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2012-11-24 04:43 6006527 Anonymous (1353755318246.jpg 350x350 24kB)
What is /mlp/'s take on the classic My Little Pony TV show? I'm curious.

1 min later 6006568 Anonymous
Midnight Castle and The Movie aren't that bad, despite all the ponies' personalty are one-dimensional as fuck.

1 min later 6006591 Anonymous
>>6006527 It's terrible.

2 min later 6006607 Anonymous
I miss Megan.

2 min later 6006608 Aurora (1351122782327.gif 472x360 2702kB)
Smooze - amazing Everything else - awful

2 min later 6006618 Anonymous (1348485517577.png 171x166 56kB)
It was great.

3 min later 6006627 Anonymous
>>6006608 Smooze is mai waifu

3 min later 6006638 Anonymous
Spike sounds like one of those munchkins from Bravestarr.

4 min later 6006694 Anonymous
Megan > anypony

6 min later 6006728 Anonymous
>>6006618 MINTY!!! OH GOD YESSS!!!

6 min later 6006732 Anonymous
What if Megan ended up in Ponyville?

8 min later 6006777 Anonymous
Why were they all fat back in the eighties?

8 min later 6006781 Anonymous (Tirek.jpg 1024x768 34kB)
>>6006608 No love for Tirek?

9 min later 6006827 Anonymous
What was the name of the water ponies?

11 min later 6006896 Anonymous
I like the new one better than the old one. Less Sandy Duncan. More ponies.

14 min later 6006956 Anonymous
The old show was terrible. That's the reason why the reboot was so well-received (among other reasons); this was comparatively horrible.

15 min later 6006979 Anonymous

17 min later 6007033 Anonymous
>>6006979 What an ironic thing to say.

18 min later 6007112 Anonymous
I was a kid back during g1. It fucking sucked ass.

19 min later 6007143 Captain conundrum (1353202963973.jpg 460x460 53kB)
it's pretty good megan is a mary sue though

20 min later 6007178 Pants without pants
>>6006527 Great villains and not much else

20 min later 6007185 Anonymous
Spike in G1 was... well...

21 min later 6007250 Captain conundrum
>>6007185 a bitch.

22 min later 6007266 Anonymous
>>6006627 Smooze is G1 Gak.

23 min later 6007323 Anonymous
>>6007250 Not the word I was looking for.

24 min later 6007341 Anonymous
Why were the ponies so fat? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxswrROljos

24 min later 6007400 Pants without pants
>>6006732 G1 villains returning? >>6006777 more realistic. >>6006781 I still can't believe he threatened to chop of Spike's head

26 min later 6007442 Anonymous
>>6007400 >more realistic. Real ponies aren't fat.

26 min later 6007452 Captain conundrum
>>6006781 grougar is better

26 min later 6007473 some faggot
G1 is good, G3 and G3.5 is kind of decent.

29 min later 6007577 Anonymous
>>6007341 Huh. So there is some basis from Spike's quest in Season 2 of MLP: FIM.

29 min later 6007581 Captain conundrum (1328755264584.gif 201x145 1674kB)
>>6007473 >g3 and g3.5 is kind of decent this is how your opinion makes me feel

29 min later 6007595 Anonymous (1351012569351.jpg 1200x718 362kB)
>>6007400 >Guy who has a weapon that can cast eternal night, can transform into a multitude of weapons set fire on things can turn even the smallest of creatures into powerhouse monsters And who also burned AJ Alive not to mentio nthe danmed thing MAKES HEARTBEAT SOUNDS >Necroram with his own floating Death city armies of golbins to assist, equipped wit htwo horns capable of magic >Also the original FanLyra personality. >Was so bad he got sent to the 4kids shadow realm Too hardcore 4 kidz

31 min later 6007634 Pants without pants
>>6007442 they eat nothing but sweets in G1. of course they'd be fat.

32 min later 6007695 Anonymous
>>6007634 It raises the question, why would the production make them eat nothing but sweets?

34 min later 6007766 Pants without pants
>>6007595 as long as the heroes win in the end it doesn't matter what happened before that point. besides, kids like being a little scared. >>6007695 because Sweets are FUN!

37 min later 6007864 Anonymous
>>6007766 >Implying AJ won't Die off screen again.

38 min later 6007884 Anonymous
>>6007581 this gave me pure enjoyment for about 30 seconds thank you kind sir

39 min later 6007927 Anonymous
Much better than neon goat lezbian feminazi shit these days.

40 min later 6007959 Pants without pants (1321072390468.gif 410x360 874kB)
>>6007864 for the last time. SHE GOT TURNED INTO A DRAGON! also, why did the G1 Dragons made of ponies have tusks and no wings?

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