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2012-11-24 01:52 6003872 Anonymous (1343912549935.png 1000x1000 1068kB)
Let's raid /v/ fuck them all

0 min later 6003882 Anonymous
>>6003872 I wish the sticky was still here

0 min later 6003883 Anonymous
>>6003872 >inb4 "Not your personal army"

1 min later 6003899 Anonymous
>>6003882 Jan removed it. This just proves that moot needs to step up his game when it comes to selecting mods and jans.

4 min later 6003933 Anonymous (1353434771326.gif 268x200 1774kB)
fu OP this board started from /v/

4 min later 6003937 Anonymous
>>6003899 Janitors can't make/delete stickies. >>6003872 Fuck off, faggot.

5 min later 6003949 Anonymous
>>6003899 Janitors can't remove nor make stickies, it takes a mod or admin to do that. Someone complained in /q/, that's all.

7 min later 6003974 Anonymous
>>6003949 Someone complained that we have a bro-tier sticky?

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