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2013-01-01 03:56 7007027 Anonymous (Clever Girl.png 962x962 295kB)
I welcomed in the new year by fapping (she was humanized, so it wasn't clopping) to Fluttershy. How did/will you welcome the new year?

3 min later 7007085 Octavarius Paracletus
>>7007027 Is that the pic you finished to?

4 min later 7007106 Anonymous
>>7007085 No, but it's by the same artist. The one I finished to had Rainbow Dash lifting up Fluttershy's dress, revealing that she had neglected to wear underwear. Can't post it here since it comes vaguely under lolicon.

4 min later 7007111 Anonymous
I wonder what should be my first fap of the year. Any ideas?

4 min later 7007116 Anonymous
> wasn't clopping I have half a gig of naked men saved from /fit/. I admire them. It's not gay though.

6 min later 7007144 Anonymous
>>7007027 I felt a feel. It was a good feel.

6 min later 7007147 CreamySause
>>7007027 I bought a basically new every thing for my home and I have installed a secret compartment for all things my little pony related.

7 min later 7007149 Anonymous
>>7007106 I demand a link

7 min later 7007150 Octavarius Paracletus
>>7007111 Maybe a Flash game? And tape it... so I can fap to it.

7 min later 7007167 Anonymous
>>7007149 http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/871341

8 min later 7007171 Dylan Clopold
>>7007027 If humanized doesn't count, then what about anthro, like hoofbeat?

8 min later 7007182 Anonymous
>fapping (she was humanized, so it wasn't clopping) Yeah, I avoid clopping...humanized ponies are better...

9 min later 7007193 Anonymous
>>7007171 Anthro is furry. Could probably also be considered clopping since there's still some animal involved.

11 min later 7007217 Dylan Clopold
>>7007193 Fuck, I think I'd rather be a clipper than a furry. Now I'll have to tell myself it's clipping so I don't feel like a furfag.

12 min later 7007233 Anonymous
>clipping CLIP CLIP

12 min later 7007235 Anonymous
>>7007217 Admittedly Hoofbeat tends to be hotter than regular anthro (which is almost invariably shit), so it could be considered a grey area.

13 min later 7007238 Dylan Clopold
>>7007217 Shit, I meant clopping. Fucking autocorrect.

13 min later 7007240 Anonymous
>>7007171 Anthro ponies is still clopping.

15 min later 7007278 Dylan Clopold
>>7007235 Got that right. Hoofbeat is the only really good anthro I've ever seen. I can't find regular ponies attractive, I just can't.

21 min later 7007376 Anonymous
>>7007167 good stuff

27 min later 7007484 Anonymous (Dat Twilight Sparkle Ass.png 655x469 237kB)
>>7007111 This

28 min later 7007499 Anonymous
>>7007484 Why is the only genitalia edit of this a futa? Why has noone gone through the simple task of adding a vagina and anus to this blank slate?

36 min later 7007643 Anonymous
>>7007235 Hoofbeat and one other anthro artist are the only anthro I've ever gotten off to. Still made me feel like a furfag the first time. I have no problem with normal ponies, and humans are even better.

38 min later 7007680 Anonymous
>I can't find regular ponies attractive, I just can't. I agree, humanized ponies are hotter than ...pony ponies?

1 hours later 7008388 Anonymous
>>7007027 whos the artist

1 hours later 7008413 Anonymous
>>7008388 Megasweet. His old stuff was great, but nowadays he mostly does futas.

1 hours later 7008537 Anonymous
>>7008413 I'm pretty sure Megasweet is a girl, but not in the yamino/tinker kind of way. One thing is for sure: MS can't into boobs or ass

1 hours later 7008572 Anonymous
>>7008537 >Megasweet is a girl Well that would explain where the futa fetish came from.

1 hours later 7008613 Anonymous
>>7007027 Read an incredible clopfic written by a shitposter, then struggled with the conflicting feelings and desire for a sequel that it left me with.

1 hours later 7008693 Anonymous
>>7007027 I welcomed in the new year with friends, and now I'm trying to decided what to clop to. Happy New Year /mlp/

1 hours later 7008708 Anonymous (Copy of 1316689267194.png 3510x945 1069kB)
>>7008537 >Megasweet >can't into boobs I've fapped to this hundreds of times. Though Applejack and Rarity are the only good ones, Twilight is OK.

1 hours later 7008926 Anonymous (1343092708.atryl_30min24.png 1200x1269 465kB)
I'm still an hour and a half away from 2013, but I'm spending it all alone. Chatting on several different boards late into the night then fapping until I pass out. Have some best human pony and her older sister to fap to for keeping me company.

1 hours later 7009353 Anonymous (984018 - Friendship_is_Magic MegaSweet My_Little_Pony Princess_Celestia Twilight_Sparkle.png 1041x1347 859kB)
>>7008708 Also this.

3 hours later 7010762 Anonymous (Clever Girl.png 962x962 433kB)
>megaswweet morelike meagshit ami rite

3 hours later 7010780 Monochromatic
>>7010762 also hers a gukcin raptorized version

3 hours later 7010831 Anonymous (1350793566763.jpg 600x457 118kB)
>>7010762 >>7010780

3 hours later 7010841 Anonymous
My tulpa cybered with another person's tulpa and I had their cum leaking out of my eyes and ears.

3 hours later 7010948 Monochromatic (dookasaurus rex.png 962x962 675kB)
>>7010831 no fuk you also a ubetter boclored version from Dooks

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