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2012-11-24 04:30 6006122 Anonymous (babs.png 562x257 122kB)
This shall be the discussion thread.

3 min later 6006243 Anonymous
babs is a very ugly pony

5 min later 6006283 Anonymous
Did anybody notice that pony with the fucking amoeba for a cutie mark?

7 min later 6006349 Anonymous
oh fuck here comes that diamond tiara bitch. if high school floats are involved they should do it like the ending of animal house

8 min later 6006354 Anonymous

8 min later 6006372 Anonymous
what a cunt

9 min later 6006380 Anonymous
Tiara is best pone.

9 min later 6006385 Anonymous
>not having already seen this scene

10 min later 6006422 Anonymous
Hey kids! Can you say "Cunts"?

10 min later 6006432 Anonymous
>>6006385 makes it more fun to watch

10 min later 6006442 Anonymous
what's with the fucking cunt accent

10 min later 6006445 Anonymous

10 min later 6006447 Anonymous
>inb4 gak

11 min later 6006453 Anonymous (sweetie_is_sad.png 1600x1094 248kB)
sweetie's magic burst wasn't quite so impressive

11 min later 6006455 Anonymous (1338688287213.gif 320x240 2770kB)
>>6006354 3/10 would not think of hurtful names with

11 min later 6006458 Anonymous
gak is best pony

11 min later 6006460 Anonymous
gak gak gak

11 min later 6006462 Anonymous
Gak is back!

11 min later 6006464 Anonymous
oh shit i hate that little orange bitch

11 min later 6006467 Anonymous

11 min later 6006469 Anonymous

11 min later 6006470 Anonymous
>>6006445 fuck!

11 min later 6006475 Anonymous

11 min later 6006486 Anonymous
I hope we'll get Babs/Tiara porn.

12 min later 6006493 Anonymous
colormixer, gak gak gak

12 min later 6006499 Anonymous
Why do they keep saying "It could happen." IT COULD NOT HAPPEN

12 min later 6006502 Anonymous
CMC are retarded. Babs is NOT proud of that she don't have her cutemark. Right Cute Girls Crusaders ?

12 min later 6006514 Anonymous
Ahh scoots.... Wing boner?

12 min later 6006520 Anonymous

12 min later 6006523 Anonymous

12 min later 6006525 Anonymous
plague confirmed for canon

13 min later 6006535 Anonymous
Worst song?

13 min later 6006536 Anonymous
aw shit, here comes the song

13 min later 6006546 Anonymous
4 consecutive Gak commercials. Also, Babs is such a bitch.

13 min later 6006547 Anonymous
Cups are alive?

13 min later 6006552 Anonymous
This song is so likable. It's all 50s and lovable

14 min later 6006560 Anonymous
>>6006547 Not anymore.

14 min later 6006575 Anonymous
Song isn't too bad. Fuck this bitch though.

14 min later 6006576 Anonymous
wet mane sweetie belle is so moe

14 min later 6006577 Ruby
>>6006552 Yeah.

14 min later 6006588 Anonymous
>>6006552 >This is so 50s >This is so 60s >This is so 70s >This is so 80s MAKE YOUR MIND!

14 min later 6006589 Anonymous
When I watched the leaked version of the song, I never noticed the CMC were wet during the post splash parts.

14 min later 6006590 Anonymous (1331145788605.png 432x320 154kB)
Babs is a fucking cunt. Confirmed worst pone.

14 min later 6006595 Anonymous
scootaloo losing her shit

14 min later 6006597 Anonymous
Best song? Best song

14 min later 6006600 Anonymous
Bitch can shake a tree. Cant she. Scoots can hover?

15 min later 6006601 Anonymous
stealing the club house! OH NO SHI DI'NT!

15 min later 6006604 Anonymous
7/10 song

15 min later 6006609 Anonymous

15 min later 6006613 Anonymous (1334957433231.png 533x397 126kB)
Well, I thing she is the daugther of Tracy

15 min later 6006625 Anonymous

16 min later 6006629 Anonymous
Polka from Season 1!

16 min later 6006632 Anonymous
holy shit, man up sweetiebell

16 min later 6006633 Ruby
Sweetie Belle crying loudly and overexaggeratedly. Sweetie Belle is now Bubbles.

16 min later 6006641 Anonymous
Diamond really is a bitch. I thought she wasn't THAT bad but she's really a fucking asshole.

16 min later 6006659 Anonymous

16 min later 6006661 Anonymous
Scoots confirmed as orphan?

16 min later 6006664 noko
I would appreciate Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon if they werent so stupid. Also, Babs is new worst pony?

17 min later 6006674 Anonymous

17 min later 6006675 Anonymous
As a New Yorker I can say I wish I had an accent like Babs

17 min later 6006676 Anonymous
Mamma hada Scoota Chicken Mamma hada Sweetie Cow AB was proud She didn't care how!

17 min later 6006682 Anonymous
raritys father in the house

17 min later 6006691 Anonymous

17 min later 6006692 Anonymous
It's the P-Team. I pity the fool.

17 min later 6006695 Anonymous
>AT Montage My nostalgia boners!

17 min later 6006699 Anonymous
Oh shit. The A-team theme

18 min later 6006700 .
A-Team homage. Excellent.

18 min later 6006703 Anonymous
Moral of this episode: Sometimes it's best to tell an adult or get help.

18 min later 6006706 Ruby
Hold on, wait. Do they know how to drive AS KIDS?

18 min later 6006710 Anonymous (23423424.jpg 627x465 14kB)
The Mane Team

18 min later 6006714 Anonymous
A team song fuck yeah

19 min later 6006725 Anonymous

19 min later 6006727 Anonymous
>all three CMCs lying on their back on a matress

19 min later 6006730 Anonymous (imgres.jpg 240x160 8kB)
Isn't it smashing?

20 min later 6006746 Anonymous
>the A-Te~ ah nevermind

20 min later 6006749 Anonymous

20 min later 6006757 Anonymous

20 min later 6006758 Anonymous
>>6006725 >meangirls.gif

21 min later 6006770 Anonymous
I knew that was the reason she would jump in to being a bully with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. God dammit.

21 min later 6006776 Anonymous
Filies on a dirty mattresses in the middle of a street. Pedo cloppers dream

21 min later 6006779 Anonymous
Projecting her insecurities and 9/11

21 min later 6006780 Anonymous (mlfw8285-135034020612066.png 640x480 23kB)
Friendly PSA: It is highly likely that it was the GNAA that hacked the streams. Going on /v/ to make threads is what they want. Please dont.

21 min later 6006805 Anonymous
>bully has a tragic backstory God damn it....I was just starting to like hating her.

21 min later 6006813 Anonymous
This is a great episode, it teaches kids "don't get mad, get even" ya great episode

22 min later 6006815 Anonymous
the ride never ends

22 min later 6006817 Anonymous
That baby have polio braces on?

22 min later 6006821 Anonymous
>>6006780 I didn't even know they were still a thing. GAK GAK GAK

22 min later 6006824 Anonymous
Wait, did scootaloo manage to fly at the train station?

22 min later 6006825 Anonymous
Oh wow I thought they were gonna pull a parents dead thing

22 min later 6006829 Anonymous

22 min later 6006833 Anonymous (1337198404635.jpg 480x334 40kB)
mfw this episode is suddenly god-tier

22 min later 6006836 Anonymous
So far, the musical number and Sweetie Belle's glorious golden plot have been the only good things about this episode.

22 min later 6006839 Anonymous
>>6006813 Except it also shows that people aren't always what they seem and sometimes have reasons for being the way they are so you should try taking that into account.

22 min later 6006840 Anonymous

22 min later 6006841 Anonymous (DD_C.jpg 422x425 107kB)
Babs if a fucking cunt ginger cum tank piece of shit

22 min later 6006843 Anonymous
Los amo potros cabronies. Ustedes son como mis hermanos.

22 min later 6006848 shankedCircuit
>>6006780 This, very much this. They're probably just using /v/ as a scapegoat

22 min later 6006849 Anonymous
>>6006824 No, she just kinda fluttered downward

22 min later 6006853 Anonymous

22 min later 6006854 Anonymous
this episode is quite juicy

23 min later 6006862 Ruby
>>6006727 What're we gonna do on the bed, Anon? Wah!

23 min later 6006864 Anonymous
>>6006780 Everyone loves the GNAA and GN from outer space.

23 min later 6006872 Anonymous
I wish I had some GAK

23 min later 6006881 Anonymous
So we're in agreement that this is actually AJ's fault since she knew full damn well that the CMC are proactive about their cutiemark situation...

24 min later 6006884 Anonymous
Bass clef pony... Octavias new boy?

24 min later 6006887 Anonymous (pinkie_approves_2.png 422x422 387kB)
>babs voice

24 min later 6006888 Ruby

24 min later 6006892 Anonymous

24 min later 6006897 Anonymous
2cool4mule wat

24 min later 6006901 Anonymous

25 min later 6006902 Evo (ScootaYoufunny3.png 680x768 599kB)
Dammit Pinkie Pie...

25 min later 6006910 Anonymous
This is the most politically correct episode, to much bullshit about bullying. >inb4 R34 of Golden Sweetie Bell

25 min later 6006912 Anonymous
...seriously leaf me punny

25 min later 6006913 Anonymous

25 min later 6006916 Anonymous
Fucking let the bitch die. She fucked with Pinkie Pie's float.

26 min later 6006933 Anonymous

26 min later 6006935 Anonymous

26 min later 6006937 Ruby
>>6006916 Seconded.

26 min later 6006939 Anonymous
Moral: Bullies are all weaklings....

27 min later 6006942 Anonymous
It actually is irony.

27 min later 6006970 Anonymous
Scoot wants a sister...

27 min later 6006974 Anonymous
So how long until the beat gets remixed?

28 min later 6006980 Anonymous
>bossom buddy >home girl >amiga >compadres Scootaloo confirmed for best buddy

28 min later 6006981 Anonymous

28 min later 6006991 Anonymous (1353733157579.png 477x407 182kB)
Wow, people really need to learn the difference between bullying and teasing.

28 min later 6006999 Anonymous
Babs looks like Rosy Odonnell/

29 min later 6007003 Anonymous
When is Diamond Tiara getting a sad backstory and when is Silverspoon going to be confirmed to just following along because she doesn't want to be bullied?

29 min later 6007015 Anonymous

29 min later 6007016 Anonymous

29 min later 6007018 Anonymous
Diamond tiara is a pig.

29 min later 6007023 Anonymous
>bad as in good The 90s want their phrases back, Applebloom

29 min later 6007024 Anonymous
>inb4 big sis doesn't fix shit

30 min later 6007038 Anonymous (1353645175021.png 945x945 137kB)
Diamond Tiara is still worst pony, everything is right with the universe.

30 min later 6007042 Ruby

30 min later 6007052 Evo (ScootaBro.png 900x900 545kB)
>>6006980 Scoots has always been bro-tier.

30 min later 6007055 Anonymous
>>6006999 oh fuck, she sounds like her too. didn't realize it

30 min later 6007056 Anonymous
This was a good episode.

30 min later 6007058 Anonymous
7.5/10 10/10 song though

30 min later 6007062 Anonymous
>CMC confirmed satanic cult with initation ritual

30 min later 6007063 Anonymous (Choo-choo-motherfuckers.jpg 1952x3264 529kB)
0/5 Fucking shit bullying abused brownholish ass ramming shit episode

30 min later 6007068 SirBriggz
Anti-bullying episode taken care off.

30 min later 6007074 Anonymous
>dat Leon Kennedy haircut on Babs Also, what good would telling on DT/SS's parents do?

30 min later 6007075 Anonymous
I can't get over how much better this episode was than last week's.

30 min later 6007079 Anonymous
Worst episode. >>6007038 Fuck off, nigger. DT is best filly.

30 min later 6007081 Anonymous
>never seen again

31 min later 6007088 Anonymous
That baby wanna walk ad was creepy as shit!

31 min later 6007096 SirBriggz
>>6007038 Eeyup.

31 min later 6007099 Anonymous
>>6006910 Indeed sir. Indeed. I want that sweetybell r34 now tho.

31 min later 6007100 Anonymous (1350149003375.jpg 500x471 33kB)
Well that was one long shitty psa for bullying.

31 min later 6007105 Anonymous
1/10 this episode is. And every episode gets a 1 just for being a new episode.

31 min later 6007110 Anonymous (1317037442223.jpg 340x314 27kB)
This episode though enjoyable was such bullshit. If she really was being bullied that badly, she would be sympathetic to the plight of the CMC’s. Not only that who the fuck picks on their cousin even if they never met them before. Also getting back at a bully is NOT bullying, it’s not right mind you, but it does not count as bullying. >Telling their parents who probably don’t care about them enough to keep them in check >Guaranteed getting your ass kicked the next day >mfw this is what actually happens in real life and is by no means an effective anti bullying procedure Also anybody find it IRONIC that those hackers raiding the streams just had to do it on an episode about bullying?

31 min later 6007119 Anonymous (tumblr_m6rcfdaUht1rtozhjo1_1280.png 512x512 342kB)

31 min later 6007121 Anonymous
>people being butthurt about the bullying PSA Seriously guys?

31 min later 6007122 Anonymous
Applejack is really surprisingly lax about the whole thing, considering, in all reality, it was attemted murder.

31 min later 6007124 Anonymous (1353591435188.png 500x500 104kB)
>>6007079 Bullshit.

31 min later 6007125 Anonymous
It was a good episode. Watched it as Haxmega's stream was completely unmolested.

32 min later 6007132 ThaRedPony (1335880017778.jpg 484x270 35kB)
good episode 7.5/10

32 min later 6007136 Anonymous
10/10 song 5/10 i didnt like the end babs deserved to suffer and why not more rainbow dash? i demand more rainbow dash also babs is a snitch

32 min later 6007146 Anonymous
>>6007081 > My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic : Apple Family Reunion >S03, E09 (First Aired: December 22, 2012)

32 min later 6007150 Anonymous (oniichan.png 440x404 351kB)
>>6007110 this guy

32 min later 6007157 Anonymous
I say 6.5/10 still better than too many pinkies was that ticket?

32 min later 6007158 Anonymous (murder.jpg 200x206 10kB)
>>6007122 because of that, I have to post this now

32 min later 6007164 Anonymous
Why do all psa about bullying have to be so off?

32 min later 6007167 Anonymous
>>6007088 Without a doubt yes. Worser than Ronald McDonald and Floam combined

32 min later 6007170 Anonymous
Surprised she didn't get a cutie mark during the CMC induction ceremony.

32 min later 6007173 Ruby
>>6007146 Yes please.

33 min later 6007176 Anonymous (flank.png 500x359 160kB)
8/10 way better then expected, for such a topic, but bad end. Catchy song

33 min later 6007179 Anonymous
at least there was some A-team like music

33 min later 6007194 Anonymous
>>6007099 Why don't you have a seat... right here...

33 min later 6007195 Anonymous
>>6007074 Filthy Rich would probably be worried about alienating the Apple Family, since they're such good apple suppliers.

33 min later 6007196 Anonymous
ITT: Overgeneralization of a little girl's cartoon show and why no bullying has become the new adaptive slogan since Season Three shown this episode a few days ago.

33 min later 6007204 Anonymous (lyrabonbompulledover.jpg 680x454 54kB)
scoot confirmed for street racer/mechanic

33 min later 6007211 Anonymous
>>6007003 Isn't the latter confirmed? She doesn't seem to be as much of an a-hole and fits the role

33 min later 6007215 Anonymous
Message 3/10: Modern america has reduced bullying to anytime someone does something that makes you feel bad. Reaction faces + wet manes: 9/10

33 min later 6007217 Anonymous
/r/ing Resident Evil 4/MLP fanart of Babs in the place of Leon Kennedy

33 min later 6007223 Anonymous (Tiara Awesome.gif 720x405 1759kB)
>>6007124 gb2/bed/ Silver Spoon.

33 min later 6007226 Anonymous (beastieboyz.jpg 502x387 45kB)
7.9/10 episode, 9/10 song

34 min later 6007230 Anonymous
Babs confirmed for lesbian. Her name even implies it

34 min later 6007231 Anonymous
>ib4 " i'm gonna tell your mothers about your bad behavior"

34 min later 6007234 Anonymous
New headcanon: Scootaloo is latina

34 min later 6007246 Anonymous
Pretty good episode. PRETTY GOOD. I had low hopes but I was pleased. Good lesson COMMUNICATION DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP.

34 min later 6007261 Anonymous
Can somebody take youtube link?

34 min later 6007264 Anonymous
>cmc episode

34 min later 6007267 Anonymous
>>6007110 >hacking irony ha! >the bullying yes, in the real world bullying ends when you kick the bully's ass, but it's not like you can advocate that in a children's show

35 min later 6007275 Anonymous
>>6007230 /r/ DT/SS/Babs raping CMC's

35 min later 6007276 Anonymous
>>6007122 C'mon the CMC have previously gotten away with theft, poisoning and slander, what's a little attempted maneslaughter?

35 min later 6007283 Anonymous
>>6006122 Best season 3 episode just saying

35 min later 6007284 Anonymous
>>6007246 Also, friendships and relationships are very fickle.

35 min later 6007293 Anonymous
>>6007231 I will now use that rebuttal in real life if I'm ever being bullied. It's 100% effective.

35 min later 6007303 Anonymous
>Sweetie Belle's horn sparks >Scootaloo's wings flap Possible hints at a story arc throughout the season where the CMCs grow up?

35 min later 6007307 Cheers
Someone need to take that golden sweetie belle picture and caption it with: Bite my glorious golden ass

36 min later 6007314 Anonymous (1352731816895.jpg 456x456 70kB)
>That sb shiny golden ass

36 min later 6007315 Anonymous
>>6006910 was that a ticket reference? >>6007074 that bitch had the most awesomest haircut ever >>6007217 this 6.5/10 good song, better than toomany pinkies, i like the cmc and DT/SP interaction, they planted c4 in the apple....it has potencial, good new topic for /mlp/

36 min later 6007318 Ruby
>>6007276 "I was just trying to help!"

36 min later 6007322 Anonymous
>>6007234 That'd make her even more awesome. As long as she's Latina though, not beaner.

36 min later 6007334 Anonymous
>>6007276 PUNS 7/10 i laughed

36 min later 6007336 Anonymous (evil laugh.gif 400x231 507kB)
>>6007276 >maneslaughter laughed a little harder than I probably should have

36 min later 6007338 Anonymous
>>6007307 THIS

36 min later 6007345 Anonymous
>>6007303 >Ending season 3 with them getting their cutie marks Finally!

36 min later 6007347 Anonymous
>>6007322 beaners are best latinos

37 min later 6007366 Anonymous
>>6006354 pumpkin? more like DOVAKIIN!

37 min later 6007371 Evo (CMC Boat.jpg 1500x1600 377kB)
>CMC episode 7/10 >+ new song 10/10 >Babs' voice 11/10 Easily my new favorite episode at least until the Scootaloo ep.

37 min later 6007373 Anonymous
>>6007275 Do you realize that rape is more about rage and dominance than sexual attraction?

37 min later 6007374 Anonymous
How many pone got run over while Scoot was driving?

37 min later 6007386 Anonymous
>>6007275 we aren't miracle workers! at least give the internet an hour or so

37 min later 6007397 Anonymous (mckayla-elway.jpg 528x600 59kB)
Has anyone got a screenshot of Applejack doing the McKayla Maroney face at the train station at the beginning of the episode?

37 min later 6007403 Anonymous
Only a matter of time until golden Sweetie Belle R34

38 min later 6007413 Anonymous
>>6007217 /r/ing Resident Evil 4/MLP fanart of Leon Kennedy in the place of Babs

38 min later 6007429 Ruby
>>6007386 There was R34 of Chrysalis before her episode ended. Of course we're miracale workers.

38 min later 6007434 Anonymous
>>6007403 Dat shiny ass made my dick twitch

38 min later 6007440 Anonymous (1353168060793.jpg 204x200 16kB)
>>6007176 I am guessing 1-2 days tops for a remix or 20 of Bad Seed. OF course, guy voices for the first and dubstep remixes of a remix remixed.

39 min later 6007445 Anonymous (1334189169330.jpg 126x124 3kB)
>>6007307 I can see it now. get on it!

39 min later 6007455 Anonymous
I've always been a believer in revenge, so naturally this episode left me rustled.

39 min later 6007464 Anonymous (1295558176466.png 500x500 321kB)
>>6007283 >Best season 3 episode >just saying Son you best be trolling, the only good thing about that episode was the song and AB doing that clothing montage at the start. So much HHHNNGGG!!! >>6007307 Fucking fund it! >>6007293 lol >>6007403 It will be glorious >I just caught a shiny sweetie belle

39 min later 6007470 Anonymous
>>6007373 That's why ugly people get raped as often as attractive ones. >this is what liberals actually believe.

39 min later 6007475 Anonymous
Wait, so everyone is pissed off about the unrealistic handling of how bullies are, right? This was one of the most frustrating episodes of the entire show, purely for the fact of how naive it was. If I had a daughter, I would not want her to see this episode because she may use the misinformation in real life. This was incredibly irresponsible of the writing staff. You know, it really makes me angry that the people on this show don't take chances sometimes. You know, break the cliches? With the audience they have it really is disappointing.

39 min later 6007477 Anonymous
good thing there wasn't an itunes early release this time.

39 min later 6007479 Anonymous (131334292509.png 299x276 6kB)
>>6007403 now we wait

40 min later 6007485 Anonymous (1352754638074.jpg 460x460 44kB)
>>6007440 I think it was called Babs Seed

40 min later 6007487 Anonymous
>>6007455 You must be so miserable, childish, and alone.

40 min later 6007491 Anonymous
new song was not that good. 6/10 would not listen too again

40 min later 6007493 Anonymous
>>6007267 this guy gets it.

40 min later 6007494 Anonymous
It was pretty decent. I can see bronies raging hard at it for any possible reason though.

40 min later 6007503 Anonymous
I was hoping Babs would get her cutie mark in bullying But it's pretty obvious by the end of the episode that her cutie mark is gonna be in threats

40 min later 6007523 Anonymous (1335323782179.jpg 480x371 50kB)

41 min later 6007530 Pants without pants
ss and dt are still horrid annoying ponies. details at 11.

41 min later 6007533 Ruby
Hey guys, I just realized something. They didn't write a letter to Princess Celestia, did they?

41 min later 6007535 Anonymous
>>6007373 I think you're delving into this too far...

41 min later 6007544 Anonymous
>>6006422 Dubs confirm the obvious.

41 min later 6007545 Anonymous
>calling names >bullying

41 min later 6007550 Anonymous
>>6007475 >'If I had a daughter, I wouldn't want her to come to me with her problems' You would be father of the year if there was any actual chance of you actually breeding.

42 min later 6007572 Anonymous
>>6006641 How autistic do you have to be to not realize that she's a total twat?

42 min later 6007573 Anonymous
>>6007503 Babs is part of a mobster family

42 min later 6007578 Anonymous
>>6007491 >would not listen too again >not listen too again >listen too again >too >too Its "to" motherfucker, gets it through your thick skull.

42 min later 6007584 Anonymous (1353447371238.jpg 334x299 51kB)
>mfw i need my R34 of golden Sweetie Belle I'm coutin' on ya, internet people.

42 min later 6007586 Anonymous
it was alright

42 min later 6007598 Anonymous
>>6007413 >Leon's face shooped onto a pony Oh god no >Captcha: $1,861,800,000 teryiNo what

42 min later 6007601 Anonymous (images (16).jpg 199x254 7kB)
>>6007479 wait no more is this what you wanted

42 min later 6007603 Anonymous
>>6007464 Not the same person but it was the best episode so far.

43 min later 6007606 Anonymous
Am I the only one who realizes that the CMCs almost killed babs for revenge?

43 min later 6007607 Anonymous
Good episode. 7/10

43 min later 6007612 Anonymous
>>6007403 i would draw it now if i good some good screencaps

43 min later 6007616 Anonymous (image.jpg 240x160 19kB)

43 min later 6007620 Anonymous (976003 - Babs_Seed DoucheClop Friendship_is_Magic My_Little_Pony Snails Snips.png 4932x5000 1756kB)
Fuck this episode and it's shitty lesson

43 min later 6007626 CapperGeneral
>>6007440 Im already working on one rough draft: http://soundcloud.com/cappergeneral/bad-seed-sugar-rush

43 min later 6007627 Anonymous
>>6006780 What did I miss since I don't know what the GNAA is? Is the shituminati that was revealed a few months/weeks ago?

43 min later 6007632 Anonymous
>>6007533 THEY DIDN'T!

43 min later 6007633 Anonymous
So no one thinks making Sweetie Belle cry was a crime against nature?

44 min later 6007640 Anonymous
>>6007572 I thought maybe she wasn't a total bitch. Ruining their project? Taking their clubhouse? She crossed the line this episode.

43 min later 6007641 Anonymous (chickenchicken.jpg 1000x561 61kB)
>>6007573 "If you don't give me the money, pal, then I'm gonna tell your parents about your bad attitude."

44 min later 6007653 Anonymous
>>6007550 Dude, what? What I am saying is that this show portrayed bullies in an unrealistic way, and that if children were to use the knowledge gained from this episode in real life, it would NOT end well. What's the personal attack even about?

44 min later 6007664 Anonymous
>>6007633 Normally I'd be against it. But, she's also a snitch, so I'm not bothered

44 min later 6007666 Anonymous
Was I the only one who was reminded of Ticket when Sweetie Belle made herself shiny?

44 min later 6007669 Anonymous (1337110540879.jpg 532x364 143kB)

44 min later 6007671 CapperGeneral (a team references2.png 556x347 292kB)

45 min later 6007678 Anonymous
>>6007533 holy dicks you're right

45 min later 6007690 Anonymous
>>6007397 >probably throws better than Tebow

45 min later 6007691 Anonymous
>>6007620 >shitty lesson Umm, the lesson of why some bullies are bullies? How is this a bad lesson?

45 min later 6007692 Anonymous
Bad episode 4/10 shitty lesson chep laughs don't even know why I watch this shit anyone

45 min later 6007694 Anonymous
is there r34 on this bitch seeds yet?

45 min later 6007697 Anonymous
>>6007627 Gay Nigger Association of America.

45 min later 6007703 Anonymous (kra-radisgust.jpg 1250x1177 258kB)

45 min later 6007706 Anonymous (1312164725705.png 696x552 59kB)
>>6007475 >If I had a daughter, I would not want her to see this episode because she may use the misinformation in real life. >If I had a daughter I laughed harder than I should at that part, but I see your point. Still everyone knows that cartoons especially kids ones cant show real life solutions to problems. I work at a school and see kids getting picked on fucking hardcore, and they bring in the parents and guess what? The parents dont fucking care at all and do nothing to correct it. We had one kid who was getting picked on day after day, and you know how he got the bully to stop? He rushed the bully pinned him to the wall, took out fucking scissors and told him "If you do that one more time, this shit goes into your throat." Guess what? The bully stopped. And the kid who was getting picked on in the first place was fucking suspended for get this....bullying. Fuck this gay earth >mfw he was a smart kid who was a shinning beacon of light in the shit school district I work in.

45 min later 6007707 Anonymous
>>6007671 you're a saint, thank you for this

45 min later 6007708 Anonymous
>>6007666 yes see >>6007601 good lord another fandom reach out!

45 min later 6007710 Anonymous
>>6007475 Are you serious? Every single kid's show about bullying does this. Are you just gonna ban your future kids from all cartoons indefinitely? I haven't seen a single show so far that has actually depicted bullying correctly.

45 min later 6007711 Anonymous
>>6007671 ohh god, I... I'm gonna... Close your eyes, Sweetie.

46 min later 6007717 Anonymous (7932911640_31c6d51610.jpg 500x500 84kB)

46 min later 6007722 Anonymous
>>6007627 The Gay Nigger Association of America seem to suddenly have an axe to grind with the pony fandom, and have made lots of requests, apparently pretending to be Hasbro, to get youtube and tumblr sites pulled.

46 min later 6007723 Anonymous
>>6007475 It's unfortunately because they can't actually show how to really handle a bully. Which is punching their fucking lights out and make them afraid of you. >>6007550 While the episode did have that, what usually happens with parents and their children is the parents will go to what the feel is the source of the problem, the parents. Most of the time though that is a stupid idea because the parents of a bully are either unaware of their child's bad behavior or don't care. Heck, some even advocate it.

46 min later 6007727 Anonymous
>>6007627 Gay Nigger Association of America. And yeah, probably not them.

46 min later 6007731 Anonymous (mlfw688_33754 - animated celestia dexterous_hooves keyboard_pony parody Regular_Show the_power.gif 400x400 528kB)

46 min later 6007733 Ruby
>>6007678 >>6007632 I made a controversy! >>6007694 Look upwards in the thread. It's a spoiler image.

46 min later 6007735 Anonymous
>>6007074 Suddenly best filly. >>6007079 So you like cunts? And not the good type?

46 min later 6007743 Anonymous (1353036954223.jpg 250x250 9kB)
>mfw we're going to argue about the plausible ways to deal with bullies for the next week

47 min later 6007750 Anonymous
>>6007706 Reminds me of http://offthebench.nbcsports.com/2011/03/14/bully-power-slammed-into-concrete-by-fed-up-kid-victim-v ideo/

47 min later 6007763 Anonymous
>>6007124 >implying that twofaced cunt is best

47 min later 6007769 Anonymous
>>6007743 The lesson wasn't how to deal with bullies, it was why bullies become bullies.

48 min later 6007772 Anonymous
>>6007533 >2012 >season 3 >not writing to Celestia She may become an attention whore at the season finale due to the lack of letters.

48 min later 6007788 Ruby
>>6007769 Doesn't mean we aren't gonna talk about it.

48 min later 6007789 Anonymous
>>6007666 Ticket? I'm blanking over here

48 min later 6007792 Anonymous
>>6007745 ALL THOSE DUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

48 min later 6007795 Anonymous
>>6007706 and you did nothing...

48 min later 6007798 Anonymous
>>6007653 Okay, so what is a realistic portrayal of a bully?

48 min later 6007800 Anonymous
>>6007671 feels like im wearing, nothing it all nothing at all nothing at all

48 min later 6007803 Anonymous
>>6007703 OHSHIT

48 min later 6007809 Anonymous
>>6007743 if you set all the bullies on fire there will be no more bullies

48 min later 6007810 Anonymous
>>6007533 Well technically speaking the CMC aren't part of the group of ponies who report to the Princess on what they've learned about friendship. And since Applejack didn't have much screen time and doesn't learn anyway, if previous letters are an indication, she wouldn't be writing it either.

49 min later 6007812 Cheers (BITE MY ASS.png 556x347 167kB)
>>6007671 Thanks

49 min later 6007813 Anonymous (tumblr_lul3opyTaP1qmknus.gif 450x320 110kB)
>>6007735 Yes.

49 min later 6007819 Anonymous
>>6007710 Yeah, but there is always the hope that ONE show will get it right. With the audience this show has, I would have figured they would be more comfortable exploring it in a mature way. >mature Oh god, what am I saying?

49 min later 6007825 Anonymous
>>6007789 Ponychan's mascot.

50 min later 6007840 TheGreatAndPowerful
>>6007743 >punch him in the face >take your punishment for punching him like a man >repeat until respect earned

50 min later 6007843 Anonymous
>>6007706 If my kid (HAHA HAVING A KID LOL) ever did that, I would treat him/her like royalty that entire suspension. Seriously, that kid had major balls. He stood up for himself, which is something nobody does anymore because they're too afraid. >Fuck this gay earth Couldn't agree more.

50 min later 6007852 Anonymous (1343551193664.png 552x448 238kB)
Missed todays episode what youtube channel usually uploads the episodes in HD pretty fast?

50 min later 6007854 Anonymous
>>6007769 Oh, I know man, I know. But look at this thread. The hottest discussion is about how they dealt with the problem.

50 min later 6007861 Anonymous
I don't suppose anyone's watching Littlest Pet Shop...but...GAK GAK GAK

50 min later 6007862 Anonymous
>>6007798 "Let Me In" pretty much hit's the nail on the head

51 min later 6007887 Anonymous (allahu ackbar.jpg 480x360 11kB)

51 min later 6007892 Anonymous
>>6007487 Fuck you, at least I got dubs.

51 min later 6007902 Anonymous
>>6007810 But they wrote a letter to her before.

52 min later 6007914 Anonymous
well i liked it,i think its really good

52 min later 6007916 Ruby
>>6007887 Turn off your caps lock. It's right next to the "A" key.

52 min later 6007933 Anonymous
>>6007916 Shut up, now I know who you are.

52 min later 6007936 Anonymous (1317249527520.png 500x461 45kB)
>>6007795 >Implying I didnt go straight to the principal and assitant principal and yell my head off >Implying I didnt bring all the documentation and catalogs of how good that student was and how much of a piece of shit the bully was >Implying I wasnt basically told "Shut the fuck up, we only like to make stupid choices here at this school." Do you even defend the honor of good kids? >>6007843 >which is something nobody does anymore because they're too afraid. >mfw

53 min later 6007942 Anonymous
>>6007914 Well, you are an idiot.

53 min later 6007950 Anonymous
Bullying is the use of force or coercion to abuse or intimidate others. The behavior can be habitual and involve an imbalance of social or physical power. It can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion and may be directed repeatedly towards particular victims, perhaps on grounds of race, religion, gender, sexuality, or ability. There

53 min later 6007955 Ruby
>>6007933 So?

53 min later 6007962 Anonymous
>>6007902 And Celestia was probably all "Who the fuck is this and wtf is a scootaloo? Are people in Britain seriously pooping while they ride scooters?"

53 min later 6007964 Anonymous
>>6007697 >>6007722 >>6007727 I...what? Are you people for real? What? I just figured it would be the shituminati.

54 min later 6007973 Anonymous (1254746363.jpg 850x1100 143kB)
Not a bad episode, but shitty lesson and lack of revenge to DT and SS ruined it for me. 6/10

54 min later 6007986 Anonymous
>>6007769 No, it was to show how to deal with bullies. We've still no indication as to why DT and SS are such bitches, only that a lot of that shit could've been avoided if they'd just talked to AJ about the problems they were having.

54 min later 6007990 Anonymous
>>6007620 Ha, cunt's getting what sh-NO WAIT SHE'S ENJOYING IT. FUCK.

54 min later 6007995 Anonymous
>>6007962 >wtf is a scootaloo a god damn chicken you stupid cunt, that's why luna is a better princess

54 min later 6007996 Anonymous
>>6007964 >not knowing about the gay niggers of america

54 min later 6007998 Anonymous
>>6007964 >I just figured it would be the shituminati. They've already taken several tumblrs down.

54 min later 6007999 Anonymous
>>6007964 https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Gay_Nigger_Association_of_America

55 min later 6008010 Ruby
>>6007973 They got shoved in mud.

55 min later 6008012 Anonymous
>>6007598 not merely shooped, just replaced. or redubbed as leon captcha: MINIKIN candedd

55 min later 6008015 Anonymous
>>6007533 The mane six probably had their own issue to deal with and report about that we just didn't see.

55 min later 6008018 Anonymous
>>6007854 That's because everyone here is butthurt bully victims who only wanted to see babs get the shit beat out of her instead of understand her position.

56 min later 6008042 Anonymous
>>6008018 lel, i've been a bully since grade 1. I'm done with high school now so fuck that

56 min later 6008043 Anonymous
No one else noticed Doctor Whooves and Derpy in the theater during the song?

56 min later 6008051 Anonymous
>>6007962 >Are people in Britain seriously pooping while they ride scooters? If we suddenly find ourselves heading down a steep slope that reaches the ocean. Yes.

56 min later 6008057 Anonymous
>>6008018 >understand her position She is a cunt and that is it.

56 min later 6008059 Ruby
>>6008043 That was Dinky.

57 min later 6008075 Anonymous
>>6007813 1. Go to bed, Seth. 2. STOP RUINING THE SECOND-BEST PONY FOR ME

57 min later 6008081 Anonymous
Maybe they'll be like the kid who was in >>6007475 and just go nuts with a pitchfork or something from Sweet Apple Acre's barn. Fanfic idea?

57 min later 6008084 Anonymous

57 min later 6008100 Anonymous
>They learn that their bully was a bully because she was afraid >They realize they are bullying her >Save her >Become friends >DT and SS arrive to bully all 4 of them >Babs Seed gets on their face and tells them to fuck off I don't know what you guys are complaining about, Babs Seed did the whole "Kick their ass" part you are complaining the episode didn't have. Am I missing something?

58 min later 6008115 Anonymous
>>6008043 That was Cloudkicker.

58 min later 6008137 Anonymous
>>6008100 Actually Babs told them that she was going to tell their parents about their bad attitude.

59 min later 6008138 Anonymous
>>6007986 The lesson here has taught us a thing or two. We know Applebloom's cousin was a bully because of the suffering she had from bullying back in manehattan. DT and SS were just background characters in this episode. They're going to remain the "bullies" for the whole series because we need those characters. Seeds was a new temporary character who could change to teach a lesson and still not alter the original cast of the show.

59 min later 6008145 Anonymous
>>6007936 i was talking about the bullying not the consecuence. it was to be expected to happen.

59 min later 6008149 Anonymous (1353251983982.jpg 768x1024 358kB)
>>6007626 You are a god among men, thank you. Really mean it, no bullshit, but since this is /mlp/ fuck you burn in hell you cunt dyke whore.

59 min later 6008151 Anonymous
Pardon me for being off-topic, but judging by one of the promos for the new episode, methinks the Littlest Pet Shop writers are/were fans of Battlestar Galactica. I mean, why else would Largest-Ever Pet Shop have Cylons for security guards?

59 min later 6008156 Anonymous
>>6008100 >Babs Seed did the whole "Kick their ass" part No she didn't. She just said that she will tell on them. Do you seriously think that would ever work in real life?

59 min later 6008173 Anonymous
>>6008084 /mlp/ IS JUST GOING TO HAVE TO WRITE ONE FOR HER! Don't worry Celestia, I'm sure someone has got this! WE WON'T LET YOU DOWN!

59 min later 6008178 Anonymous
She seemed a bit Guido for my taste.

1 hours later 6008185 Ruby
>>6008151 Because they want to take over the world?

1 hours later 6008192 Anonymous (1331197100273.jpg 482x480 81kB)
>>6008151 >caring about LPS

1 hours later 6008195 Anonymous
I like that they included the points about empathy. And honestly, this is a kids show. The ending is the closest we'll get to standing up to bullies. Babs basically told them 'go fuck yourself'. Although the threat was that she'd tell their mothers, but whatever. Age group appropriate threat.

1 hours later 6008198 Anonymous (1352861280675.jpg 659x595 44kB)
>>6008100 "I'm gonna tell your mom about your bad behavior!"

1 hours later 6008204 Anonymous (1310480585093.jpg 517x373 35kB)
>>6008081 Wow I meant >>6007706 I failed so hard on that.

1 hours later 6008206 Anonymous
Dear Princess Celestia,

1 hours later 6008208 Anonymous
am i the only one wondering why DT and SS were on the apple's land? trasspassing much

1 hours later 6008209 Anonymous
>>6008100 >>6008137 Oh I see. As for if that would happen in real life, only if the bully was really scared of their moms for some reason. So I get what you're complaining about now. Thanks.

1 hours later 6008224 Anonymous
>>6008206 Today, the anons of /mlp/ learned

1 hours later 6008242 CapperGeneral
>>6008149 Yeah, hopefully a cleaner audio version of the cmc comes out, it still needs some work

1 hours later 6008255 Cheers (1350706797225.jpg 251x251 73kB)
>>6008233 >>6008233 >>6008233 >>6008233 >>6008233 >>6008233 >>6008233 >>6008233 >>6008233 >>6008233 Trips to boot

1 hours later 6008256 Anonymous
>>6008224 that GAK GAK GAK

1 hours later 6008258 Anonymous
>>6008233 Very nice. Dat speed.

1 hours later 6008259 Anonymous
>>6008206 "im fucking tired of having to write you letters about my life"

1 hours later 6008261 Anonymous
Okay, multiple lessons can be taken from this episode. >When in doubt, get the adult >Two wrongs don't make a right >Don't jump to conclusions about others. You don't know why they do the things they do Okay, to everyone bitching about the "unrealistic" portrayal of Babs as a bully. I'm sorry it didn't fit your depiction of a bully. I was bullied as a younger kid, and I still liked the episode and the message. Life isn't about getting equal, it's about doing the right thing. >inb4 that's unrealistic No. Doing the right thing just takes more work and less pride.

1 hours later 6008264 Anonymous
>>6008233 awesome

1 hours later 6008266 Anonymous
>>6008224 That the GNAA hates

1 hours later 6008268 Anonymous
huh >checking to see if there's R34 yet >there is >don't know if I should be ashamed or proud of the fast work

1 hours later 6008270 Anonymous
>>6008208 Not to mention destruction of property.

1 hours later 6008276 Parasite Steve
>>6008173 Writing you say? ON IT. >Dear Princess Celestia, >Today we learned that... >Who the fuck are we kidding, we learned jackshit. >Signed, >The Cutie Mark Crusaders

1 hours later 6008277 Ruby
>>6008224 That everyone has a huge faggot inside of them, whether it's big or small.

1 hours later 6008281 Anonymous
>>6008233 that was fa- >filename oh you

1 hours later 6008284 Anonymous (44465757.jpg 363x461 83kB)
>>6008233 Amazing. Did your hand travel back in time, leaving fiery tracks across your tablet while drawing this?

1 hours later 6008285 Anonymous
>>6007366 I can't believe I actually laughed, reading that...

1 hours later 6008286 Anonymous
>>6008256 is completely unrelated to anything, but we thought we'd mention it. Now what we really learned today is...

1 hours later 6008289 Anonymous

1 hours later 6008290 Anonymous
>>6008233 good work, lad

1 hours later 6008293 Anonymous
>>6008192 This.

1 hours later 6008307 Anonymous (130994 - apple_bloom artist john_joseco Diamond_Tiara hearts_and_hooves lesbian shipping.jpg 1059x706 89kB)
Still want to see DT make up and make out with Applebloom.

1 hours later 6008309 CapperGeneral
>>6008233 is this a record? I think it might be

1 hours later 6008320 Anonymous (1351995659403s.jpg 125x125 3kB)
>>6006445 >>6006447 in the same damn minute

1 hours later 6008322 Anonymous
>>6007671 >>6008233 it's soo grabbable...

1 hours later 6008325 Anonymous (131109627894.png 342x365 46kB)
So many crowd scenes, not a single Derpy

1 hours later 6008331 Anonymous
>>6008261 >the right thing Are you a fucking 12 years old? Get out kid.

1 hours later 6008335 Anonymous
>>6008289 This. Letter is done, send it spike.

1 hours later 6008340 Anonymous
>>6008325 I was thinking the same thing.. I don't want her to die :(

1 hours later 6008342 Anonymous
>>6008307 Ew, don't ruin this thread with JJ.

1 hours later 6008345 Anonymous
>>6008233 32 min later

1 hours later 6008356 Ruby
Dear Princess Celestia, What I learned about friendship was blankety blankety blank.

1 hours later 6008365 Anonymous (1353253738479.png 594x594 186kB)
>>6008325 Time turner was cheating with Dinky, btw.

1 hours later 6008370 Anonymous
>>6008156 "word to your mutha" was obviously jerseyspeak for "gut you like a fish"

1 hours later 6008373 Anonymous
>>6008325 I...I guess this really is the end. It's ok Derpy, you had a good run. At least we saw you from behind last episode.

1 hours later 6008376 Anonymous
>>6008325 Derpy's DEAD, remember?

1 hours later 6008390 Anonymous
>>6008365 Cloudkicker, you fuck.

1 hours later 6008393 Anonymous
>Blythe banned from Largest Ever Pet Shop for 2 weeks for no real reason The Better Business Bureau would like a word with you, Biskit family... also, totally called it with the Cylons.

1 hours later 6008395 Anonymous
>>6008309 nope. Chrysalis stuff came faster

1 hours later 6008400 Anonymous
>>6008233 Golden Bell is best pony

1 hours later 6008415 CapperGeneral
>>6008395 Oh yeah that's right, we had some stuff before the episode was even done

1 hours later 6008422 Anonymous (1353555182384.jpg 825x593 51kB)
>>6008390 Eh, like it matters which slut he was with, it wasn't Derpy.

1 hours later 6008441 Anonymous
>>6008415 It was a two-parter though.

1 hours later 6008448 Anonymous
>>6008331 >cares about being the bigger man in a situation. >must mean I'm 12 years old

1 hours later 6008471 Anonymous
>>6008441 but she wasn't revealed until part 2

1 hours later 6008481 Anonymous

1 hours later 6008488 CapperGeneral
>>6008373 we already have derpy spotted in the magic duel promo

1 hours later 6008508 Anonymous
>>6008448 Except the reason why everyone is arguing is that "doing the right thing" apparently doesn't get you anywhere.

1 hours later 6008515 Anonymous
>>6007603 >Best episode >Not worst Best episode was Too Many Pinkie Pies

1 hours later 6008522 Anonymous
Do we have a raw up at least of the episode?

1 hours later 6008534 CapperGeneral (derpy spotted.png 1280x706 1460kB)
>>6008325 >>6008373 here we are. Derpy in promo

1 hours later 6008542 Anonymous
brb listening to this on repeat www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtP7_JF_Unk

1 hours later 6008550 Anonymous
>>6008151 That was Gizmoduck you idiot.

1 hours later 6008557 Anonymous
>>6008261 What you should learn: >being a pussy and taking shit from other people isn't "doing the right thing" >adults aren't always that helpfull and you shouldn't be so dependant on other, try to solve your own problems without asking other people to do it for you >"a right" and "the right thing" is bullshit that pussy like you use to deny having to take any real action that might actually change something Come back when you are 18 or older kid.

1 hours later 6008558 Anonymous
when i first saw the op picture it looked like babs was kissing diamond tiara's butt and she was giggling.

1 hours later 6008580 Anonymous (1353049764619.gif 320x232 1500kB)

1 hours later 6008585 Anonymous
>>6008534 she's on the other side as well

1 hours later 6008589 Anonymous
>>6008508 There's a reason Martin Luther King Jr. is more respected than the Black Panthers. He didn't go around threatening people to give him his rights

1 hours later 6008595 Anonymous
>>6008448 >being the bigger man >taking shit from other people Yep, you are 12 years old.

1 hours later 6008608 Anonymous
>>6008515 >confirmed for only having watched season 3 Best episode is obviously Applebuck Season.

1 hours later 6008609 Anonymous (130781230977.jpg 300x280 13kB)
>>6008534 Seen from the side again... oh yeah... they're hiding her other eye

1 hours later 6008615 Anonymous
>>6007843 >>6007936 Everytime I got in a fight because I couldn't put up with bully bullshit I got suspended from school. My dad took me to get ice cream ((With context this ice cream trip was when I was in 3rd grade.))

1 hours later 6008637 Anonymous
If there are any females on here, what did you think about this episode? Because I think males here should be disqualified from talking about how the show handled bullying. Bullying with boys and girls are two different things.

1 hours later 6008642 Anonymous (1317247514906.jpg 200x150 5kB)
>>6008261 Kid I was bullied and a bully growing up. When I was bullied, the only way they stopped was when I fucking took a stand for myself and beat the fuck out of the prick. Granted I used a weapon, but they took it as "Oh shit that guy is crazy!" and they left me alone. After I overcame my bullying problem I became a bully and picked on this sad fat fuck who reminded me of me when I was pathetic. Yeah it was stupid, yeah I did the exact same thing Babs did, but its a stupid kid thing I guess. I laid into this kid hard, I would hide and wait for hours for him to get back from class and then beat his ass. I stole his packback and threw it in the garbage and made his mother pay 200 + in costs to replace the books. You should have seen it, he was crying like a girl all day about how this financially ruined his mom, his family was poor. And did I care? No. I gleefully watched as I destroyed his life every single day. And you know what happened after that? Kids started to notice I was being such a dick to this poor helpless kid. Kids got angry that nobody looked out for him, and then one day. 5 big mother fucker football playes chased me down at the track, one pinned me to the ground and the other 4 started kicking me violently. They then brought the kid I picked on and told him to let me have it. And he did, he kicked and punched me for what seemed like hours. After he had his fill, they let me go and said "If you ever do that shit again, we will be back." I left him alone after my massive humbling and I realized how horrible a cycle it was. A cycle that can only be stopped with violence, so fuck you and your unrealistic ideals of a perfect world. Had I not gotten my ass beat that day I would have kept at it, thats a fact.

1 hours later 6008649 Anonymous
I want the cutie mark crusaders to be come the illuminati now.

1 hours later 6008654 Anonymous
>>6008589 >actually comparing bullied kids too coward to fight back to Martin Luther King Jr. Nigga, please.

1 hours later 6008679 Anonymous (130918621321.png 945x945 46kB)
>>6008534 Fluttershy's just gonna let Twilight juggle animals like that?

1 hours later 6008711 CapperGeneral
>>6008679 she will after twilight turned her INTO one of the animals which she is now juggling

1 hours later 6008715 Anonymous
I used to be bullied. I also bullied this one kid who used to be my best friend because nobody liked him. I did so until he left the school. This was in grade five, I think.

1 hours later 6008726 Anonymous
>>6008642 >A cycle that can only be stopped with violence >Implying the kid didn't go on to become a bully himself

1 hours later 6008733 Anonymous
>>6008711 >implying THE STARE wouldn't counter Twilight's magic

1 hours later 6008764 Anonymous
>>6008733 >implying Fluttershy won't end up underground with all those Pinkies if she tries it

1 hours later 6008781 Anonymous
>>6008726 No he actually became really popular both with his peers and the ladies. Like seriously the sweaty fat fuck got pity pussy all the damn time. He went on to become gay, but he had his opportunity.

1 hours later 6008799 Anonymous (1339994913842.png 1194x1328 758kB)
>>6008715 >I also bullied this one kid who used to be my best friend because nobody liked him

1 hours later 6008802 Anonymous
>>6008642 This. Bullies bully their victims because they assume that the victim will never fight back. When the victim DOES fight back, it throws the balance of power off. The bully learns that his victim isn't as weak as they thought and they'll step down to keep from losing face. What stops bullying is standing up to your oppressor, not crying like a faggot or trying to come to terms, that just shows weakness the bully will gladly exploit.

1 hours later 6008808 Anonymous (holy fuck applebloom.png 620x338 222kB)

1 hours later 6008874 CapperGeneral
>>6008808 Ohhh the screencaps are going to be goood today

1 hours later 6008900 Anonymous
>every time there's a new episode you get to see how stupid a lot of the people here are >unreal expectations, porn as quick as lightning, plain ignorance all over the place, and an inability to love anything new >it just gets sadder and dumber every week

1 hours later 6008913 Anonymous (130918643826.png 945x945 39kB)
Guy tried to bully me, threw a school chair at him, never tried to bother me again. Only way guys, only way.

1 hours later 6008922 Anonymous
>>6008900 >porn as quick as lightning the horror!

1 hours later 6008927 Anonymous
>>6008802 This under the supusition tha bullys never seek revenge either or keeps anger to such act of defense. I dont know how many bullies you people have seen but nowdays it's not just pretend to be tough, there are many bullies that will just keep going.

1 hours later 6008942 Anonymous
>>6008802 except telling an adult is fighting back, and the principle or a parent can often do much more than a scrawny geek at my high-school the staff had no problem dealing with bullies they knew about, many kids were suspended or moved, it was just up to the students to get the courage to snitch

1 hours later 6008956 Anonymous
>>6008922 Porn for candy colored horses coming out that fast is horrific indeed.

1 hours later 6008961 Anonymous
can someone make a .gif of scoots drumming during that last scene? i need it for reasons.

1 hours later 6008964 Anonymous
How many of you guys were bullies or victims? I have never been in a situation of real bullying.

1 hours later 6008975 Anonymous
>>6008654 There's a difference between too scared to fight back, and not letting shit get to you. I'm not saying "take it like a pussy" I remember when I tried making people feel like shit because of my own insecurities, the worst they did to me was be nice. I'm not kidding you, I felt like shit. >>6008642 You were bullied, you retaliated with violence You became a bully, you stopped when someone was violent to you. I'm not going to make a blanket statement here, but what do you think happened to the kid who beat you up? Sure, it may have stopped you, but how do you know he didn't continue on the path you did? No, my ideas don't work for every situation, and may not fix all the problems. They've worked for me, though

1 hours later 6008978 Anonymous
Are there any girls here at all? I'd like to know what they thought of how this episode played out because, you know, the characters were female.

1 hours later 6008981 Anonymous
>Ending >Babs is bullied, so bullies to avoid more bullying Called it. Something about pushing bullies out 47th floor windows. Because Bab's had not been pushed out one, we can assume that she isn't really a bully back home. Post got lost in all that 6M get bullshit.

1 hours later 6008982 Anonymous
>>6008802 This kinda doesn't really work when any form of resistance just ends up exciting the Bully even more.

1 hours later 6008986 Anonymous
Am I the only one who noticed that during the float scene, Doctor Hooves jumped in front of the float dressed as a pear? I remember something about Matt Smith (The current Dr. Who) hating pears or something.

1 hours later 6009000 Anonymous (1330741941796.png 892x659 785kB)
>today's episode

1 hours later 6009006 Anonymous
>>6008913 I would love to see some of the anons here write a decent bullying episode on a KID'S show

1 hours later 6009008 Anonymous (untitled.jpg 1219x705 59kB)

1 hours later 6009009 Anonymous (please_respond_pinkie.jpg 900x900 125kB)
>>6008961 please?

1 hours later 6009021 Anonymous
>>6008900 Then get out fagget. >you get to see how stupid a lot of the people here are People like you. >porn as quick as lightning Oh no! >plain ignorance all over the place, and an inability to love anything new We didn't like it because it was a shitty episode, if we didn't like anything new how come the last episode was so liked? >it just gets sadder and dumber every week When retards like you post, yes it does.

1 hours later 6009028 Anonymous
>>6008913 My bully landed in a Jail for two years.

1 hours later 6009042 Anonymous (qmE8Q.jpg 1278x718 54kB)

1 hours later 6009053 Anonymous
>>6008942 What people don't seem to realize is that if there's a sufficient system or small enough populace, the administration is way better at dealing with these incidents. You fighting back works sometimes but bullies these days are fucking sick, always taking shit to the next level and never stopping. Some are just plain assholes, what they do to you they do because that's how things are to them. And then you got some bullies that are twice your size and will break your fucking face. It's easy to talk shit when your bully is some fat fuck or some average shit like you are. That isn't a bully, that's a pussy who took initiative against another pussy.

1 hours later 6009055 Anonymous
>>6008986 No, Eleven hates Apples. Ten loved Apples and Hated Pears. So yeah, Doctor with a bow tie dressed as a Pear, makes sense.

1 hours later 6009061 Ruby
>>6009042 Babs is now a filly fooler.

1 hours later 6009070 Anonymous
>>6008913 my bully keeped pushing him until I snapped, took my divider and started stabbing him in neck with it, then I started punching him and pulling his hair Got in principle, never bothered again

1 hours later 6009085 Anonymous
>>6008975 >I remember when I tried making people feel like shit because of my own insecurities, the worst they did to me was be nice. I'm not kidding you, I felt like shit. Cool not relevant story bro. Sure all bullies are just that insecure deep inside and just want to be your friend, there are no asshole in the world.

1 hours later 6009093 Anonymous
>>6009021 >the last episode was so liked You mean that episode where mass murder and cloning ?

1 hours later 6009106 Anonymous (1330184313481.jpg 299x294 22kB)
>>6009061 >Same age >Filly fooler Oh no you didn't!

1 hours later 6009108 Anonymous (1295498135724.png 96x124 26kB)
>>6008942 >many kids were suspended or moved Thats not taking care of the problem its only moving it. Its like that south park episode where towns just kept sending the bums somewhere else rather than dealing with the issue of homelessness. >>6008927 >This under the supusition tha bullys never seek revenge either or keeps anger to such act of defense. I didnt seek revenge and I was a pretty angry bully, becasue I knew that if I did i would get my ass beat again. >it's not just pretend to be tough, there are many bullies that will just keep going. We calls those thugs and they need to be put down. People have to fight to defend themselves if somebody is attacking them. Be that with your own firsts or telling on them, but whatever you use, MAKE SURE ITS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE BULLY. >>6008975 Read this >>6008781 Bullies are born through insecurity and pent up anger, the kid had neither so the chain was broken. Had i been a stronger person at the time it never would have happened.

1 hours later 6009123 Anonymous
>>6008964 I was bullied, and sort of a bully. I never picked on any one person, but I liked making people feel bad. It didn't matter if they fought back, I was determined to win. It only stopped when a few people throughout my life didn't fight back with aggression, but just gave no emotional response and let me be an ass. It made me feel inferior and realize how stupid being a bully was

1 hours later 6009132 Anonymous
>>6009021 >we didn't like it >we Stop forcing your hive-mind bullshit.

1 hours later 6009139 Anonymous
>>6008964 I was bullied some, my usual response was to ignore/take it. A few times I lost my temper and started beating the kid with my lunch box or punching them. In high school nobody fucked with me because I was too damn weird. I guess I kind of technically counted as a bully then since I was known for sometimes running up to random students and going all rage-faced while shouting "PENIS!" at them repeatedly. It was funny though, you'd get some dude on the football team falling back on his ass in shock from the assault and then scrambling and running away like the building was on fire.

1 hours later 6009143 Anonymous (1353350363429.jpg 764x599 128kB)
>>6009108 that pic

1 hours later 6009169 Anonymous
>>6009093 >hurr everyone should like what I like and dislike what I dislike, how you guys don't see it durr

1 hours later 6009191 Anonymous
>>600914 It's from a webcomic.

1 hours later 6009192 Anonymous
>>6009143 >VGcats >Furry Are you retarded or something?

1 hours later 6009204 Anonymous (1352737151008.jpg 392x419 26kB)
>>6009169 Where did I say that, faggot?

1 hours later 6009208 Anonymous (1327865509840.png 493x402 8kB)
>>6009143 >vg cats >furry Son you just went full retard

1 hours later 6009209 Ruby
>>6009192 Yes, he is.

1 hours later 6009217 OP (Herp Derp Face.png 1415x1500 127kB)
>>6007578 >"Its "to" motherfucker, gets it through your thick skull." >"Its "to" motherfucker, gets it" >"Its" >"gets it" >pic related

1 hours later 6009219 Anonymous
>>6009132 It isnt a 100% position but in general that was the position of /mlp/.

1 hours later 6009225 Anonymous
>>6008964 I was a bully back in the day. No idea why I did the shit I did but I did it anyway. One time a Kid fought back, did a bit of damage and despite what people on here are saying it didn't make me back down. In fact it made me come down twice as hard on him. The thrill of battle and all that jazz.

1 hours later 6009237 Anonymous
>>6009108 >Thats not taking care of the problem its only moving it. Its like that south park episode where towns just kept sending the bums somewhere else rather than dealing with the issue of homelessness. The world isn't a utopian fantasy, there is no real cure for homelessness. Giving them a free home isn't possible and nor would it fix the problem if it was.

1 hours later 6009241 Anonymous
>>6009204 In every post you made shithead, are you really that stupid?

1 hours later 6009247 Anonymous
>>6009143 >not knowing vgcats

1 hours later 6009263 Anonymous
>>6008964 My story >>6008642

1 hours later 6009265 Anonymous
>>6009237 And what is your point?

1 hours later 6009276 Anonymous
I was bullied in elementary but once I got into high school I didn't have any trouble with anyone. I made it clear what I would do if someone fucked with me and I never really had a problem.

1 hours later 6009279 Anonymous
>>6009241 That was my first post here you stupid cunt

1 hours later 6009284 Anonymous
>>6009219 That's how /mlp/ is with every episode the week it comes out. Thank god for the actual good discussions that come out of this stuff.

1 hours later 6009301 Anonymous
You fat fucks do realize that this show is aimed at little girls and that bullying works quite different among girls, yes?

1 hours later 6009310 Anonymous
>>6009108 Well, I sure hope you don't have any children. There are plenty of non-violent ways of dealing with bullies, most of which are out of the child's hands. Maybe we should just have the teachers beat the bullies, they would give a better beating than a scrawny kid. Or maybe we could hand out knives to everyone getting bullied, to help them fight back.

1 hours later 6009322 Anonymous
>>6009265 That homelessness will always exist and neighborhoods will always want to keep homeless people away and they shouldn't be criticized for doing so.

1 hours later 6009325 Anonymous
>>6009225 Everyone is different man. You bullying doesn't seem to be from insecurity, thus when someone fought back you didn't feel like you weren't in control anymore. If anything it just sounds like you were looking for a fight and wanted to get the shit beat out of you. You would have gotten the same satisfaction from joining the boxing club or something.

1 hours later 6009328 Anonymous
>>6009276 But that isn't the right thing.

1 hours later 6009343 Anonymous

1 hours later 6009353 Anonymous (nopls.png 419x358 29kB)
>>6009301 >This show is for little girls

1 hours later 6009360 Anonymous
>>6009301 In adolescence? Nope, it works the exact same way. Teenagers is where it shifts to be more psychological, but sometimes it still gets physical.

1 hours later 6009383 Anonymous
>>6009301 It's not so physically agresive but it doesn't make it that easy to solve. The show will fuck with a lot of little girls.

1 hours later 6009386 Anonymous
>>6009310 People like are akin to the retards who think people who shoot home invaders should be criminally prosecuted.

1 hours later 6009403 Anonymous
>bullying wouldn't be a huge issue if the parents put some effort into their kids >a lot of things wouldn't be if some parents actually gave two fucks about their kids I mean, the problem wouldn't go away but it would significantly lessen. The attitude about parenting these days has just gotten worst and worst.

1 hours later 6009406 Anonymous
>>6009328 There is no right and wrong anon. Only results and a lack thereof.

1 hours later 6009421 Anonymous
I hope you people realize that there are other types of bullying other than the stereotypical "stealing your lunch money" bully. I know this sounds like a school psa thing but social bullying can actually be worse than that. Because instead of one random dick, you have a group of regular friends who are jerks to this one kid. The entire class can single out that one kid without anyone realizing it. Plus there's also pretty much nothing you can do to stop it.

1 hours later 6009429 Anonymous
>>6009322 Doesn't mean we can't do something about it. No the world isn't perfect, but what's stopping us from doing a little good to help out?

1 hours later 6009459 Anonymous
>>6009403 Everything is a cycle. Shitty parents give rise to shitty kids that go on to be shitty parents themselves.

1 hours later 6009470 Anonymous
>>6008015 >Twilight and Spike freak out over making sure everything for the parade will be ready on time and her friends help her learn another valuable lesson in the process

1 hours later 6009474 Anonymous
>>6008964 On a minor scale. One of my highschool friends would be a total asshole sometimes, just doing the most annoying shit. Whenever I'd do it back, he'd always return the favor 3x worse, whatever it was (verbal, physical, inconvenient). So eventually I just stopped giving him any hint that I cared, and he quit. Also, a bit of verbal bullying going both ways back in grade school. I stopped doing it once I learned empathy. This was all within my group of friends. But yes, it was still bullying. Just interspersed with fun times. A little physical bullying in highschool too. This guy, had to be at least 250 lbs (compared to me, 5'10, 125) tried to start something and pushed me. We had been butting heads verbally for a couple weeks since he was trying to pick on my friend too. Punched him right back in his flabby chest and he didn't touch me again. Again, nothing serious. All just minor. and the minor scale of them helped me gain confidence, as well as learn how to deal with problems. Haven't even seen a bully since.

1 hours later 6009481 Anonymous (1297015557048.jpg 520x534 52kB)
>>6009310 >Well, I sure hope you don't have any children. I don't and even if I did, I would tell him/her to beat the fuck out of any kids who pick on them. But I dont plan on ever having kids cause I despise children so calm your tits. No woman would want me anyway. >There are plenty of non-violent ways of dealing with bullies, most of which are out of the child's hands. Haha oh wow, you've never been bullied before have you? Please tell me a non violent way to deal with a bully that actually works rather than placing a band aid. I would love to hear it and offer it as advice to the many kids who get picked on where I work, I'll tell you how it goes down. >Maybe we should just have the teachers beat the bullies, they would give a better beating than a scrawny kid. Or maybe we could hand out knives to everyone getting bullied, to help them fight back. If they still had corporal punishment in schools, we would not have the serious bullying problem, stupid uneducated kids, and over all poor quality that most schools face today. MOST of it can be solved with good ol fashion discipline. But you might want to get a band aid for that bleeding heart of yours.

1 hours later 6009482 Anonymous
>>6009310 Not him but, I hope you don't have kids either, you seem way out of touch with reality thinking that it's that easy to deal with bullies or that teachers are helpfull most of the time and it seem you want to make your kids as dependent on others.

1 hours later 6009490 Anonymous
>>6009406 hitler pls go

1 hours later 6009496 Anonymous
>>6009403 Getting a parent or any authority figure involved only makes the situation worse really. Now you look like the wimp who had to whine to their mommy and daddy instead of standing up for yourself. It's not pretty but Bab's was right, snitches get stitches and snitching makes you look worse in front of your peers.

1 hours later 6009515 Anonymous
>>6009386 >>6009310 Problem numero uno with arguments, when each side resorts to extremes and none of them end up right for it. The teacher beating a bully example does work for that person's point though. The overall goal a lot of people want is just to exert violence as a solution, violence as the medicine. The knives example is where you screwed up. Thinking someone is some extreme pacifist that sheds tears for criminals and wants a harmonious world without violence is just as stupid.

1 hours later 6009532 Anonymous
>>6009421 It's also the type that almost never gets covered BECAUSE there is nothing you can do about it from the outside. The person being bullied needs to change so that what they were being made fun of for no longer applies. Unfortunately those people tend to have no will to change.

1 hours later 6009536 Anonymous
>>6009429 Nothing, in fact I applaud you for doing so if that's the case. But pretending that not wanting to be around the homeless or not wanting to interact with them is wrong bugs me because that isn't true.

1 hours later 6009544 Anonymous
>>6009301 Actually, the way Babs bullied was a pretty boy-ish way to bully. Getting bullied by girls is like them stealing your underwear when you have swimming lessons, and stuffing it in the trash, then pretending not to know anything or them talking bad about you, just so loud you can hear what they are saying. Boys would kick you, try to trip you up or throw things at you. I've been bullied by both. Girls usually want to destroy you completely, but slowly. It's a bunch of psycho shit, it really freaks you out.

1 hours later 6009548 Anonymous
Telling on bullies is useless, especially when the bully has stupid parents who don't do anything because they refuse to believe that their little baby is bad or in denial that they're bad parents blah blah blah

1 hours later 6009551 Anonymous
>>6009406 I agree, morality is relative, but hear me out. Germany's economy was absolute shit before the second World War, but Hitler came into power and convinced the German people that everything would be fixed if they had gotten rid of the Jews and expanded the German reign in Europe. Soon, Germans were working building war machines and working concentration camps. He got the economy turned around and running, but ends do the ends justify the means?

1 hours later 6009580 Anonymous
>>6009496 I was referring to the parents raising and punishing their kids who go out to be the bullies, not reporting parents. But certain parents are good at stopping bullying, the ones who can actually threaten or rough up a kid. Some bullies, even those looking for a fight, realize there ain't much fight to be gained from an adult bigger than you who's motive is to make sure you don't do this shit again.

1 hours later 6009591 Anonymous
>>6009490 Faggot pls go

1 hours later 6009634 Anonymous
>>6009536 I agree, there are a lot of homeless people with schizophrenia and if you aren't familiar with the disorder, then seeing these people is very intimidating because you aren't sure how they may act. Wanting to avoid these people is only natural

1 hours later 6009636 Anonymous
>>6009482 I never said it was easy, but having your kid depend on others and others depending on your kid isn't bad. It's called being social, which prevents bullying, and is something you might not know about being an autist.

1 hours later 6009640 Anonymous
>>6009551 Depends on your morals and morals are relative, not absolute. In a context of quality of life, Hitler turned smoldering ruin of poverty and hunger and turned it into a world power in less than two decades. In the end it was all for naught since they wound back up on square one but I'd say those German people during those troubled times thought he was a savior.

1 hours later 6009671 Anonymous
I thought the episode was pretty good.

1 hours later 6009690 Anonymous
>>6009640 Yep, but looking back, we see differently. Not seeing "right" just differently

1 hours later 6009707 Anonymous
>>6009551 Nigga you serious? Holocausting the jews wasn't the means for the recovery of German's economy, it was sideway as fuck. Besides, that is your example? And what point are you trying to make? Do you have any idea of how retard you went?

1 hours later 6009737 Anonymous
>>6009671 But it conflicts with the perfect scenarios in our heads. Thus it drops to a 0/10, would rage again. Everything works one way only. Life never varies, it's all linear similar events and then we die. 0/10. Makes me want to be a bully. I'm going to the park now, trick some birds into thinking I'm going to feed them bread. Then I eat the whole loaf in front of them. 0/10. Delicious pigeon tears.

1 hours later 6009766 Anonymous
>>6009636 Being dependent on other isn't being social, you have no idea of what you are talking about do you, assburgers?

1 hours later 6009780 Anonymous
>>6009496 go back to the hood, we are intelligent enough to protect students who snitch on bullies, have witness protection for adults, outside of niggerland we have actually progressed as a society

1 hours later 6009781 Anonymous
>>6009532 I don't think they have no will They just can't, because it would completely change the person. The most dangerous thing is that people can completely destroy a kid's self-esteem without being aware of it

1 hours later 6009785 Anonymous
>>6009636 That isn't being social. Working WITH and DEPENDING on are two different things. Kids depend on their parents to take care of them because they can't do it themselves. You work with others because you have something to contribute to the group.

1 hours later 6009801 Anonymous
>>6009737 DURRHURR I'm a huge retard, look at me being a retard!

1 hours later 6009810 Anonymous
Standing up to bullies has gotten me punched in the eye in fifth grade, stabbed with a pencil in eighth, and punched in the gut in high school. However, I stood firm after each assault and they left me alone.

1 hours later 6009812 Anonymous
>>6009551 I don't really see what was wrong with his actions (not Hitler, the other post). He projected an image that if someone messed with him, it would be a mistake. If he wasn't actually hurting anyone else, there's no problem there. It's a form of self defense. Basically the same as working out a ton and getting big so no one will mess with you. Just projects an image/threat of something. >>6009310 and I don't think that teacher example would work at all. Once the teacher (aka, the threat) is gone, the kid would just get bullied many times over for causing the pain/humiliation for the bully.

2 hours later 6009832 Anonymous
>>6009766 Now hopefully you're not assuming 100% dependency, right? You're also not denying that social connections do provide benefits that being by yourself do not? I hope you're not mad someone can find alternatives due to such benefits. >Well, I have friends and a fair system to back me up. >You parasite. Is what is being heard.

2 hours later 6009847 Anonymous (twilight_is_a_duck.png 468x433 217kB)
>>6009671 stfu faggot, episode suked, when i ws in the elementary school ther ws dis bitchass nigga and i capped dat muthfucka in the fuckin head POP POP, NVA TOUCHE ME AGAIN FUCK THE POLICE

2 hours later 6009853 Anonymous
>>6009780 Except that your whole post is bullshit. You clearly never saw what usually happens when a kid snitch on a bully, nothing happens.

2 hours later 6009859 Anonymous
>>6009810 Of course they left you alone when you stood firm...because you were firm on the ground in shock from another beatdown. No point in battling a corpse.

2 hours later 6009882 CapperGeneral (mule.png 346x312 186kB)

2 hours later 6009891 Anonymous
>>6008913 WTF? I remember some fucker throwing a chair at me back in high school for no reason. Nigga, you lying snitch.

2 hours later 6009914 Anonymous
>>6009853 And you clearly listen to the media too much when it delivers the worst-scenario stories it can find. And there are places that exist beyond your personal scope, situations you don't get to see. I've actually seen bullies get told off by parents and that's the fucking end. Some bullies just have some weak ass reasons for being bullies that a kid may not realize or be up to taking care. Now unless you want to go full Sparta and say the kid should do it all themselves, you can also start throwing babies in pitts and fucking your brother.

2 hours later 6009928 Anonymous
>>6009810 If you actually wanted to get back at them you could have gotten them suspended, maybe grounded by their parents, or gotten them a counselor who follows them around school embarrassing them. Never would have known it was you who snitched, probably.

2 hours later 6009936 Anonymous
>>6009832 >dat strawman Well, what I should expect from someone dumb like you. See: >>6009785

2 hours later 6009939 Anonymous
>>6009801 That looks like it hurts. Doctor's recommendation, stop that.

2 hours later 6009948 Anonymous
>>6009781 Some are just being bullied for small things. The clothes someone wears, or how they smell, or even their hair cut. Changing these and working on self image are really all you need to do to escape most forms of teasing. Yet you barely see anyone put in the effort because they just think that they will get teased for something else instead.

2 hours later 6009971 Anonymous
>>6009636 That's not being social, but the idea is right. If the kid gets some friends and not a social outcast, he'll get bullied less. Unfortunately that's nearly impossible to do once everyone knows that the kid's the victim, they won't help him; peer pressure and all

2 hours later 6009986 Anonymous
Hey, guess what? There are many different types of bullying, and many different ways to try and stop it. Maybe for some people, threatening or beating up the bully works. Maybe for others, telling an authority figure works. Maybe for yet other people, ignoring the bully works. The way one person successfully handles it maybe, just maybe might not work for others.

2 hours later 6009987 CapperGeneral (let us in I get it.png 619x336 314kB)

2 hours later 6009997 Anonymous
>>6009936 It's the bottom line of the whole thing. You not telling anyone and trying to deal with it yourself is in no way social. The type of dependency you are interpreting from the earlier post is incorrect. If you're arguing anal semantics then have fun with that. Using the benefits of a social system that regulates how people interact socially isn't social in any way? Forgive me for thinking you were wrong.

2 hours later 6010031 Anonymous
>debates over Twilight and the clones >now this shit What's the next tangentially related ethical matter that's going to overshadow any other episode discussion going to be?

2 hours later 6010057 Anonymous
>>6009914 And you clearly listen to the media too much when it delivers the best-scenario stories it can find. And there are places that exist beyond your personal scope, situations you don't get to see. I've actually seen bullies get told off by parents and that's fucking not end at all. >Some bullies just have some weak ass reasons for being bullies that a kid may not realize or be up to taking care. Now unless you want to go full Sparta and say the kid should do it all themselves, you can also start throwing babies in pitts and fucking your brother. So, if I think kids should defende themselfs from bullies because parents and teachers aren't always usefull or some bullies don't stop being assholes that easily, that is the same thing as going full sparta right? Wow, that slope is really slipery.

2 hours later 6010105 CapperGeneral (ITS STILL HAPPENING.png 373x345 163kB)

2 hours later 6010106 Anonymous
>>6009986 Hey, guess what? You are a huge homosexual.

2 hours later 6010125 Anonymous
>>6007743 Well, we argued about Twilight being a murderer for a week, so nice pattern recognition. >>6009093 <---See? That shit right there. Cut that horsepiss right the fuck out. >>6008209 They're rich white bitches, of course they're scared of their parents. Plus, they're like, 7.

2 hours later 6010129 Anonymous
>>6009986 But there is only the right thing to do, if you do some other way it's bad.

2 hours later 6010144 Anonymous
Time to get the fuck out of this shit storm. Hi-ho, bookfort!

2 hours later 6010159 Anonymous
>>6010031 >What's the next tangentially related ethical matter that's going to overshadow any other episode discussion going to be? >Everyone is discussing the theme of the episode and its overall message about bullying and how it should or should not have been handled >Says we aren't discussing the episode lel Here let me help you discuss what you want to talk about then HurRR duRR wRy wuZ dEr n0 d3rPY!!! dID jo0 see TH3m FillY pl0tS!!!??!

2 hours later 6010160 CapperGeneral (derphatten.png 387x349 221kB)
I enjoy the new faces

2 hours later 6010161 Anonymous
>>6009707 Hitler blamed the Jews for their economy and demanded that they be eradicated. If you also note in my post, he also convinced the German people that they needed to expand it's reign over Europe. He had people working in factories building tanks, planes, weapons, etc. He improved the economy, like he had promised, but what he did lead to millions of lives of civilians and millions more lives of soldiers lost. There are more solutions to a problem than you think, and morality is relative. What works isn't always seen as "right" morally by others. What one calls "results" another calls it "injustice" what one calls "right" another calls it "inferior" this all can be somewhat connected to handling a bully. There are different approaches and different viewpoints. I'm using Nazi Germany as an example of a viewpoint. Some will say that he was justified in his actions because he got results, and some will say it was not justified, whatsoever. This is not an argument supporting either side, it's just an extreme example that shows that there are multiple perspectives and multiple views of morality.

2 hours later 6010176 Anonymous
>>6009987 I forgive you, because you are stupid and can't help it. Now carry on with your day sir.

2 hours later 6010203 Anonymous
I was never bullied myself and I'm not from the US where bullying seems to be Japan-level common. But from what I've seen most female bullies were from richer houses and made fun of poorer kids for their looks or style. Since they're usually dependent as fuck on dad's cash to maintain their image, telling their parents is a pretty good idea. So for DT and SS the show's resolution was actually pretty fitting.

2 hours later 6010220 Anonymous
>>6010125 >rich white bitches >ergo scared of their parents Rich fucks usually let their kids do whatever the fuck they want.

2 hours later 6010227 Anonymous
>>6010057 You talk about stuff you don't know jack shit about, assuming the worst of the situations. "You don't know how things really are if you snitch" pretty much implies it can never be a solution. If it was and you were sensible you would have mentioned it as a possible alternative. Your thinking implies no positivity until you got offended by what I said, that's when you want to start trying to talk some sense. You don't even understand the example I was given and thought I actually considered your argument as a conversion to spartan behavior. You've already lost it.

2 hours later 6010273 Anonymous
>>6010220 At the same time many worry about their image. If people think your kid is some asshole bully and it's pretty obvious, the parent starts punishing.

2 hours later 6010290 Anonymous
>>6009948 I've seen kids being ripped on just for the way they usually act. And then other people start doing it because it's funny and everyone else is.

2 hours later 6010365 Anonymous
>>6009882 Cheers to that guy for taking ignorance in stride, most donkeys take that kind of opportunity to throw a public shitfit. She didn't even say no offence, ign'ant little ponigglet.

2 hours later 6010415 Anonymous
>>6010290 Same here. And if that kid fights back or says something, they better be able to keep up in some ripping competition. If they say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing in any way, or can't maintain some consistent image, the whole group just treats them worst. And, even if they do shut the other guy down, some people don't like it when the look like shit in front of their group. Some people might just start a fight. The group will mostly just watch but if you find yourself in that situation where the group decides to fuck you up, that's it.

2 hours later 6010422 Anonymous
>>6010161 You have some kind of mental impairment if you think what you wrote have any sense.

2 hours later 6010460 Anonymous
>>6010422 Please explain

2 hours later 6010614 Anonymous
>>6010161 Germany's economic growth was due to massive work-creating measures by Hitler, like arms-building, yes. But what the fuck has his ideology got to do with anything? You can't create economic growth just by blaming someone. Not to mention that the Holocaust started in 1942 and the German economic growth in the mid-30's, so you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Germany would have seen the same growth without the Holocaust, WWII, etc.. This is hardly an example for dubious means reaching an end, the Holocaust clearly accomplished absolutely nothing in that regard. For the work-creating measures it didn't matter if it was arms, infrastructure (the majority of them actually), or whatever.

2 hours later 6010627 Anonymous
>>6010227 You talk about stuff you don't know jack shit about, assuming the best of the situations. "You don't know how things really are if you snitch" pretty much implies it can always be a solution. If it wasn't and you were sensible you would have mentioned a possible alternative. Your thinking implies only positivity until you got offended by what I said, that's when you want to start trying to talk some sense. You don't even understand enough to give an example and thought your ridiculous argument made any sense. You've already lost it.

2 hours later 6010703 Anonymous
>>6010460 see: >>6010614 And again your post and comparision is pointless and ridicule.

2 hours later 6010705 Anonymous
>>6010614 Thank you for correcting me. I was wrong and misinformed. Sorry

2 hours later 6010742 Anonymous
>>6010106 Nice argument, idiot.

2 hours later 6010803 Anonymous
>>6010742 Nice comeback, idiot. Are you going to tell your parents?

2 hours later 6010840 Anonymous
>>6006122 >>6009481 >ITT people forget this is a kid's show sure maybe you tried this and it didn't solve your bullying problem but what do you expect from a kid show? the CMC an hero and slaughter a pony every time they get bullied? I'd like to see the anons here write a decent bullying episode that would get approved for kid's t.v. besides they had a payback plan in progress before they found out more about babs. 10/10 episode just for the shiny filly flanks

2 hours later 6010860 Anonymous
>>6009208 >>6009192 >>6009247 YEAH MAN, I'M WITH THESE GUYS. How dare you insult vgcats for being furry while ignoring the fact that it's a stale, uncreative turd of a comic that hasn't been relevant for years and never should have been in the first place because it was always a pretentious, edgy, tryhard shock-humor pile of weeaboo vomit created by a pompous, eletist faggot that sucks the salty taint of the dregs of internet culture for cheap laughs, resorting to pointless violence and profanity when struggling to find a punchline while shamelessly pushing his VERY IMPORTANT OPINIONS through his tired, cookie-cutter 'gamer' stereotypes he calls protagonists. How diggity-damn dare you.

2 hours later 6010863 Anonymous
>>6010627 How do you reword my argument after all this time and it still doesn't make any sense? You ignored so much of what I said and actually remade my argument to represent your own and failed, using the same points that failed for you earlier. I'm sorry. This is actually kind of sad. This is getting really bad.

2 hours later 6010915 Anonymous
>>6010803 Do you disagree with that poster's reply that there are numerous ways to handle bullying?

2 hours later 6010927 Anonymous
>>6010840 I don't think you know what "an hero" means.

2 hours later 6010993 Anonymous
>>6010863 How do you write an argument after all this time and it still doesn't make any sense? You ignored so much of what I said and actually made my argument to represent your own and failed, using the same points that failed for you earlier. I'm sorry. This is actually kind of sad. This is getting really bad.

2 hours later 6010997 Anonymous
>>6010927 >i don't think >don't think >think

2 hours later 6011042 Anonymous
>>6010915 There is only the right thing to do. Violence only makes more violence, it's absolutely never the answer.

2 hours later 6011072 Anonymous
>>6010997 >implying >implying >implications

2 hours later 6011145 Anonymous
>>6009406 3edgy5me

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