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2012-11-24 02:10 6004097 Anonymous (screwball and dt.jpg 401x271 21kB)
You are now aware that Diamond Tiara is only mean because she was mentally tortured by having to watch her loving mother be slowly driven insane by an incurable mental illness.

3 min later 6004129 Anonymous (100707 - artist dachimotsu confidence crying Diamond_Tiara silver_spoon.png 2018x2128 1704kB)

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6 min later 6004166 Anonymous
Yeah but, I, uh....What?

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22 min later 6004382 Anonymous
But Diamond Tiara was in season 1, before Screwball.

23 min later 6004409 Anonymous
>>6004382 Screwball was already screwed up, she only escaped from her confinement because of Discord's altering of physics.

31 min later 6004493 Anonymous (119885 - artist john_joseco morning_ponies silver_spoon.png 320x320 169kB)
>>6004247 You are now aware that Silver Spoon is a blossoming lesbian, and secretly has feeling for her best friend Diamond Tiara. She refuses to admit these feelings, believing that if she did she'd lose the only pony she ever considered a friend. She comes close to saying it sometimes, like during nights when Diamond Tiara is crying into her shoulder, telling Spoon all her problems about her mentally ill mother, her overbearing and sociopathic father, and the fact that no one else seems to want to be her friend, save for Spoon herself. It's nights like those where she wishes she can tell Diamond Tiara how mush she really cares for her, but every time, she swallows her words, and simply tells her "Don't you know, you're my very best friend, Tiara..."

35 min later 6004533 Anonymous
>>6004493 I watch FiW too

37 min later 6004551 Anonymous
>>6004533 >FiW I have no idea what this is. And I'm getting the feeling I should be glad I don't.

38 min later 6004568 Sousuke
>>6004551 It's just an abridged parody of my little ponies Watch it.

39 min later 6004576 Anonymous
>>6004551 Friendship is Witchcraft, it's actually pretty funny.

39 min later 6004578 patachu
>>6004409 discord probably altered her mind when she was a child. who knows what kind of insanity he could have done to her. it's good that Tiara's mean, oen day, when the time will come she'll have her revenge and annihilate discord once and for all.

1 hours later 6005232 Anonymous
I'd love a spinoff movie about this: >Diamond Tiara plays happily with her mother >Mother starts to slowly lose her mind >Diamond Tiara suffers through it >Mother gives Diamond her Tiara before being institutionalized >Diamond Tiara gets her Cutie Mark as a reminder of her Mother >DT becomes bitter and mean >DT bullies CMC >Mother's Day >DT bursts into tears in the middle of class >CMC offer to help her >"Why would I hang around blank flanks?" >Apple Bloom comes to DT alone >AB tells DT about her Mother's offscreen death >DT tells AB everything about her mother >DT and AB comfort each other into the night >DT befriends CMC >CMC and DT grow into adulthood >Discord escapes >Tells DT how he drove her mother insane >DT snaps >DT taps into the Element of Love and sends Discord packing >Celestia and Twilight use magic to restore DT's Mother to full mental health >DT lives happily ever after with her mother >The End

2 hours later 6006092 Anonymous
>>6005232 bump

2 hours later 6006212 Anonymous
>>6004097 Please forgive me for whatever I do.. when I don't remember you..

2 hours later 6006297 Anonymous
>>6005232 >Sunbutt requires favors to end the suffering of others Sounds about right.

4 hours later 6009745 Anonymous
>>6005232 >Today's episode >Babs threatens to tell DT's mother >DT reacts >DT confirmed to live with mother Damn you, Hasbro, ruining my headcanon.

4 hours later 6010207 Anonymous
>>6005232 Not enough clop.

4 hours later 6010270 Anonymous
>>6010207 Would you prefer it if Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom ended their night of comforting each other with an extensively explicit lesbian sex scene?

4 hours later 6010376 Anonymous
>>6010270 Maybe...

6 hours later 6013049 Anonymous
>>6004493 Truth.

6 hours later 6013116 Anonymous
>>6009745 Not true she could of freaked out because, so far she kept the truth of her mom quiet. Babs couldn't go looking for her mom and tell everyone else the truth.

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