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2012-11-24 01:38 6003718 Anonymous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkwHcIQ3m-E (wwf_backlash_74338.png 425x425 25kB)
/mlp/ Backlash General, ladies and gentlemen! Anything that is normally removed by the fucktard janitor, in addition to whatever else you want, POST IT HERE. Don't be afraid.

1 min later 6003733 Anonymous

1 min later 6003737 Anonymous
>>6003733 Yugi and anything pertaining to him.

2 min later 6003740 Anonymous
>Whining about not being able to post shitty porn general

3 min later 6003749 Anonymous
>>6003740 >implying porn is what this is all about >turning /mlp/ into Ponychan 2.0

5 min later 6003764 Anonymous

8 min later 6003800 Anonymous
>>6003764 C'mon bateman, you can do better than that.

9 min later 6003803 Anonymous
>>6003740 >shitty porn general No such thing, porn is delicious. Do you even /mlp/? >>6003749 What IS this all about, then? Can you give an example?

9 min later 6003806 Anonymous
>>6003800 Oshi- Nigger just called you out, Bateman.

31 min later 6004083 Anonymous

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