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2012-11-24 02:42 6004495 Anonymous (126439__UNOPT__safe_applejack.png 1400x1000 733kB)
One morning, you wake up in an unfamiliar bed with a warm body cuddled up to you. Looking over, you see a blonde pony with a trio of apples for a cutie mark. Sleepily, Applejack yawns and smiles at you, "Howdy... y'reckon you're ready for another round?" What do? Hard Mode: Big Mac is visibly looming around the corner with the pony equivalent of a shotgun.

1 min later 6004509 sage
>>6004495 >pony equivalent of a shotgun Is that an apple?

4 min later 6004542 Anonymous
>>6004509 Nha, more like an Apple Pie.

7 min later 6004567 Anonymous (1332917714687.gif 360x203 2816kB)
>>6004495 I give her the dick

7 min later 6004572 Anonymous
I fuck Big Mac instead

16 min later 6004682 anon (like-a-boss-meme-shirt.jpg 600x600 40kB)
>>6004509 >know apple family is into incest >ask big mac if he wants one of her other holes > hard mode averted.

36 min later 6004961 Anonymous
>>6004495 My legs are tired... humans were not meant to buck trees... its why we have fingers. Thanks for lending me your bed AJ. >a shucks anon, its fine. Couldnt let you sleep in the barn. >say, what kind of animal are you anyway. A human... a sort of monkey. >their all as tall where you come from? Yup. But one guy is 8 ft tall all! >*whistles* >Welp anon, i hope to see you out in the orchards this'mornin, then after lunch we'll go into town and see mah friend twilight. Then seeing and hearing no one, she rests her head on your belly. >you smell gud...

48 min later 6005146 Anonymous
>>6004495 "another round of what?" >"you know what i mean sugarcube" > suddenly aj grab pillow like boss >"pilla FIGHT" "WAIT WUT!?" > suddenly get smack across the room >right on into big mac GAH ooohh ...uh oh >mig mac grin with a smug smile >hoof wrestling OH GOD NO! >big mac chucks you into the air >catch you in mid flight and piledriver you > hard into the ground > you blacked out >gameover....

3 hours later 6010085 Anonymous (133479__UNOPT__.png 432x482 130kB)
>>6004495 Hit it like the fist of an angry god. Big Mac, too.

4 hours later 6010640 Anonymous
>>6004567 This nigger knows what's what.

4 hours later 6010752 Anonymous (applejack.jpg 510x512 190kB)
>Big Mac is visibly looming around the corner with the pony equivalent of a shotgun. Get married to Applejack.

4 hours later 6010771 Anonymous (mig29_012.jpg 640x379 66kB)
>>6005146 >mig mac Wat

4 hours later 6011833 Anonymous (113366__UNOPT__safe_applejack_cherry-jubilee_madame-jubilee.jpg 500x281 61kB)

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