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2012-11-24 04:37 6006333 Magna913 War against the Cyber Terroist Haters (84740 - M1A2_Abrams artist%3Acontrail09 fluttershy gun helmet rarity soldier tank twilight_sparkle uniform.jpg 1024x584 165kB)
Bronies and Pegasisters we have been attacked by a hacker. Today at 10:35AM our Stream on Bronystate was hacked by a Brony hater. This is War. We must find who is responsible.

1 min later 6006363 Anonymous

1 min later 6006371 Anonymous
Fuck of /mlp broney scum. Preach your love and tolerance somewhere else.

8 min later 6006634 Anonymous
Awesome drawing of an abrams. Shitty picks for crew members except for rarity. God tier crew, >Driver: Dashie >Loader: Pinkie >Gunner: Applejack >Commander: Rarity 2.5/10 Would not operate with.

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