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2012-11-24 05:01 6007107 Anonymous Fucking Bad Apples (whatthefuckingfuck.png 515x286 317kB)
What the fuck, man? How could this seriously be a legitimate episode? Do they even know how bullies work? You don't solve your problems by fucking telling people. You have to take action and solve it yourself. Not to mention, babs was a shit OC put together at the last second. Get your shit together, Studio B. Polsky is saving S3 with Too many pinkie pies right now...

4 min later 6007320 Anonymous
i hear yar. i am a victim of bullying and this is not how these things end. fuck the CMC.

5 min later 6007359 Anonymous
I believe that this is a classic case of the butt aches.

5 min later 6007363 Anonymous
lol it is funny how you think you know how shit works.

7 min later 6007446 Anonymous (1338963492230.png 390x502 183kB)
Can we get to the real issue at hand here? How the fuck did Pinkie build a cart out of four wooden wheels and giant leaves of lettuce?

7 min later 6007466 Anonymous (1330743204336.png 422x344 156kB)
>You don't solve your problems by fucking telling people >Friendship is Magic Do you even watch the show? Pretty much every lesson has been some sort of variation of 'YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING YOURSELF, NUMBNUTS!'

9 min later 6007511 Anonymous
>show is about talking, magical candy ponies >"hurr that's not how things work"

9 min later 6007515 Anonymous (mlfw7815-MLP_internet.jpg 680x491 41kB)
>OP pretends he knows how shit works >mfw OP is socially inept

9 min later 6007536 Anonymous
it is better to fight then to get walk on. even if you dont win, they with think twice before messing with you.

10 min later 6007551 TheGreatAndPowerful
Orange Trace was cooler when she was mean.

10 min later 6007554 Anonymous
>this episode >implying snitches don't get stitches What is with this season so far? I hope Magic Duel redeems it.

11 min later 6007585 Anonymous
Women work diffrently. This is the right way to solve the issue.

11 min later 6007605 Anonymous
>>6007359 fixed* >I believe this is a case of the spergs

11 min later 6007615 Creeper Jones (1352770399408.jpg 644x360 35kB)
>>6007107 You and I both know that this show isn't going to approve of violence with the exception of the Royal Wedding because there was no other solution. Your argument instantly looses validity. Also, I thought the episode was pretty good, not just as a Crusaders episode, but as an all around series episode. This is opinion though.

12 min later 6007630 TheGreatAndPowerful (131518182405.gif 100x100 14kB)
>>6007554 No it won't. Too much can go wrong. I'm remaining pessimistic and currently searching for a new favorite pone just in case.

12 min later 6007645 Anonymous
>>6007446 Obviously by being Pinkie. Get your shit together, anon.

12 min later 6007649 Anonymous
>>6007585 i fucking hate girl things

14 min later 6007716 Anonymous
>>6007107 >OC you use that, but I don't think you know what it means

15 min later 6007751 Anonymous (1350324244414.jpg 517x469 104kB)
>>6007615 >CMC episode >Good we both know that is not how these things work.

16 min later 6007762 sage (1353188711810.jpg 800x927 204kB)
>>6007649 >being on /mlp/ >hating girly stuff

16 min later 6007764 Anonymous
Babs does look like an OC, doesn't she? I mean they're all OCs obviously but she looks like the sort of trash you see on deviantART.

16 min later 6007784 Anonymous
>>6007107 >>6007320 Hurrduur I know how the only possible form of bullying works and all other forms are invalid.

16 min later 6007785 Anonymous
>>6007751 >Ponyville Confidential Other than that, yeah...

17 min later 6007797 Anonymous
>>6007107 it was an alright They did go with the whole "bullies have feelings too" kind of thing

17 min later 6007804 Anonymous (1353612227154.png 900x1047 89kB)
>>6007762 >sage in the name field I thought the episode was a solid 8/10.

17 min later 6007822 Anonymous (1339718676592.png 500x666 421kB)
>>6007585 >Women work diffrently

18 min later 6007826 Anonymous
>>6007107 >You don't solve your problems by fucking telling people. You have to take action and solve it yourself. You're forgetting that this is a show for little girls. They "solve" things differently.

18 min later 6007832 Creeper Jones
>>6007751 Aw, come on sport. You know there have been quite a few episodes worse than this one. It's at decent to pretty good grounds.

18 min later 6007838 Mop-maned Pegasus
>>6007764 Babs doesn't have a great design, but honestly? She's not Deviantart awful.

19 min later 6007870 Anonymous
>>6007822 I think girl bullying is different from guy bullying at the teenager level, but not so much at the prepubescent level.

19 min later 6007881 Anonymous (I'm here.jpg 245x251 25kB)
>>6007822 >denying biology

19 min later 6007883 Anonymous
>>6007826 OP is a little girl

19 min later 6007896 Anonymous
>>6007107 >mfw the lesson wasn't about how to deal with bullies >mfw the majority of anons posting here are assdamaged bully victims who were thinking of nothing besides "HURR REVENGE! KILL!!" >mfw the majority of people here are missing the point >mfw I have no face

20 min later 6007922 Anonymous
>>6007107 Wait are you seriously mad that a show about friendship, took the non violent route? How the hell did you think it was going to end? Keep in mind I said think not want.

21 min later 6007954 Anonymous
>>6007896 >saying majority Thank you

22 min later 6007983 Anonymous (1348075545871.png 727x697 25kB)
>>6007881 >denying individualism

22 min later 6007984 TheGreatAndPowerful (130425__UNOPT__.png 800x800 172kB)
>>6007822 You might think dey don't but dey do.

23 min later 6008006 Anonymous
>>6007922 Ehh. It seemed forced though. I set expectations high enough so I thought some quirky alternative ending could have saved the day, since "haha. she's getting a taste of her own medicine" isn't child appropriate anymore. Whoops.

23 min later 6008021 Anonymous
This episode was bad but it's CMC so we were all excepting that. The next episode will also be bad (hurr durr Trixie revenge hurr Trixie ville) anyway.

25 min later 6008078 Anonymous (Bored...gif 168x199 18kB)
When i saw her on the train, i was thinking: Did the MLP creators throw off some OC creation contest for it to be featured in the show?

26 min later 6008097 Anonymous (1329030615332.jpg 641x491 82kB)
>>6008021 I don't want to believe it be like it is but it do. It do.

27 min later 6008122 Anonymous
>>6008078 Babs really does look like a bad OC. Not quite deviantart tier. But still pretty bad.

27 min later 6008148 Pants without pants
>>6007446 dude, seriously? it's pinkie, the earth pony who's made two working flying machines out of sweets. in other news DIAMOND TIARA IS A BIG FAT SLOBBERING PIG!

27 min later 6008155 Creeper Jones
>>6008122 I could swear I just saw that exact same comment earlier.

28 min later 6008164 Anonymous (1351906353838.jpg 471x354 26kB)
>>6007630 this I'm afraid my second favorite ponies just might not keep me interest in /mlp/ any longer tho... I can already see myself getting all butthurt after seeing Trixie going from vibrant self entitled performer host to just ... Sombrero with lines.

28 min later 6008175 Anonymous
>>6008122 Agreed, she is just simple. Not bad.

30 min later 6008221 Pants without pants
>>6008164 she's probably going to go full on thundercunt. then Spike's gonna tip the scales in Twilight's favor during the final battle between the two

31 min later 6008257 Anonymous (1338965944896.png 747x677 419kB)
>>6008164 Well wait, who is the writer for it? Maybe it's still salvageable. I mean she probably won't get any better, but maybe she can just plateau and be on par with her past episode...?

31 min later 6008263 TheGreatAndPowerful (135461__UNOPT__safe_trixie_artist-colorlesscupcake.png 727x583 299kB)
>>6008164 Hurt? My ass will be devastated, annihilated, ripped to pieces and burned.

32 min later 6008301 Anonymous
I can't really blame Studio B. They were told to make a Very Special Episode. In most hands, it would have been so fucking horrible viewers' televisions would collapse in on themselves after airing; by comparison this was pretty good.

34 min later 6008359 Anonymous (1340341024148.jpg 449x496 143kB)
>>6008263 It's okay. Applejack will always be there to be best pone replacement

34 min later 6008360 Anonymous (1344216751498.jpg 912x317 89kB)
>trixie fasn worried about their pony status i can almost taste the tears that will happen.

36 min later 6008428 Anonymous
>>6008359 When they decide to bring her out of the hole... which will be never.

37 min later 6008455 Anonymous
>>6008301 >They were told to make a Very Special Episode. Really? Well that eases things up a bit. You can't really do much if they were as limited as I'm imagining they were...

37 min later 6008457 Anonymous
>>6008359 Hey this suppose to be an episode about a one shot pony coming back. Not a background pony like the last round up.

41 min later 6008528 TheGreatAndPowerful (157602__UNOPT__.png 1008x1008 105kB)
>>6008359 Back to the background, shoo. I'll just means Timeturner moves up to first place if this goes wrong.

41 min later 6008556 Anonymous
>>6008455 Of course they were told to do this kind of episode. No one wants to make this kind of episode because of how limiting it is. Hasbro suits were probably breathing down their necks the whole time.

42 min later 6008560 Anonymous
>>6007446 You've seen pinkie do more impossible things and THIS is your concern?

44 min later 6008629 Anonymous (1341795739934.gif 623x615 1601kB)
>>6008560 Hey. Everything else was explainable. But this shit was wack, yo.

45 min later 6008661 Captain conundrum
>>6008629 defying gravity is explainable? please enlighten me.

46 min later 6008669 Anonymous (psa.jpg 300x291 85kB)
>>6008301 Next thing ya know there's going to be an episode on drug use or homosexuality.

46 min later 6008672 Anonymous
>>6008528 >only enjoying background pones >shoos away best background pone Nigga, how do you function?

46 min later 6008687 Anonymous (1340171480844.png 894x894 198kB)
>>6008661 Magic

48 min later 6008728 Anonymous
>>6008669 Actually a drug use episode would be easy. Have a rare tasty treat that's very fattening and have pinkie be addicted to it the rest of the main six have an intervention for her. It's doable and can have a lot of funny moments. It could also fill up there being a fat piece of crap is bad quota.

48 min later 6008730 Anonymous
>>6008669 I would actually love to see an episode on drug use. They couldn't possibly fill our heads with more false propaganda than the US government. Right? .......Right?

49 min later 6008760 TheGreatAndPowerful (h132e517c9o47281m422222e22245s234Z16161A1616L16161G16161O.jpg 174x98 19kB)
>>6008672 I'm fueled by porn and booze mostly. My mind wobbles in many directions at once.

49 min later 6008761 Anonymous (1338957952098.gif 300x150 54kB)
>>6008728 Episode confirmed incredibly hard to fuck up. I really hope they don't fuck it up

50 min later 6008790 Captain conundrum
>>6008687 pinkie is an erf pone though

51 min later 6008814 Anonymous (1338950825132.gif 400x360 436kB)
>>6008790 Would you put it past Pinkie to pester Twilight until she gave her some kind of anti-gravity spell?

52 min later 6008831 TheGreatAndPowerful (1343429431728.gif 600x400 230kB)
>>6008669 Talking about obligatory episodes, where's the body switching episode?

52 min later 6008836 Gadget
>>6007630 >Not getting ready to fap to the next episode whether it's good or not Faithless heathen. I'm ashamed to share a bed with you.

55 min later 6008937 Anonymous
I would love to see some of the anons here write a decent bullying episode on a KID'S show

56 min later 6008954 Captain conundrum
>>6008814 no...

59 min later 6009026 Anonymous
>>6008937 The classic: "LET'S SEE YOU DO BETTER......FAAAAG" argument

59 min later 6009040 Anonymous
>>6007107 >solve it yourself How's that worked so far for you, OP? Oh wait.

1 hours later 6009081 Anonymous
>>6009026 But it's true. Practice what you preach, fella.

1 hours later 6009104 Anonymous
>>6009026 so you gona write me a decent episode or what?

1 hours later 6009148 TheGreatAndPowerful
>>6009040 Punching works.

1 hours later 6009184 Anonymous
>>6009104 Yeah, yeah good job. You've made a well thought out and concise argument. Well done.

1 hours later 6009213 Anonymous
>>6009148 That doesn't solve the problem by itself. That only gives a "I'M NOT DEALING WITH THIS SHIT" excuse. Kind of like how people nowadays use guns because they can't solve problems.

1 hours later 6009255 Anonymous
>>6009148 You'd think so but fighting can get you in a lot of trouble these days. seriously it's not worth it.

1 hours later 6009271 Anonymous (1342374577079.png 600x600 52kB)
>>6009213 >>6009255 Right. It's better to let them walk over you and have satisfaction What the hell are we taching kids nowadays?

1 hours later 6009300 TheGreatAndPowerful (mlfw8398-28063_509189599100103_414473202_n2.jpg 392x419 41kB)
>>6009213 That's how kids and teens work, fight fire with fire. >nowadays People have been doing that since the dawn of time.

1 hours later 6009339 Anonymous (85254-derpy_hooves-ditzy_doo-scrunchy-scrunchy_face-transparent-vector.png 390x341 74kB)
>>6009271 >>6009300 We're on 4chan, guys. This place is the safe haven for the introverts who get lunch money stolen, remember? They can't into society

1 hours later 6009375 Anonymous
>>6009271 >not knowing there are lots of OTHER ways You do realize you can talk them down, right? Seriously, the way your thinking works, it'll do more harm to everyone including yourself. >>6009300 >Fight fire with fire Tell me how that's worked for you. Just amuse me.

1 hours later 6009379 lunafag
>>6009271 He's right unfortunately. Back when I was in school, I nearly strangled a guy who tried shit with me. Nowadays, I would have been sent to juvie for that shit. That's why the whining about bullying is so common in the States today. The one good way to get bullies to fuck off was taken away.

1 hours later 6009483 Anonymous (1341049655412.jpg 600x450 96kB)
>>6009379 Y'know, I grew up with the comfort knowing that 'MURICA would be hard as shit to take over because we're hardasses that guerrilla warfare like champions...but now, I feel like Red Dawn could ACTUALLY fucking happen since everyone not in the military would just try to be diplomatic or coward away

1 hours later 6009517 Anonymous
Are people seriously taking this episode like it's one of those "WE'LL REHABILITATE OUR ENEMY WITH LOVE" things? What I got from it was: don't let insecurities turn you into a dick (like Babs) and don't let your emotions turn you into what you hate (like the CMC).

1 hours later 6009546 TheGreatAndPowerful (noisemaker111 dakka ork pinkie_pie ponyhammer warboss warhammer_40k Warhammer_40000..png 630x490 143kB)
>>6009375 Daily sparring match? Looking back it did me a lot good. You'll start winning after a few fights as long as it's one guy. >>6009379 I don't understand why they're trying to stomp in that mentality. Someone punches you, you learn to punch back, that's how shit is supposed to work.

1 hours later 6009681 lunafag
>>6009546 I guess it's for the benefit of those who can't punch back even if they try. Then again, American politicians are retarded regardless of motive. Remember, Bush got elected twice because people actually thought he would be an honest president due to his retardation.

1 hours later 6009711 Anonymous
>>6009339 I love how you used derpy for this post.

1 hours later 6009767 Anonymous (Is he.png 341x435 384kB)
...Is this the future? Is this the reality? Every new episode is going to be utterly hated for the most trivial reasons eash time? There's no pleasing you people.

1 hours later 6009794 Anonymous
>>6009767 Future? It was like this for most of season 2.

1 hours later 6009838 Anonymous (cutie_mark_crusaders_by_christinies-d3g2vd7.png 800x560 1012kB)
>>6009481 >ITT people forget this is a kid's show sure maybe you tried this and it didn't solve your bullying problem but what do you expect from a kid show? the CMC an hero and slaughter a pony every time they get bullied? I'd like to see the anons here write a decent bullying episode that would get approved for kid's t.v.

1 hours later 6009906 TheGreatAndPowerful (A_Soviet_Pinkie_Pie.gif 320x227 153kB)
>>6009681 If you can't win you fight dirty, they probably fight dirty, why shouldn't you. But the biggest problem is trying to teach kids that they should turn to someone else to fix their problems, not like that solves shit in this situation.

1 hours later 6009915 Anonymous
>>6009767 >>6009794 It was like this from Feeling Pinkie Keen. All they need is one episode that doesn't sit right with them because they watched it after their "just got into ponies omg so awesome!" high and they'll hate anything.

1 hours later 6009922 Anonymous
>>6009838 fucking tabs didnt password

1 hours later 6009955 Anonymous
>>6009838 I could. No guarantee that it'd be good though.

1 hours later 6010050 Anonymous
I liked it

1 hours later 6010198 Anonymous
>>6009906 They are more highlighting that the kids aren't in the best situation to deal with it themselves. The CMC even tried to bully Babs Seed back, and look what it caused. In this episode especially, both the CMC and Babs Seed made the fatal mistake of not telling each other how they feel. The CMC assumed Babs Seed was an actual bully, while Babs Seed did not think of the implications of her actions. Fight fire with fire all you want, but not knowing WHY someone's acting all crass towards you WILL bite you in the long run.

1 hours later 6010296 Anonymous
Twas kind of a meh episode, IMO. Not terrible, but not one I'm going to go out of my way to rewatch either.

1 hours later 6010396 Rarifag
>>6010050 I liked this episode too, Anon. It was funny and cute, loved the song, Sweetie Belle was in her prime, generally okay. Entertaining, not much ground-breaking, and the song is upper-tier, 7.5/10 Does anyone have a reaction image for Scootaloo's face when Diamond Tiara, Babs, and Silver Spoon take over the club house?

1 hours later 6010430 Anonymous
Please rate the song.

1 hours later 6010471 Anonymous
>>6009906 There's no such thing as fighting dirty. You fight to win.

1 hours later 6010598 Rarifag (WHATDASCOOT.png 243x279 94kB)
>>6010471 >SO EDGY

1 hours later 6010629 TheGreatAndPowerful (drydoctoregg reading Trixie..png 1600x1200 310kB)
>>6010471 That's not true, groin kicks for example are never ok. Have some standards.

1 hours later 6010636 Anonymous
>>6010598 But it's true.

1 hours later 6010751 Rarifag
>>6010430 Just gave it a listen, going to again after I'm done writing this. It's 80's nonsense, upbeat about downbeat stuff. Very catchy, but nothing to the scale of Becoming Popular, This Day Aria, or Smile Very "Perfect Stallion" quality. 8/10

2 hours later 6010955 Anonymous
>>6010629 Not fair the cry of losers. You don't want to get hit in the nuts wear a cup.

2 hours later 6011011 Anonymous (1343467728369.png 448x377 114kB)
>>6010629 I concur.

2 hours later 6011022 Anonymous
>>6010629 If someone has a knife and is trying to steal your wallet, that groin kick could be the thing that saves your life.

2 hours later 6011038 Anonymous
>>6010751 Yeah, that was the thing that struck me about it the most. It sounded exactly like the kind of song I would hear in Saturday morning cartoons back in the early 80s.

2 hours later 6011123 Anonymous
OP, how can you even say that Too Many Pinkie Pies is a better episode than this one? I personally hate CMC episodes but so far, this episode has been my favorite CMC episode and objectively the best episode in all of season three so far.

2 hours later 6011146 Anonymous (1341341604788.jpg 214x200 9kB)
>>6011022 Way to put it into extreme context, faggot.

2 hours later 6011195 Anonymous
>>6011146 The principal is no different. However I do agree that groin kicking should be avoided in normal schoolyard situations.

2 hours later 6011278 TheGreatAndPowerful
>>6011038 This >>6011146 We were discussing bullying, anything goes if your life is in danger obviously.

2 hours later 6011285 Anonymous
Cindy Morrow is officially the best writer on the show.

2 hours later 6011434 Anonymous
>>6007466 agree totally..thought OP wasnt just a faggot but a dumbass to.

2 hours later 6011512 Anonymous
>>6007615 was a good episode...the song was so catchy

2 hours later 6011551 Anonymous
Did anyone else think Babs was hot? Accent aside she was almost able to butt heads with Scootaloo.

2 hours later 6011564 Anonymous
>>6007764 Its not an OC if the people who make it....make the the show as well.

2 hours later 6011621 Anonymous
>>6007870 implying there prepubescent

2 hours later 6011721 Anonymous
>>6008006 You forget that the original bullies.silver spoon and tiarawhy are getting what they deserve by being bullied at the very end.twas funny in my perspective

2 hours later 6011816 Anonymous
>>6008669 there already has been several on homosexuality.

2 hours later 6011820 Anonymous
I guess I feel this is a pretty simple "younger crowd" episode. Nothing really complicated, no involvement of any of the Mane 6 except AJ, pretty simple moral. OK for part of their target audience but nothing substantial for me.

2 hours later 6011872 Anonymous
>>6009184 how about instead of writing one....just find one...and ill watch it and see

2 hours later 6011998 Anonymous
>>6011872 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x_UI_BUbOU This episode handles bullying better so does this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAWSalUPKMM

2 hours later 6012020 Anonymous
>>6011998 But this episode isn't actually about bullying.

2 hours later 6012050 Anonymous
>>6012020 Are you kidding me both are? Hey around pilot Arnold doesn't want to fight Harold. Recess Gus is getting bullied by gelman. What do you consider bullying?

2 hours later 6012082 Anonymous
Hey guys, hey, you guys, hey, hey listen You guys, what if Check this What if Babs Seed and the manehattan CMC club are hinting at an MLP spinoff series?

2 hours later 6012108 Anonymous
>>6011998 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYxkWBvMSS4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXGB_3gMrzw

2 hours later 6012122 Anonymous
>>6012082 If she's a character that's a bad sign.

2 hours later 6012184 Anonymous
>>6011998 both of those won't always work and might only work in those situations and did no better than the episode... see >>6010840

2 hours later 6012201 Anonymous
CMC+ A Bully Episode + Almost no mane6 involvement Just be thankful it wasn't the worst episode of the entire series. That's a win.

2 hours later 6012219 TheGreatAndPowerful (1347120440932.jpg 257x247 20kB)
>>6012082 I'm ok with that.

2 hours later 6012229 Anonymous
>>6012201 this

2 hours later 6012315 Anonymous
Even the song reflects the assumptions that CMC had about Babs Seed. This really isn't about bullying. It's just about being judgmental.

2 hours later 6012323 Spiderman
>>6012050 That word has lost it's meaning, due to overuse.

2 hours later 6012326 Anonymous
>>6012201 What IS the generally agreed upon worst episode anyway? I'm thinking Owls well that ends well.

2 hours later 6012333 Anonymous (opinions.jpg 499x499 77kB)

2 hours later 6012347 Anonymous
>>6012184 Well everything is circumstantial you can't come up with something that apply to every situation. Also you never answered my question. What do you consider bullying?

2 hours later 6012362 InLucidReverie
I... think his is possibly my new least favourite episode since S1. Also... what the fuck at the obvious 'Look, bronies, she can fly now! oh, and Sweetie can magicks!' I don't have such a problem with Babs's design, but I didn't like her voice... the accent sounded way too forced. Also starting to think the whole 'pinkie replaced with clone' thing may actuabble be canon. Did like pinkie stealing Spike's drifting away thing... best bit of the episode. THE SONG. Seems like the new musicians brought in are being put to (good?) use.

2 hours later 6012389 Anonymous
>>6012326 The general consensus is OWTEW for S1, MMDW for S2.

2 hours later 6012390 Anonymous (image.jpg 300x451 47kB)
Anyone got a youtube link?

2 hours later 6012392 Anonymous
(Only slightly off-topic) Sweetie Belle's magic color is green; visible about two minutes in when "[she's] going to explode." Oh, and Scootaloo shows some non-leap-assisted take-offs during this episode. CMC seem to be getting awfully close to gaining their pony-type-based skills...maybe getting close to getting their cutie marks?

2 hours later 6012404 Anonymous
>>6012333 Trips confirm.

2 hours later 6012409 Anonymous
>>6007107 >STUDIO B stopped reading there

2 hours later 6012421 TheGreatAndPowerful (13429774924962.jpg 180x200 10kB)
>>6012082 >Spinoff plays in a future where CMC becomes a big organization >basically make it KND with pones I'd pay for that.

2 hours later 6012427 klaovhwN
was the episode really that bad

2 hours later 6012436 Anonymous
>>6012404 Trips confirmed, anon. Now preparing dubsthread cannon...

2 hours later 6012456 TheGreatAndPowerful
>>6012427 No, it was pretty fu- OH SHIT HIT THE DECK!

2 hours later 6012460 Captain conundrum
>>6012326 i thought the worst agreed upon episode was MMDW. that episode was terrible.

2 hours later 6012495 Anonymous
>>6012427 No more then last week's garbage of an episode. But hey at least it's not next weeks train wreck.

2 hours later 6012510 Anonymous
>>6012460 But I liked it.

2 hours later 6012517 Anonymous (TheFuck.png 508x831 271kB)
>>6011564 Yes it is, technically, which is what >>6007764 was saying. She's just an offocial original character. She is verging on DA levels of OC-looking-ness, but it could be worse...

2 hours later 6012518 Captain conundrum
>>6012495 oh god, is that the trixie episode?

2 hours later 6012520 Anonymous
This ep was a gift to all the filly foolers.

2 hours later 6012543 Anonymous
>>6012495 Seriously, why does everyone think next week's episode will be garbage? It sounds like it may be a considerable method of developing a previously one-dimensional character. Or would that mess too much with your headcanon, anon?

2 hours later 6012565 Spiderman (HNI_0065_JPG.jpg 169x213 7kB)
>>6012427 No, it was good.

2 hours later 6012581 Anonymous
>>6012347 I posted that, not the same guy you were talking to but you're just proving point. You expect the show to cover every way to deal with bullying in one episode? it already kind of covered it in the gilda and iron will episodes.

2 hours later 6012582 Anonymous
>>6012460 Even if you hate it for whatever reasons at least MMDW will provoke an emotional reaction. Owl's Well is basically a sleep aid.

2 hours later 6012597 TheGreatAndPowerful (1.jpg 400x221 27kB)
>>6012543 Because that fucking amulet . I'm gonna hate it and I'm a Trixfag.

2 hours later 6012599 Anonymous
>>6012517 Oh god those things

2 hours later 6012639 Anonymous
>>6012543 I was being sarcastic dude.

2 hours later 6012641 InLucidReverie
>>6012543 Sounds too good to be true. >>6012597 Amulet? Am I missing some spoiler images?

2 hours later 6012655 Anonymous
>>6012597 No, the name wasn't enough to give away that you're a trixfag. That aside, do explain. Which amulet?

2 hours later 6012657 Anonymous
>>6012362 which part? all I saw was her float jumping off screen so it looked like she was flying

2 hours later 6012680 Spiderman
>>6012543 Yeah it will completely destroy my headcanon.

2 hours later 6012683 Anonymous
>>6012581 >proving point

2 hours later 6012688 Spaghetti remains undropped.
>>6012565 It was damn good.

2 hours later 6012700 Anonymous
>>6012543 Because everyone always thinks the next episode will be shit. The trick is to just enjoy it, and don't try to be some elitist that only accepts "The finest" of cartoons.

2 hours later 6012708 Anonymous
>>6012362 This: >>6012392

3 hours later 6012782 Twilight (teacher.png 394x383 189kB)
I was surprised to see Hasbro did their research. There is empirical research to show this is how bullies actually work. When children get bullied they often end up becoming bullies themselves (victim-perpetrators) to cope and hopefully not be bullied themselves; but their self esteem is still impacted. >Source: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/115/2/357.short >>6007797 >bullies have feelings too Pretty much. Now whether or not tattling would help is another matter. I've found that bullies often retaliate against snitches, and if the bully is fortunate/spoiled enough s he might not even get disciplined.

3 hours later 6012804 Anonymous
op, if you could end it in you're own "non violent way" how would you? because this is a fucking kids show we're talking about.

3 hours later 6012806 InLucidReverie
>>6012657 Well just after that bit she flutters down to AB's side, which means her wings can almost support her height... far more than in Ponyville Confidential, at any rate. >>6012708 >>6012392 Think maybe it'll tie in with the final episodes? It'd be nice to see them involved more heavily in a two-parter. I mean, sure... they caused Discord's release, but that's as much as they've gotten. They were only flower girls in Canterlot Wedding.

3 hours later 6012822 Anonymous
>>6012599 It gets worse. Try looking at the page from which those came. http://my.deviantart . com/messages/#/d5kn6m1

3 hours later 6012847 Anonymous
>>6011551 The fuck WAS that acccent. I don't really know what they were going for.

3 hours later 6012853 Anonymous
>>6012683 stop being autistic about typos. the sentence still works since I had the same point as you

3 hours later 6012869 Anonymous
>>6012853 Please learn to grammar.

3 hours later 6012891 Pinkie Pie (1314959155545.png 2000x1839 274kB)
>>6012782 hello Twi, didn't know you were here. >>6012847 It's a Manehatten accent, silly. same as AJ's aunt! Time to rewatch Cutie Mark Chronacles and find out

3 hours later 6012914 Captain conundrum
>>6012869 please learn how to use grammar* if you're going to be a grammar nazi, do it right.

3 hours later 6012915 Anonymous
>>6012869 ok now you trollin mad niger faget[sic]

3 hours later 6012960 Anonymous
>>6012914 he's being a grammar nazi because i make valid points and all he can respond with is lels you dumb cant spell

3 hours later 6013009 Spiderman >joke
This episode was a gigantic piece of shit that had no fucking point to it whatsoever. It uncovered new things that buttfuck the canon so hard that it is now possible that fluttershy is a male. As a matter-of-fact princess luna is now confirmed to be a nazi rapist, and moot even has a spinoff from mlp. This episode was just a big fuck you to all the fans.

3 hours later 6013011 Rainbow
>>6012960 >>6012915 >>6012914 >>6012869 >>6012853 >>6012683 Are you serious? Really? You could be discussing how I need an episode sooner rather than later, but nooooo.

3 hours later 6013033 Anonymous
>>6012960 I'm starting to regret the fact that I graced your previous post with a reply. Let's quit this rambling and return to the topic at hand, shall we?

3 hours later 6013118 InLucidReverie
>>6013009 That's not how sarcasm works. Also... continuing from >>6012891 , While AJ's relatives have a very upper class accent, it sounds like the general riffraff of Manehatten do in fact have a similar accent to Babs. I wonder why she didn't put on the classy accent around DT and SS. Also woah, didn't know ctrl+s was spoiler tags.

3 hours later 6013161 Anonymous
>>6013033 >>6013011 wow maximum rustle im not the faggot that started being a grammar nazi which started the whole derailment. now respond to my first post to you >>6012581

3 hours later 6013168 Anonymous (umad_fluttershy.jpg 830x467 83kB)

3 hours later 6013233 Anonymous
>>6013161 Uh dude are you high? This >>6012581 isn't a question it's a statement. How do you expect someone to respond to that?

3 hours later 6013310 Anonymous (abandon_thread.jpg 400x300 30kB)
>>6013233 >>6012581 This thread is filling up with butthurt. I'm punching out...

3 hours later 6013341 Anonymous (o61pp4qs69.jpg 220x220 9kB)
>>6013233 >complains about grammar on 4chan >doesn't know you can respond to statements how old are you honestly anon?

3 hours later 6013465 Anonymous (SW163460.jpg 500x269 17kB)
If I may suggest, the best solution for problems like bullies and "bad seed" and the other "bad seed" if you know what I mean, a gun. A FUCKING DESERT EAGLE REVOLVER

3 hours later 6013498 Anonymous
>>6013465 Someone was bullied in middle school.

3 hours later 6013525 Anonymous
>>6013465 Desert Eagle Revolver? May I ask where you acquired that weed? It sounds pretty awesome.

3 hours later 6013531 Anonymous
>>6013465 >DESERT EAGLE REVOLVER >posts Smith and Wesson Nigger, do you even gun?

3 hours later 6013554 InLucidReverie
>>6013498 >>6013465 I was bullied in middle school, (which is impressive since I live in England... practically none left... not that mine is a school any more either) but really? A gun? Personally i found a mechanical pencil in the neck functional enough.

3 hours later 6013787 Anonymous
I don't mind the resolution being "talking things out with adults when bullying occurs." It's the right way to go about things. The problem is most adults don't know how to deal with a problem either. Generally speaking, talking things out can be a viable solution. The only problem is that "talking it out" involves a different approach, depending on whether you're dealing with children, teenagers, young adults, adults, old people, dead people, etc. The whole "think about each others feelings" just doesn't work with younger people.

3 hours later 6013802 Anonymous
>>6013554 No lie, I've shattered a bus window with a projectile weapon assembled from a ballpoint pen and a rubber band, with the assistance of some cellophane tape. The only reason the window shattered was because it was the backstop to the "firing range" in which my friend was holding two sheets of paper. I figure if it can bust out windows, it could probably make a deadly enough weapon to threaten someone with.

3 hours later 6013836 Anonymous
>>6013802 *ahem* I digress. Apologies.

3 hours later 6013847 Anonymous
>>6013554 >Personally i found a mechanical pencil in the neck functional enough. Oh look at how nonchalantly he mentions his method of choice. Look out everyone, we've got a bad-ass.

3 hours later 6013851 Anonymous
>>6013787 Holy shit, someone on /mlp/ has common sense. Never thought I'd see the day.

3 hours later 6013928 Anonymous
>>6013787 I partially concur, but why would "[t]he whole 'think about each others feelings'" not work? Are you implying that the "younger people" lack the necessary faculty to predict another's emotions? (Exceptions aside...)

3 hours later 6013937 InLucidReverie (shot (17)s.png 524x480 205kB)
>>6013847 Maybe if I hadn't been bawling my eyes out at the time, that might have been true.

3 hours later 6013981 Anonymous
I honestly think the episode wasn't saying: HERE THIS IS HOW YOU DEAL WITH BULLIES It was more: >never think of someone in friend/enemy terms, it will make them seem like a acceptable target >you shouldn't let yourself give into the urge to do the wrong thing just because you think someone deserves it As someone who is bullied in school I have to say this: there is no one solution to dealing with bullies, you just have to make it clear to them that it isn't worth it to mess with you. This could mean actually fighting back in my experience, but only if you're in danger and it's self defense.

3 hours later 6014039 Anonymous
Is there 1080p version on YT already? Can't find a good one.

3 hours later 6014044 Anonymous
Wow, /mlp/ are you really going to bitch about the new episodes every week? Seriously, I enjoyed this episode a lot and I usually don't even like the CMC episodes. With the janitor faggot, the dubs faggots and now the whining faggots every week /mlp/ is now the shittiest of boards

3 hours later 6014088 Anonymous
>>6014044 It's really not that bad. Have you been here when the Season 2 ending/Season 3 opening aired?

3 hours later 6014093 Anonymous
>>6014039 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dUWf8ecUT0&hd=1

3 hours later 6014111 Anonymous
>>6014093 Thanks.

3 hours later 6014134 Anonymous
>>6013928 >Are you implying that the "younger people" lack the necessary faculty to predict another's emotions? Yes. Almost every person grows up with a self-centered view of things at one time or the other. Empathy is seen in really young children, as they are in the process of learning how to function from their environment, and bullying at that age is generally the result of getting attention/a desired reaction, or due to feeling threatened by other children of the same age. After children gain a more solid concept of self, they will begin to get that "world centers around me" mindset, which generally goes away over time (at least with proper parenting). But they won't typically have the right mindset while younger to think about someone else's feelings on an empathetic level.

3 hours later 6014147 InLucidReverie
>>6014039 >>6014039 >Not just checking Equestria Daily for the links, like a clever person. say what you want about the site as a whole, damn is it useful for that.

4 hours later 6014223 Anonymous
>some ponies were cunt to a pony >that pony went to be cunts to other people >this is somehow not their fault I was never bullied and I was never a bully, so forgive me for not quite knowing how it works, but what the fuck

4 hours later 6014225 Anonymous
>>6014134 I see. That makes perfect sense; thank you for clarifying.

4 hours later 6014230 Anonymous
>>6014147 I absolutely despise ED and everyone who visits that gay site, but I guess I really could do that, if only for the new episodes, from now on.

4 hours later 6014262 Anonymous
>>6013465 >DESERT EAGLE REVOLVER not only is the deagle not a fucking revolver you'd be lucky to hit a barn door with it

4 hours later 6014305 Anonymous
>>6014088 I was here. The S3 two parters were enjoyable and they were focusing on the plot rather than the villian himself. But no, people wanted Sombra to be exactly like Nightmare Moon or Discord or Chryslis. Although he may not have a lot of backstory or lines, we're most likely going to see him in future episodes.

4 hours later 6014327 InLucidReverie
>>6014230 It's also somewhat useful for decent art and music. ...as long as you don't bother with the articles and avoid the comments with extreme prejudice.

4 hours later 6014328 Anonymous (Kornheiser_Why.jpg 288x499 23kB)
>ITT edgy 4chan users act like a bad asses with all the answers.

4 hours later 6014335 Anonymous
>>6014262 Nuh uh! That's not how it works in CS:S!

4 hours later 6014349 Anonymous
>>6014305 Aside from Diamond Tiara, I don't think we've had a repeat villain to date.

4 hours later 6014354 Anonymous
>>6014328 You forgot to add >People trying to look intelligent by making generalizations and negativity. Thanks for playing!

4 hours later 6014407 Anonymous
>>6014335 >not 1.6

4 hours later 6014415 Anonymous
>>6014349 Meh, Chrysalis was just pushed out, not eradicated like Discord or NM. Assuming a similar thing happened to Sombra, we could end up seeing them soon-ish...season finale, anyone?

4 hours later 6014574 Anonymous
>>6011816 >MLP dealing with homosex wut. U telling me the braeburn ep counts or hwat?

4 hours later 6014599 Anonymous
>>6014574 Much like Feeling Pinkie Keen, bronies like to think that their own opinion on what an episode is about is the most of important one.

4 hours later 6014624 Anonymous
>>6007107 >imply studio b does the writing and not the animation >implying mlp and its lessons aren't for 5 year old girls >implying OP even lifts

4 hours later 6014740 InLucidReverie
>>6014599 Somehow I doubt that's really comparable to the problems of the FPK 'moral'... which was really crap.

4 hours later 6014840 Anonymous
>>6014740 >FPK 'moral' >crap Nah. It's just vague and taken the wrong way all the time.

4 hours later 6014890 Anonymous
>>6014740 Over a year later and atheists still mad as fuck.

4 hours later 6014915 Anonymous
>>6009339 >2012 >trying to into society What are you doing nigger? You gotta live for yourself, not some bias, pre-established social dogma. And those introverts are the reason I prefer 4chan rather than all the other shitty discussion sites. Also >tfw skinny kid who didn't play sports >tfw mostly introverted, but can feign outgoingness >tfw I was loved by my class mates as the dry sarcastic one that called everything idiotic out It felt rather good. I suppose I got bullied a bit at random points, but I usually acted like I didn't give a fuck, and they kind of backed off because I gave no reaction what so ever, which was what they craved. Fucking stupid kids. But I enjoyed the episode, then end felt a bit rushed, 8/10.

4 hours later 6014949 Anonymous
>>6014599 No, really, which episode could possibly pertain to homosexuality in your delusional mindset?

4 hours later 6014952 Anonymous
>>6014890 The funny thing is that it wasn't even about that kind of stuff. It was just "sometimes you can't explain things, and you should just accept that instead of going bum fuck crazy over it."

4 hours later 6015009 Anonymous
>>6014952 This How does gravity work? Why is everything sucked towards the core of a planet? Can't be explained, but is completely real.

4 hours later 6015027 Anonymous
>>6008728 >pinkie be addicted to it the rest of the main six have an intervention for her And then all the "fat acceptance"/"thin privilege" people throw a massive shit fit about it, saying how "being fat isn't wrong and her friends should have just accepted her for it."

4 hours later 6015046 Anonymous (No way.png 945x945 309kB)
>>6014740 It's only crap by our adult standards. Remember that the writing is ultimately for kids. Kids saw an episode about tolerating what other people think We saw an episode about Religion vs Atheism

4 hours later 6015055 Anonymous (thatface.png 297x417 69kB)
>>6015009 >How does gravity work? >Why is everything sucked towards the core of a planet? >Can't be explained >Can't be explained >CAN'T BE EXPLAINED

4 hours later 6015067 InLucidReverie
>>6014840 >>6014890 I'm an agnostic. My problem is not a religious one, but rather that it unwittingly advocates blind faith in ANYTHING over understanding. "So the last three times I jumped off this bridge I didn't die, despite the giant spikes I only just missed the last few times" Okay, so maybe blind faith isn't really a good idea. >>6014952 But 'just accepting' achieves nothing. Things should be tested to understanding before being truly accepted. >>6015009 That's a fucking stupid comparison. If it were as simple as that we'd know fuck all about it- we ARE testing it.

4 hours later 6015075 Anonymous (1344118957496.gif 350x202 294kB)
>>6015009 >Can't be explained

4 hours later 6015155 Anonymous
>>6015009 >Gravity >Can't be explained Are you ten, or did you follow your dream of becoming a professional moron rather than go into secondary education?

4 hours later 6015161 Anonymous
>>6015067 What you mean if your an agnostic athiest. Agnostic is an adjective that corresponds with theist or atheist. Gnostic is the opposite of Agnostic. Most atheists are actually agnostic atheists. Gnosticism both ways is fucking retarded. Things NEED to be questioned, if they're just left, well I'm sure you can think of ways how that effects our world today.

4 hours later 6015178 Anonymous
>>6015161 >is >you're

4 hours later 6015204 Anonymous
>>6015155 So what makes the planet form? What is the force that exists to bring the particles together to form a planet and create the gravitational field of the planet?

4 hours later 6015226 Anonymous (garfeel.jpg 200x200 7kB)
>>6014915 >tfw

4 hours later 6015233 Anonymous (Pretty angry.png 436x436 173kB)
>>6015067 People we get it. Stop dressing up a desire to yell at religion as an episode review. For some, Blind Faith works fine.

4 hours later 6015286 Anonymous
>>6015204 Literally everything has a gravitational pull, it has to do with the mass of the object. For example, if you were out in space and dropped a pencil, while not in any other objects pull, the pencil would gravitate towards you.

4 hours later 6015305 Anonymous (scootstuff.png 838x953 173kB)
I loved the episode, and too many pinkies, actually. also, for your consideration >amigas >home gurl/girl >compandres Scootaloo is a latino.

4 hours later 6015342 Anonymous
>>6015305 Megasweet called it. Not going to post the image, but if you know what I'm referring to, you have glorious fap sessions.

4 hours later 6015345 Anonymous
>>6015233 If blind faith works for them they are sheep, and to stupid to critically analyze anything. Those sheep are the same folk who try to question theories like evolution even though evidence is much closer to that conclusion than THE WORLD IS 6000 YEARS OLD! Blind faith is one of the most foolish things a man can conform to.

4 hours later 6015361 Anonymous

4 hours later 6015363 Anonymous
>>6015204 That would be the gravitational pull of the particles themselves. I this we learnt this in, like, the first year of secondary school physics.

4 hours later 6015405 Anonymous
>>6015342 I do not know. Show this image.

4 hours later 6015412 Anonymous
>>6015363 >I this we learnt this in Oh, me. You so crazy.

4 hours later 6015447 Anonymous
>>6015405 keywords "delicious flat chests"

4 hours later 6015589 InLucidReverie
>>6015233 Blind faith is... well... blind. It's reckless and stupid. >>6015161 The fuck are you talking about? My beliefs are that the possibility of a 'higher power' that alters our lives in subtle ways cannot be ruled out. I know enough about science to know that we don't know everything and we are limited to a very small scope of awareness, thus there could potentially be something akin to a god that we cannot measure or disprove. On the other hand, if such a being does exist then, by our very nature, we are unable to grasp or understand such a being and thus all religion is fucking stupid. All religious worship is heresy by their doctines, simply because they're making assumptions that their god is good, or just or that they have any fucking idea what it is. Basically, what I'm saying is that HOLY FUCK PEOPLE ARE STUPID.

4 hours later 6015591 Anonymous
>>6015204 The particles gravitate to eachother, pooling their minute as fuck gravity wells over long periods of time. Billions of years, even. As the planet circles a star, which is basically an explosion so giga massive that it's own gravity keeps it in an orb shape, the planet spins, and those particles harden, and mold into an orb because of their own gravity acting upon themselves, and the a fore mentioned spinning and circling the star. Planets will then cool, at their new size, which has a sizeable gravity well of it's own. Enough to attract stuff like the moon and the gasses that make up our atmosphere. Coincidentally, this can be a bad thing in the case of mars. For all accounts, mars should be as diverse and alive as earth, but it is not spinning, and it is theorized that the massive chunk missing from mars's northern hemisphere is actually our moon, after an early earth and mars collided, still as molten slag, and the moon chunk stayed around earth, while mars had no moons(those two large asteroids came after it cooled off and are oblong themselves). Earth, and the moon chunk's gravity acted on eachother, and they became orbs once more. Mars cooled missing it's chunk, and cannot rotate because of that, so while it can hold down gasses, it cannot hold, or move properly, the heavier gasses like nitrogen and oxygen that is needed for complex life, only methane and carbon which is what can start abiogenises, but not sustain multi cellular organisms. You woulda learned this in elementary school if you werent retarded.

4 hours later 6015606 Anonymous (scoot_dances_by_csimadmax-d3bgko6.png 900x1200 1079kB)
I know what image you're talking about but since I'm not a pedo I'm posting this instead.

5 hours later 6015643 Anonymous
>>6015589 Every atheists believes that. We just don't believe it actually exists. Sure, it could, and if proof is provided for it, we'd acknowledge it's existence, but we would not likely worship it, and until there is proof, we will not believe it exists. Stop digging your own hole, idiot.

5 hours later 6015645 Marielx
But the episode was pretty decent, i really dont know what people is expecting from the show nowdays.

5 hours later 6015654 Ponii-chan (1349583089009.jpg 162x218 14kB)
>>6015606 You fucking casual.

5 hours later 6015681 Anonymous
>>6015345 Your statement is unwise and close-minded. It's ok to have faith or believe in something that you don't know all the information about, as long as you understand what you're doing and make sure it's not causing problems for everyone. Critically analyzing everything is a waste of time, effort, and will make you unenjoyable to be around. There are some times that for the sake of socializing, fun, or whatever, that you just don't need to analyze something. That doesn't mean there shouldn't be people in society who are charged with the job of analyzing things, but to take it on yourself to do so for everything you come in contact with is simply not a healthy mindset. Just because someone chooses to believe in something that they don't have all the answers to doesn't make it "blind." The truth is you can't know everything, and you will be biased on some level by your own frame of reference. Sometimes it's just better to say "you know what, this is what happens, I accept that, and I won't waste any more time trying to figure out everything about it. Maybe some day we'll approach this conundrum again when we have more knowledge and a different perspective, but for now, whatever."

5 hours later 6015693 Anonymous
>>6015606 That's fine too. I honestly don't want to see whatever the image was when it was revealed to be porn, I was just intrigued that someone had called scoots being latino sooner.

5 hours later 6015720 Anonymous
>>6015305 Oh great, now I want to hear her call someone "mang" all adorable-like.

5 hours later 6015729 Anonymous (hoars.gif 499x399 492kB)
>>6015654 >casual >enjoying child pornography of horses I'd prefer being a casual, thank you. It's not like any hard core fandom ever did a show any good. Animaniacs, invader zim, chowder. Twilight. If you guys really want to fap to horses, your loss. I prefer sanity and discussion of a show I enjoy.

5 hours later 6015744 Anonymous
>>6015681 Critically analyzing everything is the stuff of genius. Have fun with your ancient stone age fairytail book.

5 hours later 6015748 Anonymous (ponies are civilization.jpg 1029x420 114kB)

5 hours later 6015751 Anonymous
>>6015729 These particular ones are drawn as humans, hence the artist's ability to call Scoot's ethnicity.

5 hours later 6015769 InLucidReverie
>>6015643 >stop digging I... what? >Every atheists believes that Bullshit. Most are under the impression that science = GODS ARE IMPOSSIBLE AND MAGICAL STUPIDITY. Not that it matters, since I was just stating that I personally am not an athiest.

5 hours later 6015785 Anonymous
>>6015751 I see. Then as long as I can pretend that they are actually millenia old things stuck in child's bodies, then there is no legal issue. Show it to me. I kid. If there's an SFW version, post that. But if the NSFW version is it, then, eh, fine.

5 hours later 6015811 Anonymous
>>6015769 No, those are the faggy feminatheist/13 year old edgy atheists. Anyone who is an atheist of a mature mindset is exactly what you are describing. You're just trying to be a special snowflake by saying you're agnostic.

5 hours later 6015817 Anonymous (Everyone.jpg 360x403 72kB)
>>6015589 >HOLY FUCK PEOPLE ARE STUPID >>6015345 >>6015681

5 hours later 6015845 Anonymous
>>6015785 There's supposedly a bikini or underwear version floating around, but I've never managed to find it.

5 hours later 6015853 Anonymous
>>6015681 See though, you were talking about blind faith. Blind faith is when they simply conform to the religion because that is what is socially acceptable. Blind faith people generally don't know the rules or stories or dogma of the belief system, they're doing it because they've been raised to think there is no other way, or they're afraid to be judged because everyone else is trapped in blind faith. Believing in a religion while actually knowing what you believe in is a different thing, that's not blind faith. Buying into religion is also foolish imo however, because it gives you beliefs, beliefs inhibit your critical thinking because you don't have to truly think about situations, you just use the, perhaps flawed, rules of what you follow. I think its fine for a person to believe in a god, or really anything, I just think it should be a personal conclusion they come to themselves, not something they've been grandfathered and indoctrinated into. tl;dr Be an intelligent individual who is willing to accept they are wrong, but don't blindly accept what is given for some outside influence

5 hours later 6015879 Anonymous
>>6007320 lawl you are bullied

5 hours later 6015880 Anonymous
>>6015845 Ugh, fine, post the NSFW version.

5 hours later 6015884 Anonymous (Horse Titties.png 380x279 155kB)
>>6015744 >Have fun with your ancient stone age fairytail book. >>I can't think of anything to say >>So I'll insult you Atheist these days.

5 hours later 6015908 Anonymous
>>6015884 I used an insult because every other point has been said by every other atheist in this thread.

5 hours later 6015911 Anonymous
>>6015769 Yes and that type of athiest is a GNOSTIC athiest, like I said. People who go into gnosticism think they are 100% right, and won't believe anything else.Agnosticism is a realm of questioning, regardless what side of the spectrum you're on, atheist or theist.

5 hours later 6015926 Anonymous
Hey guys! Let's go against the central theme of the show and solve things by ourselves blindly! YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH :D But seriously, it's a kid's show meant to target little girls. It's not meant to teach grown men how to handle a bully.

5 hours later 6015939 Anonymous (crossed.jpg 476x455 100kB)
>>6015911 Exactly this. Only a feminatheist or a 13 year old edgy atheist would be gnostic. Pic unrelated.

5 hours later 6015943 Anonymous
>>6015744 >Critically analyzing everything is the stuff of genius Critically analyzing and focusing on one or a few things is the stuff of genius. Critically analyzing EVERYTHING is the stuff of madness

5 hours later 6015990 Anonymous (.....jpg 729x694 66kB)
>>6015908 >because every other point has been said by every other atheist in this thread. That somehow justifys behaving like a child?

5 hours later 6015991 Anonymous
>>6015943 Isaac newton saw an apple drop, and wanted to know why it dropped so he -invented a new form of math that had never been done before- just so he could figure out why an apple fell. Try again.

5 hours later 6016001 Anonymous
>>6015990 Yes, yes it does.

5 hours later 6016005 Anonymous
>>6015643 You see. There's this superior attitude that Atheists like to put on about religion but in the end most of them are the exact same loudmouth opinionated jerks that simply shout down anything they disagree with using a false appeal to authority. For bible thumpers it's 'God' and for Atheists its 'Science'. FPK involved testimonials from a full town and about a dozen observable occurrences of a phenomena. Just no direct laboratory measurements of the concept. Twilight accepted that the phenomena was legitimate even if she couldn't determine the cause. 'Atheists' that watched the show had a freak out because they don't understand how science and knowledge actually works. It's no different than having 'faith' in the Higgs-Boson particle despite having no verifiable proof of its existence. There's actually a whole word for the phenomena called 'Theory" which is what a lot of scientific research is based on. Hell in science even proven laws are occasionally broken, we're finding dozens of holes in Einsteins theories and they form the basis for pretty much everything we do. If the moral of FPK rubbed you the wrong way as an Atheist then you aren't actually an Atheist, you don't have a firm enough grasp of how science moves forward to legitimately make that kind of claim, your just a jerk that likes to claim to be an Atheist because it's edgy and gets on religious peoples nerves. Honestly claiming that even if you found proof of god you wouldn't worship it is a more fine example than I could ever strawman myself. How scientific does that sound? How is that in any way different from the people claiming young earth creationism? Actually creationists are at least a little more intellectually honest about the subject, questioning the legitimacy of the evidence for evolution. Saying even if you did have proof you wouldn't accept it is pretty much rejecting science for blind faith.

5 hours later 6016063 InLucidReverie (shot2 (52).png 494x480 220kB)
Now Showing; Thread >>6007107 A timeless classic of people rationalising their own blind stupidity and unreasonable >>6015817 >implying I wasn't just oversimplifying. >>6015811 Sadly the 'faggy' kind of atheist seems to be the most common. I do respect anyone with a real opinion or reason, but I still believe that neither way is truly justified, which is why I don't consider myself atheist. I'm an agnostic because I hold absolutely no belief either way. What I do hate is religion in general... I hav no problem with your standard believers... I just think actually worshipping something beyond your understanding is one of the most retarded things you can do.

5 hours later 6016065 Anonymous
>>6015943 Now we've found ourselves in the realm of opinion. Its a matter of whether you'd rather live a simple life and enjoy things for how you physically perceive them, or one where you enjoy physically perceiving things, but want more, and are fascinated by the reasons how things work. They're both fine ways to live. I know I made the first one sound like less than the second, but that's essentially the difference. I am sincere in the statement that both are fine ways to experience the world. I however am the latter, so bias is a possibility.

5 hours later 6016068 Anonymous
>>6016005 I am not one of the atheists that hated FPK. I actually loved it. Pinkie sense is, in a way, like gravity. We know it's there, we know what it does, but we have no idea what it is exactly. Pinkie sense is observable, we know what it does, but twilight never figured out what it is exactly, or how it's able to predict these events so accurately.

5 hours later 6016070 Anonymous
So how many laughs did this episode get out of you? There were only two for me.

5 hours later 6016073 Anonymous
>>6015853 I agree blind faith is a problem, however, I don't think it's a problem to take your kids to religious events and such. Religions, at least in America, are mainly just places to socialize, and are good for instilling a base set of beliefs. Yeah, you typically hear about all the crazies, because they're the most vocal, but, for the most part, churches are social. There are going to be hardcore followers in most of them, who will be an issue, but such people exist in any group. As for when it comes to children, the main thing is to teach them to be open-minded and understand and analyze their own beliefs and decide for themselves whether it's the best for them. Besides, most children who are forced to follow such things without wanting to on some level end up rebelling anyway.

5 hours later 6016087 Herokiller (Boring.png 640x720 130kB)
>>6016005 Both sides are full of complete assholes anyway. Just don't talk about it and keep it moving.

5 hours later 6016092 Anonymous (1353724971231.gif 474x379 482kB)
Hey retards. Can we please stop over analyzing a year old episode and get back to over analyzing this week's episode? If you want to argue about religion then go whine about it on youtube or gaia.

5 hours later 6016108 Anonymous (Nudie Mark Crusaders - Censored.png 1172x1012 321kB)
>>6015880 I covered the NSFW bits myself Still spoilered though.

5 hours later 6016133 Anonymous
>>6015990 Well I'm not even sure if you buy into a book of fairy tales, but I mean if you really want to avoid the realm of empty insults we could explain why said book is foolish, and why critical analyzation is good.

5 hours later 6016145 Anonymous (No response.jpg 300x562 25kB)
>>6016063 >What I do hate is religion in general Then we have nothing else to talk about. I can forgive hating practicioners, but Hating faith itself is the most closeminded you can get.

5 hours later 6016148 Anonymous
Holy shit what a terrible episode this was

5 hours later 6016156 Anonymous (tfags.jpg 640x449 55kB)
>>6016092 That nigger is right. How did we get to religion anyway? Episode was boring. Not horrible but boring.

5 hours later 6016163 Anonymous (1353348160877.jpg 206x198 13kB)
OP. all these people can suck our dicks. because i agree with you. and i WAS actually bullied in school. do you guys think it helped telling the teacher? dont be stupid. i punched that motherfucker in his ugly face. and THAT...that sure helped.

5 hours later 6016177 Anonymous (Not digging it..png 125x170 29kB)
>>6016133 The bible isn't supposed to be an infallible history novel. It's outdated and thousands of yeas old. The Bible is full of stories teaching you how to be a decent human being.

5 hours later 6016179 Anonymous
>>6016108 Quite so. When was this made? S2 or S1? I'm fairly certain latino scoot has only had this episode for evidence, ya?

5 hours later 6016184 Anonymous
>>6016068 So an actual Atheist. Same here, in fact most real Atheist's probably didn't have a problem with the episode at all (I liked it too). But it's the exact kind of fuel for internet atheists to start getting on their high horse and making uneducated decrees from on high. If I remember correctly the idea for the episode was a take on how people who suffer certain kinds of breaks in bones or joints can tell when it's about to rain. Which was eventually proven to use the same principle as a Barometer.

5 hours later 6016204 Anonymous
>>6016179 At some point during 2011, so it predates this episode by a fair bit.

5 hours later 6016243 Anonymous
well as an atheist I'm going to give the same respect fucking religion faggs have showed me. Using every little thing to try and disproove me even just saying stupid things like I'm going to hell. Faith is a a social model that is nothing but just faith. Religion has no right to have any authority over anything and should be burned down into just people personal opinions not some fucking social convension that slows down humanity and creates most of the fucking stupid conflicts in this world

5 hours later 6016254 Anonymous
>>6016073 >teach them to be open minded Really, the rest of your post was nice, but this was flawed. Most religions would have you think its wrong to be gay, and that's not open minded at all. Most religions would also have you believe they are the correct one, which is also not encouraging open mindedness. Really though, I do understand the rest of your post.

5 hours later 6016257 Anonymous (ttup.jpg 877x910 59kB)
>>6016177 Problem is, what they say about being a decent human being is outdated and shouldn´t be taken too seriously anymore. Sadly, people do pick and choose out of it but still pretend as if the whole thing is adequate, well and all the good shits.

5 hours later 6016267 Anonymous
>>6016177 >stone rebellious children >murder your daughter is she fucks out of wedlock >sell your daughter to slavery, a peasants guide how to! >your raped daughter can be sold to her rapist for money, this is mandatory >all babies are born disgusting because a rib woman ate a fruit >eating shellfish is an abomination punishable by death >you can be killed for planting two different crops together >you can be killed for pooping in the woods if it's too close to camp >you must repent if you eat figs, because jesus hates fig trees. Please, go on. I do enjoy the bibles wonderful life messages.

5 hours later 6016273 Anonymous
>>6007320 No no no no, thing is, you just told the WRONG adult. When I was bullied in high school, I went to my neighbors Frank Castle and Walter Kovacs, they taught me how to deal with bullies.

5 hours later 6016275 Anonymous
>>6007107 >That feel when you live in Britain, where bullying can be solved by telling others Albeit it happened multiple times with other people, but each incident was solved every time. Even If I was expelled for once instance.

5 hours later 6016288 Anonymous (1348608920958.png 819x975 136kB)
>>6016243 Love you too.

5 hours later 6016297 Anonymous (Abandon.gif 427x240 1755kB)
Well, I guess this thread is a lost cause.

5 hours later 6016300 Anonymous
are bullies in the US as movies presents them? in mexico that shit never happens

5 hours later 6016301 Anonymous
>2012 >still relying on that piece of shit bible >not bieng atheists and help rid the world of something so unjust and horrible as religion truely, these are the end times.

5 hours later 6016303 InLucidReverie
>>6016068 The thing is that, while Twi did make an attempt... in the end she just shrugged her shoulders and said 'yeah, guess I'm the one in the wrong to care' >>6016145 I think you misunderstood... that's the OPPOSITE of what i said. I have no problem with the belief, or really even the faith, since faith in itself is just trust. I trust anyone to a point. I can't abide by this whole 'GOD IS JUST, THERE'S NO TWOP WAYS ABOUT IT' and people who dedicate their lives to religion because they think they know what god is about; It's presumptuous and arrogant.

5 hours later 6016315 Anonymous
>>6008097 I want an ultros!

5 hours later 6016338 Anonymous (hitchbeardlean.jpg 350x285 33kB)
>>6016301 you make Hitchens sad. or, you would. if he was still alive...

5 hours later 6016358 Anonymous
>>601606 >atheists hated FPK as an atheist I feel ashamed

5 hours later 6016359 Anonymous
>>6016301 Well actually since the end times are a faith thing, an atheist shouldn't believe in them.

5 hours later 6016365 Anonymous (ttmlfw7667_large.png 1000x1000 223kB)
I seriously can´t follow this shit here. How did we get from "This episode sucked" into a heated discussions about christianity? Why are we discussing whether or not christianity is the right shit on a thread discussing a shitty CMC episode?

5 hours later 6016398 Anonymous
>>6016359 >entropy and all suns exploding >the contraction of the universe yea faith both the atheist and religion faggs arefucking stupid

5 hours later 6016399 Anonymous
>>6016359 I'm atheist and I actually look forward to the whole thing. Fuck everything.

5 hours later 6016405 Anonymous
>>6016359 holy shit, you stupid fucking idiot. its just a saying. its the same thing as saying "oh my god" thats just how language has evolved. ...lol. evolved. oh thats right. you dont believe in evolution. let me laugh even harder

5 hours later 6016407 Anonymous
>>6016365 We got on to over-analyzing morals, which inevitably leads to Feeling Pinkie Keen, which inevitably leads to faggots destroying threads through their retarded religious wars.

5 hours later 6016412 Anonymous
>>6016365 Simple. It's the Internet.

5 hours later 6016416 Anonymous (Why not.jpg 353x337 77kB)
>>6016365 Well have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior yet?

5 hours later 6016421 Anonymous
>>6016365 Meh, this seems to happen every couple months here to be honest, some heated discussion just barely related to the show comes up. I always enjoy these though.

5 hours later 6016448 Anonymous
>>6016405 If human evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

5 hours later 6016454 Anonymous
>>6016405 Considering the development of a language is dictated literally by the plebs, I'd rather say that it has de-evolved.

5 hours later 6016460 Anonymous (1348629807670.gif 500x333 498kB)
>>6016416 have you accepted the fact that evolution is real? and that the teachings of the bible are horrible?

5 hours later 6016492 Klaxxon
How has this gone from the episode to the bible/evolution?

5 hours later 6016494 Anonymous
>>6016448 >monkeys They're called blacks, you racist fag

5 hours later 6016503 Anonymous
>>6016448 Because there was an ancient species of hominid that split into two genus, one evolving into humans and the other evolving (devolving?) into monkey.

5 hours later 6016522 Anonymous
>>6016448 im not even going to give an argument. hand over your brain, you clearly dont deserve one. if your not trolling, that is. if you ARE. 5/10 because i responded. >>6016454 sure. i can see that

5 hours later 6016553 Slender Man
>>6016460 Seconded. Also did you know that gravity is still only a theory? It makes you hope that all the people back sassing you will just float away.

5 hours later 6016569 InLucidReverie (1314948992785aserg.png 275x252 63kB)
>>6016503 >>6016522 Are you seriously replying to that? Did that REALLY go over your heads?

5 hours later 6016592 Anonymous
>>6016569 Perhaps they've never encountered real life theists who actually say that. I know I have.

5 hours later 6016600 Anonymous
>>6016553 >Tim minchin quote Have my babies.

5 hours later 6016604 Anonymous
>>6015055 fuckin miracles man

5 hours later 6016605 Anonymous
What if my bullies don't have ulterior motives to bully me?

5 hours later 6016620 Anonymous
>>6015009 Fucking magnets, bro...

5 hours later 6016641 Anonymous
>>6016553 sure, but i dont really understand why. seems like science would have a PRETTY good idea of how gravity works. infact, i dont question that at all. i just dont get, why its still a theory...

5 hours later 6016650 Anonymous
>>6016600 Ooooh, dubdub

5 hours later 6016660 Ponii-chan (1318625346578.jpg 300x100 36kB)
>>6015729 >>>/ponychan/ pic relevant

5 hours later 6016664 Anonymous
we could take FPK moral as things that we cannot completly understand but we know that happens. This happens in half of quantum mechanics and neurobiology or computer science. It is a crappy moral for childer teaching them to accept how things work like that apples fall but what 5 year old girl would give a fuck about teology bulshit

5 hours later 6016668 Anonymous (blackman.png 500x500 141kB)
>this entire thread

5 hours later 6016670 Anonymous
>>6016592 this. oh so much this. i hurts me everytime i hear it, it cant be ignored

5 hours later 6016699 Ponii-chan
>>6016108 That pic isn't good. The bikini'd one is actually better, because MS didn't do a good job on the naughty bits.

5 hours later 6016724 Anonymous (1344991196617.png 531x360 446kB)
>The lesson is not to snitch, but then it is. >Not solving your own bully problem yourself >Not secretly poisoning them 10-50 sieverts of radiation in their sleep >Not forcing them to enter the walking ghost phase >Not laughing at them everytime they begin to bleed from every hole in their face >Not making their last minutes/hours/days on earth the most miserable they can be What a shitty episode.

5 hours later 6016731 Anonymous
I'm atheist but I don't deny the theory of there being a god. I just don't have enough evidence that can support itself. Even if there is a god, I don't think it would be like how we imagine him. He's probably a cool dude willing to accept that some people don't believe in him, unlike the insecure god the christian's have that is insecure about people not believing in him

5 hours later 6016733 Anonymous
>>6016641 You totally fucking missed the point of the joke you fucking moron. Holy shit. in science, theory > fact. In every day speach, theory < fact. In science, a theory is a hypothesis that has been proven true and entails several different scientific facts to support it. The earth being round is a theory in scientific jargen, but that's an indisputable fact. And the joke is, if creationists think that scientific theory isnt true, then maybe they feel the same way about gravity, and will float away never to bother us sane people again.

5 hours later 6016738 Anonymous (1351289461946.gif 248x200 764kB)
>gravity is still a theory >therefore god must exist thats not how it works. you stupid STUPID religious idiots.

5 hours later 6016744 Anonymous
>>6016699 Wish I could find that version then...

5 hours later 6016753 Anonymous
>>6016724 The lesson was never not to snitch.

5 hours later 6016757 Anonymous (roflbot (1).jpg 460x414 26kB)

5 hours later 6016784 Anonymous
>>6016660 Ponychan is like the le 9fag XD of the fandom. I prefer intellectual discussion with a side of retard, batshit insane, and gallows humor, thank you. I will stick to 4chan, even for a show I watch because I like, and refuse to fap to cp of horses.

5 hours later 6016787 Anonymous
>>6016733 oh, sorry man. my brain was not in "joke" mode. i understand it now

5 hours later 6016804 Anonymous
>bosom buddies Breasts confirmed.

5 hours later 6016811 Anonymous g
>>6016804 Suddenly Milky Way becomes canon

5 hours later 6016817 Anonymous
>>6016731 Well it would be impossible to prove God exist. You can't exactly prove the existence of a being who created everything that is with telescopes and math problems. I think he's real and I'm Christian, but I won't shove it down your throat

5 hours later 6016821 Anonymous
>>6016738 just telling you that even if evolution is a fact, christianity still says is a theory for no apparent reason because they are to butthurt to accept that the most famous book on the planet is a moral guide instead of a fucking tale on how evrything was created

5 hours later 6016857 Anonymous
>>6016821 It's not even a good moral guide.

5 hours later 6016885 Anonymous
>>6016817 I'm agnostic, I don't know and don't think it significantly will change my life any weay., I put my faith in science to solve my everyday problems but I feel its sheer arrogance to claim to know anything about existence. Especially considering we've seen a fraction of the percent of the total universe and are discovering new things everyday. That being said, while I believe there is more out there than science can explain, I don't think God is appearing in hispanic people's toast.

5 hours later 6016895 Anonymous
If God doesn't exist how come gravity is still a theory? Christians 1 x 0 Atheists

5 hours later 6016898 Anonymous
>>6016817 and WHY do you think that? >>6016857 this. the bible is depraving and horrible. and Quran is even worse.

5 hours later 6016904 Anonymous
>>6016817 >>yea that science thingy sure aint work go back to your village you fucking redneck. It is possible to find an entity by science because science is a process in which things are prooved by experiments observation and thinking. If there is a god who created this world it is sure possible to found this entity

5 hours later 6016930 Anonymous
>>6016817 Well maybe god isn't in the form of some spiritual being but more a 4th dimensional being that can not only move through space but also through time and the minds of us without us knowing. Maybe that's why we have extremely smart people and extremely dumb people. Some people have been given enlightenment by this being through super-natural means.

5 hours later 6016933 Anonymous
I have scientific evidence that incontrovertibly proves the existence of God to be fact. Rule 34 dictates that if something exists, there is porn of it. There is porn of God.

5 hours later 6016949 Anonymous (134360293067.jpg 531x800 98kB)

5 hours later 6016952 Anonymous
>derailed the already derailed topic into religion shitstorm Fucking hell, the only possible way this thread can become any worse is if you start talking like /po/ and bring up a cut vs. uncut topic

5 hours later 6016961 Anonymous
>>6008669 > implying most of Ponyville isn't homosexual

5 hours later 6016973 Anonymous
>>6016933 You know, they changed the rule 34 a long time ago. It went from "If it exists, then there's porn of it" to "There's porn of it". That's because, as you exemplified, there are loads of porn of things that don't exist.

5 hours later 6016988 Anonymous
What the hell is it with this show and awesome one shot characters? Babs Seed was awesome, and it would be awesome if there was at least ONE introvert in the CMC.

5 hours later 6016989 Anonymous (1347749821138.jpg 250x230 19kB)

5 hours later 6016991 Anonymous
>>6016933 The inversion of R34 is a logical fallacy.

5 hours later 6017004 Anonymous
>>6016973 Rainbow Dash for example.

5 hours later 6017018 Anonymous
>>6016933 My sides. >>6016952 :D So, Obama is a socialist Nigger muslim. I'd much rather ron paul run this country than him. Brb, Imma go grab my bowl and blaze it.

5 hours later 6017024 Anonymous
>>6016933 If I must believe, I chose to believe this.

5 hours later 6017042 Anonymous
>>6016933 >>6016973 >>6016989 >>6016991 guys, shut the fuck up.

5 hours later 6017053 Anonymous
>>6016904 Calm down bro.

5 hours later 6017084 Anonymous
>>6016933 That's not how logic works. If it exists, there is porn of it. But having porn of something doesn't imply it exists.

5 hours later 6017088 Anonymous (1353425511734.png 450x373 163kB)
>>6017018 and a nazi. you forgot that i think hes a zombie too....thats the worst kind there is!!

5 hours later 6017099 Anonymous
>>6016930 I attribute the stupid to god more than the smart. Ever notice how stupid people do incredibly dangerous/stupid things because of beer/boredom and walk away w/o a scratch on them? God loves stupid people, they think of shit even he can't. So he keeps them around

5 hours later 6017124 Anonymous
The "heaven" you see when you die is your subconscious mind, that being said the brain is alive about 7 minutes after your last heartbeat so it is more than likely you are just having your final dreams on earth.

6 hours later 6017134 Anonymous
>>6017088 Yea, He's an Israel supporting nazigger socialist fascist communist muslim satanist and my uncut penis is vastly superior to all other penises because I have foreskin. Huagh.

6 hours later 6017154 Anonymous
>>6017099 That or alcohol is nature's airbag.

6 hours later 6017200 Anonymous
>>6017154 And boy did Jesus love alcohol.

6 hours later 6017238 Anonymous
>>6017200 The baby jesus loved alchohol as much as I love killing niggers, spicks and socialist. 'Murikkka.

6 hours later 6017253 Anonymous
>>6017200 He loved it so much his blood became alcohol.

6 hours later 6017258 Anonymous
>>6017200 He loved alcohol so much, he BECAME alcohol to cleanse us of our sins.

6 hours later 6017336 Anonymous
>>6017258 YEEEEEEHAW, Yeap, the sin of supporting fags and niggers and women's rights. Now jesus jus' needs to come back and cleanse the world of the filthy libruls. 'Murikkka.

6 hours later 6017408 Anonymous
>>6017336 Just going to put my thought's out here. Before we get any of obama's "change" we need to take care of our finances and make sure everyone who's not lazy has a job.

6 hours later 6017458 Anonymous
>>6017408 Obawma's change is gunna make us all niggers. Change into a nigger! 'Murikkka forevur! The south will rise again! My uncut penis is obviously superior!

6 hours later 6017488 Anonymous
>>6013465 How old are you?

6 hours later 6017498 Slender Man
>>6017458 secede from america and claim this land as your own!

6 hours later 6017502 Anonymous
>>6017488 he's 12 and wat is this

6 hours later 6017521 Anonymous
>>6017498 IMMA SECEDE FROM 'MURIKKA BCUZ I LURV 'MURIKKKA SO MUCH YEEEEEHAAAAAWWW It's funny how some people actually think this way.

6 hours later 6017549 Slender Man
>>6017502 He's 12! Target acquired!

6 hours later 6017590 Anonymous
>>6017521 Murikka, fuck yeah! Freedom iz de only wey here!

6 hours later 6017602 Anonymous
>>6015204 Bloody hell man. Do you even basic physics? The particles themselves have a gravitational pull that results in planets forming when enough shit clumps together. That's pretty simplified based on my understanding, someone who is actually good at Physics might be able to explain this shit better.

6 hours later 6017612 Anonymous (exposestraw.jpg 505x424 74kB)
>>6017336 >>6017458 >>6017521

6 hours later 6017693 Anonymous
>>6017602 The problem is gravity is the only force without a carrier. That's why it's too eldritch to understand.

6 hours later 6017838 Anonymous
>>6017612 Well it sucks that those straw man arguments are what the people themselves actually believe. Sure, making a straw man out of your opponent is retarded, but these people's ideas are already straw man.

6 hours later 6017844 InLucidReverie
>>6015286 >drop >in space >forgetting that even just the act of letting go of it would probably exert enough force to overpower your gravitational pull Sorry, but it had to be pointed out.

6 hours later 6017865 Anonymous
ITT: Proof that we need basic fucking philosophy in our curriculum. A rudimentary grasp of philosophy of science and epistemology would avoid the ridiculous argumentative flailing going on on both sides. Also get the fuck back on topic.

6 hours later 6017893 Anonymous
>>6017844 Assume you can someone hold an object close to yourself in place and then release it while exerting no force. Shit would gravitate towards you.

6 hours later 6017945 Anonymous
>>6017893 >someone somehow*

6 hours later 6017974 Anonymous
>>6008730 When it comes to propaganda no one can outdo the US government. I hear over there they still believe there was a second world war, like we wouldn't have learned after the first one.

6 hours later 6018054 Anonymous
>>6017865 I for one enjoyed the episode overall. I wasn't expecting much when I heard the episode would be about dealing with bullies, but in the end I think the pros outweighed the cons.

6 hours later 6018402 Anonymous
>>6008669 there's already plenty of gay in the show.

6 hours later 6018471 Anonymous
>>6010629 If you get kicked in the junk during a fight it's because you're standing like a retard, you have no one to blame for that but yourself.

6 hours later 6018590 Anonymous
>>6012392 >green magic >not hoping for a sweetie bell was a changeling all along revelation what?

6 hours later 6018640 Anonymous
>>6012362 i wondering about the flight. wasn't sure about it because it was just a glimpse but did she actually fly? looks like flight and magic are skills that take time to develop. that doesn't explain the cakes though.

6 hours later 6018741 Anonymous
>>6018590 Oh shit, Sweetie Belle is a changeling.

7 hours later 6018760 Anonymous
>>6013009 >moot in MLP spinoff i would pay to see that.

7 hours later 6018802 Anonymous
>>6013928 more like they lack the patience.

7 hours later 6018870 Anonymous (vlcsnap-2012-11-24-18h04m51s67.png 1920x1080 1561kB)
Ah, here we go. I've isolated the problem... This is why this episode sucked, in retrospect.

7 hours later 6019020 InLucidReverie
>>6018870 I wish they'd picked either scoots OR Sweetie to show off development with. Both just looks incredibly contrived.

7 hours later 6019287 Anonymous (1290459395039.jpg 720x405 66kB)
>>6014147 >>6014225 >>6014327 Gerdammit how can't you reason this!?: >youtube >search "friendship pony season 3 episode 4" >??? >Profit. captcha: alotof shame

7 hours later 6019364 Anonymous
>>6018590 >>6018870 actually looking at that, it's a lighter green.

7 hours later 6019489 InLucidReverie
>>6019364 It was always going to be green. Her cutie mark will be green aswell.

7 hours later 6019780 Background Pony Number 17
>>6018870 >>6019364 It's the same color as her eyes. If you look through the other episodes (excluding Season 1), you'll find almost every Unicorn's "magic color" is the same color as her eyes.

7 hours later 6020111 Anonymous (1349558332990.png 807x615 149kB)
>>6007107 How can you be this retarded? They are not trying to teach you how to deal with the 7th grader who is bullying you OP, they are teaching little girls how to deal with other 5 year old girls making fun of them. Don't look to a kids show hoping to solve your bullying problems.

7 hours later 6020170 Anonymous
>>6020111 who would think drawing that was a good idea?

7 hours later 6020187 Anonymous
>>6020111 this guy gets it the CMC and Babs are 1, girls and 2. 5-7 years old the show gave good advice for their situation and handled what could have been super tricky subject matter quite elegantly

8 hours later 6020466 Al Gore (tumblr_lyvz3b3C3M1r3k1m8o1_500.png 500x418 161kB)
I'm supper serial.

8 hours later 6020923 Anonymous (scootaloo.gif 336x210 2154kB)
Pardon me for this taking so long. I had plenty of fun trying to export a movie to a gif, and my first try was about 19MB. Anyways, for your review, here's the second issue with this episode. Enjoy.

8 hours later 6020983 Anonymous
Dave Polsky is a hack who can only write Pinkie Pie.

8 hours later 6021092 Anonymous
season 3 confirmed for flop

8 hours later 6021143 Anonymous
>>6020923 it's only an issue if you have the headcanon that Scoots is disabled.

8 hours later 6021190 Anonymous
>OC I find that a lot of characters on the show are this... Shining Armor Princess Cadance Those pegasi from "Hurricane Fluttershy"...

8 hours later 6021214 Anonymous
>>6020923 You have a problem with developing character growth? Go fuck yourself.

8 hours later 6021356 Anonymous
>>6021214 Actually, no, I don't, I thought this was a fairly good episode. I was parodying all the negativity in this thread when I wrote that post.

8 hours later 6021378 Anonymous (stalin_photo.jpg 1024x768 128kB)

8 hours later 6021430 Anonymous
>>6021378 >SHOULD OF Seek death.

8 hours later 6021522 Anonymous (stalin.jpg 233x350 24kB)

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