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2013-01-01 02:55 7005815 Anonymous (MyLittlePony_splash_2048x1536_EN.jpg 2048x1536 1306kB)
I am not a brony but I was curious about the show and thought about watching one episode. Do you know any good episodes to watch?

0 min later 7005835 Anonymous
Party of One.

1 min later 7005844 Bolding
Watch from the beginning. Jumping around will confuse you. http://mlp-fim . com/

1 min later 7005848 Anonymous
here's a tip don't ask /mlp/ about it

3 min later 7005916 Anonymous
There are various opinions on the best starting episode OP. It depends on what you are looking for in the show. But in general, I'd say start with the pilot. Just make sure you sit through the narration and the opening sequence. If you find yourself not enjoying it by the end of episode 1 you'll probably not like it anyway.

5 min later 7005977 Anonymous (8e4.png 555x569 246kB)
Applebuck Season Bridle Gossip Sonic Rainboom Party of One Return of Harmony, pt 1 & 2 Lesson Zero Sweet and Elite Hurricane Fluttershy A Canterlot Wedding pt 1 & 2 Magic Duel Sleepless in Ponyville Any of those will do fine, check out all of them if you feel you want to get into the show, and stay the fuck away from this board while you still can, you've been warned. /thread

10 min later 7006114 Anonymous
Watch from the beginning. After that, you can watch any episode in the Season 1.

16 min later 7006246 Anonymous
DISCORD. if you're into star trek,if not,you're a faggot

18 min later 7006289 Anonymous
>>7005815 Start from the start. It'll be a better experience as you can see the characters introduced and developed properly.

20 min later 7006313 Anonymous

21 min later 7006331 Anonymous
Don't listen to the faggots that tell you to watch the edgy mental breakdown episodes like Party of One or Lesson Zero or Cupcakes, etc. Watch Spike at Your Service.

21 min later 7006333 Anonymous
Watch from the start. The show gets much better in later episodes, but it's better to see how everyone develops. And the first few episodes aren't exactly bad, just slightly less refined.

23 min later 7006358 Anonymous
>>7006331 >i have no reaction image for this

23 min later 7006359 Anonymous
Watch it from the start >>7005844 >>7005844 >>7005844 and please don't return to /mlp/ if you enjoy having nice things.

23 min later 7006364 Anonymous
>>7005977 >THIS

23 min later 7006366 Anonymous (51f.png 1000x986 117kB)
>>7005815 OP: "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" is a way to go!

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