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2012-12-19 02:19 6679213 Anonymous (=D.gif 486x274 494kB)
Just uploaded 391 pony wallpapers to dropbox JUST FOR YOU! :D It's a .rar to save space, if you don't trust me, sage and move on, but i wouldn't mess with a fellow brony, have fun with these ^_^ https://www.dropbox.com/s/eprwsfeis6qkpa0/Ponipapers.rar

2 min later 6679260 Anonymous (masterruseman.png 1032x739 123kB)
>brony >emoticons seems too suspicous

11 min later 6679484 Anonymous (proof.png 1366x768 299kB)
>>6679260 Sorry, I use emoticons, but seriously, it's wallpapers, just wallpapers!

22 min later 6679742 Anonymous (Twilight is disapoint.png 830x960 186kB)
self bump >post 1 wallpaper and ask for others >get huge thread lasting hours >post .rar full of hundreds of wallpapers and don't ask for any in return >thread dies

26 min later 6679838 Anonymous (Proof2.png 1366x768 341kB)

29 min later 6679905 Anonymous (trull.png 736x689 173kB)
>>6679742 I believe that the images are in the file but it's not worth the risk of getting a virus i'm not hardcore enough to take the risk

33 min later 6680025 Anonymous
>>6679905 Fine, move on then

36 min later 6680094 namefag
>>6680025 ok ill take the risk and download your shit since i have like 3 different antiviruses. jsut give it 5 min and i will post if legit or not.

37 min later 6680129 Anonymous (get a load of this guy.jpg 640x496 122kB)
>>6680094 >3 different antiviruses

41 min later 6680217 Anonymous
>>6680094 Why the fuck would you have three antiviruses

42 min later 6680255 namefag
>>6680129 yes im paranoid as fuck. FYI i have norton, avast, and panda cloud. norton and avast are paid for and panda could is free version 42% downloaded due to my shitty internet.

42 min later 6680270 Anonymous (Random Boner.png 625x352 284kB)
>>6680217 Super-duper-hoopa-loopa protection, that's why

43 min later 6680290 namefag
>>6680217 see: >>6680255

44 min later 6680324 Anonymous
>>6680255 #noided

45 min later 6680356 namefag
>>6680290 it took ages to configure them so they didnt detect each other as a virus. but worth it 50% my internet keeps diping an peeking, no idea how long this will take.

47 min later 6680388 Anonymous (mfw.jpg 500x375 29kB)
>>6680255 You do realize there's no point in having more than one antivirus system, right?

47 min later 6680406 Anonymous
Just downloaded it, avira scanned it and said it was legit. So, I think I'm not going to get a virus, but I'm not that paranoid about viruses anyways.

51 min later 6680515 namefag
>>6680356 ill be back in 5 min, going for a cigarette it should have downloaded by then (63%) fucking shitty internet.

51 min later 6680521 Anonymous
>>6680406 Thankyou :)

55 min later 6680622 Anonymous
>>6680406 >>6680521 Smells like samefag.

55 min later 6680638 Anonymous
>>6680622 Nope second post is me, OP

57 min later 6680691 Anonymous (desktop12-18-12.jpg 1280x800 274kB)
>>6680406 I'm this faggot, found a new wallpaper I liked at least,pic related, even if I did get a virus

1 hours later 6680819 OP
>>6680691 that wallpaper is in there, and you didn't get a virus, I think you would know if you did

1 hours later 6680921 Anonymous
>>6680819 Most of these are pretty bad, but there's a few gems in here.

1 hours later 6680928 namefag
>>6680515 finally its downloaded. im going to scan them. will say if they are legit i a sec

1 hours later 6680995 Anonymous
>>6680921 Post gems so paranoidfags can see

1 hours later 6681076 namefag
>>6680928 lol there was a virus, but there ARE wallpapers. i patched into the virus and from the looks of it its supposed to send information to an IP address. its basically a recorder. nice try OP. but next time try an conceal the virus better. still trying to figure out what it supposed to record and the IP address its programmed to send stuff to.

1 hours later 6681106 Anonymous (Pegasus.jpg 1933x1050 583kB)
>>6680995 Much too lazy, just download it.

1 hours later 6681125 Anonymous
>>6681076 Shit, seriously? Welp, time to try to remove it I guess.

1 hours later 6681138 OP
>>6681076 STFU there aren't any viruses -.-" you silly!

1 hours later 6681155 OP
>>6681125 NO jesus! it's good wallpapers! People have even said it's legit!

1 hours later 6681165 Anonymous
>>6681076 What antivirus found it? Avira can't find anything.

1 hours later 6681244 OP
>>6681165 There isn't a virus!

1 hours later 6681254 namefag (1349364788625.png 1054x573 862kB)
>>6681076 heres one of the wallpapers. might not have been OP who put the virus there, but its there.

1 hours later 6681322 namefag (1349365419429.jpg 1900x1200 2239kB)
>>6681165 i scanned it with norton. also another one of the wallpapers

1 hours later 6681325 OP
>>6681254 Shut up -.-" There isn't a virus, if there is, prove it coz I have the whole extracted file and my computer is fine.

1 hours later 6681344 Anonymous
>>6681325 Viruses aren't always obvious bro

1 hours later 6681403 namefag (1349366458218.jpg 1680x1050 483kB)
>>6681322 the wallpapers are good. but be honest, was it you who put the virus there OP? or was the file infected without your knowledge?

1 hours later 6681421 OP
>>6681344 There isn't one, if there is, proof or gtfo, my good friend gave me most of the shit in it and I just added some pics (about 100)

1 hours later 6681439 OP
>>6681403 there aren't any viruses

1 hours later 6681453 namefag (1349367067531.jpg 1296x872 120kB)
>>6681403 another wallpaper but OP, scan your PC because if you didnt put it there, the adds are, your PC also has this virus.

1 hours later 6681537 Anonymous
>>6680255 You know antiviruses are bullshit?

1 hours later 6681538 OP
>>6681453 proof or gtfo

1 hours later 6681542 namefag
>>6681453 will provide proof. but ill need to re-download it, norton already deleted it, ill post a screen cap.

1 hours later 6681612 namefag (1349367252477.png 1920x1080 1371kB)
>>6681542 16% done have another wallpaper while you wait.

1 hours later 6681623 Anonymous
>>6681453 >Implying you can get a virus from a rar or from a image you can only get virus from a : .exe;[video files] IF USING WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER, [html files] IF USING INTERNET EXPLORER, autoruns, bat,cmd,py,pl,php,js,jsc,vbs,com or anything that's a program or a script

1 hours later 6681635 sage
>>6681076 LEL. NICE.

1 hours later 6681641 namefag (1349366461934.png 1920x1200 94kB)
>>6681612 26% complete

1 hours later 6681724 namefag (1349362926223.jpg 1920x1080 98kB)
>>6681641 "a virus has been detected today at 2:27 " (britfag time) thats what it said after i downloaded the rar file. could have been from a different program, but this way i can be sure. but i think it is from that file.

1 hours later 6681766 OP
>>6681542 I scanned with Kaspersky, seems fine to me >inb4 kaspersky is shit

1 hours later 6681817 namefag (1349363576133.jpg 1920x1200 934kB)
>>6681724 ill continue to post some of the wallpapers i extracted before i deleted the rar file. 52% done. and im sorry in advance if your rar file didnt not contain the virus, but i got it as soon as i downloaded your file and i had not downloaded anything else.

1 hours later 6681833 Anonymous
>>6681724 I just downloaded a norton trial and it didn't find anything in the .rar.

1 hours later 6681878 OP
>>6681833 he is le master trell

1 hours later 6681998 DangerDash (134105128667.png 968x882 198kB)
I'd download it, but I don't have enough HDD to keep it.

1 hours later 6682026 namefag (1353994638893.gif 160x250 782kB)
>>6681878 its downloaded, ill re-scan it now and post a screen shot.

1 hours later 6682037 OP
>>6681998 HA

1 hours later 6682065 Anonymous
Sounds legit. Gonna DL and take all the good ones. and I'll let you guys know if there's actually anything in the file besides images.

1 hours later 6682086 DangerDash (134115826708.png 3000x1409 181kB)
>>6682037 Is not like if I can do something about it.

1 hours later 6682121 Anonymous
>>6681998 we 1990s now

1 hours later 6682145 Ken D. Blackwell (DerpyWithMuffinShake.gif 214x250 144kB)

1 hours later 6682191 namefag (Screen Shot.jpg 1440x900 254kB)

1 hours later 6682204 OP
>>6682086 That's the good part

1 hours later 6682255 OP (You cunt!.png 538x356 262kB)
>>6682191 > Potential unprotected >Virus < <

1 hours later 6682290 DangerDash (1348257835992.png 846x676 100kB)
>>6682121 >>6682204 Meh >>6682191 Holy crap, clean that desktop.

1 hours later 6682311 Anonymous
>>6682191 Dude, forget the virus, what the actual fuck is wrong with your desktop

1 hours later 6682315 Gigantic Asshole
>>6682191 >running two anti-virus softwares

1 hours later 6682323 OP
>>6682191 Can i get that MLP Letters to princess?

1 hours later 6682379 Anonymous (do the shiggy diggy.gif 450x387 539kB)
>>6682191 >more than one antivirus program >holy shit that desktop

1 hours later 6682388 namefag
>>6682323 no........its a video i made that fails.....i needs re-editing. btw if you don't wanna take my word for it, go ahead and download it, i dunno why i gave a shit anyways.

1 hours later 6682406 Anonymous
1 min left downloading. Will post results.

1 hours later 6682447 Anonymous
>>6682388 I demand answers for that desktop Why do you have some other anon's desktop as your background Why do you have some many goddamn backgrounds Why are you using widgets So much Why

1 hours later 6682451 Anonymous
>>6679213 Obvious Ratpack member is obvious

1 hours later 6682459 OP (Facehoof.jpg 474x271 18kB)
>>6682388 >Go a hed and download it >Is OP

1 hours later 6682460 Anonymous (sdvasff.png 1600x900 2095kB)
>>6682191 Nigga, look at my desktop. Compare it to yours. Fix

1 hours later 6682464 Anonymous
>>6682447 So many goddamn icons, rather

1 hours later 6682466 sage sage

1 hours later 6682490 Anonymous
>>6682464 Icons can be good if done like this: >>6682460

1 hours later 6682491 Anonymous (1355297921553.gif 400x225 315kB)
>>6682191 >Took a /g/ Desktop Thread screenshot and made it his background image I can't stop laughing, holy shit. Please send help.

1 hours later 6682498 namefag
>>6682460 i would, but im to damn lazy, plus i got too much shit on there.

1 hours later 6682500 Anonymous
>>6682466 Sage isn't a downvote you fucking retard >>6682460 Yours is pretty bad too, but at least your icons look like they serve a purpose.

1 hours later 6682513 OP
>>6682460 Post wallpaper

1 hours later 6682528 Anonymous (Capture.png 1250x748 685kB)
>>6682406 aaaaaand, it's full of images (391). No threats detected.

1 hours later 6682536 Anonymous
>trusting antivirus

1 hours later 6682553 Anonymous
>>6682536 >>>/x/

1 hours later 6682557 Anonymous (1354474530442.jpg 1980x1200 1454kB)
>>6682513 Here you go. I have a couple other Katawa Shoujo ones if you want them

2 hours later 6682581 Anonymous
>>6682553 >>>/g/

2 hours later 6682618 Anonymous
>>6682528 Just browsing through, there are some pretty decent ones in here. Thanks OP. A solid chunk of them is every one of those 'arcane' cutie mark walls.

2 hours later 6682631 OP (hehehehe.png 1366x768 1686kB)
>>6682557 WANT

2 hours later 6682636 namefag
>>6682498 you know what, ill fix my desktop and post what i have done. see if you guys approve then. i have nothing else better to do.

2 hours later 6682666 Anonymous
>>6682636 >>>>>> >>>/wg/

2 hours later 6682690 Anonymous
>>6682315 He probably defragments his drive(s) once a week.

2 hours later 6682717 Anonymous
>>6682690 Mine defragments automatically once a week

2 hours later 6682745 Anonymous (1352436998510.png 1920x1080 122kB)
>>6682631 Here you go. 1/11

2 hours later 6682759 Anonymous (1352864476444.jpg 1920x1080 645kB)

2 hours later 6682787 Anonymous (1353296525194.png 1920x1200 1619kB)

2 hours later 6682797 Anonymous (1354474594969.jpg 1920x1200 119kB)

2 hours later 6682812 Anonymous (1354474769701.jpg 2560x1600 618kB)

2 hours later 6682837 Anonymous (1354474772211.jpg 1920x1080 1347kB)

2 hours later 6682856 Anonymous (1354474791954.jpg 1400x1000 162kB)
7/11 In case you can't tell, Emi is my waifu

2 hours later 6682870 Anonymous (1354474880610.png 2560x1600 911kB)

2 hours later 6682885 Anonymous (1354474902568.jpg 1680x1050 612kB)
9/11 lol

2 hours later 6682898 Anonymous (1354475072499.jpg 900x675 200kB)

2 hours later 6682920 OP
>>6682885 >SO EDGY. SO FRESH.

2 hours later 6682927 Anonymous (1354475113059.jpg 1680x1050 823kB)
11/11 That's all she wrote

2 hours later 6683546 KR (Rarity-hop.gif 202x237 273kB)
>>6679213 >https://www.dropbox.com/s/eprwsfeis6qkpa0/Ponipapers.rar Thanks Bro/Sis =3 So far I think you're the best person here! **

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