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2012-11-24 05:23 6007949 Anonymous (180px-Babs_Seed_in_One_Bad_Apple_Clip.png 180x224 41kB)
i dont like babs's hair scheme.... anyone with me?

1 min later 6008001 Anonymous
I think I might be the only one who likes it.

2 min later 6008035 Anonymous
>>6007949 Agreed I fucking loved the episode I might be the only one not to like the accent though

3 min later 6008045 Anonymous
I suspect she dyes it and that she naturally has black or brown hair.

3 min later 6008055 Anonymous (1348714305242.png 800x704 84kB)
>>6007949 You mean the filly tracy recolor?

3 min later 6008082 Spinach (hmph.png 564x645 75kB)
All the fucking way. >>6008001 You are.

4 min later 6008110 Anonymous
>>6007949 probably my favourite cmc episode

6 min later 6008170 Anonymous
She looks like someone stuck salmon sashimi on a roughly pony-shaped lump of shit. Could have been far worse though. For instance, purple hair.

6 min later 6008171 Anonymous
>>6007949 Just wait for the animated GIF where she blows at her hair.

6 min later 6008182 Anonymous
>>6008035 accent was a bit weird

7 min later 6008207 Anonymous
>>6007949 She's as ugly as her accent, and that's how her character works. They bully her for being butt ugly.

7 min later 6008212 Anonymous
guys, when is the episode gonna air?

8 min later 6008215 Anonymous
shee looks like dookie

9 min later 6008260 Anonymous
>>6008035 Northeastern accents are usually pretty shit tier. >Boston >New Jersey >New York

11 min later 6008315 Anonymous
>>6008260 What's a "good" accent, then? Not to say that any of those accents are "good". Actually just curious.

12 min later 6008349 Anonymous
>>6008045 >brown coat >brown hair nigga, nobody ever has that.

14 min later 6008425 Anonymous
>>6008315 Basically anywhere that isn't near the northeast. Seriously, I can put up with a hick more than i could some douche from NY.

16 min later 6008462 Anonymous
>>6008260 im from new york you ass hole

17 min later 6008489 Anonymous
>>6007949 I like her hair scheme. Her short tail provides easy access to her marhsmellow.

18 min later 6008501 Anonymous
>>6008462 ha ha! you're from new york , hows the twin towers lately! Im from australia and Im not very good at locale shittalk

18 min later 6008514 Anonymous
>>6008425 Britfag here. Hick and Boston are my two favourite american accents. Why all the hate?

19 min later 6008552 Anonymous (1338352144711.jpg 300x300 42kB)
>>6008462 Then i feel bad for you.

24 min later 6008684 Anonymous (drhoof.png 325x395 173kB)
>>6008349 They don't?

26 min later 6008710 Anonymous
>>6008684 Just look at all those pixels. try harder.

44 min later 6009216 Anonymous
>>6008514 Because that guy's a faggot from the west coast. Here in the Midwest though we're considered the generic american accent and nothing special, so any accent but ours seems fantastic. Except when they pronounce Wash as Worsh. Then it's just funny.

48 min later 6009312 Anonymous
>>6009216 Yeah the midwest has the "newscaster" accent, where we actually pronounce words how they're written in the dictionary. The classic Wisconson accent I'm not sure actually exists. But then, I've never been to Wisconson.

51 min later 6009414 The Unknown
>>6007949 It looks like Pinkamenas hair got set on fire.

54 min later 6009512 Anonymous (Pepsi.png 284x323 87kB)
>>6007949 It's not THAT bad, but they could've done way better. Anyway we will probably never see Babs again, so who cares...

59 min later 6009623 Anonymous
>>6009512 I don't know, she's a popular OC, and the leader of the Manehatten branch of the crusaders. Soon the crusaders will be an official scout organization with troops all over equestria, where they try to earn one big badge.

1 hours later 6010923 Anonymous
I kept thinking about bacon when her hair moved, really impacted my ability to take her seriously. As for the voice acting the VA tried to force an accent that can only be pulled off by those who just have it, forgivable. Overall good episode.

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