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2012-11-24 05:03 6007207 Anonymous (1342383159596.png 1280x800 333kB)
>Resolution that makes sense without being way too lame >Had a few funny moments, especially in the end. >Bab's voice only annoying when she was being a bitch >Feeling some shit throughout the episode. "Then... Why do I feel like crying?" Overall: I enjoyed it/10 Thoughts, /mlp/?

4 min later 6007402 Captain conundrum
7/10 would watch again sweetie belle was fucking adorable

5 min later 6007467 Anonymous
8/10 song wasnt bad

6 min later 6007496 Anonymous
>>6007402 Sweetie is best pone for this week.

10 min later 6007654 Anonymous
I dunno, seemed pretty forgettable. Song was okay. Sweetie was pretty fuckin kawaii. Overall 6/10 probably won't watch again.

11 min later 6007662 Anonymous
8/10 would have been 9/10 is the song was better.

14 min later 6007783 Anonymous
5/10 The episode itself was a piece of shit. Babs Seed was a complete bitch through the entire thing. The only thing that made me watch it was the song.

14 min later 6007791 Anonymous
>Isn't it smashing? Pretty funny episode, gonna watch it again on youtube.

16 min later 6007828 Anonymous
I might have enjoyed it more if I didn't miss half of it in bits and pieces.

17 min later 6007879 Anonymous
I enjoyed it 8/10

17 min later 6007889 Anonymous
high res pics of sweetie bell's golden latex covered ass where?

22 min later 6008041 Anonymous
I thought this was going to be another "Applebloom episode with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo having only a few lines", but they were both great in this episode as well. Sweetie was adorable, and Scootaloo, well, I'm not sure what that house was they were staying at, could be hers. We'll find out in two weeks I'm sure. And yes, gilded Sweetie Belle was amazing.

27 min later 6008214 Anonymous
>>6007828 the Gay Niggers distraction threw off the whole episode IMO ah,,,,,, theres never a dull day for us horsefuckers

29 min later 6008252 Anonymous
>>6008041 It was Sweetie's, you can see her dad outside of the house, fishing or something.

30 min later 6008297 Anonymous
>>6008252 Hmm... interesting observation. I guess Scoot's family/home life is still a complete mystery.

30 min later 6008310 Anonymous
>>6007889 ...what is it with this show and its slowly growing infatuation with latex?

32 min later 6008347 Anonymous
Compared to last episode, 9/10 Better song, better story, actually had a lesson.

39 min later 6008553 Anonymous
>>6008310 Well, most people don't want to be called horsefuckers so, they, myself among them, want to imagine that these "ponies" are actually a separate species, not equine. So, they, in fact, do not have fur on their skin, but a skin with a latex or marshmallow like texture. Latex is more close to home, because it is already a popular fetish.

40 min later 6008579 Captain conundrum
>>6008347 >better song last episode had no song.

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