnose_gildas_beautiful_dress colour.png 1024x734 308kB)
>>7008988 EFF!

1 hours later 7009052 Anonymous (waiting for commission.gif 400x360 558kB)
>>7009021 A thing with Applejack and Rarity

1 hours later 7009054 Anonymous
>>7009024 >not abiding by the law It's like you want this nation to descend into an anarchy dominated by rapists and murderers.

1 hours later 7009055 Anonymous (Snails in a pretty dress.png 390x555 130kB)
>>7009021 Traps

1 hours later 7009056 Anonymous (1338477255351.jpg 604x403 41kB)

1 hours later 7009057 Anonymous
>>7009021 probably something from Odin Sphere

1 hours later 7009061 Anonymous
>>7009050 Lovely. Thanks.

1 hours later 7009062 Anonymous
>>7008997 I want to smoke a pony

1 hours later 7009063 Anonymous (1354864734324.jpg 349x346 11kB)

1 hours later 7009065 Anonymous
>>7009021 Loli.

1 hours later 7009066 Anonymous
>>7009028 I would wreck my own pony butthole.

1 hours later 7009074 Anonymous
>>7009062 gay

1 hours later 7009081 Anonymous
>>7009021 Probably some piss porn pony image, or german piss porn movie. Or possibly the thought of a pony using my bladder as her personal urinal.

1 hours later 7009082 Anonymous
>>7008991 what if pinkie gave her a big hug?

1 hours later 7009085 Anonymous (Samantha Wright 2.jpg 960x720 67kB)
>>7009056 Good choice.

1 hours later 7009086 Anonymous
>>7009056 You know she's posted so much I have to ask Is she single?

1 hours later 7009089 Anonymous
>>7009054 possession isn't illegal in my state checkmate, sxefags

1 hours later 7009096 Anonymous
>>7009021 Probably shotacon.

1 hours later 7009097 Anonymous
>>7009086 Why would a hottie like her be single?

1 hours later 7009103 Anonymous
I'm contemplating getting an escort for tonight, but I'm afraid that I'll fuck everything up and have a panic attack

1 hours later 7009106 Anonymous
Taking one humanized pony request. Something dealing with 2 or more people. Also, describe the surrounding area.

1 hours later 7009107 Anonymous
>>7009021 That's like asking how the clouds are going to form tomorrow I can give you a relatively accurate prediction based on past experience and plausible predictions, but there's no way to know exactly how it's all going to play out. Probably traps or futa.

1 hours later 7009112 Anonymous
>>7009062 >tfw you will never smoke with a pony

1 hours later 7009113 Anonymous (1339534096977.jpg 594x481 32kB)
>>7009086 Sadly, no. Also she likes the black.

1 hours later 7009115 Anonymous
>>7009021 I just noticed that Braeburned finally finished that Spike/Spike/Discord thing. Maybe that.

1 hours later 7009116 Anonymous
>>7009107 *plausible projections

1 hours later 7009119 Anonymous
>>7009106 Applejack and Applebloom, sitting on their front porch drinking cocoa while bundled up against the cold. It is also snowing.

1 hours later 7009120 Anonymous (JUST DO IT MY LOVE.jpg 1296x723 125kB)

1 hours later 7009122 Anonymous
>>7009106 Shining Armor fucking Twilight Sparkle in her bed.

1 hours later 7009125 Anonymous
>>7009082 Fluttershy would be shocked how good it felt with her body being so stretched and sensitive, and she'd start blushing madly

1 hours later 7009128 Anonymous
>>7009028 > >>7008800

1 hours later 7009130 Anonymous
>>7009089 Is recreational use legal? #OWNED #YOLO #DUNKED #SWAG #ICECOLDBURN

1 hours later 7009131 Anonymous

1 hours later 7009132 Anonymous
>>7008997 >too much of a pussy to publicly admit to illegal activity Yeah, fuck those fucking pussy faggots.

1 hours later 7009136 Anonymous (2012 election.gif 318x162 970kB)
>>7009113 Blacks win again

1 hours later 7009138 Anonymous
>>7009120 I wish for a sandwich.

1 hours later 7009139 Anonymous
>>7009120 I WISH I COULD FLY

1 hours later 7009140 Anonymous
>>7009119 On a further note, Applebloom is sitting in AJ's lap.

1 hours later 7009142 Anonymous
>>7009120 i wish for sweet death

1 hours later 7009143 Anonymous
>>7009120 Pinkie Here Real Now

1 hours later 7009144 Anonymous (A Photo of Rick Santorum made entirely of gay porn.jpg 500x375 67kB)
http://wesquestria.tumblr.com/post/39358523315/pokehidden-so metimes-i-like-to-think-that-the heh

1 hours later 7009146 Anonymous
>>7009120 I wish for infinite wishes, motherfucker.

1 hours later 7009148 Anonymous
>>7009112 I want to smoke with Twilight and watch her get horny and squirm, not knowing what to do because she's too embarrassed

1 hours later 7009153 Anonymous
>>7009142 I'll have what he's having.

1 hours later 7009160 Anonymous
>>7009140 Yah, impaled on AJ's futa cock.

1 hours later 7009161 Anonymous
>>7009120 I wish for omnipotence. Then I won't need any more wishes.

1 hours later 7009163 Anonymous
>>7009148 So do I. I'd offer to lick her.

1 hours later 7009166 Anonymous
>>7009144 Why is everyone in this fandom so fucking egotistical?

1 hours later 7009167 Anonymous
>>7009143 As for the ironic twist, she actually looks like a small horse and only speaks to you telepathically, so no one will ever believe you when you say she has Pinkies personality.

1 hours later 7009168 Anonymous
>>7009120 I wish for the best possible thing that could happen to happen. And then the universe ended.

1 hours later 7009170 Anonymous
you guys sure are sexual tonight

1 hours later 7009174 Anonymous
>>7007303 I am currently drinking Bacardi and it tastes like shit oh well at least I am drunk

1 hours later 7009175 Anonymous
>>7009153 make that three

1 hours later 7009176 Anonymous
>>7009130 YES

1 hours later 7009180 Anonymous
>>7009148 I want to smoke with Dash and do some fun things, like flying.

1 hours later 7009189 Anonymous
>>7009170 Not as much as I'd like to.

1 hours later 7009190 Anonymous (1325228257609.gif 510x515 558kB)
>>7009170 What better way to ring in the new year?

1 hours later 7009193 Anonymous
>>7009170 isn't it great? We're back in that glorious hiatus mode where horsefucking levels are off the charts

1 hours later 7009194 Anonymous
>>7009021 Pounding Perfect Pony Princess Pyramid Powerfully.

1 hours later 7009198 Anonymous (I'm grump.png 446x634 89kB)

1 hours later 7009200 Anonymous
>>7009166 I'm not

1 hours later 7009201 Anonymous
>>7009190 >RD pee pee dance That's a new one.

1 hours later 7009209 Anonymous
>>7009200 Are you sure?

1 hours later 7009218 Anonymous (mby3bxg4TZ1qe.jpg 726x444 109kB)
what if pone did the to you?

1 hours later 7009219 Anonymous
>>7009045 Smelly feet?

1 hours later 7009222 Anonymous
>>7009180 I want to smoke with Celestia then watch her raise the sun

1 hours later 7009225 Anonymous
>>7009193 Hardly. There isn't even any greentexts going. I remember sometimes there were up to several fetish greentexts going at the same time back in the summer. Those were the days...

1 hours later 7009226 Anonymous
>>7009167 I see no problem. Might have to pretend I'm eccentric and have a pet pony, but it's do able. Not like I'm going run the streets going SHE CAN Talk BELIVE ME!

1 hours later 7009230 Anonymous
>>7009219 Pony feet.

1 hours later 7009233 Anonymous
>>7009193 >glorious hiatus I don't like you.

1 hours later 7009240 Anonymous
>>7009198 jessy pls

1 hours later 7009241 Anonymous (1352333080003.gif 385x325 2090kB)
>>7009142 >>7009153 >>7009175 >tfw you want to die but you don't want to kill yourself

1 hours later 7009247 Anonymous
There is no meta in the littlest pet shop threads

1 hours later 7009254 Anonymous
>>7009112 >You will never be evil enough to pressure a little filly into smoking weed with you

1 hours later 7009257 Anonymous
>>7009174 wow this is the first time I visit /mlp/ are you guys always so horny(I can't find a better word fuck speaking a foreign language at 5:51 am while being drunk)?

1 hours later 7009258 Anonymous
>>7008897 I'm gonna finish (making) two games entirely and put them out somewhere.

1 hours later 7009259 Anonymous
>>7009240 Not Jessy. I just thought the image was a fitting reaction.

1 hours later 7009260 Anonymous
>>7009218 >order her a vegetarian pizza >order a pepperoni and beef pizza for me problem solved.

1 hours later 7009261 Anonymous
>>7009247 Only because no one goes there.

1 hours later 7009264 Anonymous
>>7009222 She could raise my sun anytime, if you know what I mean.

1 hours later 7009265 Anonymous
My new years resolution is to actually finish drawings instead of just going sketch to sketch to sketch.

1 hours later 7009269 Anonymous
>>7009247 >>>/away/

1 hours later 7009274 Anonymous
>>7009230 You mean hooves.

1 hours later 7009275 MIGHTY ROOGNA, SUPER Manly Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiously Long-MANED(Named)
>>7009247 lipples pes shop has pnly been going for like 2 onths,, compared to two+ years, man, whta do you want here

1 hours later 7009280 Anonymous
>>7009257 Constantly. It's a concentrated ball of deviant desires and sexual frustration.

1 hours later 7009282 Anonymous
>>7009247 They arent as face paced and had 24/7 generals for the last few years

1 hours later 7009285 Anonymous
>>7009274 Nigga, I said what I meant.

1 hours later 7009286 Anonymous (1318816675930.png 482x459 166kB)
http://www.epicmafia.com/game/1586508?password=ae8d904cebfd6 29cdb1cc773a5bce8aca1dc1eee

1 hours later 7009290 Anonymous
>>7009280 I like you guys I should visit /mlp/ more

1 hours later 7009291 Anonymous
>>7009275 you're drunk, roogna

1 hours later 7009292 Anonymous
>>7009275 Roogna, go to sleep. You're drunk.

1 hours later 7009297 MIGHTY ROOGNA, SUPER Manly Greatsword Wielder the Obnoxiously Long-MANED(Named)
>>7009291 YEAH SO

1 hours later 7009300 Anonymous
>>7009247 Give it time.

1 hours later 7009302 Anonymous
>>7009247 They're pretty slow too. Haven't had time to attract shitposters or generate any internal drama yet.

1 hours later 7009304 Anonymous
>>7009257 We can't help it, no humans would ever touch us so we have to resort to horses.

1 hours later 7009305 Anonymous
>>7009286 fuck off

1 hours later 7009312 Anonymous
>>7009254 >getting the CMC stoned and teaching them how to make a stallion feel good sounds like a party

1 hours later 7009313 Anonymous
>>7009241 i'll be looking for something painless though. i have some time until the holidays are over and the rest of family has forgotten me again.

1 hours later 7009321 Anonymous (1329353994937.png 543x442 221kB)
>>7009305 >Hating fun

1 hours later 7009324 Anonymous
>>7009312 stop that

1 hours later 7009325 Anonymous
>>7009257 Horny? No. I just fapped half an hour ago. I just find pony porn and ponysex discussion utterly hillariously entertaining.

1 hours later 7009326 Anonymous
>>7009302 Yeah, but we only have three drawfags.

1 hours later 7009327 Anonymous
Somebody stream something please.

1 hours later 7009331 Anonymous (1338750169231.png 1092x732 568kB)
>>7009290 I learned so much about horse anatomy just from being in these threads

1 hours later 7009333 Anonymous
>>7009304 Sex is overrated(I never fucked a mare I heard that's amazing but fuck fucking a horse) just stick to masturbation

1 hours later 7009335 Anonymous
>>7009312 >Are ya sure this'll get us our cutie marks, mister?

1 hours later 7009340 Anonymous
>>7009241 i just want to go to sleep and not wake up i heard heroin is great for this now i just need to find a way to get some

1 hours later 7009341 Anonymous
Decriminalizing drugs would fix literally every problem that the world currently faces Apart from the energy crisis, that would just require some common, motherfucking sense.

1 hours later 7009344 Anonymous (foreveralone.gif 300x169 133kB)
>>7009304 >Implying any real horses would touch us

1 hours later 7009347 Anonymous
>>7009325 I agree with you anon

1 hours later 7009349 Anonymous (5.jpg 5000x5000 1340kB)
>>7009325 I actually find most fetish greentexts fucking hilarious because it's almost guaranteed that some absolutely insane shit will go down

1 hours later 7009351 Anonymous (mare.jpg 2332x768 452kB)
>>7009333 >trips mlpg has spoken

1 hours later 7009352 Anonymous (1353126229881.png 500x491 265kB)
>>7009331 Disgusting.

1 hours later 7009354 Anonymous
>>7009349 My nigga

1 hours later 7009359 Anonymous
>>7009331 I'd probably be in the closet and still denying my love of horse vag and horse dick if it wasn't for MLPG. I fucking hate you people

1 hours later 7009363 Anonymous
>>7009349 >you will never stick your dick in Big Mac's urethra

1 hours later 7009365 Anonymous
>>7009352 obviously you haven't accended to the next level of pony

1 hours later 7009366 Anonymous
>>7009304 Not horses, just my imagined version of magical talking ponies.

1 hours later 7009367 Scrubbing Bubbles (Pinkie Stand Up.png 533x442 255kB)
MLPG is getting so drunk even I'm starting to feel uncomfortable. And with all the horny talk going on, MLPG is just full of liquid ASSets!

1 hours later 7009368 Anonymous
>>7009351 oh wow you can even get trips on this board I really think I will post here at least when I am drunk

1 hours later 7009369 Anonymous
>>7009333 But anon, my hand is so coarse and grating. Every time I apply my hand to my genitals in a masturbatory fashion I end up passing out from blood loss. I just want a soft, moist hole into which I can empty my impotent, useless seed!

1 hours later 7009374 Anonymous (1356523425404.gif 144x192 623kB)
Well it was nice to start the new year ponying with you guys, good night.

1 hours later 7009380 Anonymous
Three more minutes.

1 hours later 7009382 Anonymous
>>7009333 I'd fuck a horse if the opportunity presented itself. Masturbation gets old after a while. It's hard to find good new porn, and I don't have a proper set of sounds yet.

1 hours later 7009383 Anonymous
>>7009340 Go to a shitty area and ask for dope, around here I can drive down to Hartford and have a guy asking me what I need within a minute after getting out of the car, that's the advantage of being white in a high drug traffic area

1 hours later 7009384 Anonymous
>>7009331 do you have those mini mare POV things? i can't seem to find them anywhere

1 hours later 7009386 Anonymous (1356469707842.jpg 1728x2592 908kB)

1 hours later 7009389 Anonymous
>>7009368 more*+ fuck

1 hours later 7009392 Anonymous
>>7009380 Maybe for worst coast

1 hours later 7009394 Anonymous
>>7009365 Real horses cross my invisible arbitrary line I'm afraid.

1 hours later 7009395 Anonymous
>>7009374 That is a lie. It was not nice in any way.

1 hours later 7009396 Anonymous
>>7009380 only on the east coast motherfucker

1 hours later 7009397 Scrubbing Bubbles
>>7009386 Damn you're so horny you went right to fingering a pussy!

1 hours later 7009400 Anonymous
>get almost any sleep >wake up so I can spend your New Years with you What am I doing with my life?

1 hours later 7009402 Anonymous
>>7009369 but a sex toy they are a bitch to clean up so buy these cheap ones and throw them away

1 hours later 7009404 Free Pizza Nigger (Sanefags GTFO.png 720x720 225kB)
>>7009331 I remember that pic posted long ago... oh god the horror...

1 hours later 7009407 Anonymous (1354986173948.jpg 854x469 72kB)
It's almost here

1 hours later 7009408 Anonymous
>>7009394 then you go take your feelings and tuck them someplace private.

1 hours later 7009410 Anonymous (1350800235347.jpg 218x265 22kB)
>>7009397 oh my god please stop

1 hours later 7009412 Anonymous
Can we talk about cute ponies

1 hours later 7009418 Anonymous
>>7009382 I don't know fucking a horse sounds so unclean but getting fucked by a horse sound fun but I don't want to fuck up my whole body so I just stick to masturabation

1 hours later 7009420 Anonymous
>>7009359 Learning that mare vagina actually squeezes and clenches to make you cum pushed me over the edge, I have to find a pony to fuck before I die. I just want to know what it feels like

1 hours later 7009421 Anonymous
>>7009363 I can live with that. I'd much rather stick my dick in Twilight's urethra and cum inside her bladder.

1 hours later 7009424 Anonymous
>>7009392 >East coast >worst Why would you tell a lie like that?

1 hours later 7009428 Anonymous (1356453169611.gif 390x216 2495kB)
>>7009397 AAAAAAHHHHHHH fuck you I laughed.

1 hours later 7009429 Anonymous (BLUE CAKE.jpg 845x629 213kB)

1 hours later 7009430 Anonymous
>>7009407 what is?

1 hours later 7009433 Anonymous
>>7009340 don't start with heroin yeah it doesn't fuck up your body forever but it's pretty hard to stop doing it

1 hours later 7009434 Anonymous (1335228231714.png 953x882 537kB)
>still watching MLP >2013

1 hours later 7009437 Anonymous
>>7009384 Which ones? The one with the mini creaming, or the HD one with that brown pony getting nailed?

1 hours later 7009439 Anonymous
Happy New Year you faggots

1 hours later 7009440 Anonymous (1318107397354.gif 360x360 63kB)

1 hours later 7009441 Anonymous (1346021226786-(n1356666447629).png 1203x1424 32kB)
Happy new year from best coast, starting off the year with best pone

1 hours later 7009444 Anonymous
>>7009402 buy* fuck everything

1 hours later 7009449 SB
Happy new year.

1 hours later 7009450 tiarawhy

1 hours later 7009454 RustyDooks (panka.png 1400x1000 274kB)
Merry Christmas for the East Coast! Still one hour for me, but still.

1 hours later 7009455 Anonymous (199138__UNOPT__safe_pinkie-pie_animated_spike-at-your-service_spoiler-s03e09_moustache_vintage.gif 576x324 2076kB)
Happy new year some part of murrika.

1 hours later 7009459 Anonymous
happy new year you tremendous faggots

1 hours later 7009461 Anonymous
Happy new year mlpg.

1 hours later 7009462 Anonymous
>>7009420 I could do it. There are tons of farms where I live, and I could fuck a horse anytime I wanted. The fact that I actually want to makes me hate myself more and more.

1 hours later 7009463 Anonymous
Happy new year East cost Atlanticans!

1 hours later 7009464 Anonymous
This year already sucks. Because I'm still alive.

1 hours later 7009466 Anonymous
Merry New Year happy

1 hours later 7009467 Anonymous
>want to post a picture >duplicate file found in worthless picture dump thread EVERY FUCKING TIME

1 hours later 7009470 Anonymous
Happy new year from the East Coast. You glorious winged faggots.

1 hours later 7009473 Anonymous
>>7009418 Unclean how? You could always wash off her vagina with a warm washcloth before going to town.

1 hours later 7009478 Anonymous (1356150275614.jpg 500x638 99kB)
Happy new year everyone, may we have many more

1 hours later 7009480 Anonymous
>tfw it's only 11:00 here and I'm an hour late

1 hours later 7009481 Anonymous
>>7009412 Twilight is cute the end

1 hours later 7009484 Anonymous (1345835376644.jpg 900x1200 583kB)
happy new year mlpg

1 hours later 7009485 Anonymous
>>7009433 Holy shit I love opiates so much, I wish I never did them, I have to look in people's medicine cabinets whenever I'm over someone else's house to look for good shit

1 hours later 7009486 RustyDooks
>>7009454 >Merry Christmas Oh god sorry, Happy New Year!

1 hours later 7009491 Anonymous
>>7009450 fuck off

1 hours later 7009492 Anonymous
happy new years you horse fuckers

1 hours later 7009493 Anonymous (12342543763573.jpg 500x566 53kB)

1 hours later 7009494 Anonymous
>Twilight and Rarity missing from New Year's celebrations

1 hours later 7009495 Anonymous livestream.com/cropsroom (whydon'twehaveboth.png 1100x1257 543kB)
>>7009327 I guess you can watch me butcher the rest of this image as I attempt to finish coloring it someone get in here and tell me how how eyes are supposed to work

1 hours later 7009498 Anonymous (1356795213852.png 1920x1080 832kB)
>>7009429 YAAAY

1 hours later 7009500 Anonymous
>>7009480 u fuked up m8

1 hours later 7009506 Anonymous (fjord pony foal 5.jpg 400x300 42kB)
http://youtu.be/EQiU-2T7yrY Your daily dose of Applepone, 2013 edition.

1 hours later 7009509 Anonymous (suck_it_apocalypse.png 1440x900 790kB)

1 hours later 7009512 Anonymous (1327134794080.jpg 528x454 76kB)
I don't even care anymore, this sounds like it would feel so good

1 hours later 7009516 Anonymous
>>7009455 >not just putting the filter over her rubbing her hooves, before cutting to the "Muahahahaha" lifted from the Gustav scene in MMMystery

1 hours later 7009521 Anonymous (1356920947215.png 387x460 145kB)
>>7009441 but best pony is right here

1 hours later 7009523 Anonymous (1354567599977.gif 400x300 240kB)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rId95N2teUc Happy New Year folks

1 hours later 7009527 Anonymous
>>7009509 so are there anymore prophecy dates for end of the world?

1 hours later 7009528 Anonymous (tumblr_mfwuqxRjhA1r2r7jpo1_1280.jpg 1000x1333 215kB)

1 hours later 7009530 Anonymous
>>7009462 Why would you hate yourself for something stupid like that? There's nothing wrong with fucking a horse. At least as long as you both enjoy it.

1 hours later 7009533 Anonymous (1356805617805.png 940x708 299kB)

1 hours later 7009534 Anonymous (131671675122.gif 640x360 1560kB)
>>7009464 >tfw not dead

1 hours later 7009544 Anonymous
>>7009473 I don't know I don't really enjoy sex I think it's more fun than the other person has fun instead of me and I don't think that a horse could enjoy something like that

1 hours later 7009555 Anonymous (1356708844581.gif 500x300 2547kB)
>>7009428 oh my

1 hours later 7009558 Anonymous
>>7009462 I don't really want to fuck a full size mare because they're loose and they can kill you. Minis are so fucking tight and they can orgasm easily from a human sized penis, plus they can't kill you. Do it and tell me what it feels like, I'm morbidly curious.

1 hours later 7009563 Anonymous
>>7009485 >Holy shit I love opiates so much >I wish I never did them I still don't get how you can get addicted so something maybe my mind is just fucked

1 hours later 7009564 Anonymous
>>7009544 It only takes 5 inches to satisfy a mare.

1 hours later 7009570 Anonymous
>>7009530 H-How do I know if the horse is enjoying herself?

1 hours later 7009578 Anonymous
>>7009563 It's one of things you can't understand until it happens to you.

1 hours later 7009587 Anonymous
>>7009506 Immer diese Tiere die lernen wie sie an Essen kommen

1 hours later 7009596 Anonymous
>>7009570 from what I hear they shoot juices out at light speed when they're satisfied

1 hours later 7009598 Anonymous
>>7009544 Don't you find the idea that you could give her pleasure despite you being a different species and unable to communicate vocally?

1 hours later 7009601 Anonymous
>>7009521 >implying bleeps and bloops are music

1 hours later 7009602 Anonymous
So bout that finale being written by Larson and being only a one parter Cool right guys? And I guess 12 could be a Rarity episode

1 hours later 7009604 Anonymous
>>7009570 Winking, grunting or whinnying, the mare pushing back into you, it's pretty obvious

1 hours later 7009605 Anonymous
>>7009437 the second one i think. it was multiple videos. i remember hearing the sounds of a trukey in the background in some of them

1 hours later 7009609 Scrubbing Bubbles
Happy New year MLPG

1 hours later 7009610 Anonymous (1354990850668.gif 377x208 2084kB)
>>7009555 Don't worry anon, everything is going to be okay, trust me.

1 hours later 7009613 Anonymous
>>7009596 More like thick gooey marecum. Or they just start urinating profusely. Or perhaps both.

1 hours later 7009618 Anonymous (199140__UNOPT__safe_derpy-hooves_the-daily-derp.png 1280x404 89kB)
>holidays time Happy new year guys.

1 hours later 7009630 Anonymous
>>7009598 You can do that with virtually any animals. I mean, no sexually. But you can make them warm and fed and they will be happy

1 hours later 7009635 Anonymous
>>7009598 I'd just feel like a champion if I made a full size mare cum, they're huge powerful animals, you know you're a champion fucker if you can give a full size mare a maregasm

1 hours later 7009637 Anonymous
>>7009613 Aw man, I don't want to get horse piss on my dick.

1 hours later 7009638 Anonymous
>>7009609 THAT WASN'T A PUN AT ALL! also happy new years mlpg

1 hours later 7009651 Anonymous
>>7009605 I have that one, I'll stick it on anonfiles for you, might take a while to upload

1 hours later 7009652 Anonymous
What kind of year is this?

1 hours later 7009660 Anonymous
>>7009652 Year of the horse.

1 hours later 7009662 Anonymous
>>7009652 2012

1 hours later 7009665 Anonymous
>>7009564 maybe some day >>7009578 I don't think that shit would work on me but I don't think I would try it because of the few shitty days/weeks >>7009598 what idea?

1 hours later 7009666 Anonymous
>>7009637 Why can't real horses come in a variety of fun colors and only produce fluids in flavors matching them

1 hours later 7009667 Anonymous
>>7009630 Yeah, but that's not the same. You're right though. You could do that with any animal really. It's just that horse vaginas seem so much better than most other animals. The only possible exception being dolphins.

1 hours later 7009675 Anonymous (1344643386643.png 550x400 48kB)
>>7009652 Year of the toots.

1 hours later 7009676 Anonymous
What is this unf filled with so many wonders

1 hours later 7009678 Anonymous
>>7009652 According to the Chinese, it's the year of the Snake.

1 hours later 7009679 Anonymous
>>7009652 Year of the Linox

1 hours later 7009690 Golly (PoneBackground.png 1000x1000 806kB)
i made a repeating background but now i realize it looks more like wrapping paper

1 hours later 7009692 Anonymous
>>7009635 Exactly. Just the very idea of it is super-hot.

1 hours later 7009694 Anonymous
>>7009651 thank you so much

1 hours later 7009701 Anonymous
>>7009667 Mare vagina is the nicest looking genitalia of any other animal

1 hours later 7009708 Anonymous (pinkiefetish.png 500x518 84kB)

1 hours later 7009711 Anonymous
>>7009662 >2012 >2013 anon pls

1 hours later 7009712 Anonymous
Now I have a boner fuck you guys

1 hours later 7009713 Anonymous
>>7009690 I'd buy that wrapping paper.

1 hours later 7009718 Anonymous
>>7009660 Actually last year was year of the hose This is year of the snake

1 hours later 7009723 Anonymous
>>7009690 >including your OC twice you clever bastard

1 hours later 7009736 Anonymous
>>7009701 I have to agree. I can't help but wonder what it would feel like to have a warm wet mare vagina winking around my cock.

1 hours later 7009740 Anonymous
>>7009723 >OC anon pls

1 hours later 7009746 Anonymous
>>7009701 Dolphins have the most aesthetically pleasing genitals.

1 hours later 7009747 Anonymous
We need to have an MLPG horsefucker meetup, drinking and smoking, hopping fences to fuck horses, good times all around

1 hours later 7009750 Anonymous
>>7009690 >>7009723 faggot

1 hours later 7009751 Anonymous (Ross_posts_new_art_in_the_MLPG.gif 304x182 2208kB)
>>7009610 I don't believe you

1 hours later 7009753 Anonymous
>>7009747 No

1 hours later 7009754 Anonymous
>>7009747 That sounds pretty gay and fun >>7009746 >implying

1 hours later 7009756 Anonymous
>>7009667 dolphin genitals are some of that crazy shit

2 hours later 7009761 Anonymous
>>7009747 hell, i'd come. if you know what i mean

2 hours later 7009762 Anonymous (twilight unwashed.png 1624x1764 268kB)
>>7009712 Go fap then. Let it all out. Take this. It may be of some help.

2 hours later 7009764 Anonymous
>>7009751 Is that how you play divegrass?

2 hours later 7009767 Anonymous
>>7009666 I want some of that purple stuff

2 hours later 7009769 Anonymous
>>7009751 what is the story behind this?

2 hours later 7009778 Anonymous (75mUk.gif 500x500 2702kB)
Do anyone have a cap of the thread where owlman visted /mlp/?

2 hours later 7009781 Anonymous
>>7009746 I don't know about that, but I heard they secrete some sort of fluid that enhances orgasms, and also that they are able to voluntarily cum when their partner does.

2 hours later 7009784 Anonymous
>>7009769 I think he scored a goal and did that to the opposing team's fans

2 hours later 7009787 Anonymous (1357015247600.gif 500x500 287kB)
I love you guys

2 hours later 7009792 Anonymous
>>7009762 >fart I think I pass still thanks I guess I will just keep fapping to random stuff I can find on e621

2 hours later 7009794 Anonymous
>>7009769 guy was a player of the red team, he left to the blue team because they paid him more, in that gif he just scored against them

2 hours later 7009796 Anonymous
Dear old friends, remember /co/.

2 hours later 7009800 Anonymous
>>7009761 As would I, if I didn't probably live almost on the other side of the earth from you guys.

2 hours later 7009802 Anonymous
>>7009769 He's black and scored against the opposing team. That's enough to rile up chavs

2 hours later 7009804 Anonymous
>milkmare moon welp I want this fandom to die. why didn't we die in 2012 why stupid glitchy end of the world

2 hours later 7009809 Anonymous
>>7009804 Fuck you Milkmare is my waifu

2 hours later 7009810 Anonymous

2 hours later 7009811 Anonymous
>>7009784 I may want to fuck cartoon horses, but at least I don't get mad over some dump sport game.

2 hours later 7009814 Anonymous
>>7009809 You have worse tastes than Terse and Hitler combined

2 hours later 7009821 Anonymous
>>7009814 Terse has a good taste.

2 hours later 7009824 Anonymous (not sure if faggot--- actually, pretty sure is.png 894x894 179kB)

2 hours later 7009837 Scrubbing Bubbles
>>7009802 I guess you could say it really chaved their hides!

2 hours later 7009840 Anonymous
>>7009814 How can you not like the milk mare? Imagine what it would feel like to have your cock sandwiched between her crotchteats and pussy!

2 hours later 7009842 Anonymous
>>7009824 What the fuck is milkmare?

2 hours later 7009844 Anonymous (still not.jpg 659x187 18kB)

2 hours later 7009846 Anonymous
>>7009821 And this dear friends is what we call a False Statement

2 hours later 7009850 Anonymous
>>7009811 >your favorite ship is sunk in the show >rioting on mlpg, death threats on tumblr and Deviantart

2 hours later 7009857 Anonymous (9d29d8ae7d0a8a02741d9313f7baed35.jpg 1902x1906 1165kB)

2 hours later 7009858 Anonymous (terse.jpg 500x500 27kB)
>>7009814 You don't have to be that cruel

2 hours later 7009859 Anonymous (please kill me.png 218x93 49kB)
>>7009804 >make a pony >attach giant tits on it for no reason >instant popularity I have never seen a fandom with such shit taste. Not Sonic, not Homosuck, not even Zim. Shit's fucking dumb, yo.

2 hours later 7009872 Anonymous (1354067075042.png 498x600 87kB)
>>7009844 >not even for new years

2 hours later 7009873 Anonymous
>>7009840 It looks like she has a huge as tumor at her testicles and another smaller tumor on that tumor

2 hours later 7009874 Anonymous (1351536757312.png 353x354 253kB)
>>7009837 go to bed

2 hours later 7009881 Anonymous
>>7009814 >comparing Hitler to Terse Anon, that's going to far.

2 hours later 7009883 Anonymous (milkmare.png 1280x897 112kB)
The milkmare was a cute idea, what happened?

2 hours later 7009885 Anonymous
>>7009857 Oh man, I love this image. Fucking moths, man. Fucking moths.

2 hours later 7009887 Anonymous
>>7009873 >testicles Girls don't have those.

2 hours later 7009907 Anonymous
>>7009881 He may not be as worse as Terse but he's up there man

2 hours later 7009910 Anonymous
>>7009887 When did that apply here?

2 hours later 7009911 Anonymous
>>7009883 unf

2 hours later 7009919 Anonymous
>>7009910 Milky Way is a girl. And she's not a futa.

2 hours later 7009927 Anonymous
>>7009883 >tfw you planned to make a tumblr involving the milkmare >tfw you didn't because you didn't think it qould take off

2 hours later 7009931 Anonymous
>>7009883 It became its own general, like everything else

2 hours later 7009932 Anonymous (Prediction of the new year.gif 480x270 2086kB)
Merry New Years MLPG

2 hours later 7009934 Anonymous
>>7009912 u-unf

2 hours later 7009936 Anonymous
>>7009919 If i saw it from a distance i would mistake it for enlarged balls.

2 hours later 7009937 Anonymous
>>7009912 >Horse anus >Vagina >Massive tits I don't have enought mouths to do this.

2 hours later 7009940 Anonymous (Already it is a great new year.png 959x709 212kB)
http://vimeo.com/56567520 Should I even care about what this is all about, or is it just people getting mad at other people for no real reason?

2 hours later 7009954 Anonymous (1354112134281.png 880x800 188kB)

2 hours later 7009955 Anonymous
>>7009940 Why the fuck did I start laughing then he named the music

2 hours later 7009956 Anonymous
>>7009937 Would you inflate her colon by blowing into her horse anus?

2 hours later 7009958 Anonymous (1355468925479.gif 400x296 1182kB)
>>7009940 >trigger warning

2 hours later 7009959 Anonymous (milky wonderbolt.png 230x173 64kB)
>>7009919 >Milky Way is a girl what the fuck did you just say about me you little bitch

2 hours later 7009966 Anonymous (vinylhair.jpg 464x676 51kB)
We fiscal cliff yet?

2 hours later 7009975 Scrubbing Bubbles
>>7009874 You're not my mom Twilight. If you were, I might actually like you. On opposite day!

2 hours later 7009982 Anonymous
>>7009959 I'd gargle his semen.

2 hours later 7009986 Anonymous
>>7009959 i would like to be a girl for this stallion ~

2 hours later 7009990 Anonymous
>>7009975 Gargle my semen.

2 hours later 7009992 Anonymous
>>7009959 Are you by any chance trained in gorilla warfare?

2 hours later 7009994 Anonymous
>>7009694 https://anonfiles.com/file/02336609e1f6cb41e0784cb2bf2ac661 There you go

2 hours later 7009998 Anonymous
I’m not a misandrist, but guys really need to shave. I mean, I’m a woman, so I’m allowed to be as hairy as I want. But boys, if you EVER want to find a respectable woman who will put up with your nonsense (and, believe me, it’s ALL nonsense that we women put up with because hell, you’ve got a dick) you need to shave. Everything. Short of your eyebrows and the hair on your head, which should be luscious and flowing and down to your (well-toned) ass (and also should be perfectly coiffed every minute of single day). Look, it’s not just me. It’s hygenic. It’s just GROSS for you to have all that hair. It works for me because I’m a woman and I’m allowed to be dirty and disgusting. But you? You need to get that shit shaved. Waxed, preferably. And don’t complain about the money and time it takes and how painful it is. I mean, honestly, what kind of wimpy dickheads are you? (P.S. Don’t even pretend that everything you do isn’t about finding a woman. We know it’s all about us. So cut the crap. Your body belongs to us and we get to tell you what we do and don’t want you to do with it.)

2 hours later 7009999 Anonymous (1352565343942.png 326x323 115kB)
>>7009975 I'll cut you

2 hours later 7010006 Anonymous
>>7009986 I would only like to be a girl for a dragon.

2 hours later 7010013 Anonymous
>>7009437 >The one with the mini creaming please? i don't have thiso ne

2 hours later 7010029 Anonymous

2 hours later 7010036 Anonymous
>>7009998 >Don’t even pretend that everything you do isn’t about finding a woman. We know it’s all about us Men are much sexier than women, and men make prettier girls than women. Why would I even want to day a woman?

2 hours later 7010040 Anonymous
>>7010029 learn to draw faget

2 hours later 7010044 Anonymous
>>7010000 I'd really love to see this artist draw a chubbly red ribbon

2 hours later 7010053 Anonymous
>>7009994 thank you again you are the hero horsefuckers deserve

2 hours later 7010059 Anonymous
>>7010013 Are you talking about that gif? Or does someone actually have the video it's from?

2 hours later 7010072 Anonymous
>>7010059 I don't know, but I never seen first one and apparently anon has it. i hope he will respond

2 hours later 7010075 Anonymous (1352512646787.jpg 400x617 85kB)
>downloading horse porn

2 hours later 7010096 Anonymous
>>7010072 I've only seen the gif, which obviously has no sound.

2 hours later 7010099 Anonymous
>>7010075 Better than downloading cp.

2 hours later 7010100 Anonymous
>>7010013 https://anonfiles.com/file/2def068b62491c13f9f51236989231eb I keep posting them to /be/ on 7chan but they're a bunch of autists and they keep deleting shit for no reason

2 hours later 7010109 Anonymous
>>7010059 that video where that gif is from isn't very good. the quality is pretty much the same, there is no sound but it's longer

2 hours later 7010116 Anonymous
what a sudden change of subject

2 hours later 7010119 Anonymous
>>7010096 The video has no sound, unfortunately. Anyone want the video of the horse sucking cock, I think I have that one somewhere

2 hours later 7010121 Anonymous
>>7010100 Link me to /be/ please

2 hours later 7010124 Anonymous
>>7010100 Nice, thank you! any more with minimares and ponies?

2 hours later 7010125 Anonymous
>>7010109 Still, if it's longer it's better. Is it in one of those file downloads?

2 hours later 7010135 Anonymous
>>7010121 7chan.org/be/

2 hours later 7010140 Anonymous
>>7009940 I don't even understand what this video is about

2 hours later 7010142 Anonymous
>>7010119 >horse sucking cock What? How'd they manage that? Rub sugar on it?

2 hours later 7010143 Anonymous (2.jpg 770x580 98kB)
Let us reminisce on highlights of this past year.

2 hours later 7010159 Anonymous
>>7010142 I have no clue. The guy trained it to suck cock on command, like actually sucking, using the lips and everything, and the horse swallows his load.

2 hours later 7010167 Scrubbing Bubbles
>>7010142 I guess that's one way to sweeten the pot!

2 hours later 7010169 Anonymous
>>7010159 Incredible.

2 hours later 7010176 Anonymous
>>7010143 The Lyra plush fiasco was hilarious The Derpy fiasco was depressing

2 hours later 7010178 Anonymous
>>7010159 Maybe he trained it to eat from his cock from it was a tiny foal.

2 hours later 7010179 Anonymous
>>7010167 Even in my half drunke state I think you're terible

2 hours later 7010192 Anonymous
>>7010169 Now this shit sounds fun and all and can be done but just imagine those big fucking horse teeth clomping down. Even when training them just for regular sex they get edgy at times.

2 hours later 7010198 Anonymous (1.png 120x146 39kB)
>it's an actual horsefucking video

2 hours later 7010207 Anonymous
>>7010179 I think it was funny but that's probably because I am drunk

2 hours later 7010209 Anonymous
>>7010119 Oh, I have that one, but I'd rather get something with ponies or more mini-horses

2 hours later 7010210 Anonymous
>>7010192 Yeah, that's exactly why I find it incredible. I didn't think horses could be trained to do such things.

2 hours later 7010211 Anonymous (1335165110358.gif 463x360 1167kB)
>thread dies because everyone is looking at horse porn 2013 is going to be just like 2012 apparently

2 hours later 7010215 Anonymous
>>7010192 >Fucking a mare >Really getting into it >Give it a little slap on the ass >It gets surprised and kicks you right in the gut >Internal bleeding >Die in the horse pasture, pants down covered in mare juices and semen.

2 hours later 7010224 Anonymous (1352400972507.jpg 1366x735 149kB)
>>7010198 >>7010211 what did you expect?

2 hours later 7010228 Anonymous
>>7010211 But we're still here discussing it.

2 hours later 7010230 Anonymous
>>7010211 I wouldn't have it any other way

2 hours later 7010235 Anonymous
>>7010211 That and probably most muricans are with friends and family while most yuropoors are sleeping or drunk

2 hours later 7010237 Anonymous
>>7010210 No.It's possible.It's just a risk factor you have to be okay with and a amount of dedication. If you started from birth it would be easier.

2 hours later 7010240 Anonymous
https://anonfiles.com/file/325ac29ab96186c659959e6ad62e33ea There's the mare blowjob one, this still blows my mind every time I see it, I'm so glad the internet exists

2 hours later 7010247 Anonymous (u-08.jpg 1440x2237 854kB)
>>7010143 2012 had some pretty good comics.

2 hours later 7010252 Anonymous
>>7010240 Why am I downloading bestiality videos? fuck you /mlp/

2 hours later 7010255 Anonymous (milky femanon's harem.png 1877x3319 607kB)
>>7010143 I liked this one a lot

2 hours later 7010262 Anonymous
>>7010209 There's only like two other horse blowjob videos, and they're short and poor quality. There are a lot of really good calf blowjob videos, though.

2 hours later 7010279 Anonymous
>>7010262 >calf But bovines aren't sexy.

2 hours later 7010286 Anonymous
>>7010247 why cant deadpool have a son?

2 hours later 7010290 Anonymous
>>7010262 I saw these too.

2 hours later 7010298 Anonymous
>>7010252 Hey now We never forced you to do anything. The decisions were always left to you. And you made the wrong ones.

2 hours later 7010301 Anonymous (Lordofwar.jpg 300x444 36kB)
>>7010286 because he's undead. his sperm are all dead.

2 hours later 7010302 Anonymous
>>7010262 I think I may have seen one before. Always preferred ones with mares cumming or pissing though.

2 hours later 7010303 Anonymous
>>7010286 Because no one wants to have sex with someone that has the face of a pizza.

2 hours later 7010320 Anonymous
>>7010301 He's not undead, he just has cancer.

2 hours later 7010321 Anonymous
>>7010262 >>7010262 Hmm... is there mare anal?

2 hours later 7010326 Anonymous
>Almost everyone here has gone full horsefucker I mean I know we had our fair share of them in the General but...man

2 hours later 7010327 Anonymous
>>7010303 >tfw adult acne Atleast horses don't judge.

2 hours later 7010336 Anonymous
>>7010298 I think I can go to jail for downloading the video I can't even fap to it why would I download it oh well maybe it well come in handy some day

2 hours later 7010339 Anonymous
I just finished watching the latest episode. Lets discuss that rather than literal horse fucking. I for one thought the timber wolf look and style was awesome, although it did seem out of place

2 hours later 7010342 Anonymous
>>7010326 >full horsefucker Nah. I still fap to cartoon pone and human porn too.

2 hours later 7010351 Anonymous
>>7010342 >fapping to human porn you disgust me

2 hours later 7010352 Anonymous
>>7010336 Maybe you can plant it on one of your enemies' computers and tip off the authorities and get them arrested

2 hours later 7010361 Anonymous
>>7010339 I liked the episode and the fake timberwolf scene is my favorite from S3 Also as always Rarity stole the episode

2 hours later 7010362 Anonymous
>>7010240 Oh my god that guy must have cum so hard, I would pay so much money for that

2 hours later 7010364 Anonymous (IT'S HAPPENING.png 900x1107 886kB)

2 hours later 7010368 Anonymous
>>7010320 So is the cancer killing him? Or jus the gross appereance?

2 hours later 7010371 Anonymous
>>7010336 Maybe, if you keep it with you always. There may come a time when you need to fap and don't have access to any other porn.

2 hours later 7010372 Anonymous (kumpel and dreieck ring in the new year by listening to foreign language variations of the skype sound test service call.png 1512x908 1173kB)

2 hours later 7010384 Anonymous
>>7010361 >Not Pinkie Pie stealing the episode Every single episode she has had anywhere close to a role in, she stole. I do admit that Rarity was rather funny, and I hope the way she acts continues in future episodes. Applejack is still as terrible as ever, though

2 hours later 7010390 Anonymous
>>7010352 I don't have any enemies >>7010371 Or I can just keep some "normal"(haha) porn with me

2 hours later 7010392 Anonymous (1335124485460.jpg 331x319 75kB)
>one makes fart noises and pisses everywhere holy shit

2 hours later 7010394 Anonymous (1356898467597.png 1920x1080 1362kB)
>>7010339 I found this part to be funny

2 hours later 7010400 Anonymous
>no fap 2013 I think this is the only place on the entire internet I'll be able to go

2 hours later 7010401 Anonymous
>>7010372 Happy New Year Anon

2 hours later 7010403 Anonymous

2 hours later 7010407 Anonymous
>>7010392 I know the one you mean. It's my favorite.

2 hours later 7010408 Anonymous
>>7010394 Thats because Pinkie is always funny

2 hours later 7010411 Anonymous
>>7010368 His healing factor prevents the cancer from killing him, but it also disfigured him.

2 hours later 7010418 Anonymous
>>7010400 go back to /v/ Anon

2 hours later 7010419 Anonymous
>>7010394 Pinkie makes a great FtM transsexual.

2 hours later 7010426 Anonymous (so0mbn.jpg 549x886 105kB)

2 hours later 7010428 Anonymous
Video-anon, are you still here?

2 hours later 7010432 Anonymous (1354349847763.png 720x480 58kB)
>>7010407 I love the Jan's Mares videos, the one where he makes the mare squirt and it starts grunting like crazy is great

2 hours later 7010437 Anonymous
>>7010400 >expecting not to be able to fap surrounding yourself in MLPG. You might not be attracted to cartoon horses now, but once you start depraving yourself, you will be

2 hours later 7010446 Anonymous
>>7010392 What are you talking about?

2 hours later 7010450 Anonymous
>>7010407 I seriously just started laughing really hard. No boner achieved. Thanks for that anyway

2 hours later 7010451 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa0Q5OwnVuQ Official end of year theme

2 hours later 7010452 Anonymous
>>7010437 3 years and still going strong. I MIGHT be able to manage.

2 hours later 7010459 Anonymous
>>7010432 Yeah. I've only seen 5-6 of those, all of which were in that 70GB horse torrent that's been linked here before. Are there more? That stuff is golden. In more ways than one.

2 hours later 7010460 Anonymous (1356490248594.png 1280x1760 896kB)
>all this horsefuckery LET'S TALK ABOUT THE SHOW

2 hours later 7010470 Anonymous
>>7010460 the show is nice

2 hours later 7010480 Anonymous
>>7010428 I have way too much good shit to upload, zoophilestracker is down so there's really not many places left to find zoo. If somebody has a private ftp, I can try to upload the big compilation torrent they had, it's 12gb of all men and mares

2 hours later 7010481 Anonymous
>>7010460 ie come back plz

2 hours later 7010482 Anonymous
>>7010460 Why is rarity such a slut?

2 hours later 7010486 Anonymous
should I drink more alcohol /mlp/?

2 hours later 7010491 Anonymous
>>7010452 That's impressive. I lasted 2 months or so. And that was before I even started coming to the general.

2 hours later 7010493 Anonymous
>>7010460 Why does rarity such a cunt?

2 hours later 7010507 Anonymous
>>7010486 until you can no longer type. That way we don't have to see you post about inane bullshit

2 hours later 7010509 Anonymous
>>7010486 >/mlp/ yes, you should I hope you alcohol-poisoning

2 hours later 7010510 Anonymous
>>7010460 Twirity is the worst ship. Twidash is almost as bad.

2 hours later 7010511 Anonymous
>>7010486 Drink and download beast porn like a normal person

2 hours later 7010512 Anonymous
>>7010460 Why is Twilight such a goof?

2 hours later 7010515 Anonymous
>>7010482 She was molested by both her parents when she was a filly.

2 hours later 7010520 Anonymous
>>7010460 >all this horsefuckery Indeed, this is the best thread I've seen since before the hiatus ended.

2 hours later 7010521 Anonymous
>>7010452 Why?

2 hours later 7010531 Anonymous
>>7010486 people in this thread get really mad when you draw attention to the fact that they're bronies you might want to avoid mentioning what board we're in

2 hours later 7010534 Anonymous
>>7010452 I wouldn't be able to anyway because for some reason my mind has been stuck on various things with long ears since I was 8.

2 hours later 7010536 Anonymous
>>7010511 Normal by MLP standards, you mean.

2 hours later 7010537 Anonymous
>>7010515 did she enjoy it?

2 hours later 7010541 Anonymous
>>7010515 We are the drawfags when you need them?

2 hours later 7010550 Anonymous (newyear_octavia_by_jaz.png 1000x1167 469kB)
>>7010480 see >>7010321 This is what I'm interested in

2 hours later 7010553 Anonymous
>>7010460 I wish there was another winter episode about wintery things.

2 hours later 7010555 Anonymous
>>7010537 Well obviously. She wouldn't crave dick so much now if she hadn't enjoyed it then.

2 hours later 7010557 Anonymous
>>7010509 Is this not /mlp/? Am I doing something wrong? this is the first day on this board >>7010507 I don't think I will lose the ability to type >>7010511 okay >>7010531 oh okay thanks for the tip What else should I use?

2 hours later 7010558 Anonymous
>>7010534 You have a fetish for long ears?

2 hours later 7010561 Anonymous
>>7010537 She grew to love it eventually. She now believes that's the only way for anyone to show they love her, so she sleeps around with random stallions on a daily basis because she wants to be loved.

2 hours later 7010572 Anonymous
>>7010550 octavia, get out of that box. You are a pony, not a present. It's not even christmas, you just look silly

2 hours later 7010574 Anonymous
>>7010491 >I lasted 2 months or so Probably longer than most >>7010521 I enjoy the challenge, and fapping bores me now. Even if I fail I might re-ignite that fapping spark.

2 hours later 7010578 Anonymous (Rarity Twilight Flower Shipping Twirity Cute.jpg 900x943 217kB)
>>7010510 >Twirity >bad I agree about Twidash though

2 hours later 7010580 Anonymous
>>7010557 >Is this not /mlp/? Technically, MLPG is on /mlp/, but we are separate communities.

2 hours later 7010587 Anonymous
>>7010557 >is this not /mlp/? We prefer to remain delusional and pretend we're still on /co/

2 hours later 7010588 Anonymous
>>7010557 You should use the little X in the corner of your browser window. And then don't come back.

2 hours later 7010589 Anonymous
>>7010557 some people like to say /co/ but they're kind of delusional I find it's best best just to pretend that the board outside this thread doesn't really exist

2 hours later 7010590 Anonymous (tumblr_mddvz2GaJe1rcy28bo1_1280.png 900x1400 711kB)
>>7010534 long ears you say?

2 hours later 7010594 Anonymous (107938__UNOPT__safe.jpg 1095x716 137kB)

2 hours later 7010597 Anonymous
>>7010572 >Set a box on the floor. >Cat is inside of it within moments. >Said cat could have been in a dead sleep in the other side of the house, it sensed a box had made contact with the floor.

2 hours later 7010599 Anonymous
>>7010587 one day... ;_;

2 hours later 7010601 Anonymous
>>7010558 Yeah. I don't even understand it myself, though.

2 hours later 7010603 Anonymous (1345183178509.png 900x540 269kB)
>>7010578 >Twirity >not the dumbest ship

2 hours later 7010604 Anonymous
>>7010588 I think I will stay thanks >>7010587 okay >>7010580 okay >>7010589 okay

2 hours later 7010605 Anonymous (1356932952432.png 700x700 129kB)
Why aren't you enjoying the new years celebrations?

2 hours later 7010610 Anonymous (1350782640837.png 1538x940 1610kB)
>this thread

2 hours later 7010612 Anonymous
>>7010605 It's only 10 pm here.

2 hours later 7010613 Anonymous
>>7010605 I am

2 hours later 7010625 Anonymous
>>7010603 Oh no that title belongs to Rarijack

2 hours later 7010631 Anonymous
>>7010594 >Pinkie will only ever love you platonically

2 hours later 7010632 Anonymous
>>7010601 >tfw this with tails I just want to know why

2 hours later 7010634 Anonymous
>>7010557 You should get a trip and avatarfag like crazy. the general loves that shit. Use Trixie for maximum e-fame.

2 hours later 7010635 Anonymous
>>7010601 It's not a full-blown fetish for me, but I do find pointy equine ears very attractive.

2 hours later 7010637 Anonymous
>>7010605 I am I'm celebrating new years with MLPG ;_;

2 hours later 7010638 Anonymous
>>7010590 I mean long ears like rabbits.

2 hours later 7010650 Anonymous
>>7010557 I just like the show. I don't feel the need to adopt a special identity over it. I'm not a Top Gearhead or an Adventure Timer or a No Reservationsist.

2 hours later 7010652 Anonymous
>>7010634 >Trixie >not Nyx I wish Nyx was still a thing

2 hours later 7010656 Anonymous
>>7010638 Like Angel?

2 hours later 7010657 Anonymous (1356770087994.jpg 312x284 20kB)
>>7010638 Here you go, bro

2 hours later 7010660 Anonymous
>literal horse porn >shipping >Arguments about /mlp/ Come on MLPG, finish the year out strong, and start the new year strong as well. You're better than this I Hope

2 hours later 7010662 Anonymous
>>7010610 Its kinda funny I'm not even into the real horsefuckery But this is still the best thread I've seen for a few days. I have only been checking in rarely though.

2 hours later 7010667 Anonymous
I'm gonna kill you guys if I have a wet dream about fucking horses tonight, this is my 22nd day of no fap

2 hours later 7010668 Anonymous
Happy new years faggots

2 hours later 7010671 Anonymous
>>7010652 gather up a bunch of nyx art, crop it into reaction images and start avatarfagging with them it's not against the board rules!

2 hours later 7010673 Anonymous
>>7010632 Well, tails are very sexy. Especially cute curvy ones made of hair like the ponies have.

2 hours later 7010675 Anonymous (hooray.png 460x475 135kB)
happy 2013 from central time

2 hours later 7010677 Anonymous
>>7010652 Nyx was only a thing when F:E was a thing.

2 hours later 7010678 Anonymous
>>7010656 Perhaps, but he's a he, and he's much too small. Please stop discussing this I'm sorry for bringing it up.

2 hours later 7010682 Anonymous
>>7010660 shipping is not as bad as the other two. ANd I'm sure no one here really ships them as in believing they would get together or love each other

2 hours later 7010683 Anonymous
>>7010631 To Pinkie, sex is completely platonic.

2 hours later 7010694 Anonymous (large luchadores.png 446x187 126kB)
Happy New Years from the LARGE LUCHADORES

2 hours later 7010695 Anonymous
>>7010671 Yeah, but Past Sins isn't popular anymore, so it would just be weird to avatar as Nyx

2 hours later 7010697 Anonymous
>>7010631 Is cuddling considered platonic?

2 hours later 7010698 Anonymous
>>7010683 Perhaps that alpaca Octavia?

2 hours later 7010701 Anonymous
>>7010683 Sex is usually platonic.

2 hours later 7010707 Anonymous
>>7010657 >that fucking doujin No pony art will ever make me cum as much as that.

2 hours later 7010708 Anonymous (1356490051808.png 296x371 112kB)
I only fapped to like maybe a solid 72 pony porn now i have jerked off to allot of pokemon and monstergirl. The bestiality part of my fetish is mostly for horses with a side bit of dog.

2 hours later 7010710 Anonymous
>>7010662 Exactly. It's entertaining.

2 hours later 7010714 Anonymous
https://anonfiles.com/file/a2b2e647a1cd7bff5d88c950b7ff92a6 Here's the beastranch pink pussy vids, this was the video that did me in

2 hours later 7010716 Anonymous
>>7010694 are those dooks and smile?

2 hours later 7010717 Anonymous
>>7010697 no cuddling is only romantic

2 hours later 7010718 Anonymous
>>7010678 someone needs to draw human Fluttershy getting slapped up by a tiny rabbitboy GR, are you out there

2 hours later 7010721 Anonymous
>>7010673 My favorite tails are long, thick and strong. Pony tails are a different kind, but nice too.

2 hours later 7010726 Anonymous (1356539283760.png 452x428 67kB)

2 hours later 7010727 Anonymous
>>7010589 >but they're kind of delusional No fucking kidding, this doesn't resemble /co/ at all anymore I miss our talks of other cartoons. Dan Vs used to be crazy popular, reaction images used all the time etc. Now all we do is talk about fucking cartoon ponies and unironically fucking real horses and swapping beast vids. The fact this is happening at the turn of a new year is quite apt, start as you mean to go on and all that

2 hours later 7010729 Anonymous (1336811292865.jpg 900x881 186kB)

2 hours later 7010734 Anonymous
>>7010708 I can't fap to dogs. Dog dicks are just too weird for me. That's why I've never fapped to Nanaki's fursona

2 hours later 7010735 Anonymous
>>7010634 I think I pass Anon I like the whole Anonymity thing >>7010650 I agree I don't get this whole brony thing but I hate groups in general I would never call my self Furry or Emo or Goth or whatever other group exist. I think that people lose their own opinions then they join a group like that

2 hours later 7010742 Anonymous
>>7010667 I must admit I've never had a wet dream about fucking a horse. Or even a cartoon pony. But then again, I never cease fapping for long enough to start having wet dreams. At least not since back when I first discovered FIM and almost stopped fapping for over a month.

2 hours later 7010743 Anonymous
>>7010708 Pony Porn is really wierd to me. I can only get off to MLP. I cannot get off to beastiality, or anything close. I think it has to do with MLP essentially being humans, with their personalities, in pony bodies

2 hours later 7010746 Anonymous
>>7010729 >bunny outfits What a coincidence! That's exactly how I want to fuck them.

2 hours later 7010747 Anonymous
>>7010734 I agree with you on the dogdick thing but dog pussy is good.

2 hours later 7010748 Anonymous
>>7010717 aww shucks

2 hours later 7010754 Anonymous
>>7010660 what's the matter with porn?

2 hours later 7010755 Anonymous
>>7010714 What does it contain?

2 hours later 7010760 Anonymous
>>7010727 The thing is we were never truly /co/. Even on /co/ we were other boards.

2 hours later 7010765 Anonymous
>>7010729 >Try to explain Easter to a pony. >"Why does every holiday you guys have involve killing someone? And why do you have to hide eggs from them?"

2 hours later 7010766 Anonymous
>>7010734 dog sex just sounds so stupid also having sex with a male dog is a stupid idea because now he will think that he is the alpha male

2 hours later 7010767 Anonymous
>>7010754 its the fact its literal beastiality

2 hours later 7010772 Anonymous (1338826293151.png 607x477 297kB)
>>7010716 You know the one on the right actually does seem familiar

2 hours later 7010779 Anonymous
>>7010697 She might cuddle you if you tell her it'll make you smile. Pinkie is such a cuddleslut

2 hours later 7010783 Anonymous
>>7010743 No.There more like xeno. Unless you start getting real nit-picky and going over old 80's episodes that might of hinted otherwise but really wanna talk about transformers having glowbright hearts?

2 hours later 7010786 Anonymous
>>7010743 I'm not huge into bestiality, but every now and then I enjoy a dog really giving it to a chick.

2 hours later 7010792 Anonymous
>>7010754 Porn is sinful and this is a good Christian image board.

2 hours later 7010793 Anonymous (ANON DANCE PARTY.gif 500x281 192kB)
2013 YEAH

2 hours later 7010794 Anonymous
>>7010727 What cartoon would you like to talk about, anon?

2 hours later 7010797 Anonymous
>>7010727 Well the only people here right now are people without friends and drunken Europeans so it's not like we can expect something from the General right now

2 hours later 7010799 Anonymous (el fucko.png 491x540 486kB)
>>7010772 Yeah, I've posted with that mask before. You may recognize this:

2 hours later 7010802 Anonymous
>>7010767 and?

2 hours later 7010808 Anonymous (tumblr_mfwxvs0DWX1s26li5o1_500.png 500x321 123kB)

2 hours later 7010818 Anonymous
>>7010765 Christmas, Thanksgiving, Presidents Day, April Fools, Kwanzaa, and technically July 4 has nothing to do with killing people

2 hours later 7010819 Anonymous
>>7010743 I used to feel that way too, anon.

2 hours later 7010825 Anonymous
>>7010727 >Dan Vs. used to be crazy popular I'd say moderately popular among a certain crowd. It's not that good of a show.

2 hours later 7010833 RustyDooks (1336553745807.gif 615x380 1608kB)
Feliz Año Nuevo! Ojala cumplan con todas sus metas que se propongan este año.

2 hours later 7010836 Anonymous
Let me guess, all this tomfoolerry started with Fluttershy's hymen breaking.

2 hours later 7010842 Anonymous (hahaha.jpg 331x319 28kB)

2 hours later 7010847 Anonymous (Dude.jpg 234x120 5kB)
>>7010808 >tfw we talked about magic fingers subduing ponies in a state of bliss. >And then this Episode where Spike does just that to AJ.

2 hours later 7010851 Anonymous
New topic How well will Larson handle the finale?

2 hours later 7010852 Anonymous
>>7010825 DanVS had a small following compared to the other shows around here given that transformers is transformers and pony is pony. But it was a very good show for what it was.

2 hours later 7010854 Anonymous
>>7010836 Close. Fluttershy farts.

2 hours later 7010858 Anonymous
>>7010792 >this is what Nathan actually believes.

2 hours later 7010862 Anonymous (ponk.png 664x450 231kB)
>>7010747 >not horse pussy

2 hours later 7010864 Anonymous
>>7010836 >Fluttershy's hymen breaking right into thefetish

2 hours later 7010867 Anonymous
>>7010707 Link?

2 hours later 7010868 Anonymous
>>7010836 it was this >>7009331

2 hours later 7010871 Anonymous (1289126886491.jpg 640x360 27kB)
>>7010833 jodete Dooks

2 hours later 7010873 Anonymous
>>7010677 >when keep in mind that there is a FO:E general thats been going for months

2 hours later 7010879 Anonymous
>>7010825 Oh god, could you imagine if it became the Invader Zim of today? All these edgy teens acting like fucked up sociopaths getting pissed at something and screaming it aloud, and plotting on destroying it.

2 hours later 7010880 Anonymous
>>7010833 I don't speak Chinese, Dooks.

2 hours later 7010881 Anonymous
>>7010847 The VA had to have known what that voice would have sounded like out of context. This is the first time the show itself gave me a boner

2 hours later 7010892 Anonymous (IHunger.jpg 750x562 230kB)

2 hours later 7010894 Anonymous
>>7010836 But horses don't have hymens do they?

2 hours later 7010901 Anonymous
>tfw you fags have gotten me into beast

2 hours later 7010903 Anonymous (1356924177576.png 500x500 115kB)

2 hours later 7010904 Anonymous
>>7010881 I wonder if Tabitha said anything. I mean the other VAs said that Tabs is usually the first one to point double entendres and this kind of stuff..

2 hours later 7010905 Anonymous
>>7010894 you're mum doesn't have a hymen after I broke it

2 hours later 7010908 Anonymous
>>7010833 Yo me llamo Anon I should really work on my Spanish oh well

2 hours later 7010919 Anonymous
>>7010901 >implying it wasn't the horse pussies you watched that did it

2 hours later 7010922 Anonymous
>>7010908 I don't think you need the Yo

2 hours later 7010925 Anonymous
That blood wasn't Fluttershy's hymen breaking. She has a bladder infection.

2 hours later 7010928 Anonymous
>>7010904 Tabitha is crazy. Still my favorite VA though.

2 hours later 7010930 Anonymous
http://theshitpeopletweet.tumblr.com/post/39362931862/time-t o-have-the-first-official-fap-of-2013

2 hours later 7010936 Anonymous
>>7010901 We got you into ponies, it was a matter of time.

2 hours later 7010937 Anonymous
>>7010862 Dog pussy is way warmer than horse pussy and by default of not being a horse pussy tighter.

2 hours later 7010939 Anonymous
>>7010925 please, stop this

2 hours later 7010943 Anonymous
>>7010925 I'd like nothing better than to help her clean out her bladder infection with my warm piss.

2 hours later 7010944 Anonymous
>>7010922 maybe fuck why do I have to learn another language I will never use fuck my country

2 hours later 7010945 Anonymous
>>7010901 >tfw i was fapping to horses before hasbro even thought of hiring lauren faust to create FiM

2 hours later 7010947 Anonymous (mejor pone.png 309x305 125kB)
>>7010833 Igual para ti.

3 hours later 7010951 Anonymous (15234234234.png 1002x652 314kB)
>>7010833 my only goal is survive the hiatus

3 hours later 7010955 Anonymous
>>7010947 Esa es la mejor pone.

3 hours later 7010959 Anonymous
>>7010928 I really think that out of all the VAs on the show she's the most talented with Nicole and Cathy at a close second

3 hours later 7010960 Anonymous
>>7010944 >7 years of spanish >can't speak spanish what a waste

3 hours later 7010961 Anonymous
>>7010945 >tfw not just horses, but My Little Ponies

3 hours later 7010963 Anonymous
>>7010922 Both ways are correct, though it's more commonly used without the "Yo".

3 hours later 7010966 Anonymous (fedoras-landing_02.jpg 298x200 11kB)
>>7010945 >i was fucking horses before it was cool

3 hours later 7010971 Anonymous
>>7010937 Maybe, but they can't wink can they? And also, dogs tend to smell rather bad and they like to eat other dogs' shit. (of course, if you're into that sort of thing that's a bonus I guess)

3 hours later 7010973 Anonymous
>>7010960 I know man 8 years of French and all I have left is hatred for how shit and overcomplicated french is

3 hours later 7010977 Monochromatic

3 hours later 7010984 Anonymous
>>7010977 >>>/hsg/ >>>/vp/

3 hours later 7010986 Anonymous
>>7010960 >7 years how why? also why the fuck does f.lux say the sun raised I want my yellow screen back

3 hours later 7010991 Anonymous
>>7010977 What's so happy about it

3 hours later 7010992 Anonymous (1356279668483.jpg 500x500 109kB)
>>7010903 I have never felt a need as strong as today to try my hardest and go far as possible through blood, sweat and tears. I'm going to live life for real.

3 hours later 7010995 Anonymous
If Jesus didn't want us to fap to pony porn, why'd he make pony genitals so much god damn fun to draw?

3 hours later 7010996 Anonymous (Mexican_Rarity_166-(n1304615989172).jpg 849x581 250kB)
>>7010955 la mejor poni sin duda

3 hours later 7011005 Anonymous
>>7010904 I wonder if Tabs told her to do it.

3 hours later 7011006 Anonymous
>>7010971 >And also, dogs tend to smell rather bad and they like to eat other dogs' shit. HORSES ALSO SMELL TERRIBLE AND ARE DISGUSTING

3 hours later 7011007 Anonymous
>>7010963 cuantomássepas.jpg

3 hours later 7011008 Anonymous
>>7010995 because Jesus is a dick

3 hours later 7011011 Anonymous
>>7010951 I swear that seems to be all you do. >>7010971 Sure but if you gonna be fucking it regularly you would take the time to give it a bath and prbly buy some good shampoo.And that winking thing is only really hot when there is cum dripping out.

3 hours later 7011013 Anonymous
>>7010995 the devil did, to make you go to hell. resist the urge, anon. do it for baby jesus

3 hours later 7011018 Anonymous
>>7010995 Jesus probably secretly had an affair with his donkey. That's why he never had a girlfriend.

3 hours later 7011024 Anonymous
>>7010986 spanish was mandatory from 6th grade to 10th grade for me and then two years more cause it looks good on college applications or w/e I actually did pretty well too

3 hours later 7011028 Anonymous
>shit posting is all done in English >someone posts Spanish or shit >always 10 replies later >never understand any of it, but it always feels like people talking and chilling out tfw there is a separate sub culture of MLPG made up of Spanishfags and I'll never know what they are talking about. it must be wonderful to be not American.

3 hours later 7011029 Anonymous
>>7011006 all animals smell disgusting. Humans naturally do, too, but most humans bathe and use soaps/washes to smell better

3 hours later 7011034 Anonymous
>>7010996 Dirias que ella es tu espousa?

3 hours later 7011036 Anonymous
>>7011006 Also they can kill you with a kick. And they bite, fuck.

3 hours later 7011045 Anonymous
>>7011028 we talk about ponies

3 hours later 7011053 Anonymous
>>7011006 I... can't really argue with that. Still, I find horses more appealing than dogs. Not that I've ever actually had the opportunity to fuck either.

3 hours later 7011054 Anonymous
>>7011028 >Must be wonderful to not clap your guns. Go back to France you freedom hating commie!

3 hours later 7011055 Anonymous
>>7011036 Yeah it's easier to train dogs but that's the pussy answer honestly.

3 hours later 7011056 Anonymous
>>7011036 Humans could use one of their guns on you. Or stab you with one of the many sharp things they like to make.

3 hours later 7011058 Anonymous
>>7010977 Happy new year good nigga!

3 hours later 7011060 Anonymous
>>7011024 I just can't into languages I only had Latin for two years so I have to learn Spanish now fuck everything I hope I don't get a F every year

3 hours later 7011064 Anonymous
>>7011028 are there any russians who still go here?

3 hours later 7011068 Anonymous (scootacry.png 500x500 65kB)
>>7011028 >tfw can only just barely understand espanol

3 hours later 7011070 Anonymous
>>7011029 Cats don't.

3 hours later 7011071 Anonymous

3 hours later 7011074 Monochromatic
>>7010984 wow rude i till liek you guys >>7010991 isk life is somehtin to be happy oabut liek, its so beautiful and wonder and shit is worth celeborating >>7011058 pfff i an not of african diecnet

3 hours later 7011080 Anonymous
>>7010960 >have Mexican parents >grandfather didn't even speak English >everyone spoke Spanish at home >two years of Spanish in high school >still can't hold a conversation with my parents or grandfather in Spanish >also have really good control of English It could be worse.

3 hours later 7011082 Anonymous
>>7011060 I feel like I could have learned spanish pretty well but I just never wanted to know it I'm gonna learn german one day

3 hours later 7011088 Monochromatic
>>7010986 flux is niec jus et it do shit

3 hours later 7011090 Anonymous (108840 - artist-whitediamonds commission rarity wet_hair wet_hairity wet_mane.png 899x700 430kB)
>>7011034 por supuesto

3 hours later 7011096 Anonymous
>>7011090 Ella es solo un personaje de caricaturas.

3 hours later 7011100 Anonymous
>>7011056 Well fuck, that is your fault for not bringing a bigger gun or a better stabbing thing.

3 hours later 7011102 Anonymous
>>7007375 ...Big...sis...?

3 hours later 7011105 Anonymous
>>7010945 I was fucking ponies while y'all niggas was still in diapers

3 hours later 7011106 Anonymous

3 hours later 7011108 Anonymous
>>7011082 Don't A lot of Germans can't even speak German >>7011088 k

3 hours later 7011109 Anonymous (not as look as i drunk.jpg 515x305 104kB)
>>7011074 Mono, give me your keys, you're drunk

3 hours later 7011112 Anonymous
>>7011071 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZAV2Z-Snv4

3 hours later 7011113 Anonymous
Yo soy muy grande in me pantalones Yo soy mut inteligente !Ay Ay Ay! !Grande Mucho!

3 hours later 7011114 Anonymous
>>7011080 Congratulations. You're officially white!

3 hours later 7011117 Anonymous
>>7011096 vete a la mierda

3 hours later 7011119 Anonymous
>>7011105 How old are you?

3 hours later 7011123 Anonymous
>>7011082 German is a beautiful language. You should definitely learn it.

3 hours later 7011134 Anonymous

3 hours later 7011137 Anonymous
>>7011071 Why are Twilight and Dash fans so autistic?

3 hours later 7011139 Anonymous
>>7011123 Why does it sound so angry?

3 hours later 7011141 Anonymous
http://vidyagaemawards.com/voting/hated-fanbase PLACE YOUR VOTES

3 hours later 7011142 Anonymous
>>7011108 what language would you recommend then? and don't say Spanish cause i ain't doin that shit no more

3 hours later 7011144 Anonymous
>>7011123 >German >beautiful language what

3 hours later 7011147 Anonymous (1344011620.khorme_classstruggle2.png 1300x1250 507kB)
>>7011123 Don't do it anon, I heard you literally become Hitler if you do

3 hours later 7011153 Anonymous
>>7011137 >Why are [insert any character] fans so autistic?

3 hours later 7011155 Anonymous
>>7011139 It doesn't when you can speak it >>7011142 something cool like Russian

3 hours later 7011157 Anonymous (1353207915340.png 800x600 629kB)
>>7011137 >implying dash fans aren't 5

3 hours later 7011160 Anonymous
>>7011139 Because you only hear it in movies with shouting Nazis.

3 hours later 7011166 Anonymous (Your authority is not recognized in Fortenheit 451.png 1280x720 587kB)
>>7011142 Lojban!

3 hours later 7011178 Anonymous

3 hours later 7011181 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 331x848 83kB)
>>7011141 The correct order

3 hours later 7011182 Anonymous
>>7011153 No really. You never see Applejack fans being all weird and autistic. And Rarity fans are elitiest assholes, but they don't even come close to the amounts of autism you see out of Dash/Twily fans.

3 hours later 7011184 Monochromatic
>>7011109 ITS FUKIN NEW YEAWRS I CNA DRINK IF IWNAT TO >>7011141 >http://vidyagaemawards.com/voting/hated-fanbase >hoemstuk not on there hehe score on for homestukc people feel bettr about yoruselves

3 hours later 7011185 Anonymous
Never in my life have I been so simultaneously revolted and aroused. This truly is a thread for the new year.

3 hours later 7011187 Anonymous
It is my fault. I'm just saying, living creatures you can't smash with a fly swatter (and even some of those) are generally pretty dangerous. Bigger animals are just even more dangerous. That's why we need little little ponies. Who are bred to be really gentle and like socializing with humans. The first 'trick' you could teach one is to gently cuddle with you in bed.

3 hours later 7011193 Anonymous
>>7011155 >something cool like Russian I agree. Russia might as well be the other Brazil, but at least they sound cool.

3 hours later 7011194 Anonymous
>>7011141 I voted for mlp and thats it

3 hours later 7011197 Anonymous
>>7011184 Color something, faggot.

3 hours later 7011201 Anonymous (Que clase de reaccion es esa.jpg 403x403 25kB)

3 hours later 7011208 Anonymous
>>7011201 Porque Dooks?

3 hours later 7011217 Anonymous (1351741465275.jpg 400x399 58kB)
>>7011141 jesus christ this is terrible. They actually have reddit and MLP listed as choices. What the fuck does this have to do about video games? I knew /v/ has been shit for awhile, but are they really this bad?

3 hours later 7011223 Anonymous
>>7011182 rainbow dash is the most entry level pony, shes the one people who dont watch the show think of when people say MLP and twilight, well shes the MC its not that all their fans are weird and autistic, they just both have so many that its hard not to notice all the autists

3 hours later 7011227 Anonymous
>>7011201 Why do googley eyes make everything hilarious?

3 hours later 7011228 Anonymous

3 hours later 7011237 Anonymous (1356806111762.png 1000x925 193kB)
>>7011217 In order to hate, one must first love.

3 hours later 7011239 Monochromatic
>>7011197 GIVE ME SOEMTHIN FOR COLRIN prefernabley something easy

3 hours later 7011243 Anonymous
what is happening in skype?

3 hours later 7011251 Anonymous
>>7011201 gracias Dooks, ahora nunca podre hacer chocolate sin morirme de risa

3 hours later 7011259 Anonymous
>>7011217 they are special cases as they have affected /v/ way too much to not go noticed

3 hours later 7011272 Anonymous (Capture.png 504x752 46kB)
>>7011243 Uhh, nothing?

3 hours later 7011279 Monochromatic
>>7011243 wait wath what skype

3 hours later 7011280 RCH
>>7011227 Because they are made in a magical little factory using unicorn giggles and crude humor. Also they look silly when put on a face.

3 hours later 7011281 Anonymous (silly splashy pony.png 600x350 54kB)

3 hours later 7011290 Monochromatic
>>7011281 wait i recgnize his drawfag who is t?

3 hours later 7011296 Anonymous
>>7011259 the anti-pony sentiment is 10 times worse than actual ponies ever were. You could not have a discussion about Diablo 3, Bordlerlands, Valve, or almost anything else that had bright colors because of people hating MLP

3 hours later 7011310 Anonymous
>>7011296 >The day Gaben betrayed /v/ Oh man, that was a hoot.

3 hours later 7011321 Anonymous
>>7011296 To be fair diablo 3 is shit

3 hours later 7011322 Anonymous
>>7011290 no idea it was Anonymous in /mlp/ a long time ago

3 hours later 7011330 Anonymous
>>7009994 >>7010100 >>7010240 >>7010714 just for those who want to expand their collection

3 hours later 7011340 Anonymous
>>7011310 I know. And it really killed /v/. there were entire threads that reached auto-sage about how much Ponies suck. On a board dedicated to vidoe games. /v/ is trully the worse thing to happen to /v/

3 hours later 7011356 Anonymous
>>7011321 doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to discuss it without people yelling brony pandering.

3 hours later 7011367 Anonymous
>>7011182 Dude Ajfags are weird. they just shutup about it. I mean you have to have something wrong with your head from the beginning if you like AJfags

3 hours later 7011369 Anonymous
>>7011321 >Diablo 3 >Not just saying Blizzard.

3 hours later 7011385 Anonymous (HandsomeJackAndButtStallion.jpg 399x510 54kB)
>>7011356 I think Gearbox did this and told them. >"You are still going to play, and you know it."

3 hours later 7011391 Anonymous (1356520877703.jpg 960x720 76kB)
>>7011356 b-but my anonymous culture that hates everything!

3 hours later 7011395 Anonymous
>>7010818 >thanksgiving >now all the indians are dead >Christmas >nailed a man to a stick >July 4th >independence day >created after a war

3 hours later 7011398 Anonymous
>>7011310 >the day Gaben 404'd our hears It's still hilarious now

3 hours later 7011400 Anonymous
>>7011391 >Red and black. Check out that Anon OC.

3 hours later 7011404 Anonymous
>>7011385 yes I am

3 hours later 7011413 Anonymous
>>7011395 >Christmas >nailed a man to a stick 0/10

3 hours later 7011416 Anonymous
>>7011391 the mask doesn't even cover up his fat

3 hours later 7011421 Anonymous
>>7011395 Shit, humans are violent as hell.

3 hours later 7011422 Anonymous
>>7010657 Is this from something? Google doesn't do shit for me.

3 hours later 7011424 Monochromatic
>>7011385 wait inever played borderlands 2 where wa the brony pandernig

3 hours later 7011426 Anonymous
>>7011385 To bad they took it down later. Still they knew how much anger this will generate. They just don't give a fuck >That part in the credits where it says that Fluttershy is one of the developer's waifu

3 hours later 7011435 Anonymous
>>7011416 It doesn't even cover his shame.

3 hours later 7011439 Anonymous
>>7011385 I was pissed at gearbox mainly for using 20% cooler bullshit more than actually referencing MLP. I mean, the entire game had enough pop culture references to put Fallout 2 to shame, and MLP happens to be a part of pop culture

3 hours later 7011445 Anonymous
>>7011413 That's easter, brah. Christmas is celebrating god legitimately raping a virgin.

3 hours later 7011447 Anonymous
>>7011422 http://exhentai.org/g/324407/81ae9fe25c/ Enjoy

3 hours later 7011448 Anonymous
>>7011424 The class they added on has talent trees that are blatant as hell. but damn if she isn't fun to play as.

3 hours later 7011456 RustyDooks
>>7011424 I haven't played it either, but I think that character is linked with diamonds and jewels and such.

3 hours later 7011459 Anonymous
>>7011445 And then the death of thousands of babies. But it's okay. At least Jesus survived

3 hours later 7011460 Anonymous
Jesus christ, are you guys 12 years old or something? 1/4 of the posts here involve wanting to have sex with the ponies or actual horses. I hope you're not this horny all the time.

3 hours later 7011462 Anonymous (1321863703438.jpg 639x360 43kB)
there is not wrong with being fat fucker post your wait

3 hours later 7011467 Anonymous
>>7011439 Fallout 2? Maybe I missed something but I don't remember many FO2 pop culture references.

3 hours later 7011472 Anonymous (chris francis.jpg 250x250 14kB)
>>7011426 No, it was a play tester, and this is what he looks like I still love /v/ having wo threads the day BL2 came out just about this. I don't know why I havce a picture of him saved to my hard drive

3 hours later 7011475 Anonymous
>>7011447 fucking sad panda please tell me how to get past that shit

3 hours later 7011476 Anonymous
>>7011460 i'm always horny but not for horses

3 hours later 7011477 Anonymous
>>7011460 Half the people currently here are drunk as hell, man.

3 hours later 7011481 Anonymous
>>7011424 http://www.borderlands2.com/us/skilltree/mechromancer.html Spot all the references.

3 hours later 7011482 Anonymous
>>7011460 it's a vocal minority

3 hours later 7011483 Anonymous
>>7011448 I think I remember that, have any pics?

3 hours later 7011498 Anonymous
>>7011467 http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_2_cultural_references These are just the ones big enought to list

3 hours later 7011507 Anonymous
>>7011483 >>7011481

3 hours later 7011509 Anonymous
>>7011448 So recap There's Gage's talents (Evil Enchantress, The Stare, 20% Cooler, Fancy Mathematics and a few others) The credits And the Facebook picture Eh I still think they'll add more in the DLCs

3 hours later 7011513 Monochromatic
>>7011475 do you have firefox or chreom?

3 hours later 7011514 Anonymous
>>7011460 Once you hit puberty you'll understand better

3 hours later 7011517 Anonymous (1354927155428.jpg 297x297 28kB)
>>7011447 >mfw I'm that other guy with the ear thing

3 hours later 7011522 Anonymous
what the fuck are you fucking fuck tsalkng sbaout

3 hours later 7011528 Anonymous
>>7011509 there's also a female diamond pony named "Butt Stallion"

3 hours later 7011530 Anonymous
can MLPG stay as a perma /v/, without all the cancer? I like it

3 hours later 7011532 Anonymous
>>7011460 why would a 12 year old fuck a horse?

3 hours later 7011537 Anonymous
>>7011530 hahaahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahah shut up and touch it

3 hours later 7011538 Anonymous
>>7011513 chrome

3 hours later 7011539 Anonymous
>>7011498 Well shit. Don't I feel like an uncultured swine, though I do remember the MT:G reference.

3 hours later 7011542 Anonymous
>>7011528 It's not female. I'm pretty sure Jack calls it a him once.

3 hours later 7011545 Anonymous
>>7011530 no

3 hours later 7011548 Anonymous (is that it.png 437x353 249kB)
>>7011475 >still getting the sad panda

3 hours later 7011559 Monochromatic
>>7011538 wel shit i odnt know about chrome but hteres an easy exhentai work aroudn add-on for firefox

3 hours later 7011567 Anonymous
>This thread >Post about fucking horses >Ironic shitpost about fucking horses >Complaing about fucking horses >Query of the thread subject

3 hours later 7011571 Anonymous
this thread is going on for EVER

3 hours later 7011574 Anonymous
He's the man with a plan, In a sub-atomic land. He's a hater to the raiders, Laser gun in his hand. Better watch your back for a...VATS attack. Better watch your front, 'Cause he's on... the... huuuunt. He's just a Loooone Waaanderer (101!) He will pillage and he will plunder. Out of the Vault for just one day, Daddy went a run away. Now I'm Megaton bound, and I'm tracking him down, but these Mirelurks keep hanging around! I've seen the land from East to West Scavenging only what's best. Taking Med-X just to numb the pain away This Jet's goin' straight to my brain! He's just a Loooone Waaanderer (101!) He will pillage and he will plunder. From Raven Rock to the DC metro This place is Super Mutant Central With a Reaver on my back and I'm out of AP Dogmeat! Come fucking save me! The whole Wasteland will know my name, I've killed a lot to earn my fame. My daddy's dead, my mother's gone, ...and now it's time to Wander on... (Gallop-style breakdown. We all chant "One-Oh-One" over and over while a Three Dog recording plays in the background. Explode back into one more Chorus and finish the song)

3 hours later 7011575 Anonymous
>>7011542 I wanted to meet that horse.

3 hours later 7011591 Anonymous
>>7011575 I hope he's the final boss for a DLC. His critical hit spot is his testicles

3 hours later 7011592 Anonymous (Domino giving a fuck.jpg 506x334 58kB)
>>7011538 Here http://haruhichan.com/wpblog/index.php/815/exhentai-chrome-p lugin-get-past-sad-panda.html Don't say I've never done anything nice for you, anon.

3 hours later 7011594 Monochromatic
>>7011575 more liek you wantfed to MEAT that horse

3 hours later 7011595 Anonymous
>>7011559 there is also one for chrome

3 hours later 7011599 Anonymous
>>7011575 I'm sure we'll meet him in the orbital station. Okay we killed jack but there's still the huge ass robot throwing space station. It has to be in a future DLC

3 hours later 7011603 Anonymous
>>7011594 Dude, it would shred my dick.

3 hours later 7011608 Anonymous
but in all seriousness, I would let Rarity drain my balls dry with her warm marshmallow mouth and tongue

3 hours later 7011609 Anonymous

3 hours later 7011620 Anonymous
>>7011591 The question is, brave vault hunter... Do you have the balls to take him down?

3 hours later 7011626 Anonymous
>>7011608 I would drink her piss.

3 hours later 7011635 Anonymous
>>7011609 Oh, please. Let me reintroduce you two

3 hours later 7011640 Anonymous
>>7011608 I would rather gain her trust until she lets me babysit little Sweetie Belle and find some way to sexually the little filly without getting caught.

3 hours later 7011645 Anonymous
>>7011542 he says "here girl" right before it plays the horse noise

3 hours later 7011653 Anonymous
>>7011640 >implying horse society isn't extremely sexually liberal, and you could a filly as long as the filly consented

3 hours later 7011657 Anonymous
>>7011574 wat

3 hours later 7011660 Anonymous
>>7011591 >>7011645 Either way, the boss needs to have balls, or crotch boobs

3 hours later 7011661 Anonymous
>>7011653 penis is sceptical pls provide a written consent form

3 hours later 7011664 Anonymous
>>7011653 If only that were true, it would be a real paradise. But dibs on Sweetie. Her soft little butt will be mine.

3 hours later 7011665 Anonymous
http://bitgamer.su/ RIP

3 hours later 7011669 Anonymous
Play the guitar, play it again, my Johnny Maybe you're cold, but you're so warm inside I was always a fool for my Johnny For the one they call Johnny Guitar Play it again, Johnny Guitar Whether you go, whether you stay, I love you What if you're cruel, you can be kind I know There was never a man like my Johnny Like the one they call Johnny Guitar

3 hours later 7011677 Anonymous
>>7011645 Oh...I just never realized it. >>7011660 I'd rather it be our ally

3 hours later 7011687 Anonymous
>>7011653 It'd be paradise to be a human in Equestria. All the cartoon horse pussy you could ever want.

3 hours later 7011703 Anonymous
>>7011665 what? No! I just got an invite there a week ago. I never even got to torrent anything

3 hours later 7011706 Anonymous
>>7011687 On the other hand, if you're the kind of person who wants monogamous loving with one special horse, I wonder if you'd have to deal with her wanting to go off and fuck everyone.

3 hours later 7011707 Anonymous (1357012182561.png 1280x3424 308kB)

3 hours later 7011715 Anonymous
>playing Blunderlands 2 >inb4 "It's fun with friends"

3 hours later 7011726 Anonymous
>>7011706 Dibs on Berry Punch, she's a dirty little mare

3 hours later 7011731 Anonymous
>>7011715 >implying it isn't

3 hours later 7011736 Anonymous
>>7011706 obviously, there is sex for fun, than loving sex that partners experience.

3 hours later 7011740 Anonymous
>>7011715 I had a lot of fun without friends Anyway I;m taking a break and waiting till they release all the DLC before going full autism on it

3 hours later 7011742 Anonymous
>>7011726 >Her passage in Friendship is Kinky SO dirty.

3 hours later 7011745 Anonymous
>>7011731 Everything is fun with friends. Doesn't mean it's not a bad game.

3 hours later 7011746 Anonymous (ffcc.jpg 640x908 105kB)
>>7011715 Sometimes "fun with friends" is a legitimate argument. Not saying it was a good argument for Borderlands 2, though.

3 hours later 7011749 Anonymous
>>7011736 I guess I could be okay with that, but it would take some getting used to.

3 hours later 7011752 Anonymous (OPPP_smug.jpg 447x574 40kB)
>>7011707 new vegas was shit

3 hours later 7011758 Anonymous
>>7011752 >OPPP Brony pls

3 hours later 7011760 Anonymous (1357023124349.jpg 1950x2755 671kB)
so how about that sunhorse?

3 hours later 7011766 Anonymous
>>7011746 Man that fucking game and the zelda four swords game for gamecube, most fun you could have

3 hours later 7011770 Anonymous
>>7011742 That fucking story A shame I don't like farts

3 hours later 7011773 Anonymous
>>7011758 Thats what we used to fucking call her

3 hours later 7011777 Anonymous (1354328963964.png 752x720 404kB)
>>7011707 that made me happy for some reason

3 hours later 7011789 Anonymous
>>7011742 I've never read this one

3 hours later 7011791 Anonymous
>>7011770 link?

3 hours later 7011792 Anonymous
>>7011770 I am flexible. When I'm really going, I can enjoy almost anything.

3 hours later 7011797 Anonymous
>>7011746 Why won't they make a game as fun as this anymore? I'm sick of FF13.

3 hours later 7011804 Anonymous
>>7011789 >>7011791 Seriously guys? It's not for the faint of heart.

3 hours later 7011805 Anonymous
>>7011760 she is sunniest horse i would learn how to make and use a quill pen if she gave me a feather

3 hours later 7011806 Anonymous
>>7011758 >confusing Cheerilee with OPPP now who's the brony, motherfucker?

3 hours later 7011808 Anonymous (1354237273202.gif 499x300 214kB)
>>7011789 >>7011791 >>7011792

3 hours later 7011823 Anonymous
>>7011773 Thats Cheerilee idiot. >>7011806 epic iwn anon

3 hours later 7011831 Anonymous (chug.gif 350x330 793kB)
>>7011806 what the fuck does oppp mean

3 hours later 7011832 Bugsanon (sniff.jpg 298x259 53kB)
>>7011715 I was just about to download that but fucking bitgamer just shit it self so badly its down forever fuck everything and happy new year mlpg

3 hours later 7011835 Anonymous
>>7011804 Yes I want farts.

3 hours later 7011843 Anonymous
>>7011831 Overprotective Parent Pony

3 hours later 7011851 Anonymous
>>7011831 Overly Protective Parent Pony. From the episode Bridle Gossip where she's seen pulling her daughter into her house by the tail at the beginning when Zecora is coming into town.

3 hours later 7011858 Anonymous
>>7011835 Just google "My Little Fetish: Friendship is Kinky". It should be the first result. I warn you, parts are super gross and or disturbing and or violent. It's a writing.com interactive. If you're into that stuff, though, it's great.

3 hours later 7011867 Anonymous
>>7011707 >wearing a suit >playing a gangster >not being a cowboy >not playing Ain't No Grave while you mow down every single one of the Chairmen with a .44 and CBR

3 hours later 7011868 Anonymous
>>7011742 I want a dirty mare that likes teaching inexperienced stallions some tricks that would make them blush just thinking about

3 hours later 7011875 Anonymous
>>7011858 It's still getting updated? Anyway that thing and the MLP vore one can be fucking hilarious

3 hours later 7011888 Anonymous
>>7011832 I can give you the iso file if you want

3 hours later 7011891 Anonymous
1 hour left for the only coast that matters.

3 hours later 7011896 Anonymous (1329994096536.jpg 800x840 141kB)
>>7011760 I want to cuddle up with sunhorse and fall asleep.

3 hours later 7011897 Anonymous
>>7011875 Someone will add a chapter every so often. At least a few a month. But there are tons of passages as it is, and not tons of bland choice chapters like in most interactives.

3 hours later 7011910 Anonymous (1356909636835.jpg 574x388 56kB)
>Small guns >not Unarmed master race

3 hours later 7011913 Anonymous
>>7011891 Gulf coast hit midnight an hour ago though

3 hours later 7011917 Anonymous (mlp rarity n.jpg 900x1240 124kB)
>>7011868 found her

3 hours later 7011920 Anonymous (the filly was never seen again.png 1280x720 803kB)
>>7011843 >>7011851 but that's what this pony does

3 hours later 7011925 Anonymous
>>7011910 >not energy weapons

3 hours later 7011929 Anonymous
>>7011891 mah nigga

3 hours later 7011935 Anonymous
>>7011858 The violence is the only part of that story I like much. Extremity it has, but quality of writing is not a highlight. People never update the few decent paths either.

3 hours later 7011938 Anonymous
>>7011141 Le'ts get out and vote Let's make our voices heard

3 hours later 7011940 Bugsanon (1337409179475.png 254x294 146kB)
>>7011888 really? cause that would be cool

3 hours later 7011941 Anonymous
>>7011925 that's for scrubs

3 hours later 7011944 Anonymous

3 hours later 7011946 Anonymous
>>7011897 I know man. I used to follow that one. But it was more for laughs than for fapping.

3 hours later 7011954 Anonymous
>>7011938 >implying you're opinion is worth shit

3 hours later 7011960 Anonymous
>>7011944 No it isn't, stop lying!

3 hours later 7011962 Anonymous (mlp celestia.png 1347x1041 460kB)
>>7011896 she'll be gone at dawn. but she'll always come back to you at dusk.

3 hours later 7011963 Anonymous
>>7011941 your a scrub

3 hours later 7011965 Anonymous
>>7011925 >soon.jpg Very soon...

3 hours later 7011967 Anonymous
>>7011910 >Not investing in small frame. >Not getting shot the most. >Not killing whatever was stomping your shit when you finally pass out from injuries.

3 hours later 7011972 Anonymous
>>7011935 >The violence is the only part of that story I like much. I really can't stand that kind of stuff, myself. But the whole thing is really bound to have at least a little something for everyone.

3 hours later 7011975 Anonymous
>>7011954 Yore just jealous that my opinion is better then you'res.

3 hours later 7011980 Anonymous
>>7011940 all right it'll take awhile It's more then 7 gb

3 hours later 7011982 Anonymous

3 hours later 7011988 Anonymous (1269976433960.png 344x341 9kB)
anyone know if there's some utility to script music or background images to text, for a story? i've looked everywhere, i'm considering making something in adobe after effects

3 hours later 7011996 Anonymous
>On MLPG >on 2011+2 Why arent you celebrrating with friends?

3 hours later 7012000 Anonymous
>>7011967 >2013 >not just printing your guns

3 hours later 7012004 Anonymous (Sweetie x Discord Oh No.png 759x873 180kB)
Bad and good news. My tablet pen busted after four years. The model is obsolete. Good news is I already placed an order, getting a new tablet with all the same specs in one week.

3 hours later 7012005 Anonymous
>>7011967 Littlepip pls

3 hours later 7012009 Anonymous
>>7011967 >not taking Four-Eyes and Trigger Discipline >not infiltrating Caesar's Legion to get the Lucky Shades >not being the luckiest and most perceptive motherfucker in the Mojave

3 hours later 7012012 Anonymous
>>7011962 oh gosh <3

3 hours later 7012014 Anonymous
>>7011996 I'm sitting home alone and watching the original Ocean's 11 on Turner Classic Movies.

3 hours later 7012020 Anonymous
>>7011996 It's not time yet.

3 hours later 7012021 Anonymous (1336896664421.jpg 800x800 152kB)
>>7011996 What friends, anon?

3 hours later 7012022 Anonymous (mlfw3525-1331412997886.gif 400x379 1376kB)
>>7011996 I don't have any friends!

3 hours later 7012030 Anonymous
>>7011996 >friends

3 hours later 7012031 Bugsanon
>>7011980 thanks broski. dropbox?

3 hours later 7012047 Anonymous
>>7011996 We're gonna meet up tomorrow and go to town on my marem

3 hours later 7012048 Anonymous
>>7011996 All my friends are out the city with their families and I decided to stay here with mine. What's your excuse?

3 hours later 7012052 Anonymous
>>7011996 I don't have any friends The only people who invite me to hang out are people I don't want to hang out with

3 hours later 7012055 Anonymous
>>7012004 Damn, that's a nice Discord. Please stop drawing Sweetie as a mime.

3 hours later 7012056 Anonymous
>>7012004 Ross? Draw more Discord

3 hours later 7012058 Anonymous
>>7012021 why, your friends on the Other Side, of course. let's you and us, let's make a deal.

3 hours later 7012061 Anonymous
>>7011996 Already done, and now I'm back to visit you guys!

3 hours later 7012062 Anonymous
>>7012004 >not drawing ponies >2013

3 hours later 7012065 Anonymous
>>7012052 So, you do have friends, but you yourself are a terrible, terrible friend to them.

3 hours later 7012068 Anonymous
I fucking love MD5 filtering

3 hours later 7012073 Anonymous
>>7012031 ?

3 hours later 7012078 Anonymous
>>7012021 I enjoyed that fanfic but I never finished reading it

3 hours later 7012082 Anonymous
>>7012004 Do you respect Corwin's humanizations?

3 hours later 7012087 Anonymous
>>7012058 I'm not comfortable with touching dark people.

3 hours later 7012090 Anonymous
>>7012005 You gonna get pipped.

3 hours later 7012094 Anonymous
>>7012078 It got pretty good

3 hours later 7012103 Anonymous
>>7012065 Yeah, cause everyone who invites you anymore is automatically and irrefutably your friends

3 hours later 7012104 Anonymous
>>7012078 What fanfic is that?

3 hours later 7012106 Anonymous
6 months until I can legally buy alcohol and plunge into full blown alcoholism with the 24/7 availability of booze

3 hours later 7012110 Anonymous
>>7012094 what are you two talking about?

3 hours later 7012131 Anonymous
>>7012110 >fanfiction

3 hours later 7012132 Anonymous
>>7012068 Yeah same. Hey, want me to dump the filter list for Ross' worthless art? I'll update it.

3 hours later 7012134 Bugsanon
>>7012073 i though you were uploading it to dropbox. nevermind

3 hours later 7012146 Anonymous
>>7012106 It's actually quite overrated.

3 hours later 7012148 Anonymous
>>7012106 >Being THAT old and still wasting your time in MLPG / 4chan

3 hours later 7012151 Anonymous
>>7012134 I am just wait

3 hours later 7012160 Anonymous
>>7012110 "Ponies Make War" http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/10/story-ponies-make-war. html >>7012094 I don't remember what part I was on, but Twilight had her godslayer outfit on and shit was going crazy

3 hours later 7012161 Anonymous
>>7012132 Does it still have, like, 10 gay porn images hidden in it?

3 hours later 7012166 Anonymous
>>7012148 I think a lot of us are older than 21.

3 hours later 7012170 Anonymous
>>7012104 >>7012110 The Immortal Game aka Ponies do War

3 hours later 7012177 Anonymous
>>7012166 I turned 22 13 days ago.

4 hours later 7012178 Anonymous
>>7012166 25 here...

4 hours later 7012191 Anonymous
>>7012161 It might? Some on manes gayburn image spam got caught up in there once, but its below 10 I'll update it now

4 hours later 7012212 Anonymous
>>7012134 >>7012151 oh shit I forgot I have a 2 gb limit sorry dude

4 hours later 7012214 Anonymous
>>7012170 what makes this story stand out from the rest?

4 hours later 7012222 Anonymous
>>7012166 >Having to be 21 to buy alcohol Here it's 18

4 hours later 7012234 Anonymous
>>7012214 the use of magic in combat

4 hours later 7012237 Anonymous
>>7012222 Well, whatever. It's just a three year difference.

4 hours later 7012244 Anonymous Plug that into your filter list
>>7012191 Here we go http://pastebin.com/5gwQjT6b Now with a lot less image spam

4 hours later 7012248 Anonymous
>>7012004 >ross' tablet broke It's a new years' miracle!

4 hours later 7012249 Anonymous
>>7012166 YO. 20 YEAR OLD HERE.

4 hours later 7012253 Anonymous
>>7012222 >implying anyone cares where you live

4 hours later 7012256 Anonymous
>>7012087 we're not dark people, mon frere. we're Dark people. the Shadowman, Old Scratch, Tom Nobody, Lou Cypher. you know.

4 hours later 7012265 Anonymous
>>7012222 I always thought that was so fucking stupid. You can get yourself killed at 18 in an overseas war, but you can't drink until you're 21.

4 hours later 7012266 Anonymous
>>7012237 Do you have any idea how much damage you can cause to your liver in those 3 years? And you're missing out on all of it!

4 hours later 7012277 Anonymous
>>7012222 at least we have freedom

4 hours later 7012283 Anonymous
Did I miss the turn off? I thought this was MLPG

4 hours later 7012294 Anonymous
>>7012277 well, except for the freedom to drink booze before 21

4 hours later 7012296 Anonymous
>>7012277 >Freedom. >With who you have in charge. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

4 hours later 7012297 Anonymous
>>7012265 and? most people drink before then, and laws only apply to purchasing alcohal before the age of 21. You still can't rent a car until you're 25. Stop complaining

4 hours later 7012303 Anonymous
>>7012214 the are In-character and Out-of-character, which is interesting Swords made of magic Rarity is full blown Battle Bitch King and Queen OCs that are overpowered, but still have a weakness Celestia's down for the count, but is still the main Chessmaster It's a barrel of >fun

4 hours later 7012311 Anonymous
>>7012277 Don't make me laugh. Our country has fallen so far from grace. It's dead.

4 hours later 7012314 Anonymous
>>7012277 >Thinking that's an exclusive trait of the USA yank pls

4 hours later 7012315 Anonymous
>>7012265 at least you can smoke at eighteen. that's something. more than i would have expected.

4 hours later 7012319 Anonymous
>>7012277 We also have a better flag.

4 hours later 7012328 Anonymous
>>7012303 And it doesn't edge too far into grimderp territory?

4 hours later 7012332 Anonymous
>>7012297 >quit complaining about backwards laws that make no sense

4 hours later 7012336 Anonymous
>>7012303 >the are In-character and Out-of-character, which is interesting Please elaborate as this is the only pony conversation happening right now.

4 hours later 7012337 Anonymous
>>7012296 goddurn libruls taking the christ out of christmas

4 hours later 7012348 Anonymous

4 hours later 7012350 Anonymous
Come on MLPG, it's a New Year! Why not start it off right, and talk about Ponies and the Show!

4 hours later 7012352 Anonymous
New horse where

4 hours later 7012357 Anonymous
>>7012303 Oh now it sound interesting? Does it go overboard with grimdark? And how dar OOc are we talking? And is the author trying to put shipping in it?

4 hours later 7012358 Anonymous
this horse is starting to smell funny

4 hours later 7012360 Anonymous
>>7012319 The US flag? Are you blind? Shit looks like an old mismatched pair of pajamas.

4 hours later 7012364 Anonymous
>>7012350 Because we need a new horse

4 hours later 7012365 Anonymous
>>7012352 not until next year

4 hours later 7012374 Anonymous

4 hours later 7012375 Anonymous
>>7012337 Maybe Christians shouldn't have stolen Christmas from the pagans if they didn't want other people to celebrate it.

4 hours later 7012376 Anonymous
>>7012350 it's not the new year for another thirty minutes, dude.

4 hours later 7012385 Anonymous
>>7012319 the US flag is fucking ugly m8

4 hours later 7012387 Anonymous
>2013 came and there was no more horse 4ever

4 hours later 7012400 Anonymous
>>7012336 well, it's kind of all about ponies murdering each other but Pinkie is still the wacky one, AJ is still the strong, quiet one and Dash is still a huge cunt

4 hours later 7012411 Anonymous
>>7012332 they do make sense. You brain doesn't completely mature until the age of 25-ish. The reason 18 is the age for the military is because that is your physical peak, and grunts dont need full mental maturity to be useful. The reason you can vote at 18 is only because of the protests against the war, and the govenrment realizing if they want soldiers, they'd have to lower the voting age.

4 hours later 7012414 Anonymous
I think the alcohol stops working bye guys I will see you next year

4 hours later 7012416 Anonymous
Where is new horse of the new year?

4 hours later 7012417 Anonymous
>>7012328 Only for Rainbow Dash and Twilight >>7012328 Twilight the biggest one on this one The Main Villain turns her personality backwards turning her into a sadistic, battle-hungry, cunt while still having her mind intact >>7012357 No shipping glorious isn't it?

4 hours later 7012418 Anonymous
>>7012385 You're ugly you dirty fucking foreigner.

4 hours later 7012430 Anonymous
>>7012417 >Twilight the biggest one on this one >The Main Villain turns her personality backwards >turning her into a sadistic, battle-hungry, cunt >while still having her mind intact this is meant for >>7012336

4 hours later 7012432 Anonymous

4 hours later 7012433 Anonymous
Oh man I spent the last 8 hours playing Bastion where has the time gone

4 hours later 7012435 Anonymous
Thanks to whoever actually linked that bunny ears thing from earlier.

4 hours later 7012439 Anonymous
Since we're talking about fanfiction does anyone know this one particular fanfic? It's also a kinda grimdark and it's basically ponies going full civil war Basically Celestia is killed and Earth Ponies go full witch burning against Unicorns. I forgot the title but it used to be a lot of fun.

4 hours later 7012441 Anonymous
>>7012357 >Does it go overboard with grimdark Yes, it goes way overboard very early, but then it reels it back in

4 hours later 7012453 Anonymous
>>7012360 >>7012385 I will fight you two.

4 hours later 7012458 Anonymous
>>7012411 >The reason 18 is the age for the military is because that is your physical peak, and grunts dont need full mental maturity to be useful. The stupidity is burning me. By your logic they're giving advanced weaponry and explosives to people the government basically believes are stupid.

4 hours later 7012463 Anonymous
>>7012433 at least you're playing a good game. I've been trying to play through Spec Ops: The Line, because apparently its 2deep4u, but so far I just played modern gears of war

4 hours later 7012492 Anonymous
>>7012433 >>7012463 >tfw wanted to spend all day playing vidya but instead had to be with family

4 hours later 7012495 Anonymous
>>7012458 that is what you're doing. They're also allowing teenagers to drive multiple tons vehicles propelled by controlled explosions in crowded areas.

4 hours later 7012505 Anonymous
>>7012439 but how could pathetic inferior race ponies possibly hope to stand against superior master race unicorns?

4 hours later 7012507 Anonymous
>>7012478 >>7012478 >>7012478 >>7012478

4 hours later 7012508 Anonymous
>>7012463 >modern gears of war it's literally that the whole game except that you're crazy the entire time

4 hours later 7012515 Bugsanon
>>7012212 it's alright. happy new year

4 hours later 7012516 Anonymous
>>7012494 >>7012494 >>7012494 >>7012494 >>7012494 HORSE NOW

4 hours later 7012521 Anonymous
>>7012507 marked >>7012516 nope

4 hours later 7012524 Anonymous
>>7012516 way to be the first fuck up of the year

4 hours later 7012527 Anonymous
Did I miss you, sis...?

4 hours later 7012535 Anonymous
>>7012458 Well yeah. People much older than 18 aren't stupid enough to enlist. Back when the enlistment/draft age was 18, and the voting age was 21, they figured on either lowering the voting age, or raising the enlistment/draft age. When they realized they'd lose a huge amount of their cannon fodder if they did that, they lowered the voting age.

4 hours later 7012545 Anonymous

4 hours later 7012564 Anonymous
>>7012505 They were organized and did it without warning taking most unicorns by surprise The remaining ones made a magic hidden village in the Everfree. it's a nice fic Zecora is also Yoda in it and despite being written in the first hiatus it had one of the best Trixies ever in fanfic. And Pinkie is a sky pirate

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