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2013-01-01 01:54 7004585 Aanonymous season finale...good? (2.jpg 512x260 30kB)
I didn't see a thread on this, si either I missed it or there hasnt been one yet. What does /mlp/ think about the fact that the finale is written by arguable the best writer on the show? Also will the fact that its only one episode affect the potential awesomeness?

56 min later 7005712 Anonymous
The only thing I disliked about M.A. Larson is that we didn't had more of him during S3. Instead we had Merriwether Williams, which is like being fucking thirsty and having nothing but seawater to drink. Technically is water, but...

59 min later 7005781 Herokiller
>>7005712 Isn't one of the primary reasons people hate Ponychan is because they constantly whine about Merriweather?

1 hours later 7005832 Anonymous (g81.jpg 564x603 51kB)
>>7004585 >What does /mlp/ think about the fact that the finale is written by arguable the best writer on the show? Cautiously optimistic as fuck.

1 hours later 7005900 Anonymous
>>7005781 >implying we don't whine about MWW too.

1 hours later 7005968 Anonymous
>>7005781 You must be confusing things. We whine about Merriweather too, and for a good reason.

1 hours later 7006123 Anonymous
Psyched that Larson gets the finale. There's no question that he's the best writer. Why does mlp put so much in to the Premier but then not quite as much into the Finale? And on top of that all the episodes are always self-contained and there isn't much continued storylines anyway so it's not like it needs a big Premier to "introduce" a new plot for the new season. Seems the wrong way round, a normal episode is all they need for a Premier but a "big finish" with an extra long Finale gives the season more of a climax.

1 hours later 7006169 Anonymous
>>7005968 Mostly because every time she writes a story she fucks up the characters to kingdom come. She took Spike's concept of the hyper-competent sidekick (the little guy can cook, clean, lead diplomatic business on his own) and shat all over it to keep with her trend of making Spike a beta boy. And that's not menctioning how Spike (a fire-breathing dragon with teeth that can chomp diamonds and a natural body armor that can withstand MAGMA) was fucking terrified of a couple wolvens made of WOOD.

1 hours later 7006221 Anonymous
>>7006123 Remember that there's a direct to DVD FiM movie that was completed last week. I'm betting that S3 will end with a fucking cliffhanger and then we will have to wait until the movie's release to see what happens next.

1 hours later 7006224 Anonymous
>>7006169 Like... I know she probably isn't doing it on purpose, but how fucking stupid of a writer do you have to be to COMPLETELY DESTROY A CHARACTER? I feel bad for Spike fans. I really do. Merriwhether has written the last two episodes of his and both have been complete shit not only joke-wise but also character building wise. She's like.. the opposite of character building. Character destroying.

1 hours later 7006372 Anonymous
>>7006224 Merriwhether seems to either not knowing or not giving a shit about what the cartoon is all about. Seriously, every episode written by her ends up derailing everything the other writers had built until then.

1 hours later 7006404 Anonymous
>>7006221 I sure hope this isn't true. They need to keep canon on the television screen.

1 hours later 7006469 Herokiller
>>7005968 >>7006169 >>7006224 >>7006372 It doesn't really matters who writes it. All that matters is that 1. Every new episode means that pony isn't cancelled 2. That the episode is actually good. You shouldn't judge episodes by the names on the bottom of the screen >InB4 liking the show makes me a Hasbrodrone.

1 hours later 7006473 Anonymous
>>7006169 >>7006224 Not to mention taking Spitfire and putting her in a completely different role with a different attitude from the few previous appearances. Look, I don't care if she hardly had any airtime previously, it was generally agreed that she was chill based on those previous appearances, there was no need to fuck her over like that, MWW could have used a new character. It's bad enough when she adds in asshole characters (the retarded Dragon Youth, Iron Will) or makes all the "background/filler" ponies assholes, but changing already established characters into assholes? Please fuck off. Next we'll have Rarity turning into a junky.

1 hours later 7006479 Anonymous
>>7006224 > I feel bad for Spike fans. Good thing they don't exist.

1 hours later 7006536 Anonymous
>>7006469 When her episodes start being good you won't hear a bad word in her direction But now its very appropriate to point out how bad her writing is.

1 hours later 7006707 Anonymous
>>7006469 >You shouldn't judge episodes by the names on the bottom of the screen Except when one of those names belongs to an incompetent hack. Seriously, name me ONE Merriwhether episode that doesn't fuck things up. There's a reason for why she doesn't reveals her Twitter account unlike the other writers.

1 hours later 7006753 Anonymous
>>7006479 I am not a fan of Spike, but I like him, he seems like a bro to me. Does that count?

1 hours later 7006810 Herokiller
>>7006707 >incompetent hack If that were true she'd be fired. >Seriously, name me ONE Merriwhether episode that doesn't fuck things up. Hearth's Warming eve. Also, she doesn't make the episodes, she just writes the dialogue.

1 hours later 7006818 Anonymous
>>7006469 there are things worse than cancelling a show. and if her eps are bad, they pull down the series. also, judging episodes to be bad then finding that the common denominator is the writer is fair. Ps, not a hasbrodrone, but a drone in general.

1 hours later 7006838 Anonymous
>>7006810 there could be any number of reasons why she wouldn't be. The dialogue being badly written could factor heavily into how the show is received.

1 hours later 7006852 Anonymous
>>7006753 Spike fans probably exist (somewhere). I was just being a master ruseman.

1 hours later 7006859 Herokiller
>>7006818 Not really, if a show takes a dip in quality it still has the chance to pick itself up. A cancelled show can't do that.

1 hours later 7006874 Anonymous
ITT: fools who don't realize that Merriwhether is the best writer on the MLP staff

1 hours later 7006906 Anonymous
>>7006859 we're on what generation of mlp? a show gets bad, and then if it can't pull itself back up again? it's cancelled, leaving everyone with the bad taste in their mouths over the (lack of) quality of the shows final moments. Ex: big bang theory. It used to be good, I swear.

1 hours later 7006922 Anonymous
>>7006874 Go back to bed, Merriwhether.

2 hours later 7007089 Anonymous
I actually liked Putting Your Hoof Down, and Dragon Quest. Also, Wonderbolt Academy was a really good episode, in my opinion. One of the best in Season 3. Her other three episodes, however, were inexcusably awful.

2 hours later 7007297 Anonymous
>>7006906 It used to be decent. I watched until a couple seasons ago when everything good got replaced by something awful to appeal to the retards who started watching it. >>7007089 The episodes as a whole aren't that bad, it's just she fucks with characters within them when she really shouldn't. I liked Wonderbolt Academy but the whole time I was thrown off by Spitfire being completely different than the last few times we've seen her.

2 hours later 7007430 Anonymous
>>7007297 At least Spitfire can be handwaved by assuming she was being a dick due to being a drill sergeant. We haven't seen Spitfire in that position in her other appearances, so we can assume that she treats all her cadets like shit, while being chill and amiable outside of the academy.

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