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2012-11-24 01:55 6003914 Anonymous (r34paheal5.jpg 235x271 55kB)
Well, the amount of MLP R34 is now above R34 comic. What do you think of this ?

1 min later 6003929 Anonymous (42a82158408553ddf6b3445c2fb530ed.jpg 827x1169 728kB)
Still must catch up to Touhou.

1 min later 6003934 Anonymous
It means that if only 10% of the fandom are cloppers, bronies are fucking liars.

1 min later 6003939 Anonymous
>>6003929 Motha fuckin impossible.

5 min later 6003982 Anonymous
>>6003934 The last statistics said that 80% of fans are non-cloppers. >>6003939 Who said MLP would be the cartoon with the most porn one year ago ? I think it's possible. Touhou exists since the 90's, MLP is 2 years old.

5 min later 6003984 Anonymous (1352842568986.png 439x538 37kB)
Holy shit. More MLP porn than every R34 comic ever made. Dude...

5 min later 6003985 Anonymous (126025__UNOPT__pinkie-pie_artist-sierraex_zelda_king-harkinian.png 1754x1422 227kB)
>>6003939 Not with the rate we're advancing it's not.

6 min later 6003994 Anonymous
>>6003939 Nah... How many years has Touhou been running? It's just a matter of time before MLP catches up, remember we still have all of S3 and likely an S4 ahead of us, and that's before things start to stagnate.

6 min later 6004000 Anonymous
Cloppers are disgusting and immoral. A disgrace to the fandom.

8 min later 6004016 Anonymous (1351367978746.jpg 510x755 56kB)

8 min later 6004017 Anonymous (Jesus Fucking Christ.jpg 395x400 32kB)

9 min later 6004019 Anonymous (lolno.jpg 272x186 8kB)
>>6004000 STFU

9 min later 6004023 Anonymous (r34paheal3.jpg 232x272 55kB)
OP here. I took this other screenshot the 1st november. The growth is just incredible.

10 min later 6004029 Anonymous
>>6003994 You're working against not only all of the Western fans, but much of the doujin community as well. Then again, jap porn tends to stick to gelbooru and shit. If R34 had the stuff that was on GelBooru that number would be like twice what it is now.

11 min later 6004042 Anonymous (Paheal.png 234x271 8kB)

11 min later 6004046 Anonymous (here we go.jpg 348x362 29kB)

12 min later 6004054 Anonymous (R34paheal.jpg 234x318 61kB)
>>6004042 Specify the date you took your screenshot. Another one ? I took this one the 1st september.

12 min later 6004058 Anonymous (1325977719295.jpg 1600x1127 1078kB)
>>6003994 >>6004029 Strictly speaking, if we're including Touhou doujinshi as singular images, then practically none of it is on Paheal and several hundred thousand exist across pixiv and exhentai. Sites like danbooru and gelbooru are better at archiving all the data from pixiv, but not all the doujinshi from comiket and reitaisai.

14 min later 6004081 Anonymous (92a.png 454x340 146kB)
I think we'll catch Touhou within a year as well, but the Japs are crazy, so there's a chance the can continue to outpace us. I think the one thing that no one can dispute is that we will never, ever, EVER unseat Pokemon as #1.

15 min later 6004091 Anonymous
This is an unprecedented event in the field of pornology

15 min later 6004092 Anonymous
>>6004016 >>6004017 >>6004019 >>6004046 If you bronies are defending the disgusting clopper crowd then you should be ashamed of yourself. Didnt you see Tosh? Thanks to that group of disgusting perv's the world sees real bronies as sexual deviants.

15 min later 6004098 Anonymous
>>6004054 Created: 31 August 2012, 00:44:02

17 min later 6004118 Anonymous (1336216201488.gif 1194x950 423kB)
>>6004092 >implying we are not sexual deviants >implying you are not a sexual deviant

17 min later 6004119 Anonymous
>>6004092 >disgusting cloppers They have a fetish, who gives a fuck? They can jack off to whatever they want for all I care.

17 min later 6004124 Anonymous (1352786876221.jpg 500x500 110kB)
You shall Never exceed the glorious /jp/ Master porn Sincerely~/jp/ As much as I enjoy clopping as i do too /jp/s shit I would be disapointed if you exceeded the amount of Touhou porn they have theyve been around for a long time and it would disapoint me too see them uprooted by a fandom as horrible as ours

18 min later 6004130 Anonymous (vSvL0 – Ko – K.jpg 226x308 38kB)
>>6004092 >implying we give a shit

19 min later 6004138 Anonymous
Whatever Touhou is it's dumb, MLP will catch up in time.

20 min later 6004147 Anonymous (1353236750094.jpg 500x500 29kB)
>>6004124 >the thought of this

20 min later 6004152 Anonymous
>>6004081 Hell, the first r34 I wanked to was Pokemon. Misty. That had to be back in 1998 or some shit.

20 min later 6004153 Anonymous
>>6004092 You make it sound like we should be offended or something. If you came to 4chan expecting sexually normal, well levelled individuals then I have some bad news for you.

22 min later 6004171 Anonymous
>Everybody falling for him Srsly guize. I'm surprised of the growth between the first november and today. S3 really boosted the R34.

22 min later 6004179 Anonymous (1344144422611.jpg 850x1011 176kB)
>>6004138 >Whatever Touhou is it's dumb >I don't know what it is, therefore I shall insult it!

23 min later 6004184 Anonymous
>>6004147 >>6004124 Hi /a/, /jp/ /sci/tizen here.

24 min later 6004197 Anonymous (mfw.jpg 250x250 58kB)
>>6004138 >berating something before trying it

24 min later 6004205 Anonymous (1352331055812.jpg 781x750 104kB)
>>6004138 >not liking a game that has only Female characters and lolis in it

26 min later 6004218 Anonymous
>>6004124 Hi, /jp/ Can we trade janitors?

26 min later 6004220 Anonymous (Rumia 2.jpg 773x897 427kB)
>>6004184 Hey /sci/. Is it funny that I really don't go on either /a/ or /jp/? I just love the games, comics, and porn off of 4chan really.

27 min later 6004230 Anonymous
>>6004138 Touhou is basicly the japanese MLP, with it having tons of remixed music, fangames, millions of images (and porn doujins) and so on funny enough the actual thing are bullet hell shooters or danmaku's and keep it up /mlp/ we must get number 1

28 min later 6004237 Anonymous
>>6004153 >>6004179 >>6004118 >>6004119 Think of the rest of the Fandom. Ponychanners like myself dont appreciate the bad name your giving us bronies and pegasisters.

29 min later 6004263 Anonymous (1351132019313.png 500x181 125kB)

29 min later 6004264 Anonymous (1352565046690.png 250x275 54kB)
>>6004218 >Wanting our Janitor He wouldent be able to handle it He hates shitposting And just look how fucking much is on this board you would need at least 3 /jp/ janitors too clean up this shithole and even then it probably wouldent be enough

30 min later 6004274 Anonymous (1342515644194.png 1131x681 287kB)
>>6004237 Then go back to ponychan you filthy slutbag.

31 min later 6004296 Anonymous
>>6004237 >Ponychanners like myself youtried.jpg

32 min later 6004307 Anonymous
>>6004184 Is /sci/ any good these days? Haven't been there over a year. Has Madscientist made any other project after hampture?

33 min later 6004323 Anonymous

36 min later 6004363 Anonymous
>>6004220 Well I really don't to /a/ either. >>6004307 Guys that need help with their homework, atheists and creationists, >biology, hard I have no idea about any other project of Madscientist, trolls trying to troll.... Same old.

37 min later 6004371 Anonymous
>>6004323 Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

38 min later 6004388 Anonymous
It saddens me so many bronies and pegasisters have lost thier way. The fandom was about challenging the boundries of masculinity, changing the social norm of what was considered "girly" and "not manly" through love and tolerance. Not about masturbating to cartoon ponies. Shame.

39 min later 6004401 Anonymous
>>6004388 Would you stop posting, please? kthxbye

39 min later 6004406 Anonymous
>>6004388 0/10

39 min later 6004412 Anonymous
>>6004237 >ponychan This explains so much. And seriously, "bad name"? Grow the fuck up, you're an adult who likes what is ostensibly a children's cartoon show, your image can't get any worse to start with.

40 min later 6004429 Anonymous
>>6004412 We have garnered proper mainstream media attention through our love and tolerance... bronycon brought us to the forefront. Then places like 4chan brought us down with thier ways. See Tosh.

41 min later 6004436 Anonymous (lol1.png 682x1023 205kB)

41 min later 6004439 Anonymous (1353156297755.jpg 600x450 170kB)
>>6004388 >>>/ponychan/ And take your Moral and Stupid Beliefs with you faggot

42 min later 6004444 Anonymous

42 min later 6004451 Anonymous
>>6004444 Quads confirm

44 min later 6004468 Anonymous (Doctor-Who-Facepalm.png 404x686 498kB)
>people actually falling for the troll Morning already?

44 min later 6004479 Anonymous (1353217891723.jpg 640x480 36kB)

45 min later 6004482 Anonymous
>>6004388 I just like watching cartoons. I don't think any of us are here to challenge anything. I just want to watch cute ponies doing cute things. I don't need some white-winged crusade to justice me watching a cartoon show.

45 min later 6004485 Anonymous (no my god.jpg 600x490 108kB)

46 min later 6004489 Anonymous
>>6004388 It makes me sad that people actually believe this.

47 min later 6004503 Anonymous
>>6004489 Its true. 4chan was the birth of greatness, the brony fandom was born here. Now, its moved on to bigger and better things like ponychan, while its hometown is a cesspool of filth thats bringing the fandom down with it. Im trying to save it. To save you.

48 min later 6004512 Anonymous
>>6004444 nice

48 min later 6004516 Anonymous (really.gif 446x251 741kB)
>>6004503 >better things like ponychan

49 min later 6004521 Anonymous
>>6004429 You seriously have a problem. Bro, it's a cartoon. Not an ideology. A brony is not required by default to believe this love and tolerance bullshit, that's YOUR personal ideology, don't project it onto the fandom or indeed the show. Some people have fetishes for cartoon characters. This is totally fine, no different from any other such fetish that exists. Some people will always find such fetishes incomprehensible and disgusting, sucks to be them I guess. Your distinct lack of understanding on the matter stands in rather stark contrast to your supposed "love and tolerance". >>6004503 Anyway, I know you and the guy I wrote that paragraph for are likely just trolling, but the thought that someone actually believes this to be true is a little more than heartbreaking.

51 min later 6004537 Anonymous
>>6004503 Except it was never good in the first place and people are running around like its a fucking religion. aka ponychan and many more websites.

52 min later 6004546 Anonymous
Why is pokemon is written as porkyman?

54 min later 6004573 Anonymous
>>6004546 long story...

56 min later 6004585 Anonymous (.png 465x561 84kB)
>>6004573 Short version?

57 min later 6004598 Anonymous (1346918718521.jpg 251x212 4kB)
>>6004237 Oh my god please say you're trolling. PLEEEASE.

57 min later 6004600 Anonymous
>>6004585 Some shit happened and now they spell it Porkyman. Happy?

58 min later 6004609 Anonymous
>>6004503 You know, I used to hang out with "bronies" like you. As it turned out they were some of the worst people I've ever met. As odd as it sounds, for all the love an tolerence they claimed to follow, they were the first to judge and ostracize someone. I've been much happier returning to this "cesspool" as you called it and if you don't like it, you can leave. >If troll 6/10, I'm not upset. But you got me to post a full response

58 min later 6004618 Anonymous (.png 1000x1100 261kB)
>>6004600 Yay...

1 hours later 6004639 Anonymous
>>6003914 >My Little pony >Friendship is Magic What's the difference

1 hours later 6004651 Anonymous
>>6004639 Previous generations of MLP =/= Friendship is Magic.

1 hours later 6004654 Anonymous
>>6004639 Other gens.

1 hours later 6004663 Anonymous
>>6004639 There is about a page and a half of G3 and earlier pone at the very beginning of the My Little Pony tag. Other than that? Not much.

1 hours later 6004672 Anonymous
>>6004609 This is so true. Bronies are actually very judgmental, especially within their own fandom.

1 hours later 6004689 Anonymous
>>6004388 No, the fandom was about watching a cartoon. What the fuck is wrong with you?

1 hours later 6004879 Anonymous (1344332207999.jpg 1024x768 168kB)
>>6004503 >Im trying to save it. To save you. >"stop guys, ponychan is better than you." I'd understand whiteknighting for a sake of defending "a fair maiden's honor", religious beliefs or your own "racial" "superiority". But this? You seriously believe what you posted? This is why we consider you shit.

1 hours later 6004955 Anonymous
>>6004654 If you seriously think those 300 pics are of other MLP generations you are mistaken. I feel sorry for the furry who's into gens 1-3 and has to sift through G4 to find his pics.

1 hours later 6004979 Anonymous
>>6004955 It probably occupies a decent amount of that 300. The rest probably just comes from people who forgot the FiM tag. Someone go fix that.

1 hours later 6004990 Butch Hardmilk
>>6003914 >>6000000

1 hours later 6005001 Anonymous (INPonified.jpg 879x1642 612kB)
>Touhou >32161 No. On danbooru alone there are at least 37000 "Touhou -rating:safe" tagged images and there are probably loads more on gelbooru given the amount of stuff that gets approved there. I dread even thinking about pixiv. Touhou porn is its own industry, and is seriously sublime for whacking it, but I also like ponies. >>6004388 Thanks for ruining the thread before I could post on topic.

1 hours later 6005005 Anonymous (tumblr_mcvo4juO2D1r28xtp.gif 500x278 423kB)
>>6004609 Its ironic because when it comes to a community /mlp/ is actually more acceptant of things and people, sure there are a piss load of arguments but its more like family. My face when many websites try to simulate this and fail horribly like ponychan

1 hours later 6005041 Butch Hardmilk
>>6004990 fuck. what was the get?

1 hours later 6005051 Anonymous
>>6005041 it was really shitty. something like may go to sleep.

1 hours later 6005056 Anonymous
>>6005041 >not 4chan X It was shit. just someone telling another to get out

1 hours later 6005065 Anonymous

1 hours later 6005102 Butch Hardmilk
>>6005051 >>6005056 >>6005065 fuck that's gay

1 hours later 6005121 Anonymous
>>6005102 Well, at least the get was so shit as to not derail the fucking thread, silver lining and all that.

1 hours later 6005127 faggotmcfaggot
we will NEVER beat pokemon R34,well not for a while anyways

1 hours later 6005129 Butch Hardmilk
I like to suck nigger dicks

1 hours later 6005176 Butch Hardmilk
>>6005129 oh, thats right i forgot i enjoyed that.

1 hours later 6005238 Anonymous (1318192992473.gif 500x500 75kB)
>Twice as much Pony porn as Sonic porn

1 hours later 6005314 Anonymous
Honestly, there is no chance we're ever going to catch up to Touhou. There's literally hundreds of thousands pages of porn doujins, and that's just the scanned and translated shit. Danbooru has about 40,000 Touhou NSFW pics and they have fairly strict uploading guidelines and many authors or genres are banned from uploading, the actual number is at least one level of magnitude higher.

1 hours later 6005341 Anonymous (1341590844956.png 425x450 323kB)
>>6004503 >>6004388 >>6004237 5/5 tastes like salami

1 hours later 6005381 Anonymous (698617.jpg 555x448 38kB)
>>6005341 It's hard to believe people can fall for obvious trolling like that.

2 hours later 6005881 Anonymous
>>6004639 Friendship is magic is Gen 4 My Little Pony is all Generations including 4.

2 hours later 6005982 Anonymous
>>6005314 well then we just gotta draw more

3 hours later 6008279 Anonymous (1352189879301.png 125x118 24kB)
>>6005341 >mfw people replied to that shit, /mlp/ I'm disappointed

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