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2012-11-24 05:08 6007393 Anonymous (1310362468955.jpg 605x807 129kB)
Dear /mlp/ mods. Can we get a sticky saying that /v/ didnt hack the stream and its all trolls from outside sites on both /mlp/ and /v/ that is trying to start a board war?

2 min later 6007489 Anonymous
>>6007393 /mlp/ doesn't haave mods, mods are global but it is rare for them to visit this board

4 min later 6007563 Anonymous
>>6007393 >implying mods care about us If anyone cared for this board, save the 3 people that are still here from the beginning, nobody would even give a shit about the whole Tosh thing

4 min later 6007589 Anonymous
>>6007393 >implying mods All we have is a shitty janitor.

5 min later 6007604 Anonymous (1352661245684.jpg 532x338 29kB)
>>6007393 >/mlp/ having mods >coming from the board that whines about the ponyspam coming probably from the same outside trollsite I appreciate your non-retardedness though. Try it on >>>/q/

9 min later 6007749 Anonymous
>>6007393 fag

10 min later 6007773 Anonymous
All we can do now is wait >>>/q/298680

16 min later 6007970 Anonymous
>>6007393 It's kinda sad that this happened, But I don't believe someone outside of the /v/ vs. /mlp/ shit would blame /v/ for a shitstorm. He is here, reading this, right now... Behind you

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