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2012-11-24 05:20 6007859 Anonymous (applejack_clopplauding_by_mihaaaa-d3hohmg.gif 770x770 83kB)
>Goes to 4chan after Bronystate hacking >Expects a board war between /mlp/ and /v/ >Actually sees people explaining the misconception >You all a morality point for today

1 min later 6007899 Anonymous

1 min later 6007915 Anonymous
>>6007899 Goddammit, Bateman

3 min later 6007968 Anonymous
>/v/ hacking things. Oh haha.

3 min later 6007972 Anonymous (678.jpg 403x481 56kB)

3 min later 6007979 Anonymous (1352190996663.jpg 276x183 11kB)
>>6007859 /v/ are blocking all those threads We all know its GNAA being butthurt dickheads

6 min later 6008090 Anonymous (Troll.jpg 450x493 106kB)
Indeed... Well Done.

55 min later 6009448 Anonymous (1352843464304.jpg 800x840 134kB)
Honestly, I'd be really appreciative if someone could explain why the GNAA even exists. I'm not mad, just like... Why? What's in it for them?

1 hours later 6009762 Anonymous
>>6009448 They've existed on Slashdot for about 10 years. They're one of the oldest trolling groups around. I have some friends who were involved about 7 years ago.

1 hours later 6009871 Anonymous (zbdv7.jpg 500x281 28kB)
From GNAA twitter >PRESS RELEASE: http://pastebin.com/dm6X03au We have joined the War on Bronies. Your time is up, bronies #WarOnBronies #OpBronyBeatdown #RustleLeague

1 hours later 6009918 Anonymous (1348481412556.jpg 750x744 118kB)
>>6009871 >War on Bronies

1 hours later 6009930 Anonymous
>>6009871 "We believe that the bronies lurk from anywhere to chans, and as far as Twitter, disguising themselves usually as Jews, niggers, or as older men trying to give out candy for free. The bronies are not only a crafty kind, like niggers, but they are a manipulating kind who will try and get you to join their brony army and take away any normality whatsoever from you and turn you into a 40 year old virgin pedophile who will end up an hero'ing because their life consisted of worshipping ponies. Ally yourselves with all parties who have been infiltrated by these brony scum and attack them at the source, their show. Without their show, they cannot multiply, even though they're incapable of actually having any sort of intercourse or reproducing. It is our time to end this faggotry and prevent people from ruining their lives and never getting laid, once and for all."

1 hours later 6009942 Anonymous (1353714983148.png 486x629 156kB)
>>6009871 >War on Bronies >My sides

1 hours later 6009979 Anonymous
>>6009871 well their first attempt was more funny than anoying.

1 hours later 6009982 Anonymous (220px-Weev-selfportrait-prophet.png 220x240 110kB)
>>6009448 Old OLD timey trolling group. I remember back in the days when blessed Warmaster weev was still a member. Is trolling brony groups really how far the GNAA have sunk?

1 hours later 6009984 Anonymous (image.jpg 421x596 47kB)

1 hours later 6010029 Anonymous
>>6009982 What did they what was so good back then?

1 hours later 6010081 Anonymous (goodluck.jpg 960x635 145kB)
>>6009930 >attack them at the source, their show. Without their show, they cannot multiply

1 hours later 6010094 Anonymous
>>6009982 As far as I can tell, the GNAA is nothing but underage tryhards these days. Sad, really.

1 hours later 6010209 Anonymous
>>6010029 A whole bunch of shit. It's listed on the GNAA page for wikipedia. One little gem they created was Last Measure. It was a rather harmless little site that would open up countless spam windows on your computer screen, while playing on the speakers "HEY EVERYBODY, I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORN!!!" Back some time in the early 2000s, my dad was at work, and browsing news. He came across a link on a news site that said "Osama bin laden dead!" or "Saddam Hussein Dead!" or something to that effect. He opened the link and got Last Measured full blast It took him all of ten seconds to desperately rip out every single cord he could see in the back of the computer, but by that time, everyone was looking at him, and the room was flooded with spaghetti. When he told me this one a few years back, I nearly shit myself laughing.

1 hours later 6010284 Anonymous
>>6010209 How is that trolling?

1 hours later 6010412 Kageshi | sh1tf!@% (bitchniggaman.png 272x293 97kB)
Sup nigga bitch niggas

1 hours later 6010537 Anonymous (1348244789148.jpg 500x500 29kB)
>>6009930 >It is our time to end this faggotry >GNAA

1 hours later 6010647 Anonymous (1352777345948.jpg 412x352 89kB)
>>6009871 >War on Bronies >#OpBronyBeatdown >#RustleLeague My sides are in orbit.

1 hours later 6010687 Anonymous (__knight_dash___by_rainbowdashyy-d5kwhuj.png 900x506 755kB)
Lets hack GNAA.

1 hours later 6010729 Anonymous
>>6010687 No. Go back to /b/

1 hours later 6010778 Anonymous
>>6009982 What can the GNAA do that society hasn't done to itself?

1 hours later 6010824 Anonymous (rainbow_dash_the_warrior_by_ratchethun-d5k26sj.png 1280x1014 458kB)
>>6010687 The original is better. It shows off her ass.

1 hours later 6010850 Anonymous
>>6010687 Get out dumbfuck.

1 hours later 6011020 Anonymous (1353297919156.gif 353x234 2495kB)
Great, now the GNAA thinks that we are planing a counter attack. >Bronies planning to fight the GNAA...http://www.animateit.net/data/media/353/ehlxld.gif >game on. #WarOnBronies https://twitter.com/dutchminati/status/272395553369882624 This is whole situation is stupid with autism spilling form both sides.

1 hours later 6011288 Anonymous (twhylight.jpg 490x442 53kB)

2 hours later 6011506 Anonymous
>>6011020 Why can't we just fight in the streets like normal people?

2 hours later 6011566 Anonymous
>>6011506 Because no one wants to see a bunch of fat people having slap fights.

2 hours later 6011654 Mr.Fagatron
>>6011566 That would be fun as fuck to see tho.

2 hours later 6011762 Anonymous
>>6010209 That is FANTASTIC! See, that's the kind of thing they should be doing- HELL! Even if they did that to MLP fans, I'd be fucking pissing myself. They have such a good sense of humour, why have they pissed it away with trolling MLP? What a waste

2 hours later 6011773 Anonymous
>>6011654 Nah, not really >Fat guy #1 goes to slap fat guy #2 >they're both flinching as they're moving >they're both flailing their arms like its going out of style ...Yeah, this does sound funny, actually.

2 hours later 6011811 Anonymous
>>6009930 People still say "an hero" or "an heroing"? This /b/ or internet culture shit is the faggiest of the fag. I hope I'm not the only one who gets mad at that. This brony stuff they're doing, no not mad at that. I am mad at them not realizing they're exactly what they hate.

2 hours later 6011867 Anonymous
>>6011811 I'll bet they know, but they think its "ironic" or something. Any idiot will justify their idiocy any way they can.

2 hours later 6012019 Anonymous
>>6011811 Nobody gets it right anymore. It's 'becoming an hero', not 'an heroing'. Fuck, man.

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