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2012-11-24 04:31 6006163 Anonymous (1636345637.jpg 400x400 85kB)

1 min later 6006199 Anonymous
Fuckin /v/ hacking bronystate. I hate humans.

1 min later 6006213 Anonymous (lawdy.jpg 1600x900 340kB)
nigga nigga bitch nigga

1 min later 6006221 Anonymous

2 min later 6006240 Anonymous
I must admit I'm laughing my ass off not a bad hack

2 min later 6006242 Anonymous
I lol'd actually, there are other streams.

2 min later 6006247 Xizzed
my side's were not ready for this

2 min later 6006257 Anonymous
>>6006163 I laughed my fucking ass off, Ain't even mad Just swapped to another stream

3 min later 6006273 Anonymous
Awww come on. That shit is fucking hilarious. I was not even looking at the stream at the time so all I heard was "Applebloom, Hurry up and get ready for the-" "BITCH NIGGA NIGGA"

4 min later 6006293 Anonymous
Fuck, I missed this. Family visit.

4 min later 6006294 Anonymous
I came here for the comments.

5 min later 6006329 Anonymous
Fuck, I've had my laugh now I can't find a stream that work. Link me fellas

6 min later 6006344 Anonymous
Lol a youtube version will be up anyway.

6 min later 6006347 Anonymous
>>6006329 http://www.justin.tv/haxmega#/w/4236373520/24 The one Im in

6 min later 6006351 Anonymous
>>6006329 100 streams on EQS

7 min later 6006391 Anonymous
also on derpyhoooves dot com All the links you will ever need.

8 min later 6006413 Anonymous
So, is anyone looking forward to the possible brony backlash because of this All that butthurt

9 min later 6006450 Anonymous
>Seriously thinking /v/ has the coherence to "hack" things Assume /b/, /fit/, or /sp/, you dumb cunts.

10 min later 6006495 Anonymous
>>6006450 >Thinking anyone on 4chan can hack things Its not a board, more like an outside group

10 min later 6006505 Anonymous
>>6006413 nah no butthurt, just a friendly nod letting us know we masturbate to ponies. Surely no one is butthurt

10 min later 6006515 Anonymous
bronystate is back.

12 min later 6006567 Anonymous
>>6006495 You need to realize that, when I say boards, I mean the IRC circlejerks of scriptkiddies from those boards.

14 min later 6006621 Anonymous
they're at it again hahahahahahakanjabdjnbdkibnsdkvndfkjvkdzjfavikzbdfkjvbkdsnvkhnfvdkhndvf

14 min later 6006637 Anonymous
And Bronystate is hacked again.

14 min later 6006653 Anonymous
>>6006621 Really? FUCKING LOL

15 min later 6006662 Anonymous
>>6006450 /sp/ wouldn't have done this. It's Europoor time still.

17 min later 6006715 Anonymous
>>6006662 >It's Europoor time still. >Implying they aren't the worst of them all

19 min later 6006754 Anonymous
TO ARMS GENTLEMAN and by that I mean lets sit here and not give a shit.

19 min later 6006767 Anonymous
I hate Livestream jumping, I miss a few seconds every time.

19 min later 6006792 some faggot
The CMC song is dedicated to /v/

21 min later 6006866 Anonymous
>>6006715 Yurp doesn't sperg out over pone as much as America. If the episode premiered at like 7:30 pm EST, then MAYBE I'd consider /sp/ to be perpetrators.

22 min later 6006885 Anonymous
What's the nigga song called? It was pretty catchy.

25 min later 6006951 Anonymous
Otaku ascended got hacked too.

28 min later 6007026 Anonymous (1350441823433.gif 490x367 1014kB)
>Some retard "Hacks" a stream >Blame /v/ >Spams all over /v/ You guys win the award for the most gullible retards on the internet.

29 min later 6007076 Anonymous
You guys are retarded. It was the GNAA. They WANT you to spam /v/. Please DONT.

29 min later 6007114 Anonymous
>>6007026 >Implying its us spamming /v/ Its probably a mix of buttfrustrated ponychanners and the GNAA

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