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2012-11-24 05:11 6007538 Anonymous Babs' accent thread (85434.jpg 210x240 17kB)
This is the thread for discussing all that is great about Babs' accent.

1 min later 6007614 Anonymous (Christopher-Walken-9521854-1-402.jpg 402x402 77kB)

2 min later 6007635 Anonymous
This is going to be a short thread

3 min later 6007661 Anonymous
Who the fuck picked her color scheme? It looks like shit.

3 min later 6007673 Anonymous
tell ya muthas

4 min later 6007724 Anonymous
hair looks like shit

7 min later 6007806 Anonymous
first thought it was german then it turned to brookyln FUCK

11 min later 6007941 Anonymous

13 min later 6007988 Anonymous
>>6007614 Tell me, does ya mutha sew?

15 min later 6008072 Anonymous
accent was cute, blowing her hair to the side was cute, covering her flank with her tail was cute cute pony

23 min later 6008319 Anonymous
>>6008072 Exquisite tastes you have there, if I do say so myself.

55 min later 6009187 Anonymous
She's... actually quite cute.

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