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2012-11-24 03:54 6005509 Anonymous (1.jpg 1600x1237 513kB)
Okay someone who knows his shit tell me about the MLP comics. From what I've gathered there's like different series running at the same time? Like made by different people I guess? How many will there be? And all of these cover pics that get posted on EQD all the time are only like different covers like for collectors? And what's with these double features is that like 2 issues together or one of each series which run at the same time or whatever I don't understand shit. At first I was planning to completely ignore that stuff but It's getting so much attention I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out on something

1 min later 6005529 Anonymous
>>6005509 they're supposed to be pretty good. Hell ,theres even blues brothers pones in the background at one time!

8 min later 6005609 Anonymous
>>6005529 This is what I got too, that's why I'm starting to give a fuck. I want someone to give me like a cutout of how much there even is to come because with multiple series and issues and cover variations coming out all over the place seemingly independent of each other I lost track on day one.

8 min later 6005612 Anonymous
A main series and a mini-series. The main comic will have story arcs and short two-page side stories.

11 min later 6005655 Anonymous
When are these coming out?

13 min later 6005677 Anonymous
Why do I never see anyone talk about those around these part? I'd figure this is some big shit for some people.

15 min later 6005711 Anonymous
There are going to be 6 mini series, one for each of the Mane 6. 1st one is about Twilight tracking down an author she likes (who totally isn't J.D Salinger by the way) The main series seems to be more focused on adventures in the changeling kingdom and events between S2 and S3.

27 min later 6005945 Anonymous
>>6005612 >>6005711 Aight thanks. Do you know whether or not these are made by the same people? Cause if I'm not mistaken the side series ones mostly had kinda ass looking covers.

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