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2012-11-24 03:07 6004813 Anonymous (1353364767163.png 800x951 729kB)
I wonder if touching unicorn horn is something special like huge step in relationship special

3 min later 6004868 Anonymous
Well Luna and Celestia touched horns near the end of the premiere, what did that mean?

5 min later 6004890 Anonymous
>>6004868 Wincest.

7 min later 6004907 Anonymous (1350099618083.gif 275x208 1501kB)
>>6004890 kill yourself.

1 hours later 6005704 Anonymous
>>6004813 Touching of horns is probably the same as touching of foreheads with humans. Very intimate, but nothing sexual.

1 hours later 6005769 Anonymous
>>6005704 So there was no sexual connotation when Squeaky Belle slapped Rarity's horn?

1 hours later 6005793 Anonymous
>>6005769 no, and by rarities face that looked painful

1 hours later 6005794 Anonymous
>>6005769 If you slap someone in the face, does that have sexual connotations?

1 hours later 6006007 Anonymous
>>6005794 I mean, a little. Maybe?

1 hours later 6006054 Anonymous
>>6005794 Depends on the member used

1 hours later 6006573 Anonymous (1349952798533.jpg 1280x720 380kB)
did someone say "horn fetish thread?" because I think someone said "horn fetish thread."

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