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2012-11-24 04:40 6006416 Anonymous (1274907232425.jpg 251x240 5kB)
>mfw /v/ hacked /mlp/'s stream. >mfw when I like ponies and can't stand you guys C'mon /v/, go back and down it again!

3 min later 6006549 Anonymous (1348329894797.gif 436x366 874kB)
>mfw /v/'s transormation to /b/ 2.0 has finally succeeded >mfw I can still watch ponies on every other stream

7 min later 6006690 Anonymous (Untitled.jpg 144x199 7kB)
it was hilarious, no doubt. and the episode will be up on the tube in a matter of hours, no biggie

9 min later 6006729 Anonymous (The-Walking-Dead-Episode-3-Long-Road-Ahead-Review-sitwithme.jpg 600x250 116kB)
Brb, being an adult and enjoying adult storylines and not baby storylines because I'm an adult an not a baby.

9 min later 6006739 Anonymous (1111.png 1246x528 95kB)

10 min later 6006750 Anonymous
>>6006729 >video games >toys >a good medium for telling stories

10 min later 6006774 Anonymous (tumblr_lqtii1JlBC1qctc7d.png 500x500 75kB)
Why do I miss all the good things?

11 min later 6006784 Anonymous
its too fucking good

11 min later 6006786 Anonymous (139760__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_artist-pkelton.png 450x340 81kB)
>>6006729 I like them both. Come at me, pleb.

11 min later 6006814 Magna913 (84740 - M1A2_Abrams artist%3Acontrail09 fluttershy gun helmet rarity soldier tank twilight_sparkle uniform.jpg 1024x584 165kB)

12 min later 6006822 Anonymous
>>6006729 Fuck off. Walking dead is awesome.

12 min later 6006834 Anonymous
>>6006750 Nice try, but your dismissal of quality storytelling, or any other storytelling for that matter, while posting against and insult to a pony board (thereby defending it's audience) shows you have terrible taste in art.

13 min later 6006870 Anonymous
So /v/ skriptkiddies thought they would be cool and hack a stream >Laughed >moved to another stream No biggie

15 min later 6006914 Anonymous (laughing bitches.jpg 523x332 38kB)
>>6006814 >Acog

17 min later 6006984 Anonymous (1350594727913.gif 342x301 210kB)
>>6006750 >vidya >Not a good medium for telling stories I like pone as much as the next guy, but you just went full retard.

22 min later 6007181 Anonymous (0.jpg 480x360 24kB)
>>6006984 >implying /v/ isn't a pathetic bunch of virgins jacking off to video games

23 min later 6007191 Anonymous
>>6006914 Cry more, poorfag. They're extremely rugged optics and the clarity is amazing. >dat warranty >dat customer service

28 min later 6007438 Anonymous
>>6006416 Thank you OP. I like the show too, but I hate every single brony in the world. DISGUSTING FAT FUCKS. I'm claustrophobic.

29 min later 6007462 Anonymous
>>6007181 I never said they weren't, /v/ is a terrible board. That doesn't mean video games are bad because of them. Video games are bad if they're bad, and good if they're good.

35 min later 6007699 Anonymous (25stream.600.jpg 600x383 138kB)
>mfw "/v/" decides to attack on a day that octabooru has access to two livestreams for different video quality. >mfw all i had to deal with was stream transition and a slight sound lag.

36 min later 6007736 Anonymous
What was the video that played instead?

37 min later 6007765 Anonymous
what did they hack? the mlpg streams were fine

38 min later 6007786 Anonymous
11/24/2012. The day when /mlp/ got told. Hard.

38 min later 6007787 Anonymous (Gaz is always on duty.gif 223x207 46kB)
>>6007699 >mfw all I did was swap to a different stream

39 min later 6007833 Anonymous
>>6006690 was funny, THE FIRST TIME those /v/ are their repitition

39 min later 6007834 Anonymous (Dub.jpg 500x375 28kB)

40 min later 6007855 Anonymous (70176 - Hubble Twinkling_Balloon fluttershy noose pinkie_pie rarity rope twilight_sparkle.png 1280x800 532kB)
>Asked /v/ why they hated MLP but loved Bad Dragon >Said that having giant horse dildos in their rectum is more mature than watching a show for girls. Maturity may be over-rated.

40 min later 6007856 Anonymous (1333780209417.png 241x230 17kB)
>>6007786 >The day when /mlp/ got told. Hard. Oh nooo, I have to wait half an hour for the episode to appear on YT, how HORRIBLE! >implying I even watched a stream

41 min later 6007890 Anonymous
pretty sure it was GNAA guys

41 min later 6007913 Anonymous
>>6007786 Yeah they got told to go to synchtube where we have no fewer than five streams available none of which are BronyState, because BronyState are fags.

42 min later 6007919 Anonymous
Bronystate are spammers and /b/tards They "hacked" their own stream.

42 min later 6007938 Anonymous
>>6007890 what's GNAA?

43 min later 6007969 Anonymous (1348825986642.gif 500x300 211kB)
>>watched it on a 55in HD LED TV >>no fucks given

44 min later 6007985 Anonymous
>>6007856 This. Tenfold. I saw the episode on tv, and the only reason I give a partial shit about this whole hacking nonsense is because now I know /mlp/ isn't going to shut the fuck up about it. For anyone who missed the episode, just wait for jewtube.

44 min later 6008004 Anonymous
>>6007938 google it, moron

45 min later 6008030 Anonymous
>>6007938 A very old group of "hackers" that everybody pretends to be, haven't actually done anything in nearly a decade, and were only actually ever known for the "last measure" shock site.

46 min later 6008054 Anonymous
>>6007969 This. You guys ever wonder why /a/ hates livestreaming so much? It's because of stupid shit like this. If you guys were patient enough to wait for it on YT or other sites, or even watch it on TV if you have the hub, you wouldn't have to worry about this bullshit.

46 min later 6008068 Anonymous
>>6007938 They are natural enemies to us, bronies. But we always love and tolerate the shit outta them.

46 min later 6008073 Anonymous
>>6008054 >/a/ >valid opinions on anything

47 min later 6008083 Anonymous
>>6008054 some of us dont live in america dumbass

47 min later 6008112 Anonymous
>>6008073 >/mlp/ >valid opinion on anything having a valid opinion on anything

47 min later 6008113 Anonymous
>>6008083 Then wait for a download shitface.

48 min later 6008118 Anonymous
i was broswing /v/ and there was no fucking raid thread. no one had a fucking idea of what the fuck happened. is probably one guy or another group (see GNAA). have you ever seen a /v/ raid? they always blame it on reddit even if they keep a giant thread on /v/ first page. so this wasn't a /v/ raid. i'd rather think that someone from reddit or GNAA did this and blamed /v/ to create a shitstorm ( it was obvious that a raid to /v/ was going to happen)

48 min later 6008140 Anonymous
>>6008083 Well then the "If you guys were patient enough to wait for it on YT" part probably applies for you, fucking sperglord. I don't live in the US either, by the way.

49 min later 6008174 Anonymous
>thinking /v/ is capable of anything beyond shitposting their board and looking at sonic porn >2012 ISHYGDDT

50 min later 6008186 Anonymous
>>6008068 Ponychan, the show is over. You can leave now

51 min later 6008223 Anonymous
>>6007938 a group of "hackers" although the majority of them don't give two shits about the mlp fandom. its just a couple guys that like to cause problems.

52 min later 6008235 Anonymous (1343129106079.gif 500x450 903kB)
I just watched it on the high quality stream. Guess I missed the fun.

53 min later 6008267 Anonymous
>>6008235 Was that the one with the shitty audio or the one with the faggots talking over the commercials? For some reason half the streams were down this week.

53 min later 6008291 Anonymous
>>6008223 lets hope their suprise buttfucks dont become a regular occurence

54 min later 6008294 Anonymous
>>6006416 >mfw when

54 min later 6008295 Anonymous
>>6007786 >Implying /mlp/ uses Bronystate Don't you have a video game to hate?

54 min later 6008300 Anonymous
>>6008118 >>6008174 This, and it worked, too. I saw a bunch of threads over there bitching about it.

54 min later 6008312 Purple Drank
Does anyone know what the nigga song that was played is called?

55 min later 6008338 Anonymous
>>6008267 Nope, audio and visual were top notch. Guy only talked before the episode started. They were banning people from chat for dumb reasons though. But I wasn't in the chat so I didn't give a fuck. 1080p was sick for a stream.

55 min later 6008358 Anonymous
>>6007855 Link?

56 min later 6008369 Anonymous
>>6008174 then who was? all this autistic rage cant be wasted

56 min later 6008386 Anonymous
>>6008300 Do you know the rule for placing double comma? It's means that the word or statement that is enclosed between commas could be left altogether and the sentence would still make sense. Does: This too make sence to you. Fuck off to school kid!

57 min later 6008405 Anonymous
>>6008386 ...what?

57 min later 6008423 Anonymous
>>6008405 First comma should be a period.

58 min later 6008444 Anonymous

58 min later 6008445 Anonymous
>>6008312 search for swiggity swag on youtube.

59 min later 6008475 Anonymous
>>6008386 No one cares. We're not writing a term paper faggot.

1 hours later 6008532 Anonymous
>>6006729 dubs n trips says you should shut the fuck up

1 hours later 6008533 Anonymous
>>6008386 >sence

1 hours later 6008554 Anonymous
>>6008369 Take your pick, it's not like there are not multiple people that hate the mlp fandom. Anytime /v/ has done any sort of raid on anything you can be guaranteed two things: 1. There will be multiple threads on the front page about it 2. They claim to be from Reddit

1 hours later 6008572 Anonymous
Did anyone record it? I wasn`t in the hacked one.

1 hours later 6008625 Anonymous
>>6008386 Maximum autism.

1 hours later 6008652 Anonymous

1 hours later 6008701 Anonymous
>>6008475 If you want to be taken seriously, use proper grammar and spelling.

1 hours later 6008721 Anonymous
>mfw i started using that face >mfw everyone is using it now >mfw i have no face

1 hours later 6008757 Anonymous
>>6008701 If you want to look like you have autism, continue being a grammar nazi outside of the writefag threads. His post made sense, and it wasn't all garbled to shit or made text speak.

1 hours later 6008762 Anonymous
>>6008652 >http://pastebin.com/dm6X03au Pretty offended, but still funny

1 hours later 6008974 Anonymous
>>6008762 What did I just read? I was laughing so hard at that!

1 hours later 6009052 Anonymous
>>6008974 I have no idea, but it was retarded and hilarious.

1 hours later 6009641 Anonymous (lies on the internet.jpg 289x213 6kB)
I dont watch livestreams. I for one prefer mega ultra quality.

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