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2012-11-24 04:46 6006636 Anonymous (Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 4.46.58 AM.png 1402x751 376kB)

2 min later 6006720 Anonymous
They just did it a third time.. jesus christ.

8 min later 6006886 Anonymous
>implying /v/ did it the whole of one board isn't one person you dumbass stop shaming our board

9 min later 6006919 Anonymous
>>6006886 >stop shaming our board You're already doing that yourself. That's what you get for not shunning away the /b/tards. Now they are one of you and there is nothing that can be done about it anymore.

12 min later 6006990 Anonymous
>>6006919 How the fuck does that have to do with me, ONE BOARD ISN'T ONE PERSON

14 min later 6007045 Anonymous
/v/ is not one guy, stop spamming the board.

15 min later 6007116 Anonymous
which one was the with the girl getting cut in half? i kind of liked it.

16 min later 6007141 Anonymous

17 min later 6007186 Anonymous
>>6007141 >using fail >2012 I bet you come to 4chan just for /mlp/

17 min later 6007202 Anonymous
>faggot hacks his own stream >blame /v/ we don't give a shit about your shitty horse porn show

18 min later 6007263 Anonymous
This just goes to show how fucking retarded to bronys are. Have you been to /v/ ever? The board can't even decide if a game is good and yet somehow you expect them to band together to hack your shitty stream. Of course it couldn't be the assholes to run it who love to troll you idiots on a regular basis.

20 min later 6007321 Anonymous
>>6006636 GNAA Oh you

21 min later 6007387 Anonymous
>>6007321 GNAA? The shituminati?

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