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2012-11-24 03:19 6004970 Anonymous celestia is best pony (30719329.jpg 400x400 84kB)
prove me wrong

2 min later 6005002 Anonymous
>Twilight more powerful that Celestia Remember in Lesson Zero when Twilight turns the sun back to get more time? Me niether.

2 min later 6005011 Anonymous
That's been a theory for a while. She is essentially grooming Twilight Sparkle to become the new princess of Equestria.

7 min later 6005067 Anonymous (1344832623456.jpg 1360x800 55kB)
Celestia is not best pony because Pinkie Pie is already best pony.

7 min later 6005079 Anonymous
>>6005067 Go to bed Gabe

8 min later 6005087 Anonymous
I want Celestia to pee in my mouth

11 min later 6005148 Anonymous
>>6005079 Gabe's favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, if I'm not mistaken.

13 min later 6005172 Anonymous
>>6005148 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ3IpH3VcAU

35 min later 6005521 Anonymous
>>6004970 More powerful? Even in matter of raw power, I highly doubt that. Celestia simply cannot use EoH anymore. That's probably the only thing Twilight can do, but Celestia not. But there's something more than raw power. Celestia lived for centuries, her life experience and knowledge must be far greater than anyone's. So Twilight might have even limitless potential, but she needs someone to teach her. We've never seen her creating spells, if I remember, always learning them.

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