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2012-12-02 11:50 6245173 Anonymous (LOLtwilightsittingandnotstudying.png 1326x1600 468kB)
http://flockdraw.com/nootlasex Go Draw me some horseys and the first person to draw their cock plunging into Twilight Sparkle wins.

4 min later 6245285 Anonymous (4chin.png 804x479 101kB)
o look guiz

9 min later 6245385 Anonymous (fefefefe.png 801x481 28kB)
fefefefe yay

15 min later 6245522 Anonymous
Welp it's shit.

28 min later 6245819 Anonymous
Should we go to a new, better, room? The current room is full of retards.

29 min later 6245870 Anonymous
We artists now.

31 min later 6245901 Anonymous
http://flockdraw.com/fuckstick2.0 more drawpones less retard

34 min later 6245979 Anonymous (flockdraw 12-2.png 1280x1024 408kB)
I fucking hate you people.

48 min later 6246370 Anonymous (flockdraw4 11-3-2012.png 1280x1024 587kB)
Bump with past shenanigans.

58 min later 6246639 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 801x481 78kB)

1 hours later 6247117 Anonymous
bump I want someone to draw with.

1 hours later 6247188 Anonymous
bump pls guise i'm lonely

1 hours later 6247371 Anonymous
bump guise pls guise

1 hours later 6248015 Anonymous
bumpity bumperu

2 hours later 6248971 Anonymous (flockdraw2 12-2.png 1280x1024 365kB)
bumptastic bombump

2 hours later 6249101 Anonymous

2 hours later 6249267 Anonymous
Bumpity We need more people. Those with drawing experience preferred.

3 hours later 6249936 Anonymous

3 hours later 6250016 BOOK

3 hours later 6250482 Anonymous

3 hours later 6251044 BOOK (4chan draws.jpg 803x482 89kB)

4 hours later 6251883 Anonymous (flockdraw3 12-2.png 1280x1024 608kB)

5 hours later 6253456 Anonymous (flockdraw4 12-2.png 1280x1024 623kB)
Bump. Only (somewhat) Read as: not what so ever skilled drawfags apply.

5 hours later 6253580 Anonymous
>bump the thread >suddenly fagets everywhere Eyup.

5 hours later 6254546 Anonymous (flockdraw5 12-2.png 1280x1024 341kB)
I weep for this board. ;_;

5 hours later 6254782 Anonymous
bump also new room to many people

5 hours later 6254900 Anonymous (Flockdraw 1.png 861x613 289kB)
A lull in the crazy idiotic insanity; during which people actually drew a few things.

5 hours later 6254913 Anonymous
>>6254782 http://flockdraw.com/di94ra

5 hours later 6254937 Anonymous
>>6254782 NO. Don't bump the thread. It lets the shitheads find their way in. And go ahead and make a room. Post the room name here when you're done.

6 hours later 6255639 Anonymous
http://flockdraw.com/g7gxvu Let's see what happens.

6 hours later 6255782 Anonymous
>>6255639 As expected. Here's a fourth room. http://flockdraw.com/9rr7ou

6 hours later 6255975 Anonymous
http://flockdraw.com/insideRD http://flockdraw.com/poniponi http://flockdraw.com/mandopony http://flockdraw.com/isafag Here's four more rooms. We're getting pretty crowded.

6 hours later 6256054 Anonymous
>>6255975 Bummpity bump, come on in!

6 hours later 6256108 Anonymous
>>6255975 Bump, there's plenty of room!

6 hours later 6256178 Anonymous
>>6255975 Bump bump, we need more anons.

6 hours later 6256180 Anonymous
Mandopony is so cool. I wish we could all be like him.

6 hours later 6256222 Anonymous
>>6255975 Come draw pony with us!

6 hours later 6256258 Anonymous
>>6256180 buuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmp

6 hours later 6256284 Anonymous
>>6256180 Agreed. It's clear that he leads a very fulfilling life. Anyway, do you think we need more rooms? They're all pretty crowded.

6 hours later 6256285 Anonymous
the dude's just alt-tabbing between the 10 rooms and writing LOL in big words someone needs to make a new thread or post a flockdraw discretely in another thread or something

6 hours later 6256316 Anonymous
>>6256285 Actually I got like five friends to all come and do the LOL thing with me

6 hours later 6256365 Anonymous
>>6256316 God, they must suck at it if there really are five of them.

6 hours later 6256410 Anonymous
>>6256316 >had 5 tabs open alone >kept up

6 hours later 6256484 Anonymous
>>6256410 I've got nine tabs open. I doubt he can keep up with that many flockdraws.

6 hours later 6256771 Anonymous
>>6245173 >>6254913 >>6255639 >>6255782 >>6255975 These are the rooms we're using. Come join us!

7 hours later 6256884 knifegun
look at insideRD

7 hours later 6256904 Anonymous
>>6256180 I wish to be a pedo

7 hours later 6257169 Anonymous
>>6256771 >>6256771 Come on and join us! It's super fun!

7 hours later 6257256 Anonymous
>>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 You're missing out on a lot of enjoyable times!

7 hours later 6257327 Anonymous
>>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 You won't regret joining us!

7 hours later 6257338 Ruby (wizardshy.png 361x445 53kB)
Bumping with a Fluttershy

7 hours later 6257389 Anonymous
>>6257338 no way

7 hours later 6257427 Anonymous
Some guy asked for a link to flash game, here it is: http://www.mittsies.pensandtales.com/mitt_tumblr/MLPC_FINAL.html

7 hours later 6257525 Anonymous
>>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 It's endless fun!

7 hours later 6257568 Anonymous
>>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 You'll enjoy yourself endlessly!

7 hours later 6257656 Anonymous
shit drawing and constant assfucks deleting everything with the largest brush. Newfags think they are in /b/, nothing to do about it. This was a retarded idea

7 hours later 6257664 Anonymous (flockdraw1.png 797x481 67kB)
being part of something genuinely awesome is better than just trolling the fuck out of things

7 hours later 6257731 Anonymous (flockdraw2.png 798x478 101kB)
>>6257664 seriously what the fuck

7 hours later 6257751 Anonymous (MAHSIDES.jpg 227x222 12kB)
>>6257664 i was the one spamming "le"

7 hours later 6257788 Anonymous
/mlp/ now confirmed for entry level board infested with 16 year olds

7 hours later 6257789 Anonymous
>>6257751 I'm Mando.

7 hours later 6257798 Anonymous
>>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 These are the rooms we're in! Join us!

7 hours later 6257802 Anonymous
>>6257789 i was nigger

7 hours later 6257826 Anonymous
>>6257798 stop spamming this shit, fuck you and your thread. Don't post this garbage

7 hours later 6257838 Anonymous
>>6257788 We already knew that. This just highlighted it.

7 hours later 6257936 Anonymous
>>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 >>6256771 Join us in these rooms for fun! >>6257826 no u

7 hours later 6258128 Anonymous
>>6245173 >>6254913 >>6255639 >>6255782 >>6255975 These are the boards we're using! Come draw with us!

8 hours later 6258229 Anonymous

8 hours later 6258298 Anonymous
This is just a shitty troll attempt. Bunch of kids are waiting for anything interesting going on and then wipe the page. Same assholes are bumping the thread Waste of fucking time even if you want to draw dicks.

8 hours later 6258356 Anonymous
>>6258298 Sigh, it's true. There is a faggot who ruins everything everyone draws. And I have been inviting more poor anons to draw, only to have their hopes smashed by a giant dick. I am a monster. I'm so sorry. ;_;

8 hours later 6258429 Anonymous
>>6258356 This is not going to work, I propose never having another flock thread. We can do mosaics instead, easy to ignore shitposts in those.

8 hours later 6258466 Anonymous
>>6258429 B-but, I like flockdraw. When there aren't any faggots, it's really fun...

8 hours later 6258760 Anonymous
We will never have nice things /mlp/. Accept this and everything will get better.

8 hours later 6258845 Anonymous (flockdraw2 12-3.png 1280x1024 187kB)
>>6258760 But, I had a nice thing. Look at >>6253456 , doesn't that look nice? Why did it have to be destroyed? To be replaced with >pic related ?

8 hours later 6258920 Anonymous
>>6258845 Because Bronies. They can't stop imploding on themselves and ruining everything for others. It's in their nature.

8 hours later 6259092 Anonymous
fucking cunts ruined my drawling :(

9 hours later 6259650 Anonymous (inb4 crap.png 228x211 30kB)
Midway through, I fixed the eyes before some turd erased everything... Pic in reference to: >>6258038

9 hours later 6259856 Anonymous
I randomly drew thing not really caring for them getting deleted. It was a fun time

11 hours later 6261978 Anonymous (Hot dash gangbang.png 1360x624 188kB)

2.986 0.056