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2012-11-24 04:33 6006203 Anonymous (wtf.png 666x624 369kB)
omg /v/ why

0 min later 6006235 Anonymous
>>6006203 not like they have anything to do with their lives

2 min later 6006275 Anonymous
ah well, catch the episode on youtube in an hour or two. They should have hit at the premiere.

3 min later 6006302 Anonymous (1353702866715.gif 640x272 1668kB)
fucking hilarious. nigga

8 min later 6006457 Anonymous
sigh was looking forward to the episode though

8 min later 6006487 Anonymous
If you haven't realised, http://www.livestream.com/thebronynetwork4 is still up and going

49 min later 6007923 Anonymous
/v/ isn't one entity, it was some jack off by himself, there were no threads about it at all. Stop being sheeps and think for yourselves

51 min later 6008000 Anonymous (MLP_AJ_face.png 953x882 682kB)
>>6006203 >blaming /v/

52 min later 6008025 Anonymous (1308667932085.jpg 352x381 16kB)
>hack streams of the worst episode thus far >think you accomplish something

1 hours later 6008361 Anonymous
5 hours incoming of people not reading other threads and thinking /v/ can hack something

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