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2012-11-24 03:29 6005118 Anonymous (image.jpg 290x288 27kB)
Shit, I missed it ;_; What was the 6 million get? Don't worry, I'll delete this immediately after a helpful horsefucker jumps in.

4 min later 6005190 Anonymous
Bump, because I'm also curious.

7 min later 6005260 Anonymous
>>6005118 a shitpost saying "pea, get off /mlp/" that was instantly deleted by the janitor.

8 min later 6005274 Anonymous

17 min later 6005400 Anonymous
>>6005260 Such a waste... such a shame... Knowing the power of numbers, this post could've changed whole /mlp/, forever. The question is, for better or worse?

19 min later 6005420 Anonymous
>>6005260 >>6005274 You're both wonderful, I love you and wish you well. What a shitty get, sigh.

2 hours later 6008914 Anonymous
>>6005260 A pea was on /mlp/?

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