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2012-11-24 05:26 6008032 Anonymous (40486 (64).jpg 582x623 146kB)

1 min later 6008089 Anonymous
>>6008032 NO

3 min later 6008142 Anonymous
Your all are never impressed...is every episode the worst episode ever?!

3 min later 6008153 Anonymous
>>6008032 Please. No. That's jsut sad. Is this your first time watching the stream of a CMC? This is god tier by their standards. You can fuck off with that "I hate everything new" mentality.

3 min later 6008160 Anonymous
Did you just watch Feeling Pinkie Keen again, or the Season 3 opener?

4 min later 6008179 Anonymous

4 min later 6008188 Anonymous
>>6008142 agreed, the writing style is still the same, now fuck off

4 min later 6008189 Anonymous
Fuck off, OP. Seriously.

4 min later 6008199 Anonymous (applejackumad.jpg 288x175 9kB)
>>6008032 rarity is new background pony

6 min later 6008239 Anonymous
>>6008032 OPs just butthurt that GNAA spoiled the flow of the episode. And people said that being a horsefucker is dull

8 min later 6008313 Anonymous (333.png 742x605 647kB)
>One Bad Apple >Worst Episode Ever >Not Too Many Pinkie Pies be the worst episode ever

10 min later 6008353 Anonymous
>>6008032 Has it really been a week since the last new MLP episode.

10 min later 6008379 Anonymous
Get back in my bed, Rarity. I'll make you feel better.

11 min later 6008389 Anonymous
>>6008199 Dubs confirm...

16 min later 6008517 Anonymous
>>6008142 Of course it is. Everything new is always the worst thing ever. I enjoyed the episode.

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