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2012-11-24 05:23 6007946 Anonymous (1353660593438.png 800x878 111kB)
So, we get an episode about how to deal with bullies. Babs is bullied into helping Tiara bully the CMC. At the same time some 'bullies' hack bronystate and make ponychanners mad enough to 'bully' /v/ and that makes /v/ made enough to come back here. >yfw we're the CMC. >we're always the CMC.

4 min later 6008094 Anonymous
So... then /v/ is Babs, but... Who're Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, and who are the Manehattan bullies?

6 min later 6008146 Anonymous
>>6008094 The real world

6 min later 6008180 Anonymous
>>6008094 Diamond Tiara = Our Fail Janitor Silver Spoon = Mootykins Manehattan Bullies = GNAA

9 min later 6008236 Anonymous
>>6008094 Diamond Tiara=GNAA Silver Spoon=thereisnosanity (GNAA's retarded, incompetent little brother)

10 min later 6008273 Anonymous
>>6008094 GNAA is diamond tiara and silver spoon Manehattan bullies are... the rest of the internet

12 min later 6008334 Anonymous
>>6008273 Then who was /b/read?

14 min later 6008407 Anonymous
>>6007946 While at the the same time the bullies spending enough time and effort 'hacking' a 'My Little Pony FiM' live-stream have been touched by their Dads and feel this is the only way they can feel empowered again.

14 min later 6008416 sage sage
>and make ponychanners mad enough to 'bully' /v/ [citation needed] >inb4 go back 2 ponychan/reddit/eqd

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