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2012-11-24 03:21 6004986 Anonymous (terrible-secret.png 455x340 37kB)
ITT: Your darkest secret

1 min later 6005000 Anonymous (1342303869868.jpg 200x200 48kB)
It wouldn't be my darkest secret If I tell you.

1 min later 6005004 Anonymous
>>6004986 My dick is black while I'm a white man Or I watch MLP

1 min later 6005008 Anonymous
I'm Spiderman

6 min later 6005077 Anonymous
I read rapefics for the story.

7 min later 6005101 Anonymous
>>6005077 you are not alone

7 min later 6005104 Anonymous
>>>/a/75265800 >>>/co/43226900

7 min later 6005106 Anonymous
I run the Gay Bathhouse but I'm at best bi-curious!

12 min later 6005181 Anonymous
I crosspost and hope that nobody will notice.

14 min later 6005223 Anonymous
I only got into ponies because of the castlevania project with ness

16 min later 6005259 Anonymous (I just thought I'd save it for sentimental reasons.jpg 237x251 8kB)
>>6005104 Is you secret that you visit /co/ and /a/?

17 min later 6005278 Anonymous
>>6005181 I don't know how to cross post

17 min later 6005281 Anonymous
I'm a Drama Queen... and i like it

18 min later 6005301 Mr.Fagatron
>>6005104 >>>/mu/30456641

18 min later 6005302 Anonymous
>>6005278 U post this on errrrry board

34 min later 6005528 Anonymous (5000000.jpg 1024x576 66kB)
Ah prefer the taste of oranges.

38 min later 6005585 Anonymous
I watch a show for little girls.

41 min later 6005614 Anonymous
I fucking love spoilered text ]

44 min later 6005660 Anonymous
I have maggots in my scrotum.

1 hours later 6006140 Anonymous
I have a mac.

1 hours later 6006210 Spiderman
>>6005008 .......

1 hours later 6006229 Anonymous
I really like Big Macintosh's large ass and horsecock

1 hours later 6006255 Anonymous
I didn't enjoy Avatar

1 hours later 6006287 Anonymous
>>6006255 This isn't necessarily a bad thing. I mean who enjoys furry shit anyway?

3 hours later 6010960 Anonymous
>>6006255 Shyamalan or Cameron?

3 hours later 6011119 Anonymous
I (get this) watch a show for little girls, legitimately enjoy it, and don't even fap to porn of it.

3 hours later 6011191 Anonymous
>>6004986 I wish to be the little girl

3 hours later 6011260 Anonymous
I'm a pony

3 hours later 6011415 Anonymous
My CPU is a neural net processah; a learning computah.

4 hours later 6011631 Anonymous
I've seen this thread already on /v/ and /vp/ today. And I usually never visit these boards.

4 hours later 6011719 Spaghetti remains undropped.
I use a trip code.

4 hours later 6011767 Anonymous
I wrote a clopfic about Tara Strong and another one about Purple Tinker.

4 hours later 6011812 Anonymous
>>6011767 Can I read it?

4 hours later 6011825 Mr. Bones
I got off the wild ride once

4 hours later 6011885 Anonymous
>>6011825 silly mr bones....the ride never ends

4 hours later 6011913 Anonymous
>>6011812 http://pastebin.com/syigjuzA

4 hours later 6011915 Anonymous
i cheat in online games.

4 hours later 6011939 Anonymous
I don't have any secrets, but unlike most people here, I fucking adore the cmc. Sweetie belle in particular, she's is my favorite pony and I love her dearly.

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