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2012-11-24 05:11 6007513 Anonymous (rage.png 375x375 160kB)
>10:15am >home alone >come here >realize there's a new episode in 15 minutes >holy shit I can totally watch this on my TV >go to my room and turn on my TV >fuck I don't know what channel The Hub is >desperately search through all the channels >finally use the search function in the guide part >type in "The Hub" >bunch of Nascar shit comes up >what the fuck man >type in "My Little--" THER IT IS SHIT >10:29am >go to channel >big message that says "You are currently not subscribed to this channel, for more information call this phone number blah blah blah >go full autism and start yelling out FUCK and GODDAMNIT and I HATE MY LIFE >feel like my whole day is ruined >get a cherry slushie >talk to my mom >still pissed How long before it's up on YouTube?

1 min later 6007553 Anonymous
stop shit posting

1 min later 6007592 Anonymous (1332117407040s.jpg 126x95 2kB)
>cherry slushie >still pissed

1 min later 6007594 Anonymous
Nobody cares about your autistic problems

3 min later 6007659 Anonymous

6 min later 6007747 Anonymous
>>6007513 What are you, 12?

7 min later 6007768 Anonymous
Holy shit the autism, i didn't think people still act like this. Grow up.

8 min later 6007821 Anonymous
responses made me lol well done everyone

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