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2012-11-24 03:34 6005200 Anonymous (Apple cider.jpg 227x222 7kB)
Terrans need some love bro!

2 min later 6005245 Anonymous (490984.jpg 400x285 46kB)
So do, niggers but they have AIDS.

17 min later 6005475 Anonymous
>>6005245 Wrong. Star Swirl siped out all forms of pony STDs so he can fuck all the mares.

22 min later 6005545 Anonymous
>>6005200 >Terrans need some love Bullshit. riot pls nerf warhound

30 min later 6005637 Anonymous (I laughed when I saw this.png 794x1005 207kB)
Zergs need love too. In fact, if you don't love them, they'll DIE! >Love?

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