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2012-11-24 02:37 6004441 Anonymous (1349937287029.png 1600x1597 738kB)
>tfw you realize Fluttershy is uncontrollably horny during estrous

1 min later 6004455 Anonymous (1343509657447.jpg 200x179 15kB)

2 min later 6004467 Ferd'Hot T'Jot (1353533394766.jpg 360x537 37kB)
U wot?

2 min later 6004473 Anonymous
oh my...

5 min later 6004499 Anonymous
I'm guessing the "C" in "I <3 C" stands for "Canterlot" and not "cock."

9 min later 6004539 Anonymous
"Anon...I..I....*squeak*" >Fluttershy attempts to tackle you to the ground >however, all she manages to do is clamor all over your a bit >her skin is as hot as a furnace >her back legs are soaked, a gentle drip hitting the ground as she squirms against your body >she tries to take your clothes off, but her hooves aren't suitable for that >she starts bawling into your shirt, begging you to take off your clothes so she can get what she needs

10 min later 6004554 Anonymous (i like it.jpg 2213x3475 858kB)

14 min later 6004592 Ferd'Hot T'Jot (1353443778861.png 1280x615 485kB)

16 min later 6004612 Anonymous
>>6004539 >she starts bawling into your shirt, begging you to take off your clothes so she can get what she needs Not gonna lie, if any woman save for the ugliest, most repugnant specimens on the planet did that, I'd do it out of sheer guilt, and pray that I could stay hard.

16 min later 6004622 Anonymous
>>6004554 >>6004592 I agree, >>6004539 Must continue

19 min later 6004650 Anonymous
>>6004612 How did you climb all the way up there?

28 min later 6004777 Anonymous
>>6004539 MOAR

28 min later 6004785 Anonymous (1353704251347.jpg 640x360 34kB)

30 min later 6004815 Anonymous (1336976944.jpg 292x338 41kB)

31 min later 6004836 Anonymous
>>6004539 >Not knowing that Mares try to pin you down with their massive asses during that phase. >Implying she wouldn't Dom you harder than that bear Screaming at you saying love me >When she finishes she goes back to her normal self going "All better"

35 min later 6004886 Anonymous (1352647332297.jpg 256x256 11kB)
>>6004539 >>6004539 >>6004539

38 min later 6004923 Anonymous (1339108105300.jpg 1920x1080 99kB)

44 min later 6004997 Anonymous (1345805455005.png 386x339 139kB)
>>6004539 anon, do you have any idea how many dicks you have just erected?

49 min later 6005073 Anonymous
Guys, see >>5981899

56 min later 6005194 Anonymous (image_splinter_cell_conviction.jpg 1024x1024 225kB)
>>6004539 Looks like were in fifth freedom territory.

57 min later 6005202 Anonymous
>>6004539 >you grab her hooves with your hands "Are you sure?" you ask "Yes..." she cries, "I want to feel your bare skin" >You unbutton your shirt and fluttershy pulls it off >She grabs ahold of your torso and takes a whif of your manly odor >She immediately starts licking your chest, moaning while she does it >You start to feel her grinding on your crotch, bending your rock hard boner with every thrust "Anon... fuck me... fuck me anon" >She unzips your pants with her mouth and nuzzles your throbbing boner out of your pants >She starts sucking your penis but only does it for 10 seconds >She then jumps on you and slides your penis into her velvety warm vagina

59 min later 6005248 Anonymous (1349634635320.gif 562x405 1453kB)

1 hours later 6005294 Anonymous
>>6005248 gowd that image is creepy.

1 hours later 6005331 Anonymous (1348502708059.jpg 324x289 43kB)

1 hours later 6005358 Anonymous (1353000109366.gif 525x525 153kB)
>>6005202 >but only does it for 10 seconds seriously?

1 hours later 6005379 Anonymous (FFFphhhhff.png 309x219 54kB)
>>6005202 >pic also my captcha is knotting.... is it telling me something?

1 hours later 6005413 Anonymous
>>6005358 I imagine her way too anxious and desperate, so she just can't decide what to do with the dick

1 hours later 6005550 Anonymous

1 hours later 6005582 Anonymous
>>6005202 Moar? Moar. Captcha is "coludys thickness."

1 hours later 6005761 Anonymous (586139b117f0a8aa0d046e4bfba07ec2.gif 267x200 1441kB)
>>6005202 continue, please

1 hours later 6005819 Anonymous
>>6005202 op will surly deliver

1 hours later 6006234 Anonymous (waiting-for-op.gif 500x303 1517kB)
don't make me pre-cum in vain, OP

2 hours later 6006435 Anonymous
>>6005202 Waiting on Anon. Nigger better deliver. >Her walls immediately wraps around your penis, her natural lubricants easing the entry. >Fluttershy suddenly stops in place, and from the way her expression soured like that, it looks like she's in pain. >Her lips tremble lightly, and you can see her teeth clenched tight. >You see a small droplet of tear gathering at the corner of her eyes. "Y-you alright, Fluttershy?" You ask, now worried. >She manages to nod very slowly, her hooves somehow gripping on your chest. >"I-It's just that-" >Still unaware on what's going on, you look down to the place each of you met. >You let out a gasp of shock as you see a trail of blood running down your shaft. "F-Fluttersh-" >"I-I know... It hurts..." "So all this time, you were..." >"I was saving it for you, Anon.. Ngghh...." She lets out a pained groan as she begins to lift herself. "It's alright if you want to-" >Fluttershy lets out a squeak as she slaps her hips against yours. Continue?

2 hours later 6007381 Anonymous
>>6006435 not bad BUT FIRST ANON CONTINUE

3 hours later 6009236 Anonymous (937433 - Fluttershy Friendship_is_Magic My_Little_Pony atryl.png 1159x1200 763kB)
>>6006435 Anon, you being the beta you are immediately came then subsequently farted. Fluttershy even in her lust drunken state was utterly disgusted by your true form and spits at your face in disgust. Bad end anon.

5 hours later 6012493 Anonymous (1352916336141.png 728x578 62kB)

5 hours later 6013152 Anonymous (AJ5.png 218x266 102kB)
>>6006435 Oh shit nigger, what happens next? Bump this shit.

5 hours later 6013218 Anonymous
>implying the MLP equines have estrous >Lyra thinks humans have estrous because apes do

6 hours later 6014936 Anonymous
>>6009236 i can't believe how suitable that image is

6 hours later 6015006 Anonymous (1353736421733.png 1280x720 420kB)

7 hours later 6015111 Anonymous (yes.gif 300x169 1712kB)
>>6006435 MOAR!

8 hours later 6017561 Anonymous (opwilldeliver.jpg 586x446 49kB)

9 hours later 6019112 Anonymous
>>6017561 >>6015111 >>6012493 My dear fellow lover Of Fluttershy's cravings I see how you you suffer Don't worry, I've savings. See comedy brothers And tragedy, too. Alone or with others There is some for you. Your simplest desires Are long since fulfilled So come, light the fires Of your loins and be thrilled. Copious are the vices, Endless are the stories, So come claim the prizes For penises glories! >>6005073

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