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2012-11-24 02:21 6004223 Anonymous (5 million.png 1330x334 69kB)
What was >>6000000 ? I swear, if the janitor deleted the thread because "lol too many get posts" I'm going to choke a bitch.

0 min later 6004229 Anonymous (lyrano.png 463x533 392kB)

0 min later 6004231 Anonymous
>>6004223 gets are for kiddies

1 min later 6004240 Anonymous
>>6004223 Doesn't matter, the get was stupid.

2 min later 6004250 Anonymous
>>6004231 I don't think you get it.

2 min later 6004258 Anonymous
>>6004240 Can you us what it was at least?

3 min later 6004267 Anonymous
>>6004258 http://archive.heinessen.com/mlp/thread/6000000

3 min later 6004273 Anonymous
>>6004240 I'd at least like to know what it was. I have screencaps of the 1M, 3M, 4M, and 5M, and I want to see if 6M was screencapped before it was deleted.

4 min later 6004282 Anonymous (1353761370011.png 1186x428 81kB)
>>6004258 Satisfied? Now go back to bed.

4 min later 6004288 Anonymous (Celestiadontcare.jpg 500x500 25kB)
>>6004267 Oh shit, I completely forgot about the archive, silly me~

10 min later 6004367 Anonymous
>>6004258 I heard it was /pol/ fuckery, that some Holocaust revisionists spammed some Applejack reaction face captioned "Did six million really die?" with their preferred racist video links and blogs. But that whole tale might be bullshit, given their propensity for, well, revising history. It was "real in [their] mind," I can say that much for certain. Is it that it is not in the archive or what? Polite sage for what is most likely disinfo and non-pony and etc. Have a good day.

12 min later 6004404 Anonymous
>>6004282 >>6004367 Thanks for the info. I have saved it to my little list of pictures proving what dumb little lying Nazi sons of bitches they all are.

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