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2012-11-24 04:49 6006719 Anonymous (Changeling_army.png 640x360 338kB)
Changelings > ponies Deal with it

4 min later 6006880 Anonymous (changeling__happy__1_by_zutheskunk-d55d9ar.png 674x1186 183kB)

14 min later 6007210 Anonymous
For the swarm!

17 min later 6007317 Anonymous
Nigga please zebras are where its at.

17 min later 6007326 Anonymous (1347491613134.png 606x538 270kB)
Being slightly better than the lowest of the low isn't something you brag about.

18 min later 6007399 Anonymous

21 min later 6007499 Anonymous
>no personality between them >all look same >sadistic tendencies >have to resort to base copying to give their lives meaning No, changelings are /v/ tier.

29 min later 6007796 Anonymous
Do you think Chrysalis is like an insect queen, and she's the mother of all of them? Do they reproduce normally? Corrupt other ponies into becoming changelings? Are they full zerg with giant egg-popping bio-buildings?

57 min later 6008638 Anonymous (Cute.jpg 669x1192 92kB)
Humans master race bitches

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