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2012-11-24 02:18 6004175 Anonymous (dme.jpg 867x144 47kB)
Why is this fucking shit in my related videos all the time, I dont even watch this fucking show

1 min later 6004198 Anonymous
>>6004175 Blame the shitty YT crowd. I hate YouTube bronies. They've infested our fandom with "LOL THIS SHOW IS SOOO MANNLY ND WE R SOO KEWL 4 WATCHING ITT!'

2 min later 6004211 Anonymous
>>6004198 Youtube is always retarded no matter what fandom/video

3 min later 6004215 Anonymous
Because almost everything in the Internet is related to MLP now. Complaining here won't change anything, we don't lead youtube.

6 min later 6004261 Anonymous (how to become a faggot.png 1024x768 228kB)
>>6004175 It's Google. They know what you've searched for. They know you're curious. Watch it faggot.

9 min later 6004297 Anonymous
Sometimes, OP, I got videos related to anime, and I don't come complaining to /a/ about it. I don't really like the fact that ponies are everywhere, but we have no choice.

10 min later 6004312 Anonymous
Because we are slowly taking over the world, don't tell anybody.

12 min later 6004343 Anonymous
Still can't figure out what the hell she's holding.

18 min later 6004438 Anonymous
Because Twilight Sparkle is an e-whore?

18 min later 6004440 Anonymous (1351482746494.jpg 456x500 23kB)
>>6004261 but what if somepony watches the rest of the episodes and dislike them?

25 min later 6004513 Anonymous
>>6004297 There is a choice, and it has been automatically selected. The automatic choice is that Season Three will be the final season of MLP and the brony fandom will fade away next year.

27 min later 6004530 anon
>>6004175 because youtube wants you to watch MLP.

37 min later 6004645 Anonymous
>>6004513 Really? REALLY? After all THIS,this fucking board,the dozens of sites,the hundreds of merchandise,the thousands of fan made works and the colossal following,you think it would just "end" like that? We are far,far away from the end.Remember Sonic,because like that fandom and a stubborn disease this one just keeps growing,and if it stops growing,it stays under the surface.We stay,but as for how far we will have changed until then,we probably won't notice,which will be good,since if we did,how could we bear with it? It's not just a show anymore, it's a fucking cult.

42 min later 6004712 Anonymous (how to get into pone.png 1024x768 231kB)
>>6004261 I think this one is more accurate

43 min later 6004722 The Unknown
>>6004175 I always get porn videos whenever I watch Minecraft, freaking MINECRAFT! What does Minecraft have to do with porn?

46 min later 6004760 Anonymous
>>6004513 DHX has already booked the revenue for season 4

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