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2012-11-24 05:02 6007129 Anonymous (Rarity Rage.jpg 1000x720 200kB)
>That feel when waiting for the new episode to hit Youtube

2 min later 6007245 Anonymous
nobody cares faggot

2 min later 6007262 Isaac
the feel when you have the worst internet connection 84kb per second at day, during night 110kb at maximum. so the streaming sucked slightly.

4 min later 6007319 Anonymous
>>6007262 May take a few hours. Don't bother waiting.

>>6007129 >that feel when you watched it live on synchtube

4 min later 6007342 Anonymous
>>6007319 Shit, meant to reply to OP.

19 min later 6007904 Anonymous
Come on. Surely a 260p version must be rendered by now. It's been like 50 minutes.

27 min later 6008172 Anonymous
Here you go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ckXmpzJpoc

33 min later 6008327 Anonymous
>>6008172 Not OP, but I'd better wait for good quality.

36 min later 6008426 Anonymous (shiggydiggy.jpg 316x560 53kB)
>>6008327 >not watching it anyway and rewatching it when good quality comes out.

40 min later 6008529 Anonymous
>>6008172 thank you good sir

46 min later 6008689 Anonymous (lr.jpg 900x675 172kB)
>that feel when watching the new episode live on an HDTV tuned to Hub every week it airs Is this feel really that rare? Yeah, the viewers limited to internet streams have more reason to comment on it, but Hub needs more expansion anyway. And just in time for their Four Night Fur-Fest .

1 hours later 6009270 Anonymous
>>6008172 decent episode 6/10

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