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2012-11-24 04:33 6006200 Anonymous (Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 4.34.00 AM.png 1331x770 424kB)
Bronystate hacked by /v/ Happened just now http://www.bronystate.net/theater/fluttershy/

1 min later 6006260 Anonymous
What the fuck.

2 min later 6006277 Anonymous
Just saw this. Damn you /v/

3 min later 6006298 Anonymous
>>6006200 Same for Octabooru

3 min later 6006310 Anonymous
First ever live stream, and it gets hacked... god damn

3 min later 6006317 Anonymous
Brony TV also hacked

6 min later 6006376 Anonymous
>>6006310 same here bro, bahhh ill catch it on youtube later on. im out

13 min later 6006644 Anonymous
>>6006376 Me too I don't want to watch half of it

21 min later 6006899 Anonymous
How gullible are you guys? seriously.

22 min later 6006925 Anonymous
>>6006298 wat no it's not I'm looking at it right now. U lyin

24 min later 6006943 Anonymous
>>6006200 Octabooru 480p also hacked

24 min later 6006968 Anonymous
>>6006200 bitch please, all the livestreams in bronystate were hacked...

25 min later 6006982 Anonymous (no skin.png 961x785 295kB)

26 min later 6007008 Anonymous
Who gives a shit.

28 min later 6007086 i dunno damnit... (2.png 1280x1024 438kB)
bloody hell....it was loud as hell

31 min later 6007241 Anonymous
There's a new episode today?

32 min later 6007279 Anonymous
>Not watching NippleKing's Out Of Synch Stream Cry about it.

32 min later 6007286 Anonymous
The Crystal Empire brought us GAK One bad Apple starting a /v/ar

33 min later 6007331 Anonymous (Screenshot at 2012-11-24 10:31:26.png 1024x600 275kB)

34 min later 6007350 Anonymous
>bronystate yeah, why do we care about this? we have octaviabooru and all the other streams

34 min later 6007353 Anonymous
>>6007086 >JESAS

34 min later 6007361 Anonymous
>>6006200 Did this happen after or during the episode?

34 min later 6007370 Anonymous
>>6007331 How retarded are you?

34 min later 6007390 SImon
Damn hackers

34 min later 6007398 Anonymous
>>6007086 >Twilight Sparke shouting JESAS I lol'd

35 min later 6007411 Anonymous
>>6007350 shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the more places they don't know about the better

36 min later 6007448 Anonymous (309d7bb0273f8804c3849866efe062c1.jpg 236x268 19kB)
Friendly PSA: It is highly likely that it was the GNAA that hacked the streams. Going on /v/ to make threads is what they want. Please dont.

36 min later 6007468 Anonymous
>>6007331 >demanding blood for something this good. I'm actually sad I missed the stream and the whole thing.

37 min later 6007492 Anonymous
I seriously doubt it was /v/, it was some troll blaming it on /v/, possibly the shitposting-group that also posts ponies on /b/.

37 min later 6007501 Anonymous

37 min later 6007506 Anonymous
Bahahahahahahahahahahah fucking win

38 min later 6007522 Anonymous
Gullible is a word in the dictionary. See what I did? I typed some random sentence and people have the option to either believe it or not believe it. Do you know for sure? Maybe, maybe not. Do some research before you start pointing fingers, believing in bullcrap and start making childish decisions like making threads on /v/ and being dumb. The person who "did" this obviously just wants a shitstorm. Now stop being dumb and carry on.

38 min later 6007528 Anonymous (HAX.jpg 1366x768 273kB)
No one gives a shit, but here's it from a different room.

38 min later 6007529 DBLEH
http://www.gnaa.eu/wiki/pr/2012-11-10-gnaa-mlp Alittle info.(Be careful, may be someone that goes through your IP)

38 min later 6007540 some faggot
It was funny, did it get recorded?

38 min later 6007541 Anonymous
>>6007492 It wasn't them, It will almost certainly be the GNAA skriptkiddies thinking they are hot shit now

38 min later 6007559 Anonymous
>>6007492 How about we start up the /b/read conspiracy and say it was them trying to make ponychanners spam /v/ so then /v/ will spam us? I mean they've gone out of their way to spam out /q/ threads and post ponies outside of here just to make others mad at us.

39 min later 6007591 Anonymous
>>6007522 I just checked /v/, not a single thread. but I got cancer

39 min later 6007593 Anonymous
>>6007468 ON /v/ I missed half the episode >:

40 min later 6007618 Anonymous
>>6007361 During. It happened about a minute in. It happened several times after, but the smart ones went to a different livestream.

41 min later 6007646 Anonymous
One of the most pathetic hacks I have ever seen. It fixed itself if you refreshed.

41 min later 6007648 Anonymous
>>6007591 they 404d em all

41 min later 6007672 Anonymous
>>6007448 well duh. The mad EqD faggots and ponychanners are all going to do that, we get enough trouble and now /v/ is going to try and "raid" us because of their shit. We're just the punching bag for everyone on 4chan when they get angry at anyone else in this fucking fandom. That's why people post ponies outside of /mlp/, because they know it will just cause shit for us.

42 min later 6007685 Anonymous (1338157386847.gif 325x203 798kB)
>interrupting CMC episode

42 min later 6007693 Anonymous
>>6007593 So what? Wait an hour and it will be on JewTube.

42 min later 6007698 Anonymous
>>6007648 good. keep it up mods

43 min later 6007728 Anonymous
>>6007672 I highly doubt /v/ is organized enough to spam /mlp/, or anywhere else really

44 min later 6007746 Anonymous
>>6006200 So the hack distributed code that was signed with /v/'s private key, verifiable using a public key formally and securely distributed by the official governing forces of /v/? It may have been someone from /v/ but it is more likely a random wahoo who is aware of /v/ and looking for a shitstorm.

44 min later 6007759 Anonymous
>>6007728 yeah , you right They'd be too busy killing gaming I dunno , the thing was lame But no one wll care in a few hours

45 min later 6007779 Anonymous
/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA/v/ did not hack the stream. it was GNAA

47 min later 6007848 Anonymous (that-really-rustled-my-jimmies.png 499x302 211kB)

47 min later 6007858 Anonymous
>>6006200 >Bronystate hacked by /v/ Bronystate ARE /b/, they are spammers and trolls. If you're watching their stream you get what you deserve.

47 min later 6007863 Anonymous
>>6007779 Got any proof?

47 min later 6007868 Anonymous
So when they could've put on something like a man fucking a horse, or a horse fucking a woman, they had that thing walking down a road instead? Confirmed idiots.

48 min later 6007880 Anonymous
>>6007779 I wish it was /v/. The first time I actually liked something they did.

48 min later 6007894 Anonymous
>>6007779 thats true I believe They're the butthurt dickheads. I doubt /v/ would care enough

49 min later 6007934 Anonymous
>>6007848 >not being capable of waiting for poni

51 min later 6008007 Anonymous
>>6007693 or you could have switched streams, but guess you fucked up didn't you?

52 min later 6008020 Anonymous

53 min later 6008070 Anonymous
>>6008020 I don't really trust going to their site. pastebin that shiz.

54 min later 6008088 Anonymous (images.jpg 233x216 7kB)
>Watching on bronystate >See that shit come up, chat explodes >what a funny story mark >walk into bedroom and continue watching on DVR Mfw you faggots dont DVR every episode

55 min later 6008126 Anonymous
>>6008088 >implying everyone has The Hub check your privilege, fag

56 min later 6008139 Anonymous
>>6008088 I just changed the tab.

56 min later 6008159 Anonymous
You see the secret here is guys get this. It's 4channers hacking 4channers. Psst. and listen guys listen it's really. Don't tell anyone Us guys get this US HACKING OURSELVES and guys, guys. We are the /b/ and internet cause guys. 4chan is SHIT. But we love it you see like pigs wallowing in it. tldr: we are all 4chan, drowning a fish ect.

57 min later 6008190 Anonymous
Imo it was pretty well played. Was watching on a less crowded and more enjoyable 720p stream.

58 min later 6008218 Anonymous (What.gif 537x336 2092kB)
>>6008088 >gets the hub >watches streams

58 min later 6008219 Anonymous (j_jonah_jameson.jpg 300x410 36kB)
>>6008159 ...what?

The hivemind that you kids believe exists solely to individually torment each and every one of you known as /v/ here, Watching you pathetic faggots manually "spam" the front page with one thread with a picture of a pony every three minutes with jammku levels of autistic anal anguish allcaps, none of which receiving more than one reply before being deleted within fifteen seconds in some autistic 'sperg rage to somehow "get back" at all 200,000 of us who supposedly collaborated in perfect synergy to take down your autistic little circlejerk. This is completely ignoring the fact that /v/ doesn't even stoop to the low level of ever using "U MAD" even in an ironic context, and isn't a bunch of attention whores like /b/ who actually like this sort of attention from manchildren like you Please continue though as almost all of us are having quite a good laugh

1 hours later 6008282 Anonymous
Anyone got link to the video they used?

1 hours later 6008329 Anonymous (lathlathal.jpg 442x330 44kB)
>>6008250 >nlosage doc

1 hours later 6008337 Anonymous (what the fuck.png 1700x1070 840kB)
>>6008159 why the fuck does that make sense?

1 hours later 6008363 Anonymous
>>6008282 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q9TYUr-Teo

1 hours later 6008368 Anonymous
>>6008250 its not even us ya dingus. its faggots outside of /mlp/

1 hours later 6008372 Anonymous (1350875467120.jpg 600x438 62kB)
>>6008250 Amazingly, most of us know it wasn't /v you faggot. We've been telling people over here too it wasn't /v/

1 hours later 6008374 Anonymous (hackedbyv.png 666x404 248kB)
It wasn't /v/. It was babs seed all along.

1 hours later 6008377 Anonymous (34234.png 600x339 209kB)
>>6008218 I watch each episode twice, once on a stream with the chat up, and once on my dvr to admire the animation.

1 hours later 6008403 Anonymous (EEnE141.jpg 475x263 21kB)
>>6008377 This nigga gets it

1 hours later 6008431 Anonymous (no-rage.png 316x237 107kB)

>>6008368 >>6008372 Well that's actually quite surprising I'll let you all get back to beating it to fluorescent equine childrens cartoons then

1 hours later 6008447 Anonymous
>>6008250 Your logic works both ways. You assume all of /mlp/ is spamming /v/ with pony threads when it should be obvious that we are not.

1 hours later 6008490 Anonymous
>>6008443 enjoy your video games on /v/

>>6008490 Heavens no

1 hours later 6008600 Spiderman

1 hours later 6008632 Anonymous
>>6008250 What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

1 hours later 6008648 Spiderman
>>6008525 FUCK YOU BUDDY!

1 hours later 6008692 Anonymau5
>>6006200 methinks someone's starting shit between boards. doesn't think its a member of /v/

1 hours later 6008732 Anonymous
>>6008692 when in doubt, blame /b/.

1 hours later 6008747 Spiderman

1 hours later 6008773 Anonymous

1 hours later 6008806 Anonymous
>stream hacked after episode aired >implying I give a fuck

1 hours later 6008811 Anonydash
https://twitter.com/RustleLeague/status/272202237168734208?p=v If anyone thinks it was /v/, fucking leave. People fall for for the GNAA's allies' bullshit daily, it seems.

1 hours later 6008862 Ricochet
I am the only one who thinks that this is hilarious? Don't worry,the episode will be in YT in a few hours. Protip:if you get mad...they win

1 hours later 6008903 Anonymous
>>6008811 Yep. They maybe want us to spam /v/ to get /mlp/ removed. They usually take responsibility even for shit they didn't but they could change their tactics.

1 hours later 6008910 Anonymous
>>6008862 I thought it was hilarious too. At first I thought the streamer was fucking with me and I became annoyed but when the image appeared I instantly laughed.

1 hours later 6009158 Spiderman
Found a spare keyboard. So do not retaliate?

1 hours later 6009290 Spiderman
So, /mlp/ has the following? >Janitor rampages >Everyone else against us >Harrasment from GNAA >Moot does not care

1 hours later 6009366 Anonymous (the best screenshot of all time.jpg 999x969 119kB)
>>6009290 It's a hard life.

1 hours later 6009431 Anonymous
>>6006982 That's a fun .gif but not as good as like ...the ones where they get chopped or ground up.

1 hours later 6009487 Anonymous
Why is everyone getting ruffled over something that doesn't even matter?

1 hours later 6009535 Anonymous
>>6009290 I googled gnaa... So nigger faggots? All of my what What do they want?

1 hours later 6009583 Anonymous
Anyone find this as, considering the content of the episode, the most ironic troll ever?

1 hours later 6009611 Spiderman
http://pastebin.com/dm6X03au I do not know what to say, about this monstrosity.

1 hours later 6009647 Anonymous
Now they should hack EqD...that shit would be wonderful.

1 hours later 6009665 Anonymous (derp.jpg 304x304 70kB)
>This show has poisoned the minds of people who used to be socially fit and had a future, who most likely go to Brony conventions and talk about raping other children, and as statistics show; raping children isn't good.

1 hours later 6009730 Mr. smile (134214552901.png 555x555 157kB)
>inb4 we have to troll /v/ now

1 hours later 6009731 Anonymous
What the fuck is the GNAA? I doubt /v/ could do this too. As faggy as they are I doubt they would stoop to levels of this faggotry, along with the fact that they're way too disorganized to ever pull something like this off.

1 hours later 6009740 Anonymous (1346701051065.gif 500x259 505kB)
>>6009665 >raping children isn't good. Yeah, now you know they're full of shit

1 hours later 6009758 Anonymous
>>6009731 it's not /v/

1 hours later 6009773 Anonymous (1352502165507.jpg 352x275 9kB)
>>6006260 >>6006277 >>6006310 Your tears are delicious.

1 hours later 6009782 Anonymous
>>6009730 >inb4 your a slowpoke It was GNAA. And many already shitposted all over /v/

1 hours later 6009786 Anonymous
>>6009535 Attention. GNAA hasn't done anything worthwhile in ages, so they're jumping on the brony bandwagon to try and get a little secondhand limelight. Ignore them and go on with your day.

1 hours later 6009834 Anonymous (tumblr_mdlkpgyUt21r3sgz9o4_400.gif 300x169 498kB)
>>6009665 >Not only must we target the bronies themselves, but we must target the show and the producers of My Little Pony. We encourage all d0xing and humiliation of these internet scum before they virginize any more of the normal people of society.

1 hours later 6009850 Anonymous
/v/ is full of autistic 13 year old children. i doubt they could have pulled off a "hack" like this.

2 hours later 6009912 Mr. smile (134215421816.png 900x720 249kB)
>>6009782 I already heard that it was the GNAA but I have yet to see anything that would convince it was either one other then /v/ being mentally disabled anyway I was referring to those "we need to get even" faggot who seem to jump the gun a lot

2 hours later 6009932 lunafag
Don't know about you, but I enjoyed seeing half of /v/ being pony threads. Especially while watching my unhacked pony stream and not giving a fuck.

2 hours later 6009962 Anonymous (you could have stopped it.png 816x1076 846kB)
>le-edgy /b/tards start hacking streams >Try to pin the blame on /v/ >People seriously believing that shitpost on /v/ >EqD and ponychan are probably gonna believe it >Mass shitposting and "trolling" everywhere So this it. This is how it all ends.

2 hours later 6010009 Anonymous
>>6009962 It's not an edgy /b/tard it's the even edgier GNAA

2 hours later 6010015 Anonydash
https://twitter.com/dutchminati/status/272385985180991488?p=v Faggot who's in the GNAA just stated the livestream "went well". Also this. >Dear GNAA, Thank you for rustling everyones jimmies here on #BronyState. I wish you all a wonderful jolly-good Kuanza. Tweeted by BronyStateProblems and retweeted by their PR @Gary_Niger. This is gettng funny.

2 hours later 6010060 Anonydash
>>6010014 No. Fuck you. That's what they want.

2 hours later 6010071 Anonymous
>>6010014 >"brutally molishes" >10 second clip that goes away after refreshing they page You're too modest GNAA. Really.

2 hours later 6010072 Anonymous
>>6009912 See >>6009871

2 hours later 6010096 Anonymous
>>6010060 This. They're al-Qaida but we're not Bush.

2 hours later 6010118 Anonymous
>>6008070 >Pastebin for the ones who are afraid to go to the site: http://pastebin.com/4iV2BTaS

2 hours later 6010179 Anonymous
>>6010014 >fight back How so? do you want to A.) Tweet back and forth and tell there meany mean people B.)DDoS/Hack/Dox them

2 hours later 6010214 Anonymous (1353693297552.gif 245x240 942kB)
>>6010014 >>6010015 >mfw these faggots think they can do anything

2 hours later 6010217 Spiderman
We should fight GNAA. Think about it, if the stereotypes about each board are true, GNAA is a thing most of 4chan would hate. We may be able to get 4chan working together like we did with to fight 9fag.

2 hours later 6010251 Anonymous
What the fuck is bronystate?

2 hours later 6010254 Anonymous
>>6010179 I choose 42) >Do nothing and avoid unnecessary shitstorm

2 hours later 6010255 Anonymous
>>6010217 no, we shouldn't

2 hours later 6010276 Anonymous
>/mlp/ >thinking they can fight, even on the internet. lets just stay behind our walls and just make them that much taller

2 hours later 6010315 Anonymous
>>6008368 >>6008443 >>6008490 Well that was easily resolved.

2 hours later 6010323 Spiderman
>>6010255 Yes we should, 4chan needs to do something for the lulz again.

2 hours later 6010345 Anonymous
Let these scriptkiddies do what they want.

2 hours later 6010346 Anonymous
>>6010323 go back to 9fag you're embarrasing

2 hours later 6010353 Anonymous
>>6010179 I pick c. >Do nothing and they get bored when all they realize their pathetic troll attempts are completely ineffectual >>6010323 >lulz >>>/bredittonychandaily/

2 hours later 6010356 Anonydash
>>6010014 >>6010179 >>6010239 Jesus fucking Christ, they're Al-Qaeda and we don't need to be Bush. Let them play for a while and they'll get bored. >>6010214 There's nothing TO do. I merely remarked that >This is gettng funny.

2 hours later 6010382 Anonymous
>>6010217 no, and you should stop browsing immediately for thinking that this site may collective hate shit like 9fag and reddit as a while, but only /b/ stoops to raiding them; and 99.99% of the times those raids are unsuccessful. we're not going to raid them, we're not going to forum a collective "crusade" with the other boards in an attempt to shut them down, etc. sit down and shut up, fucking idiot

2 hours later 6010447 Anonymous
Why can't you all just be apathetic about it? Let the rest of the people affected by their soedgy hax get butthurt about it.

2 hours later 6010483 Anonymous
>>6010447 The people calling for le raid in here are GNAA faggots trying to get some newfags in trouble.

2 hours later 6010486 Spiderman
Fine, we wont fight. I just don't like taking it like a bitch.

2 hours later 6010569 Anonymous
>>6010486 >Taking it like a bitch. That's what everyone who suggests raids and DDoS attacks is doing

2 hours later 6010588 Anonymous
Fighting back is stupid and it makes us look stupid. I mean what would be the point? How does anything we do help prevent future attacks? Lets see what GNAA can actually do. They can mess with our live streams, irritating but ultimately harmless. They can hack popular websites which is bothersome but again temporary. The worst thing they could do is make attacks on the fandom's reputation. And that would be best combated by acting as the better man.

2 hours later 6010592 Spiderman
>>6010382 No I should not stop, I just think this is letting them win.

2 hours later 6010610 Anonydash (1353718324244.jpg 640x480 46kB)
>>6010486 Some things just need to be waited out. >>6010474 >pic is what I've narrowed it down to.

2 hours later 6010668 Anonymous
>>6010486 Feeding the troll = taking it like a bitch and begging for more

2 hours later 6010712 Anonymous
>Waiting it out But if we don't feed them, ponychan and eqd will, so why don't we just start giving them a dose of their own medicine?

2 hours later 6010740 Anonymous
>>6010592 Please, inform me as to how they are 'winning'.

2 hours later 6010782 Spiderman
>>6010625 Hack 4chan?, I highly doubt it tough. So how long do you think they will go?

2 hours later 6010792 Anonymous
>>6010712 So? We get ignored, and we get to watch the bonies throw a shitfit. Everything went better than expedicted

2 hours later 6010887 Anonymous
>>6010712 There is nothing to retaliate against since these people produce nothing of value. It's not like DDOSing their shitty info site will dissuade them from anything. Getting mad is counterproductive since this ensures that we'll see this shit even more since us getting mad is what they want. The correct response is to do nothing.

2 hours later 6010919 Anonymous
lol you ponyfags are the worst form of autism

2 hours later 6010956 Anonymous
>>6010919 No, that's the GNAA, mad over people who watch a cartoon.

2 hours later 6010959 Spiderman
>>6010740 What if they want to have us to shut up, and just die./mlp/ Is at the breaking point with so many things against us, we risk possible deletion.

2 hours later 6010985 Anonymous
>>6010740 They aren't winning, and I seriously doubt theyre even trying to. They just cause minor inconveniences for a while, but at the end of the day, the difference is going to be zero. The world already thinks were fucked up We produce content faster than they could ever pull it down They spend all their free time pissing in an ocean of piss while were enjoying poni poni How do you call that winning? Its just trolling. They dont change anything, they just want to see you mad. Just shrug and move on. Thats how you deal with this shit. If you ignore it and dont give them attention, they go away.

2 hours later 6011060 Anonymous
>>6010959 Yes, imagine if moot deletes /mlp/. What then? All of /mlp/ explodes into a faggotstorm of impressive proportions all over 4chan. Moot may be a lot of things, but I don't think "idiot" is one of them.

2 hours later 6011063 Anonydash
>>6010985 Fucking this.

2 hours later 6011076 Anonymous
>>6010985 no we have to do something, this is unnacceptable!

2 hours later 6011080 Spiderman
>>6010985 What if other websites retaliate?

2 hours later 6011106 Anonymous
>>6011080 Then they're a bunch of morons, but that's hardly news.

2 hours later 6011118 Anonymous
>>6010959 >/mlp/ Is at the breaking point Go cry somewhere else you big sissy. If you werent a band waggoning tripfag you'd allready be used to this kind of pointless pestering.

2 hours later 6011149 Anonymous
>>6011080 If everyone jumps into a well that doesn't mean you should too.

2 hours later 6011194 Anonydash
>>6011080 Then we let them drown - it was their choice, not ours.

2 hours later 6011210 Spiderman
>>6011118 Of course I know /mlp/ is safe, no need to toss insults.

2 hours later 6011230 Anonymous
>>6010959 >/mlp/ Is at the breaking point with so many things against us, we risk possible deletion. No. No, we don't. Calm the fuck down.

2 hours later 6011244 Anonymous (Applebloom reaction 3.png 720x860 848kB)
been a b_rony since 2010...what is bronystate and why should I/we care? If it's a livestream, just go to Basil.

2 hours later 6011262 Anonymous (mlfw7871-vl8l4na38.png 540x558 171kB)
>>6010985 I guess you're right, here I am acting like a newfag, trying to provoke DDoS attacks. If there is one thing the internet has taught me, "standing up" for something is never worth it.

2 hours later 6011264 Anonymous
>>6011080 Let 'em. Better yet, take the initiative, go to the websites you think will sperg all over the place, and try and de-escalate things. GNAA wants attention. You want them to disappear? Starve them.

2 hours later 6011271 Anonymous (1353780493122[1].png 519x565 470kB)
Im gonna retaliate dammit, RAID /V/.

2 hours later 6011317 Anonymous
>>6011271 Kill yourself

2 hours later 6011322 Spiderman
>>6011149 Never Said we should.

2 hours later 6011329 Anonymous
>>6011271 Good luck, but remember, you DO NOT represent us in this; from this moment on, you are solo. P.S. go fuck yourself, newfag

2 hours later 6011356 Anonymous
everyoen retaliat dammit, this is fucking war.

2 hours later 6011364 Anonymous
>>6011317 >>6011329 >don't recognize obvious troll Do you even internet, bro?

2 hours later 6011402 Anonymous
They're sperging up over in this thread on ponychan. I think a contingent should go over and help to de-escalate things before they do something stupid. http://www.ponychan.net/chan/pony/res/36486537.html

2 hours later 6011422 Anonymous
>>6011402 no let them this is fucking war

2 hours later 6011426 Anonymous
>>6011149 >if everyone ___ argument God fucking damn it. This is the angriest I've been in weeks.

2 hours later 6011432 Spiderman >Joke
LOL guys imma raid /v/ dey did this sheit.

2 hours later 6011444 Anonymous
>>6011402 LOL, WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours later 6011474 Anonymous
>>6011444 Eventually, the shitstorm will reach 4chan...

2 hours later 6011486 Anonymous

2 hours later 6011532 Anonymous (1266376956225.jpg 600x429 102kB)
>>6011402 I'm just a passing /v/irgin trying to assess how fucking stupid the situation is right now, and I really, really do not want to go to that website, I've seen enough of that shit since TF2chan was made. Can someone give me the gist of that link?

2 hours later 6011539 Anonymous
>>6011474 It already has if you haven't notice.

2 hours later 6011550 Anonymous (1343746073194.gif 240x176 548kB)
>>6006200 AHAHAHAHA oh you guys!

2 hours later 6011552 Anonymous
You faggots trying to retaliate to /v/ its a fucking shame

2 hours later 6011576 Anonymous
>>6011402 it seems like ponychan doesn't even care, either.

2 hours later 6011586 Anonymous
>>6011532 It's okay. Most of that thread already realizes how stupid a 'raid' against GNAA would be. Situation's under control, folks. Go on about your business.

2 hours later 6011597 Anonymous
>>6011532 Pretty much what happened is that a couple of guys from the GNAA (autistic scriptkiddies) hacked the livestreams and blamed it on /v/. ... Sorry you guys had to get dragged into this.

2 hours later 6011630 Anonymous
>>6011532 It's pretty much this thread, only on ponychan.

2 hours later 6011656 Anonydash
>>6011402 >Christ, stop saying love and tolerance like it's some sort of war cry. This is seriously why people target us - because we can't just be normal people that watch a show. We have to have all these ridiculous phrases that everyone else grows to hate. WHULP At any rate, they seem poised to stay neutral and ignore them.

2 hours later 6011705 Anonymous
great job /mlp/ you acting mature for once

2 hours later 6011738 Spiderman
>>6011656 They target us because of what we like. Stop fighting and ignore everything they do.

2 hours later 6011761 Anonymous
>>6011597 It's actually quite good idea as far as trolling goes, too bad everyone knew about their "War on Bronies" way before this happened.

2 hours later 6011764 Anonymous
>>6006200 >>6006200 >>6006200 lets spam /v/ with gabe newell pics to remind him that he is a horsefucker too.. lulz guaranteed

2 hours later 6011775 Anonymous
GNAA has been targetting BronyState, Ponychan, MLPchan and others. I wouldn't be surprised if they went after EqD somehow soon.

2 hours later 6011782 Anonymous
>>6011764 no.

2 hours later 6011784 Anonymous
>>6011738 no, they target you cause most of you act like spergs and try to push the show into everything

2 hours later 6011805 Anonymous
>>6011764 >not reading the rest of the thread

2 hours later 6011815 Courage
for everyone that doesn't already know, ponychan doesn't blame you guys or /v/. we know its GNAA and we thank you for concern and your maturity in the matter

2 hours later 6011837 Anonydash
>>6011784 >>>/Reddonychan Daily/

2 hours later 6011854 Anonymous
>>6011815 >courage i remember you your a fucking faggot

3 hours later 6011870 Anonymous
>>6011784 Do I? Get out.

3 hours later 6011877 Anonymous
>>6011854 Oh boy, here we go.

3 hours later 6011892 Anonymous
>>6011854 indeed i am, and i love you to. just put on the trip for that one post

3 hours later 6011895 Anonymous
>>6011402 >http://www.ponychan.net/chan/pony/res/36486537.html LOL! a mod just locked the thread...

3 hours later 6011897 Anonymous (quite.png 181x200 34kB)
>>6011815 Why thank you good sir. Good luck keeping the situation under control on your end.

3 hours later 6011930 Anonymous
>>6011895 no suprise there

3 hours later 6011949 Anonymous
>>6011815 gr8 now fuk off

3 hours later 6011957 Anonymous
I LOL'd so fucking hard, spamming the chat with "IT'S HAPPENING" over and over... /v/ can fuck off, but at least it entertained me for a minute or so until the stream got back up again (Octabooru)

3 hours later 6011963 Anonymous
>>6011597 >.. Sorry you guys had to get dragged into this. No problem, the worst enemy of /v/irgins is almost always other /v/irgins anyways. I'd be more worried if this shit happened later in the day during a more prime-time /v/.

3 hours later 6011972 Spiderman
>>6011775 Do not even think about them, just ignore them and what they do. Raids will result in worst things. Flaming will make us look bad. We just all need to shut the fuck up and continue with our lifes.

3 hours later 6012000 Anonymous
You know after all this hacking and cross board shitposting and GNAA shit. I still haven't gotten to watch the new episode. I should probably do that.

3 hours later 6012008 Anonymous
>>6011972 >implying you have a life

3 hours later 6012027 Anonymous
>>6011972 Representing MLPchan here. We've no intention of doing anything. Incidentally, would anyone on /mlp/ be interested in an inter-site LoL tourney? We've been doing inter-site TF2 nights for awhile, and that's been fun. Originally coming from /b/ I enjoy /mlp/ for a change of pace, might be fun to play a different game with you guys.

3 hours later 6012028 Anonymous
>>6012000 It's an adorable episode <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dUWf8ecUT0

3 hours later 6012063 Anonymous (flutterswa.png 945x845 176kB)
>>6011705 scripkiddies interrupted our show and blamed it on other fags. we have to be serious here, nigga.

3 hours later 6012067 Anonymous
>>6012027 you hopped from b to mlpchan what is wrong with you

3 hours later 6012123 Mr. Yaridovich (giant Applebloom.png 945x945 519kB)
Maybe I should start livestreaming livestreams again.

3 hours later 6012132 Anonymous
>>6012067 Actually, I hopped from /b/ to Ponychan. Then I spent enough time there to realize that it was never going to change enough for the better. I wanted something middle-ground between the one-board, chaotic environment of /mlp/ (which I enjoy at times) and the more spread out, paced and moderated envrionment of Ponychan. There were no sites like that, so we made one. Despite only 4 months so far, it's already in the top 5 imageboards (of any topic) and second pony-related imageboard beside the big Pchan itself. Anyways, different strokes and shit.

3 hours later 6012203 Anonymous
>>6012132 >mlp >chaotic enviroment gimmie a fucking break

3 hours later 6012241 Anonymous
>>6012203 You know what I mean, don't be a fucking obtuse faggot. One board with essentially no moderation (well, until now and the new janitorial staff) and no partition between topics. Give me a fucking break, kiddo.

3 hours later 6013065 Anonymous

3 hours later 6013093 Anonymous
>>6013065 Shut the fuck up and calm the fuck down.

3 hours later 6013104 Anonymous
>>6013065 troll or just not reading thread?

3 hours later 6013120 Anonymous
>/v/ hacking anything

3 hours later 6013237 Spiderman
>>6013065 Ok we will do this. Just starve them buddy, I know you wanna help so if you do wanna kill them ignore them.

3 hours later 6013339 Anonymous
Does GNAA has a mascot we could ponify?

3 hours later 6013362 Anonymous
>>6013237 agreed

3 hours later 6013415 Anonymous
>>6013339 >>6013339 No, they just have Gary Niger and Gay Niggers from out of Space.

4 hours later 6013669 Anonymous (email sent.png 1417x377 33kB)
I wonder why the GNAA never replied to my email.. they are obviously scared.

4 hours later 6013690 Anonymous
>>6013120 That's a good point. /v/ probably couldn't hack if their lives (or games) depended on it. If someone came after them with da hax they'd whine on their board like little sissy girls because they wouldn't know what to do, then turn around and raid us for being little sissy girls.

4 hours later 6013697 Anonymous
>>6013669 Tell me you didn't actually do this.

4 hours later 6013701 Anonymous
Seriously do these GNAA guys think they are the internet equivelent of the joker or sonething? Devoting probably thier whole lives to coming up with shit plans and convincing themselves they are criminal geniuses Then when they are caught out (usually within 30secs) they go on as if planned on being caught but thier gnius plan has already happened (like seeing /mlp/s true and diagusting nature or some bullshit) then make some deeep point filled that will suddenly make us realise enjoying a show is the worst thing anyome can do EVAR!!! Then the internet will be cleansed of us faggots and its all thanks to these masked anonymous heroes in GNAA the internet will forever be grateful for I honestly believe this is what they tell themselves before hatching their "schemes"

4 hours later 6013715 Anonymous (1333893611124.gif 400x400 133kB)

4 hours later 6013719 Anonymous
>>6013669 Die in a fire.

4 hours later 6013742 Anonymous
>>6013669 Old image is old. About 2 weeks old as a matter of fact.

4 hours later 6013751 Anonymous
>>6013669 and this is when it all goes to hell~

4 hours later 6013752 Anonymous
>>6013415 make it happen

4 hours later 6013762 Anonymous
>>6013751 >>6013751 and nvm

4 hours later 6013779 Anonymous
Requesting rule34 of gnaa

4 hours later 6013783 Anonymous (tumblr_mda7s1ER6z1r8f00x.gif 500x309 491kB)
>>6013669 wait you waged war....i don't think you realise what being a brony means

4 hours later 6013827 Anonymous
>>6013742 No, that's from yesterday actually. But I did mention it before. I think they thought taking down one stream would do it, lol.

4 hours later 6013850 Anonymous
I'm watching Rodger Rabbit over there. Dafuq you guise talkin' 'bout?

4 hours later 6014133 Anonymous
>>6013669 Well, now we know why they've been worse recently. Idiot.

4 hours later 6014136 Anonymous
>>6013779 Good idea, anon.

4 hours later 6014406 Anonymous
Fuck /v/, let's raid those motherfuckers.

4 hours later 6014493 Anonymous
>>6014406 this guy totally read the whole entire thread

4 hours later 6014605 Anonymous
>>6014493 Sarsasm?

4 hours later 6014818 Anonymous
>>6014605 Yuup, unless the guy actually did read all of it and just decided to ignore everything that's been said

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