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2012-11-24 01:29 6003584 Anonymous (1304975181581.jpg 900x798 431kB)

1 min later 6003607 Anonymous (g158.png 637x583 336kB)
What exactly are you getting at?

1 min later 6003619 Anonymous
so much porn....

1 min later 6003623 Anonymous
>>6003607 are you blind, or plain fucking retarded?

3 min later 6003644 Anonymous
>Avatar I'm so sorry.

3 min later 6003646 Anonymous
Hilarious. Pull up 4chan's main page and what do I see in "recent images". And here I thought /mlp/ was having another porn thread.

5 min later 6003676 Mohammed Al Zawhar Bin Fishwrap (toop.jpg 500x508 29kB)
>>6003584 >Wow those pictures are actually pretty good, ima save em. >mfw

5 min later 6003678 Anonymous (mlfw4942-tumblr_lvcc4sRpT11r3k1m8o1_400.png 386x500 150kB)
>/tv/ Who the fuck cares?

6 min later 6003687 Anonymous
>>6003623 You're just mad that no one fell for your shitty troll thread and are masturbating to delicious equines instead of raging over how gay avatar was.

8 min later 6003706 Anonymous
>>6003687 Then I suggest you go spam every board with pony porn since you don't seem to care who 4chan views the rest of /mlp/

9 min later 6003721 Anonymous (1353584195006.jpg 640x480 51kB)
Someone shitposting with R34 to piss people off? So how long until we have another "Stop posting MLP in whatever" thread?

15 min later 6003771 Anonymous
>>>/tv/27493625 See /mlp/? Even /tv/ knows it's a shitty board.

16 min later 6003774 Anonymous (1340815606832.jpg 384x288 63kB)
>>6003584 OP, you're at the wrong place. Ponychan is raiding you. There's a reason we hate these faggots over there!

16 min later 6003781 Yugi (yy78.jpg 320x240 17kB)
>>6003706 All the boards with enough manpower to actually do something don't care/actually know that the shitposters who do this are organised, and not any of us. And now that I've posted here, expect the thread to 404 soon. Janitor has a thing for me.

17 min later 6003791 Anonymous
>>6003781 >Janitor has a thing for me Let's lure him into a trap, using Yugi as bait.

17 min later 6003796 Anonymous
>>6003584 Please direct your attention to this. >>>/tv/27493630

18 min later 6003805 Anonymous
>>6003781 If Janitor keeps following you around, you can just use him to clean threads that you normally derail.

19 min later 6003811 Anonymous (hugs.png 640x356 231kB)
>>6003706 Why should I care about how the other boards view us? /mlp/ is always going to be hated and segregated by the rest of the boards, it makes no difference to them whether I dump porn or not. There at terminal rage at this stage, they can't get any angrier.

50 min later 6004194 Anonymous
>>6003678 I'm with this guy

1 hours later 6004478 Anonymous
>>6003584 Yeah, faggot pony raid has been cleaned up. Cry more.

1 hours later 6004799 anon
>>6003584 they are a bunch of butthurt faggots. its ok.

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