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2012-11-24 05:20 6007830 Anonymous (5364567457457.gif 399x288 1126kB)
>now that Twilight is headed towards greatness, Rarity has gone full lespony for her. >they're officially cashing in on Sweetie Bell's VA's screaming. If you've seen her youtube channel, you know what I mean. >Sweetie Bell's golden and toweled flank. >Wanted to come to Applejack. >Tossed Pinkie's salad. >"No snitching" meme activated >obvious "cool donkey" reaction meme creation is obvious >Subtle zucchini sex toy usage >EUGENICS Discuss. Any thing I miss?

4 min later 6007991 Anonymous (1353443824585.png 135x135 1kB)
>memes >sexual innuedo Fuck you I liked it 8/10

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