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2012-11-24 02:05 6004025 Anonymous (apple_bloom.png 1119x714 136kB)
I wish to unload my seed filled balls into applebloom.

0 min later 6004033 Anonymous
>>6004025 inb4 that overrated fad gets brought up

4 min later 6004078 Anonymous
>>6004033 What's wrong with WWU?

6 min later 6004104 Anonymous
That mando shit is fucking retarded.

7 min later 6004117 Anonymous (char_85434[1].jpg 210x240 18kB)
>>6004104 >get a load of this faggot

13 min later 6004173 Anonymous
And I hate that new pony.

14 min later 6004201 Anonymous
>>6004078 Don't know what WWU is, but I was talking about Mando

20 min later 6004266 Anonymous
>>6004201 Who the hell is Mando?

21 min later 6004279 Anonymous
>>6004266 Some brony music artist who got a picture with AB's VA so now everyone calls him a pedo

27 min later 6004368 Anonymous (meanwhile, at mandopony's house.png 1052x670 157kB)
>>6004117 is babs male or female? the voice seems male

29 min later 6004398 Anonymous (mandopony 4.png 379x432 119kB)
>>6004279 >not saying that mandopony paid a lapdance to AB's VA

29 min later 6004410 Anonymous (1353522541001.jpg 480x360 23kB)
>>6004368 she have filly_female_generic_face_01 so I think she is female

30 min later 6004423 Anonymous (aplb.jpg 600x350 64kB)
I wish to get Applebloom ready for some football.

30 min later 6004431 Anonymous
>>6004368 female

33 min later 6004456 Anonymous
>>6004368 >babs is important for one episode >babs kinda has something like a personality >babs has some lines of dialogue guess the gender

38 min later 6004506 Anonymous
>>6004456 Same criteria would define Cranky Doodle Donkey as a lady.

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