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2012-11-24 04:46 6006622 Anonymous (1343525048740.png 2671x1659 490kB)
that new CMC song was pretty good

3 min later 6006724 Anonymous (Happy aplejack.png 458x454 49kB)
im her kind of girl :D

6 min later 6006832 Anonymous
song was shit

8 min later 6006882 Anonymous (1348255522157.png 900x506 256kB)
>>6006832 Mang, I liked it but oh well

9 min later 6006911 Anonymous
>>6006832 >>6000000

19 min later 6007296 Anonymous
I watched the song preview yesterday. The animation was adorable, but I don't really like the song that much. The sound honestly kinda reminds me of typical Saturday morning tat, unlike the rest of Ingram's kick-ass work. Maybe it'll grow on me with time.

21 min later 6007362 Anonymous
>>6007296 The high quality version shows Ingram's quality.

21 min later 6007372 Anonymous
>>6007296 Maybe, but I do agree with you on the animation

22 min later 6007414 Anonymous
This episode sucked dick. 4/10 Serious Rating. Probably would not watch again.

23 min later 6007436 Anonymous
was anyone else reminded of a pup named scooby doo

23 min later 6007444 Anonymous
>>6006622 >>6006724 >>6006882 >>6007362 Shit eaters.

23 min later 6007453 Anonymous
>>6007436 Now that you mentioned it, yes

24 min later 6007497 Anonymous
Too many songs in this season 4/10 episode but what did we expect. It's the fucking CMC. The only thing good about the episode was applebloom in a fucking salior outfit which will be 34'd in the next ten seconds I bet.

25 min later 6007534 Anonymous
The song was okay. The ending was poorly executed, and I wasn't too much for the lyrics, but melody and chord progression worked out.

25 min later 6007549 Anonymous
>>6007497 don't forget golden sweetie butt

26 min later 6007590 Anonymous
>>6007549 Shit...how did I forget about that...

28 min later 6007658 Anonymous
>>6007590 I for one think babs looked pretty cure in the wolf outfit

31 min later 6007748 Anonymous
>>6007658 SweetiePig was better

33 min later 6007824 Anonymous
>>6007748 What about ApplePig?

38 min later 6007977 Anonymous
>>6007549 They should make the next Oscar trophies Sweetie instead.

1 hours later 6010049 Anonymous (1353699045528.png 763x1047 168kB)
>>6007977 What about scoots?

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