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2012-11-24 03:27 6005078 Hastebracer (strawhat.jpg 852x475 37kB)
Janitor is the hero /mlp/ deserves. Thats what i think. Here, have a straw-hat.

2 min later 6005134 Anonymous (second.jpg 259x194 10kB)

26 min later 6005510 Anonymous (1351880767559.jpg 318x304 18kB)
He's the hero /mlp/ deserves. Not the hero it wants... he's doing a good job though imo

29 min later 6005559 Anonymous (1351537955597.png 727x731 311kB)
didn't one of the twats delete the 6m get? i missed it

37 min later 6005639 Anonymous
>>6005559 The Get was a Dissapointment. But, you can see it on the Heinnessen Archive.

37 min later 6005651 Anonymous (511520-shanks_giving_luffy_the_straw_hat.jpg 702x1000 175kB)
We need a version of Pipsqueak the pirate being given a straw hat by Rarity.

43 min later 6005737 Anonymous (1353638725532.jpg 286x400 42kB)
>>6005078 >>6005134 >>6005510

46 min later 6005799 Anonymous

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