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2012-11-24 05:41 6008486 Anonymous (Soviet+Ponies.+CCCP+Unites+Soviet+Socialist+Republic+of+Ponies+Magical+Communist+Friendship_9a4255_3963562.jpg 692x1095 370kB)
Sup /mlp/ writingfag here, My next fic is going to be a crossover between Soviet Russia and Equestria, My Little Communist, great concept, only problem is, I have no idea what should happen! Pitch me ideas to put into my latest fic

0 min later 6008507 Anonymous
See Animal Farm

1 min later 6008518 Anonymous
I was thinking somwhere along the lines of Applejack who brews Vodka goes missing Now all her friends set off in good communist fashion to find her

1 min later 6008531 Anonymous
Leninpony comes in and tells the ponies the wonders of communism, they rebel and kill Celestia.

2 min later 6008551 Anonymous
An Hero of a main character.

2 min later 6008561 Anonymous
Luna and her followers are the new Bolsheviks, work with that from here on.

3 min later 6008584 Anonymous
>>6008531 What if Celestia is the equivelent of Stalin?

4 min later 6008599 Anonymous (a1aaaca02f84e9151fbdacb68901f52c.jpg 210x170 12kB)
Also, song I listen to as I work on this fic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GykGrJ7Cb2M

4 min later 6008602 Anonymous
artyom from metro 2033 comes out and is in Equestria, he spreads communism and guns

5 min later 6008630 Anonymous
Shamelessly self bumping, need more ideas

5 min later 6008645 Anonymous
>>6008584 That's your idea

7 min later 6008680 Anonymous
>>6008507 you should make twilight snowball and rainbow dash napoleon

8 min later 6008700 Anonymous
>>6008680 Who's snowball?

8 min later 6008707 Anonymous (so-then-i-was-going-to-tell-a-princess-diana-joke-that-one-would-have-crashed-and-burned..png 623x532 464kB)
>>6008507 but which one?

10 min later 6008749 Anonymous (1350674492754.png 500x371 211kB)
>>6008680 >Rarity not being Napoleon

10 min later 6008756 Anonymau5
My Little Commie sounds better

11 min later 6008779 Anonymous
Fuck that. Write a My Little Pony and A Serbian Film crossover instead.

11 min later 6008794 Anonymous
>>6008756 my little commie: sharing is magic

11 min later 6008797 Anonymous
>>6008756 Original title was My Little Soviet, but I'm up for anything, my goal is to have it featured on Fim Fiction the day it goes out

12 min later 6008823 Anonymous
>>6008794 -=My Little Communist=- Current title, but anyway, everyone seems to think I should base it off this Animal Farm

12 min later 6008830 Anonymous
>>6008797 good luck though

15 min later 6008887 Anonymous
Self Bump, anymore ideas?

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