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2012-11-24 04:06 6005662 Anonymous (1342389188933.jpg 960x540 68kB)
>that feel when all of the livestreams are overloaded and crashed >that feel when the few open ones have shit quality. >that feel when no cable Feel with me MLP.

3 min later 6005703 Anonymous
>>6005662 >tfw the computer I'm currently using can't even handle any livestreams, and I'll have to wait for youtube

4 min later 6005723 Anonymous
>that feel when the show looks AMAZING on HubHD on an enormous television like the one I'm staring at

4 min later 6005731 Anonymous
fuk dat im gettan high

4 min later 6005739 lunafag
When does it air anyway? in like 50 minutes?

6 min later 6005759 Anonymous
>>6005739 in 18.

6 min later 6005766 Anonymous (AMERICA.jpg 596x335 141kB)
>>6005662 >tfw I'm watching it on the Hub

6 min later 6005775 Anonymous
>>6005723 love that feel

8 min later 6005806 Anonymous
>>6005775 That feel truly is one of the best feels out there.

9 min later 6005818 Anonymous
>>6005723 >tfw eurofaggot

31 min later 6006326 Anonymous
>Because waiting for a download is so arduous.

32 min later 6006358 Anonymous (ohshit.png 462x429 203kB)
>>6005662 >That feel when I actually watch this shit

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