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2012-11-24 05:38 6008427 Anonymous (derpycry.png 900x1125 186kB)
I guess Derpy really is dead and gone.

1 min later 6008458 Anonymous
>>6008427 HUZZAH!

1 min later 6008463 Anonymous
>>6008427 Her tail is on her flank.

1 min later 6008476 Anonymous (derpy season3.png 671x402 393kB)
she was in the premiere and in the pinkie episode. but only barely....

1 min later 6008477 Anonymous
Nope. Pay close attention during the crowd scenes.

2 min later 6008487 Anonymous
She was just a background character with no lines. Nothing to shit your pants over.

5 min later 6008573 Anonymous
Nah, they'v just turned her into some shitty Where's Wally/Waldo-style cameo.

16 min later 6008864 Anonymous
>>6008427 They're just taunting us. They know we're worried and now they're keeping her half hidden on purpose so we'll get all worried, then Derpy will have a line again with a better voice than before and we'll cry tears of joy.

18 min later 6008925 Anonymous
>>6008427 You can see her in the commercials, sitting in the stands while Twilight is doing magic.

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